What to see in Barcelona for 1 day - Independent route for attractions

Barcelona is a fantastically beautiful city. It's worth coming on your own for a week or two, and you will not be boring. However, if it happened that you were in the capital of Catalonia passing, not trouble. For the weekend, or even one day, you can have a lot. The main thing is to create a walk route correctly.

What to see in one day, walking on foot

In our guidebook presented the main attractions of Barcelona, ​​and each of them is a diamond. You will get acquainted with Barcelona Sea, Barcelona ancient, Barcelona delicious and Barcelona cheerful. A bright cocktail of emotions, which will certainly want to repeat!

Sea port

See where Barcelona began to be interested in Romans with his prestigious geographical position, and at the expense of which it flourishes in our day, you can Seaport . Tourists invariably attract cruise liners, arriving directly to the city center - an unforgettable spectacle.

It is worth a walk in the port marina, admiring the snow-white beauty yachts. Estimate Monument Columbus - By the way, the monument here is not profitable. If you believe legend, it is installed at the place of landing the legendary navigator ashore, upon returning from America. And today it is also an excellent observation deck, located at an altitude of 60 meters. You will have a high-speed elevator there. Get ready to measure from delight - Barcelona from the height of the flight of birds is simply great!

Outside, the majestic monument can be viewed daily and free of charge, the entrance to the viewing area is possible from 08:30 to 20:30. Adult ticket costs 6 euros. Walk through the port is not rebounded around the clock. In the evening illumination, cruise liners look especially romantic.

Seaport of Barcelona

Boulevard Rambla

If all the roads lead to Rome, then all the streets of Barcelona flock to the walking boulevard Rambla . The main tourist artery of the capital is here and street musicians, and living statues, and the sellers of Street Fud. Noisy, bright, fun. This pedestrian boulevard is a length of a slightly more than a kilometer connects the seaport and Square of Catalonia, but it is not worth a hurry.

On the boulevard, the French Fleur is fed - it was designed in the middle of the XVIII century, inspiring French walking promenade. Decorating Ramblel, settle in Rambl, became an indicator of prestige in the Catalan elite. Local industrialists and patrons ordered their palaces in the Rambla district, do not spare money on the best architects. House umbrellas , Palace Vice Queen, Historical Theater Lisseou The mansions know the usual phenomenon here.

A few steps from the noisy boulevard, and you are already considering a monument to the architectural genius Gaudi, and the foresight of its main patronage, Count Guel. Nowadays Palace Gulea It is impressive tourists no less than guests of the patron at the end of the XIX century.

House of umbrellas on Rambla Boulevard

House of umbrellas on Rambla Boulevard

Photo: © ©.


Beria Market

But still the main attraction of Rambla is not palaces, cafes or cultural monuments. The main point of attraction of the Avenue - Beria Market .

Yes, do not be surprised, the market is a landmark. The oldest and famous Bazaar of Catalonia fed the first visitors in the distant XIII century. And today it is possible to buy absolutely everything here, from the crispy bread to breakfast, to the sophisticated seafood for dinner.

By the way, almost everything can be immediately registered, the Barcelonians themselves are often visited by the noisy rows of gearies for inexpensive snack. Cafe with full dinner dinners here are also available. This is the place where it is worth noting, not even planning purchases. Tastefully decorated showcases - a genuine dessert for the eyes.

Bokeria is waiting for customers daily, except Sunday. Operating mode: from 08:00 to 20:30.

Beria Market

Royal Square

After the rowing rows of the canter, slightly rebuilding, you fall into no less bright arms of the rambl boulevard. If you want to break from the noise gam, turn to Royal Square . Here the "Three Graces" fountain, cute street cafes, play musicians in the evenings and entertainment shows.

Pay attention to the bizarre lights - the early work of Catalan Unicum, Antonio Gaudi. Also, this area is considered a "parade living room" to one of the main attractions of Barcelona - the Gothic Quarter.

Royal Square

Gothic Quarter

Heart of ancient Barcelona. These swirling labyrinths of the alley remember the Legions of the Romans, and the invasion of the barbarians, and the Arabic period in the history of Spain. On the streets Barry Gothik And today you can meet the remnants of ancient walls and towers, but most of the palaces and temples reached us from the Middle Ages.

It is here that the main Cathedral of the city is located (tourists often mistakenly believe that this is the church of the Holy Family). It is here that the big royal palace is. He is famous for the historic visit of Christopher Columbus, who reported to their royal majesty Isabella and Ferdinand about the opening of America. It is here that the same mysterious Barcelona is waiting for you, the mystery of which is not revealed by many centuries.

Gothic Quarter

Cathedral of Barcelona

Officially, the Barcelonian Cathedral is called Church of Saint Evollia and Holy Cross . One of the most beautiful medieval cathedrals of the world was built in several stages. And if the date of the foundation of the temple is considered to be 1298, the last "improvements" fell at the end of the XIX century. Be that as it may, the Cathedral and nowadays did not lose the ability to amaze her greatness.

Moving to the beauty of the facade, be sure to go inside. Almost mystical silence of the ancient sanctuary instantly overtures you. Stone statues, bas-reliefs, stained glass windows. Fred bizarre columns running in the snowmobile, beautiful epitaph, chapels, organ.

To consider all this without an attack of dizziness, it is worth sitting down. Do not miss the courtyard of the cathedral, here palm trees, a lot of sun and light, as well as ... Thirteen white geese in a separate aviary. Where else will you see?

By the way, the cathedral also has an observation platform on the roof. A great view of the old city is provided to you.

The cathedral is open to visitors daily, from 08:30 to 19:30. Slight advice: you want to save a little, come to the temple from 08:30 to 12:30, or from 17:45 to 19:30. In these temporary segments, the Cathedral can be visited for free. The rest of the time will have to purchase a ticket, its cost will be 7 euros.

Interiors of the Cathedral of Barcelona

Square of the king

It is not necessary to confuse it with the royal area, they are completely different and stylistics, and in the "age." Bright sample of gothic architecture, Square of the king turns on Big Royal Palace , Hall Tinel, where the Barcelona City Council gathered before, and now tourists walk, St. Agatha Chapel, and also Museum of History Barcelona .

You can visit the whole complex daily, operation mode: from 10:00 to 19:00. The ticket costs 7 euros.

Square of the king

Church of Santa Maria Del Mar

One of the few temples of medieval Catalonia, Cathedral Santa Maria Del Mar Receded to this day almost in primeval form. A wide entrance in the form of the arch and a window-rose carries tourists to the era of knights and beautiful ladies, and elegant stained-glass windows admire the skill of ancient architects. Gloomy and at the same time unusually magnificent gothic of the inner decoration amazing imagination.

The temple is open for visiting daily, as a museum. Ticket price - 10 euros.

Cathedral Santa Maria Del Mar

Museum Picasso

The sanctuary of a completely different kind is a monument to genius, waiting for you near the ancient temple. Museum Picasso Collected a collection of thousands of work of the master, from the sketches of a young artist, to the late creations of Maestro. If you are interested in the flight of the fancy of one of the brightest (and controversial) creators of the 20th century, go to curb. Barcelona collection is recognized as experts worthy of attention.

The museum is open daily, except Monday. The ticket costs 12 euros.

Work Pablo Picasso in Barcelona Museum

Palace of Catalan music

Did you miss the bright colors, walking by the gloomy streets of the Gothic Quarter? Then you urgently need to visit Palace of Catalan music . It seems that this incredible firework color, images and inspiration embodies the spirit of the supper and magnificent Catalonia!

The musical theater was erected at the beginning of the 20th century, according to the project of the fashion architect Louis Domasek-I-Montainner. The architect surpassed himself in this creation, everything is fine here - not only inside, but also outside. The hall is illuminated by natural light, from unique stained windows, and elegant interiors want to consider infinitely, forgetting about the time. And this is quite justified - a similar concert hall is no longer anywhere in the world.

Inspect the palace outside can be daily and free. In order to see the theater from the inside, you will have to buy a ticket for a concert or an excursion.

Palace of Catalan music

Palace of Catalan music

Photo: © ©.


Four Cat Restaurant

This is not just a cafe where you can have a snack. A restaurant Els Quatre Gats. - Cult place in the spirit of Barcelona "Golden Ages". The epochs when they worked and dreamed of genius Dali, Gaudi, Picasso. Since then, almost nothing has changed here.

Cafe, lost on narrow streets Barry Gothik, first discovered its doors in 1987. Eminent guests (who were then at the beginning of their creative way) quickly attracted the attention of the urban elite and creative bohemian attention to the restaurant. The first personal exhibition Pablo Picasso has passed on these walls, which today are decorated with its sketches. The menu, by the way, is also created by a master.

The interior of the restaurant is spectacular and bright. And by the way, despite the history and popularity of tourists, in ELS Quatre Gats you can have delicious and not too expensive dinner. For example, the "Menu of the Day" here costs 35 euros for two.

Restaurant ELS Quatre Gats

Square Catalonia

As you know, without having been on the Red Square, it is impossible to consider the certified visit to Moscow. Also Square Catalonia - The heart of the capital, place of meetings, walks and shopping. Here they make desires, drinking water from the fountain - they say, it guarantees the speedy return to Barcelona. Choose a T-shirt with a symbolism of your favorite football club, or go on excursions - Nearby is the largest tourist office in Catalonia.

And from here, one of the most elegant streets of Barcelona, ​​Parsich de Gracia, starts.

Square Catalonia


It is now difficult to imagine, but until the middle of the XIX century, Barcelona's most prestigious highway was considered a narrow rustic road. For its transformation took up in 1890, when the local aristocracy decided to invest in real estate - build beautiful palaces for themselves. Almost every mansion here is a masterpiece, but tourists most often attract the famous range of discord.

Boulevard Grakey

Quarter of discord

Three houses that stand with a barrel to each other, the most different style, color and mood. These are the works of the three greatest Catalan architects that worked in the genre of modern. The fabulous facade of the house of Balo, designed by Antonio Gaudi, and House Leo Morara where carved balconies, turrets and lick remind the greatness of gothic cathedrals. As well as House Amalé , combining incompatible - Moorish and North European architectural traditions.

Each of the mansions is good in its own way, and is able to become an architectural pearl of any European capital. Each mansion is beautiful, interesting and unusual - and yet, in the unofficial ranking, as a rule, the Balo house wins.

Famous quarterly quarter

House Balo

House Balo - One of those architectural masterpieces, where words are powerless. It must be unlikely to see, because everything is surprisingly everything is mosaic, a multi-colored facade, changing shades, depending on the lighting, balconies with "eyes", the curved roof that refers to the legends about dragons, rainbow splashes.

Interior decoration will also not leave indifferent. In huge panoramic windows with stained glass windows, beautiful Barcelona, ​​elegant and harmonious. Probably, it was this that he saw Gaudi in dreams.

Visit an architectural masterpiece can be every day, from 09:00 to 21:00. Despite the high price of the ticket, in 25 euros, solid queues. Do not want to spend time - come to the opening, or buy tickets in advance online.

Balo House in Evening Backlight

Prospect Diagonal

A son-called name is one of the main highways of Barcelona owes its planning - it actually crosses the city clearly on the diagonal. Length Diagonal Solid - 11 km, and starting from the urban embankment, the highway "overlooked" attractions, pedestrian walkways, and architectural monuments. They are presented here for every taste.

One of the most popular - House with spikes , or Casa Terrades. The spiers of the pseudo-medieval castle, nusted in the people of spikes, are noticeable from afar. Like turrets, mosaic and decorative panels. Do not rush to pass by - the house can be visited with an excursion, which includes a panoramic field on the roof.

Casa Terrades is open daily from 09:00 to 20:00. The price of a ticket is 12.50 euros.

House with spikes

Cathedral of the Holy Family

Perhaps this is one of the most photographed buildings in the world. Daily, regardless of the weather, time of year and day, thousands of Zewak "besieged" the walls of the brightest creation Antonio Gaudi - Cathedral of the Holy Family .

Only an excellent degree is applicable to it - the most. The main long-term modernity is the only case in world history when the unfinished temple has become a recognized masterpiece of architecture. It strikes both the outside of the plots and the allegories of three facades, endless towers and bas-reliefs, scenes from biblical history, natural motives and inside.

Stepping the threshold of the temple, get ready for a second to fall out of reality. Everything that happens around is a luminous space, a column forest, a fancy ceiling, resembles a fantastic alien forest rather than non-Catholic Cathedral. Fans of surrealistic solutions in the architecture of the temple will accurately like it.

You can see the cathedral outside daily and free, but it is better to come early. In the daytime, there is little luck to see tourist buses and endless string of walking nearby. Want to amaze the inner decoration of the temple - book ticket in advance, to avoid queue. The cost of visiting starts from 17 euros.

More detailed review - in the material Attractions Barcelona

Cathedral of the Holy Family

Masterpieces Antonio Gaudi.

Barcelona is a city of architectural wonders, and one of her faces perhaps the brightest - the legacy of the geniuses is modern. Pleiada beautiful architects whose creations conquer the hearts, made the Catalan capital by one of the most attractive cities in the world. But the greatest contribution to the prosperity of the hometown was made, of course, Antonio Gaudi.

At least 14 architectural masterpieces of the master - mansions, parks, lights, mosaics, can be seen in Barcelona alone and with excursions. The most grandiose is considered the legendary Sagrada surname, a diamond in the crown of the city, but the rest of the work deserve attention. Start acquaintance S. House Vicens - This is one of the early works of the architect. Here, so favorite Gaudi, natural motives, palm trees and flowers "grow" on the gate lattices, decorate the tile, decorate the balconies.

The house is open to the visit, but the greatest impression produces an external inspection.

Another recognized masterpiece - House Mila , the last secular work of Gaudi before creating the Cathedral of the Holy Family. Mansion, whose inspiration served as rocks and the sea, as if cutting the surface of Barcelona street. The winding by all winds, he became smooth and a little wavy, and completely disturbed an angle - the special pride of the architect.

Separate attention deserves the roof of the building, because even such a trivial item, like chimneys, the architect was able to beat unusually. They, like 33 heroes, proudly look at Barcelona from height. Look at the roof, like a separate part of the house, are open to visit. You can visit here daily, from 09:00 to 18:30, a ticket costs 25 euros. Do not want to spend money - go to the house for coffee. On the first floor of the building is open a coffee shop.

Mansion, together with several more Gaudi masterpieces, is included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list.

House Mila

Conceived over a hundred years ago as the perfect "garden city", where people will live in harmony with nature, Park Guell And nowadays in our days amazing. As you like, for example, a winding bench, covered with multi-colored tiles, and created taking into account the anatomical features of a person.

The majestic parade staircase, "gingerbread" houses, with a glazed roof, which meet you at the entrance, Fountain Dragon, and other mythical beasts. All bright, spectacular and very unusual - as Gaudi loved. Do not miss viewing sites, overlooking the park and beauty Barcelona.

The park is divided into paid and free parts. In winter, the paid part is closed, it can be examined in the warm season from 08:00 to 21:30. The ticket costs 10 euros, and book it is desirable in advance on the official website. However, you can come to the free part of the park, stroll, and see the sights and mosaics from the side.

Park Guell

Stories, routes and tourist tips

For inspiration for a great journey there are many ways. You can flip guidebooks, to make routes for Barcelona on your own on Google cards, stitching Internet resources. Or trust the experience of travelers - the same as you. The indisputable plus of such reports is their one hundred percent feasibility.

Verified routes for Barcelona, ​​with photos, lifehakami and alive emotions, you can learn in the reviews of our touristants.

