How to connect Smart Mini from MTS: how to go or change the tariff with the command and how to turn it off

The "Smart Mini" tariff from MTS is a relatively new offer. It is designed specifically for smartphone owners. It is one of the advantages in the "Smart" lineup.

How to connect Smart Mini MTS


The "Smart Mini" tariff plan provides for its users a fixed subscriber payment, 350 SMS messages and 350 minutes to make calls to MTS numbers.

Reference! Calls to subscribers of the home region are provided without restrictions.

Within the framework of the tariff, 2 GB of traffic is provided for using Internet resources.

Monthly payment of communication services is 400 rubles.

Tariff "Smart Mini" from MTS
Tariff "Smart Mini" from MTS

How to go?

If you are interested in the tariff "Smart Mini" and you would like to change your current tariff plan for this one, then you can switch one of several options:

  • Using USSD team * 111 * 1023 # and call buttons;
  • Select TP in the Personal Account on the Operator's website in the "Tariffs" section;
  • activate it in a mobile application;
  • Contact the MTS salon specialist or contact center.

Reference! The transition to the tariff is provided free of charge.

In the case of transition to the tariffs of the "Smart" and "Ultra" line for the week, the MTS Bonus points are accrued and registered in the program, if the number at the time of the transition was not a member of MTS Bonus.

How to connect?

To connect, you need to buy the starting package of this tariff offer in the cabin.

Reference! With information on the cost of the starting kit and the size of the initial balance of the balance can be found in the fields of distribution of sets.

The initial balance of the balance is a discount on MTS communication services provided when connected to the tariff (acquisition and activation of the kit with the tariff plan) and is not paid in the cash equivalent.

How to turn off?

Refuse to use with tariff can be similar to the activation of methods:

  • With the help of the team * 111 * 1023 # - challenge;
  • Changing the settings in the Personal Account;
  • By calling 0890. , or contacting the cabin.

Useful on the topic

To monitor the balance of batch minutes, SMS and traffic use the command * 100 * 1 # - Challenge.


For active users, 500 MB traffic may be insufficient. Before deciding on the transition to "Smart Mini" should be carefully familiar with the conditions. A detailed description of the tariff can be found in the article "Smart Mini from MTS".

MTS company cares about different layers of their subscribers. And if you need network access packages, minutes, mesh messages, and at the same time you do not want to pay a lot of money, then the tariff "Smart Mini" is just for you.

In the title itself, its entire essence is hidden. The tariff from the Smart line has small service packages themselves, but at the same time he is also the cheapest. Two hare are killed at once: the subscriber saves money and at the same time receives limited packages of services.

How to connect the Smart Mini tariff:

1) Dial a special USSD request * 111 * 1023 # .

2) Check in your personal account And connect the tariff yourself.

3) Download the application My MTS For tariff management and services independently.

4) Call the operator of the contact center by number 0890. .

"Smart Mini": how to connect and how much you pay

The "Smart Mini" tariff has all the advantages of their more powerful fellow on the line and at the same time a monthly small price. In Moscow, it is 300 rubles per month of use, and in other regions 200-250 rubles. For this amount, subscribers are offered:

- Access to the network - 2GB; - Pack of minutes unlimited within the region and MTS network; - package on other operators and MTS in Russia 200-250 minutes (depends on the region of residence); - Package SMS from 200 pieces (also depends on the region).

Once you exhaust the packages offered to you for a month, all the services become paid. For example, the call within the network and the region will cost you 2 rubles per minute, the additional package of traffic will rise 75 rubles for 500MB and so on. (Detailed rates need to look for each region separately).

Therefore, the tariff "Smart Mini" is worth connecting only if you do not exit the packets offered by the operator, and you will be enough for a month.

If you have not fully spent some packages, then the remnants of the account burn. Do not forget to check your personal account for connecting additional paid services that MTS particularly likes to do when moving to another tariff plan. Otherwise you will not understand where you have money from the account.

Connect the "Smart Mini" tariff from MTS is very simple: either call the operator to the call center, you can come to the company's office, you can also go to this tariff in your account or using a request from the phone: * 111 * 1023 #.

Reading time: 3 min.

Not all subscribers using mobile communications make focus on using online traffic. Especially for those users who do not want to overpay for the extra volumes of the Internet, the Smart Mini MTS tariff has been created, perfectly suitable for people who want to use the mobile communications at an affordable cost.

First of all, the transition to this tariff plan will be beneficial for schoolchildren and students, as well as people who use the Internet only to view pages and online documents. Want to learn more about how to connect "smart mini" on MTS and what is the cost of mobile communication on this tariff?