Also, current information can be obtained in the "Question and Answers" category. Ask questions to experts, or ask the direction as a whole.

Square of Spain from the observation platform of the Palace of Catalonia

Square of Spain from the observation platform of the Palace of Catalonia

Photo: © ©.

Julia Alisova.

Sightseeing tours of Barcelona

Barcelona is a huge bright megalopolis. To find out how it should, or even get acquainted with superficially, not so simple. Of course, a walk through Barcelona independently has a lot of advantages, because you will know the city in such a pace as convenient for you. However, often many interesting details are simply falling out of our field of view. How to see all the same in one day, or even 8-9 hours? Choose a review, or on the contrary, a thematic excursion.

For example, in Barcelona this can be a gothic quarter. Peel into the spirit of the ancient capital, learn its secrets, and even, perhaps, look into the holy of saints. A walk with the guide will show you a completely different Barcelona, ​​because no commemorative medieval plate, the lantern or the tower of the Romans era will not remain not observed.

Or go through the route of the masterpieces of modern. Boulevard Grassia, a quarter of discord, the Cathedral of the Holy Family and even Park Guell perfectly stacked in a day-distance route. Booking tickets in advance, you will avoid queue. You will only have to enjoy seen!

House Amalie on Gracia Avenue

Buses Hop-on Hop-Off

Red tourist buses Hop-on Hop-Off, recognizable from afar, are good for express tour of the city. In addition, at any stop you can get out, look around and take a picture and go further.

Excursions from Barcelona for 1 day

One of the undoubted advantages of Barcelona is considered its geographical position. On the one hand, the mountains, with another sea, and in the district the great many interesting places. Perhaps the most bright is considered Montserrat - A unique monastery in the rocks. It is located just 50 km from the capital of Catalonia, and combines in itself both the power of the natural landscape and the ancient shrine. It is easy to get here, and the species will affect the imagination of even an experienced traveler.

Another excellent option - Girona . This ancient city survived the siege and war to become in our days arena for shooting the series "Game of Thrones". Here the most ancient Jewish quarter, fortress walls, monasteries and extraordinary beauty of temples have been preserved here.

However, modern Girona is a cheerful dynamic city. There is, where to walk, eat and just relax. A small advice: certainly find the remnants of the ancient Roman walls. Many of their sites are open to visiting and today, absolutely free. Views of the city from here amazing.

View of Girona from fortress walls

In fact, directions that can be visited from Barcelona, ​​a great set. Evaluate Publ , with an unusual castle that Salvador Dali presented his wife and muse. Or Figueres , with a well-known Museum-theater Dali. Small towns resorts such as Blanes or Malgrat de Mar . They are also glorious ancient history.

Or make a private route with an individual guide, where only what is interesting to you will be included. So you can explore both natural sights and architectural masterpieces.

Amazing parks, unique facades, sandy beaches and luxurious shopping streets. Catalonia's capital is an exciting city with ancient history and plenty of popular attractions. Are you enthusiaved by culture, architecture or nature - stay in the Spanish metropolis will interest everyone. Even having only 72 hours in the reserve, you can get a maximum from traveling, making a competent route. Find out what to see in Barcelona for 3 days, without missing the most iconic places, our article will help.

Best time to relax

If your goal is to visit as much interesting places as possible and do not experience discomfort while walking, choose to travel or late spring, or the first autumn months. So that the burning rays of the sun did not deliver additional inconveniences. In a short-term tour, you should not go with a big luggage. But comfortable clothing and shoes, lightweight backpack, phrasebook and city map will become your faithful assistants.

Barcelona is a kind of monument to the greatest architect Antonio Gaudi himself. Almost all messy beauty guests are the fruits of his work and talent. Having in stock 3 days, you can see a lot. The proposed route examines mostly hiking. In order not to spend precious time in disorderly movements around the city, visits are selected from the point of view of geographic proximity and convenience.

How to get from the airport to the center

The EL PRAT International Air Port lies 15 km from Catalunya Square. There are 5 ways, how to get from two terminals to the city center.

24-hour taxi. The most convenient and at the same time the most expensive option. In the way you will spend about 30 minutes, while spending from 45-55 €. It is possible to choose a class of car.

The cheapest way to travel - TBM №46 (day) and N17 (night) route buses. The price of a ticket - 2.20 €, travel time - 40-50 minutes, depending on the workload of the route. More comfortable will be the trip if you choose Aerobus buses (Aerobus). They will take you to the center of the metropolis for 25-35 minutes, making a minimum of stops on the road. The fare is 5,90 €.

If you wish to get to the hotel as quickly as possible, avoiding possible traffic jams, then choose the Renfe network train. Paying 4.10 €, you will spend on the road of 20-26 minutes (depending on the destination station). The railway platform is located in the T2 terminal, from the T1 terminal to get to it on a free shuttle. Attention! In the high season wagons are overflowing.

Tourists have the opportunity to get from the airport to Barcelona on the subway (L9S line). The train from Terminals T1 and T2 is sent every 7 minutes, the cost of the ticket is 4.60 €. Choosing this way of travel, be prepared for one transplant. It must be done at the station Torrassa (L1 line).

Order individual transfer from the airport to your hotel in Barcelona for 3,258 RUB

First day

The first day in Barcelona is devoted to acquaintance with her hearts - areas located near the seaport. Almost all the sights that are included in the travel program are close to each other, so you will go through most of the route.

Boulevard La Rambla

Boulevard La Rambla, Barcelona

Barcelona can not be imagined without La Rambla. A wide street stretched by 1.3 km from Catalunya Square to the Seaport, is the soul of the city. The journey through a magnificent promenade will be remembered by the mosaics of the artist Joan Miro, fragrant flower rows, mounted fragrances of the caria market, a sip of clean water from the Fountain Canaletes, a magnificent facade of the Opera Theater, as well as modern outlines of the pedestrian bridge Rambla Del Mar.

The best time for a walk along La Rambla is the second half of the day. When the day heat falls, street artists, musicians and artists, reincarnating in the frozen figures of fairy creatures and famous characters: the winged dragon, jellyfish Gorgon, Don Quixote and El Salvador Dali. Admire the revived statues and go to Miradore. So Barcelonians master the 60-meter monument to Christopher Columbus. At the top of the column, at the feet of the legendary navigator, there is an observation deck.

Beria Market

Beria Market, Barcelona

Placa De La Boqueria

One of the most popular attractions of Boulevard La Rambla is the market of Beria - the gastronomic kingdom of smells and tastes. Residents of Barcelona come here behind the freshest products, and tourists are behind culinary impressions and familiarity with the National Spanish cuisine. Here you can buy vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, a variety of sea gifts, mushrooms, sausages, sweets and drinks.

The counters do not get dry - friendly sellers willingly give to taste their goods, and sometimes a little reduce the price. Flancing between trading rows, do not forget to buy a bottle of Cava. A glass of white sparkling wine will provide you with a wonderful evening.

A romantic mood will give an easy dinner made from seafood decomposed on ice pan. By the way, unusually delicious French oysters, armed with lemon, are also available on the market. Their price will pleasantly surprise you: for one piece of delicacy, local sellers are asking for only 2.50 €.

Theater Lisseou

Theater Liseu, Barcelona

La Rambla, 51 - 59

The grand opening of the Gran Teatre del Liceu (Theater Liseu) took place in 1847. Construction financing provided private patrons, therefore the Catalan temple of Melponon differs from such institutions raised to the means of state treasury. So, in the auditorium there is no royal bed.

The rest of the inner decoration, affecting the imagination with a sparkling crystal chandelier, abundance of mirrors, decorations from marble, gilding and expensive fabrics, is no inferior to the famous opera theaters of the world. On stage, Fedor Shalyapin, Montserrat Caballe and Jose Carreras shone on the stage of Laurel. In 1994, the building destroyed a large-scale fire.

Five years needed builders and restorers to return the theater historical appearance and former glory. See the famous attraction from the inside can be as part of the excursion group. The cost of a study tour - 16 €.

District Raval

Raval district, Barcelona

Attractive and at the same time sinister - so you can characterize the most ambiguous and mysterious quarter of the capital of Catalonia. On the one hand, he attracts travelers to the authenticity of old houses, the ancient beauty of medieval monasteries and modern windows of bookstores. On the other hand, Raval's streets chose migrants from Pakistan and Morocco, turning the area in the refuge of robbers and drug dealers.

Life is boiling here in the day and night. Raval is famous for its bars. In one of them, the name Marsella, Woody Allen removed the scenes for the painting "Vicky Kristina Barcelona". In addition to the cult director, behind the marble tables loved to skip the glass-other burning Absinthe Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. Another Must Have for tourists is the bronze statue of the Giant Cat. Local residents say that one who will lose his "dignity" will definitely return to the Catalan capital again.

Hospital of the Holy Cross

Hospital of the Holy Cross, Barcelona

Carrer de Sant Quintí, 89

Not only a medical institution, but also a magnificent architectural monument is waiting for you a little away from the ongoing tourist trail - in the district of El Ginardo, located 7 km from the Raval district. The monumental building in Modern style, whose facade crowns the spire decorated with clock, is richly decorated with bas-reliefs, multicolored ceramic tiles and elegant statues.

The interiors are not inferior to external beauty: the elements of the city hospital are perfectly harmonized with mosaic, original patterns and sculptures. A unique hospital - the brainchild of the architect Louis Domaseca-I-Montainner, which began work on the construction of hospital structures in 1902.

The idea of ​​the architect to create hulls, the location of which would ensure the maximum access of sun rays, supported his son, after 28 years she finished his father's work. Today, the medical complex is a whole park, which includes 12 pavilions connected by underground corridors.

Royal Square

Royal Square, Barcelona

Plaça Reial

Next to the La Rambla boulevard is a small area, whose advent of Barcelona is obliged to Francis Daniel Molina. In 1850, the architect began to build an ensemble of structures, elegance and luxury to praise the Spanish monarchy to build an ensemble of facilities. The main figure was to become the statue of the squeezing of the king of Ferdinand VII, ruling at the time.

However, the plan of the architect was not destined to come true - the center of Square decorated the fountain of three graces. Next to him in 1879, two lamps installed, attracting the attention of the wrecks of Mercury's helmets and snake springs. The development of exotic latern has become the first large project of Antonio Gaudi.

In addition to the works of the brilliant architecture, the royal square decorate spreader palms and framed a four-story classic building. Restaurants and open cafes are located on its perimeter. Here, on the stage of the Jazz Club, Los Tarantos, there are performances of the best dancers Flamenco.

Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter, Barcelona

The most beautiful and oldest city quarter is the famous Barri Gotic, built on the ruins of the ancient Roman settlement Barsino. The venerable walls remember the legionnaires, the Germans and the Arab conquerors. It was here that in 237 the Catalan capital originated. From the first step, this amazing place amazes the atmosphere of mysticism and the mysterious medieval.

We advise a walk on the Gothic Quarter to start with visits to the Cathedral Square and inspection of the Church of St. Elalia. In its path, you will also see the house of the archchiakon, the bishop and royal palaces, the bridge of sigh, ancient churches and modern museums. Passing the alley behind the alley and enjoying the wet cool, which the eternal stones give, you will meet the houses, forged lanterns, are hardly close to each other, wrought iron bars of balconies with violent ivy.

Cathedral of St. Elalia

Cathedral of St. Elalia, Barcelona


Coloring Catalonia and Gothic Style demonstrates the Cathedral, named after the 13-year-old Martyr Evlalia, in the IV century BC. e. Taking death for faith in the Savior. The relics of the Holy are the main treasure of the temple, which appeared in 1460. The facade of monumental structures decorate the sculptures of Christ, the apostles, biblical characters and mythical gorguli.

Interior decoration - solemn and strict. ATTENTION Attracts the body and medieval altar, under which the remains of the Great Martyr rest. No less interesting in the courtyard. Here you will find the chapel of St. Lucia and a picturesque pond. There are 13 white geese around him, symbolizing the number of Evlalia's earthly years.

Each Summer Sunday on a small platform before the cathedral will take place a colorful speech by sardana performers - traditional Catalan dance. An exciting show accompanies COBLA - a group of musicians playing brass and percussion instruments.

Royal Palace

Royal Palace, Barcelona

Carrer Dels Comtes, 2

In 130 m from the Cathedral of St. Evlalia is a complex of three structures united in a large royal palace. The first mention of it refers to 1116. Initially, representatives of the Spanish monarchy lived behind the stone walls. In the XVI century, the lords of the lords occupied the Holy Inquisition and the Royal Archive. Nowadays, the palace functions as a historical museum.

The architectural ensemble includes:

  • Hall Tinel. This is the name of the arched quadrangular room with a height of 12 m for solemn receptions. In 1492, the royal couple took the Christopher Columbus returned to America here.
  • Gothic chapel of St. Agatha, built in 1302. Inside it, you will find the altar created in honor of Pedro I Portuguese, and heraldic shields of the rulers of Sicily and Aragon.
  • The four-storey palace of the flaxant, erected in the middle of the XVI century.

Get acquainted with the attractions of the Royal Palace you can be free.

Santa Maria del Mar

Santa Maria del Mar, Barcelona

Plaça de Santa Maria, 1

Against the background of the narrow streets of the Born Ribera district of Basilica, Mary on the sea looks cumbersome and massive. However, under the closer, the purity of the forms and the elegant design of the facade are striking. Entrance to the Gothic Church, built in the IV century, framed the sculptures of the Apostles Paul and Peter. Entrance doors decorate relief drawings, reproducing ship unloading scenes.

Raise your eyes, and you will see a magnificent rose window with fitted arches and stained glass windows. The inner place of the temple is the kingdom of space and light created by octagonal stone columns and semicircular ribs. Here you will not find the stucco and lush scenery.

The only decoration of the interior is the altar, decorated with a sculptural image of the coronation of St. Mary. Lovely acoustics of the NEF has caused classical music concerts in the Church.

Park Suitadia

Suitadelia Park, Barcelona

A corner of wildlife is located in a kilometer from the embankment, the magnificent beauty of cathedrals and palaces is located in a kilometer. The park of 30 hectares received its name from the fortress - the citadel built in the XVIII century and demolished in 150 years. On its territory, the park, which is the title of the state historical monument, collected architectural and natural sights.

In the center, in the building previously owned by Arsenal Fort, today is the Parliament of Catalonia. Be sure to visit the Northern part where the Grand Work of Young Gaudi gives the coolness - Fountain Cascade. There are no less love by visitors of the castle of three dragons, in the walls of which exhibits the collections of the Zoological Museum. And young tourists will probably become interested in the Mammoth Museum and one of the best European zoos, which has become a house for 7,500 representatives of the Fauna world.

Second day

The second day in Barcelona will delight woping fans, connoisseurs of unusual architecture and a unique hand writing inherent in Antonio Gaudi architecture. An excellent completion of the journey will be a visit to the most amazing spot of Spain - a bright and memorable Park Guell.

Boulevard Paseo de Gracia

Boulevard Passeo de Gracia, Barcelona

Passeig de Gràcia.

The central and most contrasting street of Megapolis extended 5 kilometers from Catalunya Square to Gracia district. Luxury boulevard decorated the city at the end of the XIX century. In new elegant houses built in different architectural styles, wealthy bourgeois families entered. Today, restaurants, cafes, boutiques of world-famous designers and department stores of the middle segment are adjacent here.

In October, the Festival Sales Festival is held on the boulevard. In addition to numerous shops, tourists' attention to Paseo de Gracia attracts original structures: Marset Palace, Pere Libre, Ramon Musers, Leio-Morra, Amalé, Balo and Mila. Beauty buildings are not inferior and pedestrian part. It is framed by lights and mosaic white benches. The sidewalk, whose design, was engaged in Gaudi, laid out with a natural stone.


Homeo-I-Morra, Barcelona

Passeig de Gràcia, 35

The structure, erected in 1864, over the reconstruction of which in 1902-1906 the architect domain and-montainner was pretended, located in the "Disagreement Quarter". So Pained Barcelonians of the constellation of three straight contrasting with each other buildings. On the update of the house owned by the Morra family, the architect-modernist worked in close cooperation with Mosaist Lewis Bru, the decorator Hosep Pei-I Farriolem, the sculptors of Antoni Zhuol-I-Baku and Euseby Arnaau.

The curved facade is an architectural composition comprising a mosaic, heraldic signs, intricate ornaments from stucco, exquisite bas-reliefs, open-air balconies and pilasted round windows. The audience's attention to the architect has tried to emphasize on two most important elements: with a grinding glass rotunda and columns from pink marble. The original building is private property, so its inspection is possible only from the outside.

House Amalé

Amalie House, Barcelona

Passeig de Gracia, 41

Another famous building "Quarter disagreement" is a house built in 1875 and turned into a work of art in the 1900th. Antonio Amalier's rich confirmer did not arrange the appearance of the building acquired by him in 1898. For the restoration and redevelopment of the new property, he invited the talented architect Josepa Puch and-Kadafalka.

Unlike the neighbors on the street created in the modernist style, the Amalie house is a sample of the Dutch and Spanish gothic architecture, generously complemented by the elements of modern. The stepped footton crown the facade, the main part of which is the initials of the owner enclosed in the pattern of the branches of the almond tree.

Intricate balcony lights, carving of the erker and sculptures at the door resemble the external decoration of the Moorish palaces. You can get into the inner premises through 2 asymmetric inputs.

House Balo

Balo House, Barcelona

Passeig de Gràcia, 43

There is enough fleeting look to identify in the appearance of an exotic building the work of the bold Antonio Gaudi. The general restoration of the structure, erected in 1877, marked a new stage in the work of the architecture: he moved away from the classical concepts of architecture, making a choice in favor of his own unique style.

For 2 years (1904-1906), an inconspicuous building turned into a kaleidoscope of bright colors, unusual forms and bold scenery. The ridge of a fabulous creature rises the curved roof over the facade, the ceramic cladding of which smoothly changes the color from white to blue. The decoration of the building is similar to the dragon Czech.

Columns, frames and tiny balconies resemble skeletons and skulls of victims of an unprecedented monster. No wonder the second punishment, this construction, is the house of bones. No less original and interiors. You can see them during a theatrical excursion. Cost - 40 €.

House Mila

Mila House, Barcelona

Provença, 261-265

The penultimate brainchild, Gaudi, became a house built in 1910 by order of a rich manufacturer Pere Mila-I-Kampse. The finished creation of the architect was recognized only dozen years later - initially the building was criticized as the customer and narrow-minded specialists. The construction of Gaudi could not boast or a standard appearance nor classical lines.

Barhans, cliffs, sea waves - this impression produces a house of Mila on the audience. By creating your masterpiece, the architect applied innovative solutions at that time: a well-thought-out ventilation system, giving coolness even in a meal heat, and the use of concrete and iron, which made it possible to abandon the supporting walls.

A museum is open in the building today. Having ordered an excursion, you inspect the decorated in the style of the 20s of the last century an apartment, a boretry and attic, where the exhibition hall is located. Separate attention deserves the roof, hiding ducts, pipes and ventilation towers, turned into strange scenery. Some elements are laid out by fragments of ceramic tiles and multicolored glass.

A ticket for a quick entrance to the temple of the Holy Family - 20 € Park Guell Park - 10,75 € ticket to Balo House and Video Guide - 24.50 € Hola BCN: Ticket to Society. Transport for 2,3,4 or 5 days - 15 € Ticket to Park "Port Aventura" and transfer - 69 € Ticket to Park "Port Aventura" and "Ferrari Land" - 55 € Ticket to Amusement Park Tibidabo - 28.50 € Ticket without a queue with audihyda in the house Mila - 22 € Hop-on Hop-off Excursion to Barcelona for 1 or 2 days - 30 €

Cathedral of the Holy Family

Cathedral of the Holy Family, Barcelona

Carrer de Mallorca, 401

Sagrada Familia is a symbol of the Catalan capital, the greatest monument of neo-neotic architecture and one of the world's famous long-distance countries. The construction of a cathedral resembling a bizarre sand castle started in 1882. However, after a year, the architect Francisco del Villar left the project. He was replaced by an incomparable Antonio Gaudi.

The creation of Basilica Master dedicated to the rest of his life. After his death, the management of construction moved from one architect to another. The construction continues until now. According to the most optimistic forecasts, they are planned to complete by 2026. But even despite the incompleteness, the temple amazing imagination. It is based on the Latin Cross. Facades of the facilities symbolize the birth, death and resurrection of the Son of God.

According to the author's plan, the Cathedral must be wary of the Cathedral, symbolizing the Mother of God, evangelists and the apostles, and the highest of them (170 m) - the Savior. Unique and internally decoration. The intricate columns are branched up, the ceiling resembles the crown of amazing trees, and the stained-glass windows installed at different levels are similar to incredible flowers.

Park Guell

Park Guell, Barcelona

Carrer d'Olot, 13

In the northern part of the metropolis there is a luxury park, its palm alleys, fountains, sculptures and bizarre architecture capable of competing with the best thematic gardens of the world. Established thanks to the funds of Euseby Guelle and the efforts of the brilliant architect Antonio Gaudi, the green zone appeared in Barcelona in 1914.

The path of the park, originally conceived as a place of residence of the elite of the city, was thorny. Wealthy citizens did not hurry to buy land plots. In 1921, Guelle's heirs sold the territory of Barcelona, ​​and after another 5 years the whole zone became available to the public.

To date, Guell Park is a place that enlightened the colorful creations of Gaudi. In the world of fairy tales and fantastic creatures, visitors are carried away the visitors of the gingerbread houses, mosaic salamander, the antique hall "100 columns" and lined with ceramic tiles, fragments of glass bottles and clay products curved bench. Most of the territory is available for free visits.

The third day

We recommend the final day in Barcelona to start on the country's largest square - Plaça d'Espanya. Next, follow the south-east, towards the Montjuic Mountain, and then northwest, to Tibidabo Mountain. Part of the trip passes through the hilly terrain, so do not forget about comfortable shoes. To move between the objects of the route, you can use the urban train (S1,2), Metro (L1), Tibibus buses, No. 111, 118 and Funicular.

Square Spain

Square of Spain, Barcelona

Plaça d'Espanya.

The accumulation of monumental structures, the city's transport assembly and the symbolic gate leading to Montzhik Mountain - all this area of ​​Spain. In the Middle Ages, there were public executions here, and in 1715 a fortress was built. The area was formed only in 1905. It was a modern look after 23 years later, when the city was preparing for the World Exhibition.

The architectural masterpieces of the past and present are located on 34,000 m². In the very center, on a small green island, a fountain rushes into the eyes, whose sculptures symbolize faith, fertility, prosperity, courage and art.

Nearby are the red building of the trading platform of Arena Barcelona and the exhibition center pavilion. It is impossible not to notice two towering towers resembling a campaign bell tower in Venice. But the most impressive object of the square is the National Palace.

National Palace Catalonia

National Palace of Catalonia, Barcelona

Parc de Montjuïc.

The construction of an impressive building with numerous towers and domes was dedicated to the 2nd International Exhibition of 1929. The area of ​​the architectural ensemble, erected in the style of Spanish Renaissance and includes a magnificent park, is 30,000 m².

Parade ladders, separated by a cascade of small pools lead to the central building. The base of the palace has a 3,620-jet magic fountain. With the onset of twilight it highlights 4,760 light sources.

The game of all sorts of shades accompany classic and modern melodies. The main facility located at the foot of the Montjuic palace complex is a museum of art, exposing engraving, photographs, collection of numismatics, painting and sculpture.

Mount Montjuic

Mount Montjuic, Barcelona

The popularity of the picturesque mountain rising above the metropolis at 173 m, acquired in the first half of the last century, when Barcelona took the World Exhibition. Until 1928, the top of the hill, the name of which is translated from Starokatalon as the "Jewish Mountain", coronated only the impregnable fortress built in 1640 by the Iberians.

In 1929, the Montjuic hill turned into a huge public park. Modern objects, architectural and natural attractions have found on the green slopes. Among the well-kept gardens, fountains and sculptures, you will meet the Spanish Village Folk Center, the Botanical Garden, the Museum of the Artist-Surrealist Joan Miro and the city of the Dead - the oldest Barcelona cemetery.

Thanks to the 1992 Olympic Games, outdoor pools, a stadium, a Palace of Sports, an area of ​​Europe and a futuristic concert hall appeared on Mount.

Spanish village

Spanish village, Barcelona

Having visited 1,600 villages and cities in Spain and inspired by a local flavor, in 1927 Architects Ramon Elektheos, Falch Folger and artists Miguel Utrillo and Hav'er Nails created an unusual project. On an area of ​​4.2 hectares, a mini-state grew, including copies of 117 famous objects of the country: palaces, houses, cathedrals, museums and streets. Here you will visit the tower of the season, the gates of Avila, the construction of Aragon and Plaza Major.

In the "Spanish village" you can not only take pictures against the background of the most popular attractions, but also to feel your craftsman. In the morning the doors workshops. Becoming a participant of exciting master classes, you will learn to blow up glass vases, weave lace, make clay pots and draw on ceramic tiles.

Evenings are sitting in an incendiary music and neon lights of a disco in the open sky and excite the blood of the sounds of flamenco fiery dance.

Military Fortress Montjuic

Military Fortress Montjuic, Barcelona

The defensive structure, walked by Montjuic Mountain, must be visited for connoisseurs of history and lovers of magnificent panoramic species opening from the height of protective walls. The story of Bastion Returns us to the middle of the XVII century - the time of the beginning of the uprisings of the inhabitants of Catalonia against the royal troops of the Habsburgs dynasty. In his century, the Bloody Battles of the 1641th and 1705th, and the soldiers of the Napoleon's army, and the political prisoners of the XX century.

Since 1963, a military museum has been operating inside the fortress. Its exposition includes collections of weapons, ancient uniforms, documents, cards, banners, orders, a collection of tin soldiers and layouts of famous Spanish forts. Part of the exhibits are exhibited at the Barrier of the Citadel. In addition to inspection of rarities, tourists will be able to visit the prison chambers, the water tank and the central tower.

Mount Tibidabo

Mount Tibidabo, Barcelona

On clear days from the 520-meter height of Tibidabo, a fascinating panorama exits the foot of the capital of Catalonia extending at the foot. According to the Gospel, it was here that Satan Jesus suffered. Trying to tempt the Son of God, the devil showed him beautiful territories, promising endless power over them. "I give you (Tibi Dabo)," as such words seduced Lucifer not submitted to him the Messiah.

Tibidabo is 7 km from the center of Barcelona. You can climb the mountain using the historic blue tram, which will take you to the final stop of the cable car. Every 20 minutes from Catalonia Square, the Tibibus bus is located, next to the amusement park. Most tourists arrive at Tibidabo for the sake of entertainment "Parque d'Atracciscions". In addition, here is the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, which worsted the highest point of the metropolis.

Church of the Saint Heart

Church of the Holy Heart, Barcelona

The Savior, revealing the arms lying at his feet of the ancient city, is visible from all points of the coast of Barcelona. His 7-meter bronze figure marches the church of the Holy Heart, for the construction of which has left more than half a century. The history of the church began in 1886 with a small chapel, erected at the top of Tibidabo. 75 years old, a white-named Catholic Basil was grown next to her, decorated with gothic turrets and walking in 2 tiers with statues of the apostles and saints.

The inner decoration of the temple is made in Byzantine traditions. The separated 5 oils are coated with mosaic, bright frescoes and decorative stucco. Over the altar rises a wooden crucifixion. There are no artificial light sources in the premises - natural light falls inside through stained glass windows, forcing multicolored glare to overflow pictures on them on biblical topics.

Tibidabo Amusement Park

Tibidabo Amusement Park, Barcelona

Coming out of the Cabinet of a cable car, raising travelers to the top of Tibidabo, you will be taken to the fabulous world of childhood, built in 1901. Do not look for ultra-modern extreme attractions here - the fleet of the park is not terrible, and many of them have already noted the 100th anniversary. Local favorites - created in 1928 soaring the plane, the Ferris Wheel Giradobo and the Swing of Hurakan, which turn around 360 °.

In addition to attractions, there are many interesting things in the moon park. Children and adults mirror mirrors mirror mirrors frighten the Misteriós castle ghosts and pass the play of Marionetarium puppets, revealing the secrets of doll management. On weekends, visitors collects theatrical view of Correfos and Cercavila, organized by artists of street circus and accompanied by colorful fireworks.

How and what to save

Save on the journey - this does not always mean moving exclusively by hitchhiking or walking and inspection of only facades of famous palaces and museums. There are other, more pleasant ways to make a budget trip, but at the same time comfortable, cognitive and exciting.

  1. Sights of Barcelona scattered throughout the city, so you will not be able to go around them. Public transport in the capital of Catalonia is organized flawlessly, but the cost of one trip is 2.20 €. Expensive? Undoubtedly, but there is a good solution to the problem called Hola BCN!.

Unlimited travel is valid for 2-5 days. An additional bonus is a free trip to Mount Tibidabo and a transfer from the airport and back. Card price for 3 days - 22 €. Buy acquired Hola BCN! You can in the information tourist bureaus (including station and airport stations).

  1. Wishing to save money and the time of Guruturizma recommends to acquire a single tourist map. Buy Barcelona City Pass - and you will only have a interesting route. The rest of the subscription will take over. With him you will get:
  • The right of free travel in public transport and airport transfer;
  • Ticket for Hop-on Hop-off excursion bus;
  • The passage without a queue in Park Guell and the Sagrada Temple Surname;
  • Discounts up to 20% for sightseeing.

Price Barcelona City Card (72 hours) - 112,90 €. You can get a purchased card at El Prat Airport or to the Bureau next door to Catalunya.

  1. In case one of three days spent in Barcelona, ​​you want to devote to rest on the beach, then your choice is Barcelona Express Card. This card, operating 2 days, will provide unlimited travel on all types of public transport, including the Renfe train and the TMB bus, discounts up to 60% for museums, attractions and entertainment shows, as well as discounts up to 20% in restaurants and shops.

The cost of Barcelona Express Card is 20 €. The printed voucher must be submitted in one of the exchange points located in the airport terminals, on Estació de Sants PL. Països Catalans, Plaça de Catalunya PL. Catalunya, 17 and Plaça de Sant Jaume Ciutat, 2.

Route by Barcelona for 3 days on the map


Posted by: Irina

What to see in Barcelona alone for 1, 2, 3 days?

Dates of our last trips: May 2018, September and November 2019Kak tour and independently

Where is the best rest in Spain on the sea? Of course, on the coast of Catalonia! We want to tell you about our favorite places, which should be visited in Barcelona for 1-3 days of the trip. Moreover, if you arrive not in the city itself. We have repeatedly studied routes on the sights of the city and For 5 trips There collected for you tons of photo and text. Where to go from Barcelona for one day? We will also tell about it and show on your experience.

Circling on the architectural and cultural carousel of the city is infinite, but if you have only a day, or three, in stock, routes must be clear and systematized. What to see in Barcelona in a short time where to go and, most importantly, how to get to Must See? Last time in November we went there for the whole 10 days!