Detailed description of the Tarif MTS Smart Mini

In just 200 rubles per month, MTS subscribers get the opportunity to use packages of free minutes and SMS messages, as well as high-speed network access. The MTS SMART mini tariff plan has the following basic characteristics:

Subscription fee 200 rubles / month.
Number of minutes for free calls to MTS Home Region Rooms 1000.
Volume of free online traffic 500 MB
Number of free SMS. fifty

After the completion of free packages of minutes and SMS, as well as for calls and SMS outside the packages provided, the following prices are valid:

Outgoing calls to subscribers of other home regions operators, as well as on MTS numbers throughout Russia over free package minutes 1.50 rub. / Min.
Outgoing challenges Subscribers other than MTS to other regions of the Russian Federation 10 rub. / Min.
SMS cost on home area numbers 1 rub.
Cost MMS. 6.50 rubles.

The price of one SMS message to send within the home region on the MTS SMART MINI tariff after the consumption of the free package is 1 ruble. On the rooms from other regions of the Russian Federation, the free package does not apply and SMS cost at 3.80 rubles. Sending SMS to subscribers of international operators - 5.25 rubles.

If you need to check the remains of minutes and SMS, it can be done by sending a team from the phone * 100 * 1 # . You can find out the number of available Internet traffic on the site or by request * 217 # .

Internet at the MTS SMART MINI Tariff

On this tariff plan, only 500 MB is initially available - the volume is sufficient for comfortable internet surfing. However, it will not be enough to view the multimedia content. You can turn off the "Smart Mini" tariff MTS and change it to a tariff plan with a large amount of traffic, but it is not so profitable for a long time if the remaining tariff characteristics are arranged.

The optimal option is to use the option "Additional Internet Smart", which automatically connects packages of 500 MB worth 75 rubles each. In one month you can activate up to 15 packages inclusive. The option is connected to the "Smart Mini" tariff initially, disable and turn on it again by sending a command. * 111 * 936 # .

The "Smart Mini" tariff plan allows subscribers to use the "turbo-button" options by 500 MB, 2 GB and 5 GB - they provide the specified traffic volumes for 30 days. In addition, you can activate an additional package per 1 GB for 120 rubles on a monthly basis.

How to connect a smart mini mts tariff?

Team for switching to the SMART mini tariff plan

The cost of transition to the tariff is 0 rubles. Before connecting the Smart Mini tariff at MTS, make sure that the amount of the first payment is 120 rubles on the balance of the phone. Go to the tariff with one of the following ways:

  • Send from the phone a short command * 111 * 1023 # .
  • Contact one of the offices to the employee with a request to connect to the tariff plan.

You can also purchase a new SIM card with a connected "Smart Mini" rate or connect the "Smart Mini" on MTS through the personal account on the official website of the MTS - it is easy and will not take much time. There you can see a detailed description of the tariff plan.

There was a need to disable "smart mini" mts? To do this, change the tariff for another more suitable - for example, to a base rate without a subscription fee.

The new "Smart Mini" rate refers to the initial profitable program of the main tariff "Smart", which covers not one tariff plan. In other words, the "smart mini" is a project that contains a minimum set of favorable applications, as well as minimal Internet service packages, minutes and messages. This program is of particular popularity, and all thanks to a low price and ability to connect auxiliary applications. Go to the MTS tariff "Smart Mini" is possible absolutely free . Each year, the MTS developers conduct updates of the tariff program, making the project practical and interesting for users of cellular communication and Internet services.

Smart Mini

The essence of the favorable tariff plan from the MTS operator

Depending on the region of the country, the features of the mobile project used can also change, that is, there will be a different cost of calls, notifications and use of the Internet. Therefore, before Go to the tariff "Smart mini "on MTS , It is necessary to clarify all the conditions and requirements of the package using the official page of the MTS company.

Reference to the premises of the tariff depending on the cost of the board

There is a tariff program worth 300 rubles per month - for 30 days.

So, on calls to subscribers MTS home region installed an unlimited number of minutes, and on other communication dispatchers - 250 minutes. Regarding SMS notifications, they are accrued 250 pieces. To use the Internet, the tariff offers free 2 gigabytes (lovers sit on the Internet will appreciate it). As 250 minutes are spent, then the dialing will be carried out according to the principles:

  • calls to the numbers of MTS subscribers - 0 rubles;
  • to the number of other operators within the home region and not only - 2 rubles;
  • Calls to the numbers of Russia's other dispatchers - 14 rubles.

If the user wants to know and control the residue of free minutes and SMS notifications, then you can use a simple combination * 100 * 1 #.

Scheme connecting the "Smart Mini" tariff program from MTS

For those subscribers who seek to go to the new tariff of the MTS "Smart Mini" team, there are some limitations - there should be no less than 320 rubles on the balance sheet of the personal account of the cellular device. This is a mandatory procedure, since in the process of connecting a profitable program, client payment is immediately removed.

How to go to smart mini mts:

  • The easiest and fastest way is to use the USSD command with a set of such a combination * 111 * 1023 # and do not forget to press the call call key;
  • To connect, the "Personal Cabinet" service will also be suitable, which includes special connection options and detailed information about the tariff project;

If nothing happens, it is possible to ask for help at the nearest service center of MTS operator mobile communication users. An experienced consultant will give answers to all questions and will help to go to the MTS tariff of interest.

How to connect Smart Mini from MTS: how to go or change the tariff with the command and how to turn it off

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