Learn how for € 1 getting from Barcelona Airport to the city center!

Top 10 Attractions Barcelona looks like this:

  • Cathedral of the Holy Family (Sagrada Familia)
  • Boulevard Rambla
  • Guell Park (and all Architecture Antonio Gaudi)
  • Beria Market
  • Gothic Quarter
  • Aquarium Barcelona
  • Square of Spain (Catalan art museum, singing fountains)
  • Mount Tibidabo
  • Spanish village
  • Barceloneta Embankment and Beach (enters the top 10 Barcelona beaches with nudist 🙂

Of course, accommodate all these objects in one day in Barcelona will be quite difficult. You will have to leave something for later, but the more the desire to visit the city again.

Here we advise you to go in 6-7 in the morning - especially in the height of the season

Barcelona for 1 day

Surely the starting point of your wanders will be Catalunya Square (Plaça de Catalunya), where the buses from the airport will be completed and where the train from neighboring resorts come.

To watch Barcelona for 1 day on their own, we offer such route :

  1. Square Catalonia,
  2. Park Guell,
  3. Rambla
  4. Bokeria market
  5. Gothic Quarter,
  6. Sagrada Temple Surname,
  7. Square of Spain.

On a note: Do you know who is met with a sign at the airport? Those who order an individual transfer. In fact, it is beneficial for money - when traveling by the company, and in time - especially if in Barce for the day. We book a car on Kiwitaxi.

One of the main attractions of Barcelona - Sagrada surname. Inside you can buy as a separate ticket, so get with the excursion

1. Plan Breakfast Recommended in Instagram Cafe Brunch & Cake or more cozy Brunch Aribol Located 10 minutes walk from Catalunya Square . Doors swap at 9 am, so we run directly to the opening, otherwise the queue is built. The popularity of places does not spoil the quality of breakfasts, which can be used to the dump approximately for € 15-25 for two.

2. Prepared "prepared" can skip this item and go down to the subway immediately and through the L3 line to drive to the Lesseps station. 15 minutes walk, focusing on the pointers, and you - In Guell Park - Signal sights of Barcelona. In the morning it is more comfortable here, there are few tourists, and the sun is not so hot. 17 hectares of greenery, steps up, steps down, overview sites and characteristic "gingerbread" Gaudi style - inspection of the park, along with paid zones (10 €) takes about 1.5 hours.

3. Returning the same way, to the metro station Catalunya, cross the area and find yourself on the boulevard Rambla - The main tourist street of the city. Every visitors considers due to pass the distance to a kilometer to Monument Columbus . And in parallel to consider all the offers of the souvenir-gift industry of the city (at high prices) and evaluate the activities of street artists.

4. Here on the boulevard is located Beria Market Where exactly look at the independent study of Barcelona in 1 day you wish to capture in memory of the excellent Khamon's club, a portion of selected spices and fresh fruits.

5. Folding with Rambla Boulevard, tourists fall into Gothic Quarter . This is one of the oldest regions of the capital of Catalonia, its historic center, full of medieval architecture and chaotic streets. Here are the objects that are not listed in the top attractions of Barcelona, ​​but, nevertheless, those who are considered the main points of the quarter visit - Cathedral of Saint Elalia , Royal Square, Church of Santa Maria del Pi. The appropriate place for lunch - the Cafe "Four Cat" on Carrer De Montsio, 3. Once upon a time the trapese and Gaudi with Picasso.

6. About half an hour of walking will need to get to Cathedral of the Holy Family . In order to save time, you can sit in the subway at Passeig de Gracia station and L2 through the L2 line to Sagrada Familia. If you plan to go inside, acquire tickets in advance online, because There is surely a lot of queues at the box office. The basic version of all available tickets costs € 17, with audiohyda - from € 25.

7. If your one day in Barcelona falls on Thursday - Sunday, go under the evening to Square Spain . From the signads of the surname - on the L2 branch to Universitat station, transplanting to L1 and to Espanya station. At 21:00 begins Show singing fountains , daily collecting crowds of tourists.

However, if you are located in the city from Monday on Wednesday, or the start time is too late, complete the mini-trip walk along the Barcelney Quay.

Where to eat in Barcelona in the evening? A good establishment is Menssana on Carrer De Sardenya, where you can taste a mix of Mexican and Spanish cuisine.

In general, it is possible to simplify your plans for the days in advance, taking a meatrical tour from the local:

Barcelona for 2 days

What to see in Barcelona for 2 days? Route :

  1. House Mila,
  2. Balo House,
  3. Aquarium Barcelona,
  4. Museum of Catalan art.
  1. At the metro station Diagonal is located House Mila . The special style of the building - in the form of waves - attaches slightly surrealism and impressions of home mobility, and the characteristic "gingerbread" top gives the hand of Gaudi. Opened to visit from 9 to 20, the front ticket is € 22.
  1. In five hundred meters above the road is located House Balo On Passeig de Gracia, 43. This is another example of the lack of any straight lines in the design of buildings from Gaudi, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Looks permitted from 9 to 21, after paying for a ticket with a minimum price of € 25.
  1. Continue the route by Barcelona on foot to the largest in the European part of the world. Aquarium located on Moll d'Espanya, Port Vell. Visitors are literally on the seabed, fenced from a thousand marine inhabitants only with a glass tunnel. Well, as if they did not come to look at the wonderful creatures, and vice versa 🙂 entrance - from 10 to 21 (depends on the time of year) and cost € 21.
  2. To the largest museum of Barcelona - National Museum of Art Catalonia - You can get on the subway, reaching the Espanya station and passing through the already familiar area of ​​Spain up to the majestically towering palace. In the summer, the museum works from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 20, the ticket price is about 12 €. However, a free visit is also possible, about it - just below.

If you have not yet decided how to get to Barcelona and think it is above the tour, then you have 3 proven sites for online booking of tours from 24 hours support:

Park Guell

In 2013, the entrance to the Park Guell was still free, now 10 euros per person

Barcelona for 3 days

For 3 days in Barcelona, ​​you can see the following route :

  1. Barcelonet Beach,
  2. Mount Tibidabo,
  3. Spanish village
  4. Tower Agbar,
  5. Embankment.

Where to live these 3 days? We in Barcelona do not prefer hotels, and apartments are cheaper, more comfortable, prettier. We are looking for on the AirBNB service. If you are new, you are waiting for a discount up to 4000 rubles for the first booking.

  1. If in previous days you failed to accommodate sunny baths on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, then this morning - the most suitable moment for swimming and sunbathing on the Beach Barceloneta . Of course, subject to traveling in the summer 🙂
Central Beach Barcelona
  1. Entertainment in Barcelona is still abundance and on the third day. One of the most interesting - lift to the mountain Tibidabo . Here are I. amusement park opened in the XIX century and the complex of churches Church of the Saint Heart , and one of the best viewing sites in Barcelona. Get to the highest point - an exciting adventure. You must first get to the AV Tibidabo station along L7 line, transfer to the famous blue tram (4 € one way), running along the route for more than a century, and arrive at the Plaça del Funicular stop, from where the vintage Barcelona funicular will come up with a winding (7.7 €). Please note that the blue tram and the funicular is not working yet.
  2. Returning to the same way to the area of ​​Catalonia and driving a little further on the subway to Espanya, you can get into Spanish village . This place is Spain in a miniature: the quarter collected village houses, shops, churches from each region of the country. The cost of visits will cost about € 11.
  3. Viewing platforms in Barcelona are evaluated and near the metro station Glories - here is a noticeable arrival 34-storey skyscraper Tower Agbar . Well, or "Glowing Cucumber", as you close in the night 🙂 There is an opportunity to pass for free thanks to dozens of restaurants and cafes in the building.
  4. In the evening, you can go to the nightclubs of Barcelona, ​​lined up in a row on the embankment of Barcelonets . And you can just walk along the sea, enjoy the end of the visit to the capital of Catalonia and in parallel to schedule the following mandatory trip, because Barcelona and besides the above-described attractions still have something to surprise!
Spain sea

Barcelona map with landmarks

Below is a map of Barcelona with attractions in Russian. For your convenience, we celebrated the main items of the route on the attractions of Barcelona, ​​which can be visited for 1, 2 and 3 days in different colors (blue, green and red, respectively) so that you have an exemplary idea of ​​moving around the city.

Tip: If you are without the Internet, the locality navigation is greatly helps the map offline map Maps.me! We personally tested it in different countries. Download a detailed map of Barcelona and transfer all the route points to the app. Such an assistant, with marked streets, hotels, etc., definitely will not get lost 🙂 The main thing is to do everything in advance.

Metro Barcelona

Another good guide to Barcelona, ​​uniting the sights of Barcelona and Metro Schema 2021:

Metro Barcelona

Source: Barcelonatm.ru.

Download map Attractions Barcelona

In Barcelona Metro - the most convenient type of transport, connecting its network all corners of the city. On the above map you yourself see that before each attraction, as a rule, can be reached by subway.

In total, the capital of Catalonia has about 180 metro stations scattered in 12 lines. They differ (lines) by numbers - from L1 to L5, L9N, L9S, L10-L11 and FM. Since the metro system is integrated with railways (next to the suburbs), there is a division into the metro zones. All Barcelona enters the zone 1.

How much is the subway in Barcelona? Single ticket one way, i.e. acting and on the subway, and on the bus, costs € 2.4. Provided at stations in special machines - people behind the window selling tickets, in Barcelona you will not find 🙂

You can reduce the fare in the Metro Barcelona, ​​if you intend to actively wheel in the city. To do this, since 2020, there is a T-Casual ticket, which for € 11.35 provides 10 trips to any form of public transport. One travel can take advantage of several people. T-Casual ticket does not apply to L9 metro branch and Shuttles from Aerobus Airport.

Barcelona Metro Map is accurately needed on the spot, so it is better to print in advance or download to the phone. Recall that the time of work varies depending on the days of the week: from Monday to Thursday 5: 00-00: 00, Friday and Holidays 5: 00-2: 00, Saturday around the clock, Sunday 5: 00-00: 00.

Square Spain

Be sure to fit the sunset on Montuuika (Square of Spain)

Where to go from Barcelona?

If you have a couple of extra day, and the city itself went along and across, then you can wonder - and where to go from Barcelona for 1 day? Behind the new "beach" impressions are not particularly necessary - the coast of Costa Brava (Lloret de Mar) and Costa Dorad, to the south and north of the capital, are rich in the stove of golden sands and pure sea waves.

But if you wish something atypical ... In this case, we chose the sights next to Barcelona, ​​who will definitely make you admire, and some - and measure the fear.

It is most convenient to travel in Spain on the car - and the company "its own", and it is not necessary to adapt to the schedule. We prefer to rent a car in advance on the Rentalcars website. The service scans the proposals of all world and local rental agencies and please us with profitable options.

Mount Montserrat and Benedictine Monastery

Our trip to Barcelona (Mount Montserrat and Benedictine Monastery)

Mount Montserrat and Benedictine Monastery . Ride on the funicular, surprised by an unusual form of cliffs, listen to the oldest children's choir in the world and to touch Black Madonna can only be 50 kilometers from Barcelona. To do this, you need to travel from the R5 platform from the Espanya station to reach the AERI cable car or to the Cremallera cable car. Cost along with transport upstairs - € 21,50 in both directions. You can save on your own risk - to buy a train ticket only one way, and to drive a hare (there is no turnstile).

Mount Montserrat

Port Aventura and Ferrari Land . In 2013, it cost 42 €, in 2021 - 55 €. Open from March 27, 2021. Some of the most famous entertainment in Barcelona, ​​attractions of these thematic parks are great to skip your nerves! Take at least a recently discovered extremal hill of Red Force, which will release you into a free drop from 112 meters. We had a kneel for a long time ... But even after several travels to Barcelona, ​​every time we come here, we still go to the port of Aventura. 🙂

Port Aventura

Favorite place Port Aventura (in 2013 it cost 42 €, in 2021 - 55 €)

Figueres . Where to go from Barcelona to touch the legacy of Catalan art? In the town where Salvador Dali was born and rest! And, according to his grave a day, hundreds of tourists' legs pass, because The artist is buried under one of the rooms of the famous Museum-Museum Dali. You can get to Figueras for € 12 by train from Estacio Sants station for 55 minutes or by car, overcoming 140 km.

Girona . This city is divided by the river into two parts from different epochs - modernity and the Middle Ages. The old town has at least 5 museums, 8 temples and even the Arab baths from the XII century.


Our trip to Girona in May

In general, this is indeed one of the attractions, which is worth viewing next to Barcelona. From Passieg de Gracia station every half an hour trains go to Girona; ticket price - 9 €.

Girona - City in Spain

Ride to Girona for 10 €

Empuriabrava . The city, the water-made by water channels, along which local boats are moving, can be found not only in Italy. In Spain, this is the Empuriabrava. However, instead of Gondola, here - yachts, boats, boats belonging to owners of villas and mansions erected on Sushi shreds and professional yachtsmen. To get here, you need to get to Figueras, and then take a bus for 4 €.

Val de Nuria . This, of course, is no longer from the section "What to see in the vicinity of Barcelona", because The place is probably closer to Andorra 🙂 Nevertheless, the picturesque mountains, a transparent lake, clean air and all-consuming serenity contrast so much with the landscapes and the atmosphere of the capital of Catalonia, that the path of 130 kilometers is worth it. If you have 3 days or more, delay longer! Get first on the train along the R3 line from Placa de Catalunya to Ribes de Freser, and then on the funicular train at a height of 1950 meters. The cost of the ticket back-trip - 30 €.

Andorra . Probably the most exciting adventure that you can make from Barcelona! The neighboring principality brings all tourists with a Schengen visa in a passport. The distance from Barcelona to Andorra is about 200 km, and is overcome by car for ≈ 3 hours. How to get from Barcelona to Andorra by public transport? Only by bus from the SANTS station or El Prat Airport for ≈ € 30 to one side.


In Andorra, behind the mountains and shopping

Museums Barcelona

Any route by landmarks Barcelona is not without ... Museums! Doubly pleasant to visit them for free, right? How to do it? 🙂

  • The most significant - National Museum of Art Catalonia (Museu Nacional D'Art De Catalunya), keeping the collection of the former Museum of Contemporary Art and Museum of Art Catalonia. You will be able to go free on every Saturday from 15 to 18 and the first Sunday of the month.
National Art Museum of Catalonia (Museu Nacional D'Art De Catalunya)

Catalonia (did not like) went to the main museum of Catalonia

  • It protects the capital of Catalonia memory and more about one outstanding artist and sculptor. Picasso Museum in Barcelona (Museu Picasso) takes 5 mansions, perfectly fit into the architecture of the Gothic Quarter. Without a ticket, look at every Sunday after 15:00.
  • Tell me in detail the history of the provincial capital through numerous exhibits can Barcelona City History Museum (MHCB). It is less common for free access - only on the first Sunday of the month.
Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona (MACBA) is for those who feed the passion for futuristic expositions, fascinating art installations and sometimes forcing the blush photos. Free visit is practiced every Sunday from 15 to 20.
  • Well, why in Chocolate Museum in Barcelona (Museu De La Xocolata) is allowed without a ticket only on the first Monday of the month - quite understandable. Do not have enough chocolate, which is awarded at the entrance to all visitors! 🙂

In general, if you give advice to tourists, then in Spain, as in whole in Barcelona, ​​it is better to go for 7-10 days to have time to enjoy the sun, the sea, steeply American slides and attractions to the fullest.

Copying materials is allowed only with a mandatory indication of the direct, active and open to indexing the hyperlink on howtrip.ru.

Barcelona alone

Barcelona alone - It is quite simple. To see Barcelona independently, it is worth using the tips of the experienced. Confidence and desire to see the capital of Catalonia will help not depend on tour operators, choose their own route, immerse yourself in the study of the city without any restrictions.

Visa application

The first important stage will be a visa. This process requires the advancement of certain actions. Schengen (Spain enters the zone of its action) is issued in visa centers of cities throughout the country. You will need to apply for registration and take care of the availability of necessary documents. It is absolutely optionally during the planning of self-journey to Barcelona to use travel agencies. The cost of the Spanish visa is 2658 rubles. Plus, 1458 rubles takes a visa center for services.

All information about independent preparation of documents can be found on the website of the Spanish visa center, there is also a list of cities where visa services are carried out. The list of documents and the entire procedure for passing the procedure is described on the site, familiarize yourself and observe the problems, there will be no problems. Pay attention to the presence of insurance, this is one of the important items. Insurance can be ordered by reference.

Flights and transfer from the airport

Flights - Barcelona independently

The next step is associated with an independent purchase of tickets. You can land at Barcelona Airport, flying out several airlines. Find tickets worth 200-250 euros quite real on Aviasales.ru, a site that offers a large number of options.

Another important point of your independent travel to Barcelona is connected with the route Airport - Barcelona Center.

El Prat Airport is located about 14 km from the city. There are three ways that can be borne in mind to get to Barcelona: a taxi, a bus or a suburban train Trenes.com. The last option is the cheapest to use it, you need to get to the T2 terminal at the free shuttle when the aircraft arrive to the T1 terminal. Ticket price - 2.40 €. Aerobus also helps you yourself get to the city. Stops of this transport are near each terminal. The digit of the bus and the airport terminal coincides. A1 departs from T1, and A2 from T2, sent in 5-10 minutes, the fare is 5.90 euros. Tickets for Aerobus It is advisable to buy in advance online.

Detailed instructions How to get from the airport to the center of Barcelona.

Also to the city can be reached by taxi, the average cost of the trip is about 30 euros. We recommend that you use only tested taxi services.

For example, excellent and very reliable service - Taxi Kiwi Taxi. Order a car taxi in the form below:

Hotel in Barcelona

An important stage when planning a trip to Barcelona independently is the hotel's booking. Here Barcelona will surprise you by a variety for every taste and wallet, from hostels to elite offers from the best boutique hotels.

Here, again, we advise you to use only Verified Resources when searching for hotel. Barcelona has a lot of deception and fraud associated with the tourist apartments on the Internet.

How to choose a hotel in Barcelona - Barcelona independently

Website Number One on the search and booking of hotels - Booking - orient you in the ratio of quality and convenience, use the search resource is very simple. Bucking can be trusted as yourself. In Spain, you need euros for calculations.

A very convenient booking system Booking is presented below.

Our hotel's recommendations in Barcelona are written in this article.

Barcelona independently - transport in the city

When planning an independent travel in Barcelona, ​​you need to know about what types of transport you can use. The choice is great - subway, buses, trams, taxis and even bicycles - no exception.

Metro - Barcelona independently

The Metro Barcelona is one of the most convenient ways of self-movement in the city, tickets can be purchased at stations and newsstands. The independent development of Barcelona will require you quite frequent use of public transport, so we recommend purchasing T-10, travel, which gives the right 10 trips to the subway, bus, tram or train TRENES.COM in the first zone. Within the central zone (all metro stations are included in it) you can save a tangible amount, compare, 1 trip - 2.40 €, and 10 - 10.20 €. You can also buy a ticket for 1 day T-Dia, which costs 10.50 € within the first zone.

The most complete information about the subway of Barcelona and how to buy tickets here.

  • Tourist Map - Barcelona Card

Tourist map - Barcelona Card during a self-trip to Barcelona will help save on excursions, as it gives the right to discounts in many museums. Card can be ordered online, then you will receive a 10 percent discount. The cost of Barcelona Card depends on the number of days.

The official website where you can purchase a map of tourists - Barcelona Card without intermediaries and extra charges, in Russian - here.

Tourist map - Barcelona independently

Barcelona independently - what to see in the city

You can look at yourself in Barcelona so much that sometimes you feel confused. What to see in Barcelona?

Barcelona is rich in attractions and annually attracts millions of tourists. Million of tourists admire the perfection of this city every year. Independently get acquainted with attractions and navigate in their choice will help this small article.

Barcelona independently - what to see in the city

Church of the Holy Family - Sagrada Surname - a fabulous structure

First of all we advise you to pay attention to the legacy of the great Gaudi. Alone in Barcelona, ​​you can see all his masterpieces, walking in one of our routes, which we specifically prepared for independent travelers. The church of the Holy Family - Sagrada Surname, almost business card of the city, during a self-inspection you will be surprised by the brightness of the architect and the fact that the construction of the temple is still underway.

In order to avoid large queues at the entrance to Sagrada Surname, buy tickets in advance via the Internet here.

Guell Park - Park with Gingerbread Domain

Park Guell is also in the zone of compulsory inspection. This is a place that will not leave you indifferent. Along with Sagrada Surname, Guell Park is also a business card of the city. The park is located in the area of ​​Grace, on the hill of Valkark's suburbs. You can reach the park in the green branch of the L3 metro station to the "Lesseps" station, from there by signs you can walk to the park. Works in the summer park from 10 am to 9 pm.

Balo House and Mila House

The house of Balo surprises having seen his originality and unique harmonious views. This building is recognized immediately, because it was created by the hand of Master Gaudi. Carefully coming to the Eashable region, you can admire another masterpiece - Mila's home, on Passeig de Graci̒a. A ticket for visiting the house of Balo is expensive, 25 € - but he is worth it.

In order to avoid large queues at the entrance to the house of Mila, we buy tickets in advance via the Internet here.

In order to avoid large queues at the entrance to the Balo House, we buy tickets in advance via the Internet here.

Interesting places and attractions in Barcelona are a lot. We will not now describe each of them. Full information on the attractions of Barcelona you can find here.

Ideal Verified routes With the card, the calculation of time and distances for those who want to explore the city independently you can find here. We will tell you how to make the most convenient way to make an independent tour of Barcelona Gaudi masterpieces or how to enjoy the Catalan capital to the maximum, even if you have everything about everything weekend.

Barcelona alone

So, for independent inspection of Barcelona, ​​you should provide queues and take care of tickets in advance !

For example: a queue in the Saagrada Familia Cassum in the summer - more than 1.5 hours. The queue in the house of Balo or Mila House - about 40 minutes. A bought in advance ticket for a certain time (you need to decide in advance with the time of visits) will save you from standing in queues and save not only time, but also your strength.

For your convenience, we collected on one Platform Tickets from all the official sites of the main attractions of Barcelona. Now you can buy all the tickets you need here, in Russian, without intermediaries and extra charges.

You can see yourself not only the sights in Barcelona, ​​but it is worth going to go around the city.

  • Interesting places near Barcelona

Mount Montserrat

Mount Montserrat is truly unique. She is a place of pilgrimage of many believers and, rising to her top, we open not only beautiful views of the surrounding area, but also the opportunity to plunge into a special atmosphere. Read more about this amazing place you can read here. And full and detailed instructions on how to independently get to Montserrat from Barcelona - here.

Mount Montserrat - Barcelona independently
Mount Montserrat - Barcelona independently

If you have no special desire to understand all the subtleties of public transport of Barcelona you do not have, and I really want to get to the mountain - we recommend you an organized excursion to Montserrat. In just 70 euros per person, you will be taken from the very center of Barcelona - from Catalonia Square - on a comfortable bus, you will take it to Montserrat, everyone will tell, show and bring back. In addition, this cost includes a trip along the railway rail to Mount Montserrat, a tour of the mountain, as well as a unique tour of Cyrp Gaudi and Colon Guell, which are located in a small textile village near Montserrat. Excursion lasts from 08:30 to 16:00. More about the excursions here.

The official website where you can book an excursion to Montserrat without intermediaries and extra charges - here .

Museum of Salvador Dali, Figueres

The Salvador Museum did not confuse with any museum of the world, it is 140 kilometers from Barcelona in Figueras. An unusual design of the museum was given undoubtedly attracts attention to this object of the surrealistic vision of the world, which differed Salvador Dali. Read more about this amazing place you can read here. And detailed instructions on how to independently get to the museum were given from Barcelona - here.

Theater Museum of Salvador Dali in Figueres - Barcelona independently

If you have no special desire to understand in all the intricacies of public transport of Barcelona you do not have, and I really want to get to the museum - we recommend you a organized excursion to the museum gave with a check in the unique Catalan town of Girona. Such a journey will cost 76 euros per person. The price includes an organized transfer from Catalunny Square, back and forth, a ticket to the museum, which will give the opportunity to go without a queue (with informative audio guide in Russian), as well as a guide with a guide on the unique Catalan Girona town. Excursion lasts from 08:30 to 19:30. More about the tours here .

The official website where you can book an excursion to the museum Dali and Girona without intermediaries and extra charges - here.

Port Aventura - famous amusement park

Travelers of all ages will probably be interested in Port Aventura. Amusement park is popular throughout Europe. This wonderful place is at an hour's drive from Barcelona. How to yourself get from Barcelona to Park Port Aventura read here. The price of a ticket for an independent visit depends on the number of days, it can be saved on this, for children a visit is cheaper. Tickets to Port Aventura can be bought here.

Port Aventura - Barcelona independently

Purchase SIM card in Barcelona

We advise you to buy a SIM card in advance. Such a service provides a company Drimsim . Universal SIM card and free travel app. Very good prices, fast internet and calls around the world. It can be ordered online to the house. No need to configure roaming and buy a Spanish SIM card. They have pretty fast delivery SIM cards (1-2 days). Card price 10 euros. You can order a map on the official website on the link .

As an alternative, you can buy a SIM card at any Vodafone store in Barcelona. They are open, as a rule, on weekdays.

Barcelona independently - where to eat

This, of course, is very convenient when, during an organized tour, your guide will take you into a certain restaurant for lunch or for dinner, you do not need to look for anything and choose. Convenient, but not always qualitatively. We will not open America, if we say that most of the agencies and tourist guides cut down a large percentage of restaurants with which they have an agreement, for bringing tourists there. Such restaurants usually work on the stream. And the quality of food there is zero.

There are a lot of restaurants in Barcelona, ​​where "PAELLA + SANGRIA" is written right at the entrance. Our advice - do not go to such institutions. Especially if it is in the center of the city, for example, on the Las Ramblas Boulevard, it is often about the entrance to the nodes and almost by force are trying to drag passersby inside. This is a typical bait for tourists. Here, under the guise of an unmatched Spanish dish, you will be served by Pael from the package, which usually stands in the supermarket a couple of euros, such a paella need to defrost before preparation, Sangria From the same opera, the cheapest of the tetrapak ... And the prices here are usually much higher than in places where the real Pael is preparing.

Where to eat - Barcelona independently

As you know, "there is no taste and color of comrades", so we made our own independent list of those places that we personally like us and our m Spanish friends. In his choice, we were guided by the taste of dishes and product quality.

Where to eat in Barcelona - the most complete information on the enea-peteen places of the city you can find here.

Recommendations of the local resident about how much is customary in Barcelona and what Catalan cuisine is read here.

Restaurants Barcelona - Barcelona independently

Currency prices in Barcelona

The most relevant prices in local supermarkets and markets, in cafes and restaurants, as well as prices for entertainment (from outdoor activities to cultural), accommodation (hotels and hostels) and transportation (public and taxis) in our material here.

Catch information about the average price tags in the Catalan capital, which will help in advance Plant Spanish independent travel budget.

Of course, an important point in your independent acquaintance with Barcelona will be shopping. Barcelona and here will not let you down. It is only necessary to remember the Sieste, during which the stores will be closed from one afternoon to half the fifth.

Please note that Rebajas takes place in Barcelona, ​​during the planning of an independent acquaintance with Barcelona, ​​keep in mind that twice a year you can save on clothes. Barcelona is famous for its shopping streets, walk on your own by Carrer De Pelai, Passeig de Gracia, Rambla de Catalunya, Riera Baixa, La Diagonal.

Shopping in Barcelona

There is in this incredible city and a special route for Shopogolikov - Barcelona Shopping Line, the length of the route is 5 km, starts from the old port and continues to the street Avinguda Diagonal. For 10.50 € (ticket price) you can ride the bus all day. Do not forget that when buying for 90 euros and more, you can use Tax Free. We wish you good luck during an independent acquaintance with Barcelona.

Useful links and recommendations if you are in Barcelona on your own

Barcelona Tips for tourists Secrets


Located 12 km from Girona and 95 km from Barcelona. This is the main airport for those who fly to relax on the Costa Brava or Costa del Marezme. In addition, it is popular with tourists heading for Pyrenees and on the ski resorts of Andorra. With the capital of Catalonia, excellent transport links are established.

Bus Barcelona Bus - direct route

For 1 hour 10 minutes the bus will take you to the station Estacio d'Autobusos Barcelona Nord, the main bus station Barcelona. A 5-10 minute walk from it is a Metro Station Arc de Triomf on a red branch, from where you can get there to you. Work time - from morning to late evening, the schedule is timed to the arrival of flights, and it is best to specify on the company's website. Cost - 16 euros.

It is worth considering: December 25 do not go buses. And 24, 26, 31 December and January 1, the number of flights is reduced. This case has a railway and car transfers.

High-speed or ordinary train with Girona railway station

Time on the way - 70 and 90 minutes, respectively.

Rental car

The road is completely simple and comfortable enough, especially if you choose a good car for rent.

Reus Airport (Reus)

Barcelona from a small airport Reus ride 100 km. But only 10 km to the main resorts of the Costa Dorada coast, as well as the Park of Port Aventura.

From Reus Airport to Barcelona, ​​Main Railway Station Sants Estaso (Sants Estació), walks bus , Schedule of which is tied to arriving flights. Cost - 15 euros. Time on the way - 1.5 hours

Another option is a car for rent. Paid highways await you on the way. The approximate fare on the paid track will be 8 euros. But there are free embodiments, less quick.

How to move around Barcelona: urban transport

Transport Barcelona Alone Tips

In Barcelona, ​​you can find almost all types of transport for large cities, thanks to which there are several ways to move around the city. To well-focus on trips, it is worthwing to know that the city has a zone system in accordance with which the price is changing. There are only six of them, but tourists are usually nothing to worry about - all the most beloved of their sights are usually located in Zone 1, that is, in the center.

Tickets for public transport can be purchased from the driver, at the metro ticket office, in ticket terminals (automata), in tobacco kiosks. At the entrance to the transport, do not forget to proceed the ticket and keep it until the end of the trip, otherwise you are threatened with a fine - about € 100.


If you plan a lot of ride on public transport, it makes sense to purchase a travel. In most types of public transport, Barcelona (metro, buses, trams, Funicilers Montjuic and Valvidrera, Nitbus night buses) are accepted travel T10, Barcelona Card and Hola BCN cards.

Travel ticket T10.

Valid 10 trips in one zone, without restrictions by the end of the year. It can be used in the subway, buses, trams, on Montjuic and Valvidrera cable rooms, Nitbus night buses. Not valid for Metro Stations Aeroport T1 and Aeroport T2.

Within 75 minutes, you can combine travels on different types of transport, for example, to transfer from the metro to the bus and vice versa - the trip will be considered uniform.

The cost is different for each of the six zones. The first zone is € 10,20, and, for example, the third is already worth € 27,40 (the prices hereinafter referred herein can change, the information needs to be specified, for example, on the official website).

Card Hola BCN.

It allows you to continually ride on the subway, bus, tram, in the metro station from Barcelona Airport to the city center and vice versa. When buying online - 10% discount. There are options from two to five days. Cost - from € 15 in 2 days. Read more about the map.

Barcelona Card

This card includes both travel, and a skip with a discount in museums, and discount. Read more about it - further in the article.

Independent trip Barcelona Tips for experienced


In Barcelona, ​​an extremely branched bus network is about 110 routes, the length of which is about 920 km, more than a thousand stops.

Bus stops in Barcelona - a separate topic for conversation. In addition to the usual schedule, some of them have interactive screens, where you can not only see useful information for passengers, but even charge the phone, connect to Wi-Fi and download applications that will help you calculate the route to sightseeing and find out time on the way.

On the bus in Barcelona, ​​it is customary to go to the front door, go to the back. In order for the bus to stop when you at the bus stop - vote to him, and when you approach your stop, do not forget to click on the STOP handrails. The "Sol Licitut De Parada" board caught fire (stop at the request) - everything is in order. In order to help you navigate, the buses often have an information scoreboard "Proxima Parada" (next stop)

The fare of the buses of Barcelona - € 2,20 within the same zone. Bus movement time - from 6.30 am to 23.00.

Night buses

Mohn's Nitibus buses have 17 routes at once, including two from El Prat Airport to Catalunya Square - numbers 16 and 17. Find out easily - on the yellow stripe and the route number with the letter N.


Tickets are sold in terminals at stops. You can specify the schedule in advance and build a trip route by Barcelona by tram on the official website.

Metro Barcelona

Barcelona independently how to go

The most speed and most popular transport in the city. Served by two companies - TMB (eight lines) and FGC (three lines). Because of this designation of stations, the company's logos may also be different, but the metro map will be near the entrance to the station.

Tickets are purchased in ticket terminals (automata) or ticket kiosks. It is necessary to look for them at stations, stations, when entering the platform. In this case, the appearance of TMB and FGC terminals is different.

Keep in mind - landing into the car and disembarking from it is carried out on both sides, so there are not two stations, but three platforms.

Tourist transport

Tourist buses

One of the popular ways to start acquaintance with the city. Buses pass through the most significant places of the Catalan capital (several routes for one ticket) are equipped with audio activities. Among the most popular - Barcelona Bus Turistic or Hop On Hop Off Barcelona. Convenient to move between remote items (for example, from the center to Montjuic Mountain). But in the central districts it is better to walk on foot - all the most interesting is within walking distance!

Vintage tram

Also called "blue tram" (Tranvía Azul). One of the attractions of the city, as it is also called the "Last Romance Barcelona". The first such tram was launched in 1901. Before he was green, but after in the middle of the 20th century a truck crashed into it, he was decided to repaint him in blue to better allocate the tram on the background of Barcelona greenery.

It goes from the metro station on Tibidabo Avenue to the Cable Series Station, from where you can climb Tibidabo. Travel here do not work. The length of the route is 1276 meters.

It should be noted that the tram is like romantic, but the rest is not very. They complain of a fade, call a trip to a waste of money and believe that this route can be overcome on foot.

Funicillers and cableways

what to do in Barcelona on their own

One of the most romantic and beautiful ways to explore Barcelona. In the capital of Catalonia there are three funicular and two suspended roads.

Montjuïc FUNICULAR (Montjuïc

Raises on the famous Montjik Mountain to her no less famous sights. Landing - at the Parallel Metro Station. Refers to the TMB subway (and indicated on the maps). You can check the schedule and prices on the site.

TELEFÉRICO De Montjuïc Suspended Road at Montjuic Fortress

Raises from the previous funicular to the military museum, the travel here do not work here. It works only in the warm season from June to the end of September from 11.15 to 21.00

Barcelonet Suspended Cable Car - Montjuic (Teleferico Del Puerto)

The port from the port raises you from the San Sebastian Tower (Barceloneta Metro Station) and gives the opportunity to enjoy the stunning views of the city by the sea. Minus - urban travel here do not work here. Schedule and prices can be clarified on the site.

Funicular Tibidabo

The oldest funicular Barcelona, ​​opened in 1901. In addition, the longest is 1130 meters.

City tariffs here also do not work, you need to buy a separate ticket. Schedule of funicular recreaks to the hour of the park of attractions on Tibidabo. It works from March to December, as well as on holidays of February.

Funicular Waividrera

Rises from the same name to Mount Tibidabo. Landing - at the PEU de Funicular railway station on the Metro Del Vallès line. Here are ordinary tickets and travel.

Note that a much simpler way to get to Tibidabo is a special T2A bus (Tibibus), which is sent from Catalonia's area every day from 10.15 and before the time closing of the park. The fare on it is 2.95 euros. If the day is a day off - the bus does not go.


Official colors - black and yellow. Counter board, depending on the tariff (three) and distances.

Barcelona on segless

A comfortable modern way to learn the city, without bothering its feet - segway, two-wheeled vehicle on electric traction. You can book your favorite tour on the company's official website.

Bicycle rental

Transportation Barcelona independently Lifehaki

One of their most democratic and interesting ways to learn Barcelona. Rental options are a great set, prices depend on the model of the bicycle and its destination (for racing, mountain, pleasure, etc.) can be enrolled in a joint review of the bicycle exposure with the group.

Attractions Barcelona Alone: ​​Tips for tourists

Barcelona independently excursion audio

How to save on tickets

One way to save attractions with independent visits to the use of tourist cards. It makes sense to take them if you plan to actively attend sights, museums. If you plan to just wander through the streets on foot and visit just a couple of places - there will be no longer a lot in the tourist map. Think out the list of attractions of interest to you and compare the estimated costs of card costs.

In Barcelona, ​​several types of tourist cards:

Barcelona Card

This is a "three in one" card - travel in transport, skip (with a discount) in museums, as well as discount. Makes it possible for free and without a queue to pass in many Museums Barcelona (about 20), as well as receive big discounts in restaurants, shops, nightclubs.

Acts 3-4-5 days. Activated at first use (note that if you activated it, for example, at 20.00, then the first day you will end after 4 hours, at 00.00).

Buy tourist map Barcelona is better in advance, online - so you will get a 15% discount. And you can pick it up immediately by arrival at the airport, as well as on Catalunya Square, in tourist centers. Just do not forget to take a voucher with you, which will come to your post. Buy a map on the official website.

Map Barcelona Pass

Like Barcelona Card, this card saves on visiting a number of famous landmarks of Barcelona (more than 20 for free, the other part is at a discount). In particular, with its help you are free and without a turn in Sagrada Familia and Park Guel, as well as without queues (although it is no longer for free) to get on a tour of the Camp Nou Stadium (home arena of the legendary FC Barcelona), in aquarium and Spanish village.

But there is no free travel by public transport Barcelona, ​​like Barcelona Card.

Issued for a period of 1-3 days. It is better to buy online - on the site periodically there are discounts by 10%.

Barcelona Art Ticket.

The perfect option for fans of art: gives a free passage to significant places such as the Picasso Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Miro Foundation Museum and a number of other Barcelona museums. Site: http://articketbcn.org/


This card will help you make a journey into the centuries to lovers of archeology. For Arqueo Ticket You will be available to four museums: Egyptian art, historical, archaeological and cultural center El Born. Card can be online on the official tourist website of Barcelona.

Barcelona Travel Guide What to see yourself

How to avoid queue

The impressions of the visit to the most important attractions of Barcelona can spoil the waiting in the queues at the box office. To avoid this dubious "pleasure", we recommend buying tickets in advance, online. So you will not only save time, but also you can know the cost in advance and plan your expenses.

Moreover, tickets for some attractions of Barcelona is more profitable to buy online. It not only avoids the queue at the box office, but also save! When buying online tickets to many places are on average 15% cheaper.

Official sites for booking tickets online can be found in our Mobile Barcelona Travel Guide , as well as on pages with an excursion description: from Guell Park to Parsch de Gracia ; Rambla, Raval and Gothic Quarter ; From Sant Peret to Barcelona .

Attractions Barcelona for free

In many Museums of Barcelona, ​​there are open days when the exposure can be visited for free. These include traditional Night museums And some holidays. Many museums offer free entrance to first sunday every month .

In addition, on some weeks of the week there are certain intervals when the entrance is free. For example, every Thursday from 18.00 to 21.30 can be found for free to the Picasso Museum.

You can find out the mode of operation of the main attractions of Barcelona in our mobile Travelry travel guide.

Learn Barcelona with free offline guidebook for iPhone

What to see in Barcelona Travel Guide

Find information on the main attractions of Barcelona and independently plan a trip conveniently in the Travelry mobile application. Barcelona will be closer and clearer, if you use a free guide, a directory of interesting places with useful information and offline card with GPS navigation. All this is available in the appendix completely free. And if you want a deeper and fascinating study of the city, download our Audio guide on Barcelona And walk around the city with a personal guide, which tells interesting stories about the city and fit in your pocket!

Currently, three audio accounts on Barcelona are available in the appendix:

Ancient and forever young Barcelona (free!)

Masterpieces of Catalan Modern

Treasures of the old town

By independently studying Barcelona with audiogide, you can significantly save on excursions. Instead of fussing to run for a noisy group of tourists or overpay for an individual guide, you can walk in your pace, on your interest to you, and at the same time listen to fascinating stories about those attractions that are passing by. Download Travelry and turn your smartphone in a personal mobile guide!

Currently, the mobile guide and audio guide on Barcelona is available only for the iPhone, but the Android version is already in development.

How to save in Barcelona: Tips for tourists

Above in the article, you have already mentioned the days of the free visits to museums, as well as discounts when booking online tickets and when using a tourist map. Save on excursions on Barcelona will help our Audible With thoughtful routes, fascinating stories and offline cards with GPS navigation. And here is another couple of tips for economical tourists.

Use free WiFi.

Barcelona has a large and completely free WiFi network. It has almost 600 access points, which are accommodated in many public places, including a bus from Aerobus Airport, Cultural Centers and Museums, Municipal Markets, City Parks, Some Square and even residential areas. Access points are indicated by pointers or special stickers with the image of a white letter W on a blue background. If you have seen such a sign nearby, look for available WiFi-connected wifi connections on your Barcelona WiFi mobile device, then in the browser, fill in the registration form and use on health.

Do not eat in tourist sites

Everyone knows that, the more tourists visit this or that institution, the more expensive it is to eat in it, and the worse the quality. So try to find cafes and restaurants a little away from the main tourist routes.

Also take note of the Spanish tradition of visiting tapas bars. They are accepted for free to file a small portion of national snacks (for example, ham and cheese sandwiches) - Tapas. By the way, we tell about the history of Tapas in the free audio accounts for some quarters of the old city.

But you should not drink alcohol on the street! In Barcelona, ​​it is strictly prohibited and fraught with a fine of up to 600 euros.

Barcelona independently: what to look and what to do

Barcelona independently

Discover the masterpieces of Catalan Modern

The appearance of Barcelona is impossible to imagine without unique architectural creations of Gaudi and other modernists. Sagrada Familia , Fantastic Park Guele, Fancy House Balo and Mila House are just some of the works of Gaudi, who make tourists feed from delight. And if you want to learn more about these masterpieces, get to know the personality of Gaudi and try to guess some of his architectural riddles, download our AudioExcursion .

Travel in time in the old town

Barcelona attractions independently

If the new Eashable region opens for you the world of Catalan Modern, the Old Town will postpone the Old Town and will introduce the rich history of Barcelona. Here you can admire the ancient gothic structures and even antique ruins. And just wander around the narrow streets, penetrating the unique atmosphere of this area.

Route of our audio accountskurstia Treasures of the old town »Includes the most interesting places of Rambla regions, El Raval and Gothic Quarter.

See the city from the height of viewing sites

What to see in Barcelona independently

Being in Barcelona and not see it from a height - an unforgivable mistake. The best views, of course, open with natural hills. In particular, with Mountains Tibidabo where it is the church of the holy heart (from the observation platform). You can also take a look at the city with a free tier of amusement park. And even to arrange a picnic (capture a basket with wine, bread, cheese and ham). In another part of Barcelona rises Mount Montjuic. Also viewing platforms are located on Sagrada Towers. Surname and Cathedral of Barcelona (in the Gothic Quarter).

Visit the local market

What to see in Barcelona independently

The most famous market of Barcelona is located in the old town, on the Rambla Boulevard - is the legendary Bokeria who has already become a kind of tourist attraction. If you want something less tourist - look at the market Santa Catarina In the district of Sant-Pere (he, by the way, is included in our Free excursion in Barcelona ). It is much more relaxed, atmospheric, to a greater extent oriented on local residents. Also interesting Sant Anthony Market In the quarter of the same name. There is everything here - from products to clothes, shoes and even old books. And in the new city, in the area of ​​Vila de Gracia, there is an interesting market "for local" - Libertat .

And the fairs that are traditionally held on Thursdays on the New Square (Plaza Nova) will be interested in antiquariators in the Gothic Quarter.

To enjoy hot chocolate on Petrichol Street

Attractions Barcelona What to see yourself

This small pedestrian street Petrichol is one of the most comfortable in Old Barcelona. Special flavor it gives ceramic plates with inscriptions and drawings illustrating the history of Barcelona. The alley fills the sweet fragrance of chocolate, and in local restaurants you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and taste the traditional Baroselonian "Churros" - a treat with a custard dough, sprinkled with sugar powder.

Football lovers - Visit Stadium Camp Nou

Sights of Barcelona We are riding the tips themselves

Camp Nou Stadium (Camp Nou) is the home Arena of the famous Barcelona Football Club. There is a museum of the history of the club and its trophies, an interactive tour and even the opportunity to hold and photograph with the Champions League Cup.

Visit the largest oceanarium in Europe

Barcelona Sightseeing Industion

In the region of the old port, Barcelona is located the largest aquarium in Europe, which is worth looking into travelers of all ages. This is a center for the study and preservation of marine inhabitants, in which more than 3 dozen aquariums with underwater flora and fauna of different climatic belts are actually arranged. There is one of the biggest at the continent of the oceanariums: 80-meter tunnel for viewers who want to "plunge" into the life of the sea kingdom is laid right on his bottom.

Site: https://www.aquariumbcn.com

Immerse yourself in the times of Gaudi in Multimedia center Gaudí Experience

The center is two steps away from Guelhers Park and offers a 4D show tourists dedicated to Antonio Gaudi.

Site: https://www.gaudiexperiencia.com/en.

Relax on the beach or take a walk along the embankment

what to do in Barcelona on their own

Barcelona, ​​of course, is not a resort town, but still is on a beautiful coast, and therefore here, if desired, you can taste a little and beach holidays. It is easiest to get to the beaches in the Barcelonet area. True, the Barcelonet for swimming is not perfect because of the proximity of the seaport. But nearby there is an alternative, for example, the neighboring beaches of Sant Sebastia (Sant Sebastià) and Sant Miguel (Sant Miquel). Also in Barcelona, ​​Nova Icaria Beaches and a rich (Bogatell). But Mar Bella's beach is popular with nudists and representatives of unconventional orientation, have this in mind, planning your vacation.

Participate in folk walk

Catalans work well and at the same time can relax brightly and beautifully. National Catalan and urban holidays here are always celebrated with a scope. Several times a year, life in Barcelona flows on special rules - the city is immersed in the festivities that last from two days before the week. These include, first of all, Festival La Merze At the end of September, the main holiday of Barcelona. Also, almost every area of ​​Barcelona have their own local holidays and street festivals. For example, in the middle of August, almost a whole week is vigorously celebrated Fiesta Mayor de Gracia (Fiesta Mayor de Gracia). On this occasion, a bright street festival is held here, filling every street of the Gracia region of a real female. The indispensable attributes of all these folk festivities - of course, local wine, kitchen, traditional round dance in squares ( sardanes) and unusual sports Castells. . Casteles - Catalan National Fun. These are multi-level castles, towers that build out of living people, Castellors.

Barcelona Tips for tourists

By the way, at such holidays, the metro is often working around the clock.


Twice a year in Barcelona, ​​sales are held, or Rebajas (discounts). In winter, this period is from January 7, until March 6), in the summer from July 1 to August 31. At the beginning of the season, the discount is about 20%, 70% reach the end, but at the same time the range decreases.

What to see in Barcelona independently

Main shopping streets of Barcelona:

  • La Diagonal - The kingdom of elite shopping. But there are shops and for less demanding public.
  • Carrer de Pela - Especially popular with young people because of a large number of creeped fashionable brands.
  • Passeig de Gracia. In the area of ​​EshamPle. There are many expensive and status boutiques and shops.
  • Rambla de Catalunya - The street parallel to her, de find all the well-known and popular Spanish brands.
  • Trade village - Outlet La Rock Village : Paradise for Shopaholiki at half an hour from the city.

What to see in Barcelona

We hope that your independent trip to Barcelona will be full of bright impressions and pleasant surprises, despite the good planning! We wish you a happy journey!

Barcelona hotels on map

What to see in Barcelona independently for 3 days. Attractions Barcelona with photos

Date: 16 Feb, 2019 Author: Elena Rubric: Europe, Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that is interested to visit at any time of the year. But personally, we like to come here in the spring in late March, early April. At this time, it is already warm, but not hot, and tourists are much smaller compared to the summer.

So in this article, we will tell you that you can independently see in Barcelona for 1-3 days, we will give it all Appeals and passwords Addresses, prices, work schedule and location of all attractions on the map.

By the way, if you have not yet decided on the area where it is better to stay in Barcelona, ​​you can so much here . We give recommendations and descriptions of each area.

1. What to see in Barcelona

2. Attractions Barcelona on the map

What to see in Barcelona for 1 day?

If you arrived in Barcelona just 1 day, we offer the following route Walking:

Guell Park - Sagrada Familia - Gothic quarter + Rambla with the market and the embankment

Walking route 1 day with specified attractions on the map:

On the Blue Linen map, the route was laid between attractions by car, the red line marked the pedestrian street Rambla

And in order to attend all the listed attractions, it is better to buy a ticket for a tourist bus.

About tourist buses Barcelona We have a very detailed article with prices, cards and stops. We recommend very much.

Now about each landmark details.

Park Guell

Park Guell PhotoCentral paid entrance to Park Guell

Park Guell PhotoFamous continuous bench Gaudi in Guell Park

This is one of the most ambitious areas of the buildings of Antonio Gaudi. Here is the house-museum of Gaudi, which can be visited with the park.

The park was built from 1900 to 1914 in the form of a city-park. Despite the brilliant idea, only three houses were built in the "city". In one of them he lived Gaudi himself. In it is now a house-museum.

Access to most of the park is free. Paid entrance only in its central part and on the bench Gaudi, which can be viewed from above from the territory of the free part of the park is completely free, but you can only go to it.

For more information about Guell Park, you can read in Articles about Park Guell and how to get to Guell Park.

Ticket price: 5.25 - 8.5 euros.

How to get: At the metro Vallcarca and the Lesseps of the green line of the L3 metro.

Time to visit: 3 hours.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Surname Picture

Sagrada surname insideSagrada Family, photo inside

Sagrada Surname is the most important attraction of Barcelona. To visit Barcelona and not see the Sagrada, which means not to see Barcelona. Probably, we will not be mistaken if we say that this is the most ambitious project Antonio Gaudi - this temple of Gaudi built the last forty three years of his life! And the sagrada surname is still being built. This is one of the most monumental "long-term", which in 2026 (namely the end of construction is scheduled for this year) will be 144 years old! This is a mind incomprehensible!

Sagrada Familia depicts the main periods of life of Jesus Christ, namely, the birth, crucifixion and resurrection.

The drawings of Antonio Gaudi did only at the end of life, as if sick of her death. After it, the construction of signads of the surnames continue to other architects in its drawings and sketches.

More detailed about Sagrada Familia, as well as to get to it, you can read in the article about Sagrada Family .

Ticket price: 17 - 32 euros. Or for free, if you do not go inside the temple.

How to get: At the subway Sagrada Família lines L2 and L5.

Time to visit: 30 minutes - 2 hours.

Gothic Quarter

Cathedral of the Holy Cross in BarcelonaCathedral of the Holy Cross in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

Gothic Quarter in BarcelonaCanoniki Bridge - The most photographed place and landmark of the Gothic Quarter

The streets of the Gothic QuarterNarrow streets of the gothic quarter in all ordinaryness, without embellishment and photoshop

The next and no less popular and our favorite place in Barcelona, ​​which is also necessary to visit - the Gothic Quarter. This is a labyrinth of narrow medieval streets with an area where the Catholic Temple is majestically towers. In the gothic quarter a lot of souvenir shops, a cafe with famous tapas, apartments and hostels.

But, however, it is better not to write about the Gothic Quarter, it is necessary to watch it, and even better stroll along his paved stone paths to enjoy the spirit of the old days.

And if you want to know the legend about the tagging of the tombstone, the history of the witch hunting during the Inquisition times, the legend of the Gorgoles and the Damned House of Alchemist, you can order Group excursion (Very advise, interesting and informative).

How to get: On the Metro Jaume I (Zhaumay I)

Cost: is free.

Time to visit: 1 - 2 hours.

The next point of the visit:

Ramblel and Beria Market

Rambla in Barcelona in MarchOn Ramblem on any day and any time of the year there are always a lot of people

Barcelon Market in BarcelonaDelicious in the market of canteria

The tourist pedestrian Rambla Street is conveniently connected to the Gothic Quarter. We also have an interesting article about Rumble.

On the right side of the street (if you go towards the sea) is the pancake market. There you can buy chopped and beautifully packed in cups of fruits, hamon, cheeses. And you can drink a glass of wine with oysters right on the market.

How to get: On foot from Catalunya Square or on the Metro of the Green Line L3: Parada de Metro Catalunya Linea 3, Liceu, Drassanes.

Cost: is free.

Time to visit: 1 - 2 hours.

And if the time remains, it can be descended by Rambled to the Barcelona embankment and stroll along the sea.

Embankment Barcelona

Barcelona embankment stretches almost 5 km away, there is a walk where. On the one hand, there is a big port (Mashewic Mountain), then there is a series of wide urban beaches with cafes and restaurants.

Embankment and beaches of BarcelonaThe photo is a bright sight of the embankment - Golden Flying Frank Geri. It was built to the 1992 Olympics.

Beaches BarcelonaImmigrants along the Barcelona Embankment build beautiful sand buildings for donations

Beaches Barcelona

What to see in Barcelona for 2 days?

On the second day you can visit:

Houses Gaudi - Mount Tibidabo with attractions and the church of the Holy Heart

Walking route 2 days with specified attractions on the map:

House Gaudi (Balo, Mila, Calvet)

House Balo

House Balo Barcelona

Another house "in the people" is the name of the house-skeleton. This is due to its bizarre facade, where the balconies are depicted in the form of skulls, and the vertical columns are in the form of bones. Built this house Great Gaudi by order of the Textile magnate Josepa Balo-I-Kasanovas.

This house of 1887 buildings is within walking distance from Sagrada names and is also required to view.

Rather, if there is strictly talking, the house was built by other people, Antonio Gaudi only gave him this unique view. And it happened from 1904 to 1906.

Of course, no one will put you inside you, but you can see outside. Pretty busy design. It is especially interesting how Gaudi's houses stand out among the adjacent "classic" buildings adjacent to them.

How to get there: n And the metro line L2, L3, L4 is the Passeig de Gracia station (Passeig de Gracia), L1 is Universitat Station.

Cost: Out refinitely, inside - 25-37 euros.

Schedule: Every day from 9:00 to 21:00.

Official site To purchase Tickets: Casabatllo.es/ru/

Time to visit: 10-20 minutes or 1 hour (with a paid visit).

House Mila

Mila House in Barcelona

One of the last "secular" creations of the Great Gaudi is a house built for the Mila family. Of course, the unique style of the master is guessed here, and there is still such an interesting moment that it is never hot in the house. And this is in the absence of any climatic installations - the house is built in such a way that natural ventilation is very effective.

And in this house there are no bearing walls. Carriers are columns. This is now this kind of supporting structures no one surprise. And then it was a fundamentally new solution, before that was never used.

How to get: On the subway - to go out at the Diagonal station of the green line L3 and the blue line L5.

Cost: Out refiner, inside - 22-34 euros.

Official site To purchase tickets: Lapedrera.com/en.


  • March - October: from 09:00 to 20:00.
  • November - February: from 09:00 to 18:30.

Time to visit: 10-20 minutes or 1 hour (with a paid visit).

House Calvet

Calvet House in Barcelona

Door of the house of CalvetThe famous door handle Calvet house is made in the shape of a cross, which must be knocked on the beetle

This house is not as popular as the previous two, he lost in the massive of residential buildings, and not every tourist pays attention to it. The Calvet House was built on the order of the widow of the textile manufacturer of Pere Martira Calveta-and-Carbonel.

The house is a residential, tourists from him are chased. We tried to take a picture near the cast-iron handle for which you need to beat to knock on the door, the guard immediately jumped out, waved his hands, it is impossible.

Guides are invented a legend that if you knock on this door, a desire will be fulfilled. Apparently, they were talked all brains there, therefore such a reaction.

How to get: On the subway station to Urquianaona (Lines 1 and 4) or Passeig de Gracia (Lines 2, 3, 4).

Cost: is free.

Time to visit: 5 minutes for photo (inside not allowed).

Tibidabo and the church of the Holy Heart

Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona

Barcelona from Tibidabo MountainView of Barcelona with look at Tibidabo Mountain

This attraction is on all previous ones. To get to Tibidabo on their own without tourist excursions, it will take about 1 hour of time (one way). But believe me, it is worth it. Mention of this grief is, even in the Bible! Translated from Latin, the name of the mountain can be transferred as "I give you" - on this mountain the devil tried to remove Jesus Christ to his side.

From the mountains there is a stunning view. Here is the church of the Holy Heart of Christ, on which Jesus Christ himself stands.

In addition to beautiful views and overview sites on Tibidabo, there is an entertainment park with numerous attractions and in places for picnics a little bit.

How to get to Tibidabo, as well as to see it - a separate article on our website.

Church of the Saint Heart

Church of the Holy Heart in Barcelona

The church of the holy heart on Tibidabo grief is a very interesting temple consisting of two temples. One is built on the other. This temple is built in honor of the biblical event, when the devil tried to tempt Jesus Christ, in exchange for the beauty of Barcelona, ​​opening from the mountain.

By the way, this scene in the form of stained glass is represented in the temple.

Walking the top of the temple is a huge statue of Jesus Christ with open hands, which, as italizes that it all he gives people.

For an additional fee, you can climb the bell tower, which is a sightseeing platform, but paying money, just not necessarily, as on Mount Tibidabo a huge amount of free visits, which also overlooks stunning views of Barcelona. In more detail about the church of the Holy Heart and how to reach it, you can read in the article on our website.

Time to visit: 2-3 hours.

What to see in Barcelona for 3 days?

On the third day, we offer our own to visit the following sights:

Montjuic Mountain with National Palace, Singing Fountain, Spanish Village and Quarter Raval

Route Walking 3 days with specified attractions on the map:


Montjuic Mountain is a whole collection of attractions!

Here is the magic monzika fountain, and the National Palace, which hosts the Museum of Johan Miro, the fortress, two parks, one of which is Botanical. And there is another Olympic village next to the Sports Palace (in 1992, Olympic Games were held on Montjuique), the TV bash of an unusual form and the Spanish village, in which the regions of Spain and Catalonia are presented in miniature.

Here is such a mountain-saturated mountain, which must be visited if you arrive in Barcelona.

National Palace and Museum of Arts of Catalonia

National Palace Montjuic

The National Palace of Montjuic - in the premises of this palace there is a National Museum of Arts of Catalonia, which contains many paintings of Spanish and Catalan artists of different times. This is one of the largest art galleries of this topic.

How to get: On the subway line L1, L3, station Square Spain.

Cost: 12 Euro, with audigid - 14 euros. To climb to the viewing area - 2 euros.

From October to April:

  • Tuesday - Saturday - from 10:00 to 18:00.
  • Sunday and holidays - from 10:00 to 15:00.

From May to September:

  • Tuesday - Saturday - from 10:00 to 20:00.
  • Sunday and holidays - from 10:00 to 15:00.

Official site: Museunacional.cat/ca.

Magic Fountain Montzhuika

Magic Fountain Montjuic

Of course, a fountain was built completely ordinary people, and the magic he looks in the evening, thanks to the artistic illumination.

This is an ordinary fountain, which is also not always working. But in the evening - this is a real light music show.

So it makes sense to admire it in the evening, and in the afternoon to visit the museum, Spanish village, etc.

How to get: On the subway line L1, L3, station Square Spain. Located opposite the National Palace.

Schedule of the music - light show:

  • From November 1 to January 6 (from Thursday to Saturday) from 20:00.
  • From March 1 to March 31 (from Thursday to Saturday) from 20:00.
  • From April 1 to May 31 (from Thursday to Saturday) from 21:00.
  • From June 1 to September 30 (from Wednesday on Sunday) from 21:30.
  • From October 1 to October 31 (from Thursday to Saturday) from 21:00.
  • From January 7 to February 28, the fountain does not work.

Official website :Barcelona.cat/ca/que-pots-fera-bcn/font-magica/horaris-de-la-font-magica.

Cost: is free.

Spanish village

Spanish village in Barcelona

Spanish village on Mount MontjuicStrecks in the Spanish village

Spanish village on Mount Montjuic

This attraction can be visited for an additional fee, but it is worth it. This is an improvised village, where life, crafts and individual features of the architecture of different parts of Spain and Catalonia are demonstrated in miniature.

Here in the houses of the exhibition products, workshops in which you can buy something freshly prepared. Having visited this village, you can get a feeling that I visited the whole country.

Our advice: Take at the checkout for an additional audio guide, otherwise you can not understand much.

Cost: from 6.30 euros.

Official site Tickets Tickets.poble-espanyol.com/en

How to get: On the subway line L1, L3, station Square Spain. Located on the right side of the National Palace.

Time to visit: 2-3 hours.


Quarter Raval in Bareslone

Raval, BarcelonaRaval streets die with bright graffiti

If there is still a time left and you want sharp sensations (rinse at nerves) you can visit the Quarter Raval - the former area of ​​the Red Lights. If you go deep into the cat, you can find interesting graffiti, crowds of immigrants predominantly male, and from windows to hear moves. We were in Raval's quarters in the afternoon, therefore it was not scary, but a little uncomfortable. What is happening there in the dark day, we can only guess, but it is better not to surpass.

But everything changes, if walking along the wide Raval Street, there are a lot of cafes, shops and hotels. Everything is quite civil. By the way, there is also a famous thick Ravali cat, with whom it is accurate to take a picture.

Well, if you were fortunate enough to come to Barcelona for 4-5 days or a week, we recommend visiting:

  • Mount Montserrat,
  • Citadel Park
  • zoo,
  • Oceanarium,
  • Park Labyrinth I.
  • Numerous shopping centers where you can buy cosmetics and perfume with huge discounts and cheaper than in Moscow.

And at the end of our narrative, we offer two options for Barcelona cards with attractions marked on them to different options with Russian names.

Attractions Barcelona on the map in Russian

Attractions Barcelona on the map

How do we save on hotels?

Everything is very simple - look not only on Bucking. We like the search engine RoomGuru. . He is looking for discounts at the same time on Booking and on 70 other booking sites.

Weather in Barcelona in March. Water and air temperature at the beginning and end of the month

In this article, we will tell about the peculiarities of the weather in Barcelona in March. What water and air temperature usually at the beginning and middle of the month? What clothes to take on vacation, and is it worth going to Barcelona early spring?

How to get a visa to Spain

When gathering to Spain, it is necessary to take care of the declaration of a Schengen visa in advance if you still do not have it. How to get it is set out in this article in the instruction format.

Probably, each of us heard at least once about the Spanish city with an interesting name of Barcelona. It is known that this is the capital of Catalonia, which is an autonomous area with the province. The port town is located near the border with France. The distance is only 120 kilometers. There is not only industry developed there, but also natural trade. Many tourists attend Barcelona year-round and return here again and again.

In 2016, it was estimated that about 1,600,000 people living in the mentioned city mentioned above. Barcelona occupies an honorary second place. There is only Madrid ahead of it. Interestingly, in the list of cities in the European Union, the capital of Catalonia in a tenth place. And if you calculate people living near the city in the provinces, then this figure will reach 5 million!

In 1992, Barcelona welcomed the participants of the Summer Olympic Games. It was one of the most significant events of the history of the city. It is impossible not to mention that the World Cultural Forum has passed in the capital of Catalonia. It was in 2004. The status of the capital of the Mediterranean Union was assigned in 2010. The mentioned Union includes forty-three countries. This is a fairly interesting fact. Well, in conclusion, we can say that the world has passed the world championship in water sports.

Barcelona on the map of Spain

From the point of view of geography, Barcelona is located on the Iberian Peninsula. To be specifically - in its northeastern part. The territory is washed by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, which of course attracts no-indifferent tourists. Plateau width 5 kilometers. The southern borders are formed by mountain varnish with the name of the colonser and the river with an interesting name of the flapping. The Besos River is in the north. The transfer is located 120 kilometers towards north of Barcelona.

Barcelona Sightseeing Route Alone

Mountain ring, located near the shore, form a little round borders of Barcelona. Mountain titled Tibidabo is the highest point. 512 meters in height. It can be seen above it, of course, an armed eye, antenna tower ring. Its length is 288 meters. Well, in the same city, the highest point is considered to be the hill of Mant Taber. It boasts a small amount of about 12 meters. Barcelona Cathedral is located on it.

The capital of Catalonia, at the base, is located on the hills. Thanks to them, the citys of the city received their names. It is impossible not to mention their names: Carmel, Monterolc, bug, Rovir and Peira. All of them are different heights.

In the southwest of the city, tourists can observe a magnificent view in which the city port appears in complete review. To see it - you need to climb Montjuic. It is also possible to detect the fortress built in the 17-18th centuries. She served as a defensive object of the Citadel with an interesting name of the Suitada. At the scene of the destroyed citadel created the park. Now there is a military museum. Also, there you can find mention of the past in the city of the Olympiad, namely, various objects, institutions and gardens.

Where does Barcelona originate from? There are two versions. In the first it is believed that the founding of the city is the merit of all the hero of the myths and the legends of ancient Greece - Hercules. Then, supposedly in the 3rd century BC, Barcelona rebuilt the representative of Carthagen - Hamilkar Barka, who was the father of Hannibal, who called the capital of Catalonia of Biorso in honor of his relatives.

Well, the second version tells us about Hamilkar Bark, who alone founded the city.

If you are going to visit this magnificent city, you can prepare your route in advance on attractions and visit them all independently without contacting the services of tourist agencies. In this article we will try as much as you can disclose the topic: Barcelona Sightseeing route yourself.

Barcelona Old City Attractions

Barcelona Sightseeing Route Alone

If you want to feel this Barcelona, ​​be sure to visit the old town. It will be even better if you stop here for a couple of days. In the old town there are many housing for every taste and wallet.

The old town is conditionally divided into three parts. The oldest part is the Gothic Quarter. It is located between Prospekt Via Laoutane and La Rambla Boulevard. There you can find a lot of evidence that on the slopes of the Mont-Taber hill, as we know from the story, were Romans. The disposal of the buildings of the Gothic style appear attention. All this is located near Via Latenan Street. The mention of the Middle Ages is the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Holy Evlalia. It includes: Chapel of St. Lucia and the Church of Sant Puul Camp, built in the twelfth century. Causes an interest cafe called "Four Cats". This place attracts tourists from all over the world.

In the Gothic Quarter, you can wander the clock and not even plan your route in advance. Each street, every house, fortress walls, defensive fortifications, is all here to be filled with its unique history and charm.

Another interesting quarter is Barcelonet. Previously, this area was poor, fishermen lived here and their families. But today is the most popular holiday destination among visitors and local. The focus of bars, cafes, restaurants, a pleasant atmosphere of rest. Also be sure to visit the local beach.

In the old town there is a quarter of Rambla. In this quarter, consisting of a boulevard network, life always hits the key. Street performances, performances, artists, - all this is noise and plays bright colors on Rambla boulevards.

The world famous Park of the Citadel is on the Earth of the Old Town. It you can find the famous Zoo Barcelona and Parliament of Catalonia.

Barcelona Old Town on the map:

Barcelona City in Spain Attractions: Barcelona Zoo

Barcelona Sightseeing Route Alone

The famous Zoo Barcelona has been operating since 1892. To date, this park is a favorite place to visit among tourists. The uniqueness of the park is that animals here can be observed freely without lattices, or through the glass.

There are about 8 thousand animals of more than 400 species. There are especially many rare and unique species.

Ticket prices range from 10 to 20 euros, depending on the age of the visitor and the way of buying a ticket. More information with prices you can find on the official site of the zoo.

Zoo Barcelona Official site:


On the map:

We will continue to get acquainted with the topic: Barcelona Sightseeing route yourself. The next sight is the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.

Barcelona Maritime Museum

Barcelona Sightseeing Route Alone

Verf Dssassansans - the so-called interesting monument of the architecture of the fourteenth century. Now there is a maritime museum of Barcelona.

The museum operates since 1929. Here are a lot of exhibits related to navigation. Museum visitors will be able to plunge into the exciting history of the sea of ​​Spain.

Maps, nautical navigation devices, and even, model of ships in full size! All this will amaze your imagination. You can see in the smallest details of how the ships of the 16th century looked.

The time of the museum and the cost of the ticket can be found on the official website.

Barcelona Maritime Museum Official website:


On the map:

Mount Montjuic in Barcelona

Barcelona Sightseeing Route Alone

Montjuic hill is one of the most popular places among tourists. The hill having a height of 177 meters is the centers of museums, monuments, attractions. Montjuic is located near the trading port.

Translated from the Catalan Montjuic translates as a Jewish mountain, there was once a Jewish cemetery. The hill opens a wonderful, magnificent view of Barcelona, ​​so Montjuic has become a favorite site of walking both among tourists and the local population.

After the Olympics in Barcelona, ​​the hill remained the construction of Olympic facilities, and on top of the hill there is a medieval castle. This mixing of styles of different eras is bizarrectically combined on the hill and gives it a special charm.

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Spanish village in Barcelona

Barcelona Sightseeing Route Alone

An interesting and remarkable place is the Spanish village. Here you can get acquainted with all Spain. There are 117 objects in the village that Spaniards are proud of. These are temples, palaces and other architectural monuments of Spain, performed in full size, or reduced copies.

Built village for the World Exhibition of 1929. The Spanish village became the world's first analogue of this type of object.

Spanish village in Barcelona Official site:


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Square Catalonia Barcelona

Barcelona Sightseeing Route Alone

The heart of the city - Catalonia Square. 9 streets converge together and form Catalunya Square. This is the place of unification of the old Barcelona and new.

The area is always full of people, and it is not surprising. Here "live" a lot of cultural and historical objects. 5 hectares are littered with fountains, monuments, monuments.

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Palace of Catalan music

Barcelona Sightseeing Route Alone

One of the most famous concert halls in the world - the Palace of Catalan Music - was built in the early 20th century. The exterior and the interior of the building are delighted! Stained glass windows, dome, sculpture, - all this incredibly shows the wealth of Spanish culture. Today, cultural life is boiling here: concerts, performances, operas and symphonies. Since 1997, the Catalan music Palace is counted among UNESCO World Heritage List.

Visit the palace by buying a ticket for a concert or on a tour. The cost of the excursion is 18 euros for adults. You can buy tickets on the official website of the Palace or at the checkout at the place.

Catalan music Palace in Barcelona Official website:


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Next interesting object for visiting on the topic: Barcelona Sightseeing route independently, Barcelona Aquarium.

Barcelona Aquarium

Barcelona Sightseeing Route Alone

Barcelona Aquarium is not only the largest in Europe, but there is still a water tunnel in it - the longest worldwide.

The aquarium was built in 1995 and he immediately became a favorite place among tourists. From the date of opening, the aquarium visited more than 15 million people.

In 35 aquariums live more than 10 thousand representatives of the Mediterranean fauna. Here you can even swim with sharks if you venture.

The most unusual and interesting thing in this aquarium is the fact that it is located in the open sea, the connection with the land is due to 2 bridges.

Aquarium Barcelona Official website:


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Amusement Park on Tibidabo Mountain

Barcelona Sightseeing Route Alone

Tyshind Tibidabo is majestically towers over Barcelona. Before the funicular get on a blue tram. Next door is the peak of Turo-de-la-Vilan. It can be found on it Torre de Colorolu television, the height of which is 286 meters.

Park is one of the symbols of Barcelona - was created in 1899. The attractions appeared a little later - in 1901. Here you can find attractions to your taste. The most wonderful and breathtaking view of Barcelona will open with you from the ferris wheel.

Next to the park is located the church of the Holy Heart, which resembles Sacre Cor on Montmartre in Paris. The temple is one of the attractions on the hill.

Tibidabo Amusement Park Official website:


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Park Labyrinth Orta Barcelona

Barcelona Sightseeing Route Alone

The unusual and interesting landmark of Barcelona - Park Labyrinth Orta. This historic park is listed in the Red Book. The park is represented as 2 parts: neoclassical and romantic. The labyrinth, in honor of which the park was named, was laid in 1792 in the center of the park.

On the territory of the park, in addition to the labyrinth, you can see many magnificent sculptures, statues, tower and palace.

Labyrinth of Orta Barcelona Official site:


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House Balo Barcelona

Barcelona Sightseeing Route Alone

House Balo - mansion in neoclassical style. Built in 1875. Gaudi, rebuilding the building, created two facades. The first two floors were also reconstructed. Furniture is created according to the Gaudi plan. New was the creation of the basement, the last floor and the courtyard inside.

It is worth paying attention to the symbols of the house. This is an image of the sea, a carnival scene and a dragon image. It is believed that the architect portrayed George a victorious piercing snake. After all, he is a patron of Catalonia.

Having completed the construction of the house Balo, received an order to build a new home. And no wonder his name was "Kamenna". Everyone was convinced that Gaudi took ideas in nature. For example, he was inspired by Montserrat Mountains, where there is a monastery. This monastery has a sculpture called "Black Madonna". Bottles flowing there from all over Spain. Unfortunately, the owner of the house refused to fulfill one idea of ​​Gaudi. Architect wanted to establish a sculpture of Our Lady with a baby. But only the inscription on the entire length of the facade remained from the idea.

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Church of the Holy Family of Barcelona

Barcelona Sightseeing Route Alone

The church of the Holy Family Gaudi was built in 1891. He was predicted to become a new century temple. Gaudi was engaged in the construction of the temple the rest of his life. He was engaged in this, even when he threw the architecture. He believed that this is the main thing for him. And he will certainly go down in history. After the architect became susceptible to egocentrism, and it happened on the basis of a peculiar attitude to religion, Gaudi almost no one saw outside the walls of his workshop. Such a lifestyle led him to the fact that in ridiculous circumstances, the end of it under the wheels of the usual tram.

In 1926 it happened this tragic event. The temple without Gaudi was never completed. It turned out that there were no drawings. Managed to build a new facade. Also created sculptures in the modernist style. And one of them was Gaudi sculpture. To this day, work is underway to build a new facade. Also build a central bell tower. When the central tower is completed, it will be known as the highest all over the world.

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Official website:


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Park Guell

Barcelona Sightseeing Route Alone

Guell Park is one of the most famous attractions not only Barcelona, ​​but also the whole world! One of the greatest and most famous creations of the Great Gaudi - Park Guell became an art mecca for people of art. This is the place of inspiration, madness of fantasy, bizarre forms.

Gaudi created the park from 1901 to 1913. Politician and patrons on the idea of ​​which was built Park, wanted to create a new quarter for the elite of society. For this, this "Garden City" was built. But the idea failed, as the aristocrats did not want to leave the city center and live on the outskirts.

Guell Park is an incredible, unique place. It enchants its unusual and originality. Color, glass, mosaic, unusual forms and unique architecture, - something fabulous is in this intricate park.

This place is necessarily for visiting everyone without exception! In Guel Park, you can plunge into a fairy tale and feel like a resident of an unusual magic town.

Park Guell in Barcelona Official website:


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House Mila Antonio Gaudi

Barcelona Sightseeing Route Alone

The amazing building of Gaudi is Mila House, built in 1910, one of the most famous sights of Barcelona.

The idea of ​​creating the house was the idea of ​​moving grief. Gaudi embodied this idea in the style of art nouveau in stone. Inside the building is also a unique - well-thought-out system of ventilation and lighting makes the stay of residents in it comfortable.

Architectural masterpiece Residents of the city at first did not appreciate the dignity and gave him an offensive nickname - a quarry. Today the building is the property of a large bank.

The house is a residential, but part of the building is given under the museum and is accessible to visiting everyone.

House Mila Official Website:


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Tower Agbar in Barcelona

Barcelona Sightseeing Route Alone

Tower Agbar or "Barcelonian Cucumber" - a skyscraper in 34 floors is made in the form of thick cigar. Construction ended in 2005.

This miracle of architecture is an office building in the business district of the city. Double facade lined with transparent panels, a well-thought-out air conditioning and ventilation system, provide a comfortable temperature in the building.

At night, the tower begins to shine several millions of shades that create several thousand LED lamps. This is an incredible spectacle to which it is necessary to see.

The backlight schedule can be found on the official website of the Tower.

Tower Agbar Official website:


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Picasso Museum in Barcelona

Barcelona Sightseeing Route Alone

The Picasso Museum opened its doors in 1963. Then he was located in the Aguilar palace. Founding the Museum of Friend Picasso - Sabartes. In 1970, Picasso himself gave the Museum more than 900 of his works.

Picasso Museum in Barcelona Official website:


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So, we will sum up the results of the article on the topic: Barcelona attractions of the route independently.

In this article, we looked at the most interesting and notable places of Barcelona. Thanks to this article, you can make your own unique route attending the most famous sights depending on your preferences and interests.

What to see in Barcelona for 1 day - Independent route for attractions

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