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Slot machines are delayed in their networks a large number of gambling players. And after a multitude of thoughtless losses, a person begins to think about how to beat a slot machine. By definition, the slot machine is special equipment that is installed in the institutions of gambling type and use for gambling without the participation of the staff of this institution. Be that as it may, "one-handed gangster" is a car, and to any technique you need to be able to find the right approach. Next, you can explore all possible strategies for the game with some species.

how to beat a slot machine

Principle of operation of the gaming machine

In order to find out how to beat a slot machine, you need to get acquainted with the principle and features of his work. In theory, it seems that everything is extremely simple: omit money to the bill acceptor, you press the key and wait for a successful combination. But in fact, luck here is completely nothing. The whole process of the game fills a tiny microprocessor, which decides, whether to dispel you with winning or left without a penny.

How to win in slot machines

Factors that analyze the slot machine:

  • Balance of the machine at the time of the game. That is, the more the difference between the replenishment and payment, the greater the likelihood of knocking a kush.
  • Amount of replenishing the machine. It is processed at the time of filing money to the bill acceptor or through the processing center of the gambling establishment.
  • Current bet. It is installed directly by the player, and the amount of winnings directly depends on it.
  • The actual size of the bet. It is installed by the machine itself based on simple mathematical calculations. To find the actual rate size, it is necessary to divide the current bid to the selected number of lines. Consequently, if one game line is selected, the actual rate of the bet is equal to the size of the current one.
  • Percentage of recoil slot machine. This is probably the most important factor affecting how to beat a slot machine. The percentage of recoil is the percentage ratio of the issuance of the machine to its replenishment. It is installed either by the casino employees, or it is initially laid in the software of the machine. Most often, the percentage of recoil is from 70-90%.
how to play slot machines

After analyzing all the above factors, the microprocessor of the slot machine produces the following actions:

  • Determines the combinations of layouts of characters based on the percentage of giving the machine and its current balance sheet.
  • Defines the maximum level of winnings.
  • Processes a request for repayment of funds and makes changes to the current balance sheet.
How to beat slot machines in a casino

Factors affecting the size of the win

The essence of the operation of the gaming machine is to bring the profits to the owners of the casino. Therefore, the slot machine does not have the right to mindlessly distribute winnings to the right and left. The size of the permissible amount of issuing depends on several factors. Therefore, to learn how to beat slot machines in a casino, you must read carefully with them. Factors affecting the size of the gaming machine win:

  • The main factor affecting the size of the gaming machine is the level of the lower limit of the percentage of extradition. It is established by the current legislation of the country in which the activity of the gambling establishment is underway. As a rule, it is at least 70%.
  • Casino reputation. It is no secret to anyone that you can twist the single-barite settings and reduce the percentage of issuing. Authoritative and large institutions are not engaged in such frauds, since the audit authorities will not be much difficult to compare the real and declared percentage of issuing. And the losses from the suspension of activity of the casino will be much larger than income from twisted automata.
  • Software slot machine. Manufacturers such as microgaming, 1x2 Gaming, allow casino owners to independently set the percentage of the slot machine. To do this, its software is left by open code, filling out that manually, a percentage can be set as 0% and 1000%. And, for example, Playtech's programmers of such an opportunity to employees of the casino do not give. The amount of issuance in the automata of this company is impossible to twist, intervening in their software.
how to beat a slot machine with toys

Random number generator in a slot machine

The determination of various combinations of symbols in the slot machine depends on the generator of random numbers. Reflecting how to beat a gaming machine, you should not try to calculate these combinations using probability theory. In practice, the "one-handed gangster" operates on another principle.

The generation of values ​​in the gaming machine is called pseudo-random, i.e. the machine knows which combination to give you, even before pressing any of the keys. Mechanical gangster is able to analyze up to 20 million operations per second. It makes a decision on the basis of the above factors affecting the work of the gaming machine. Laying of cards, rotation of the drums, attempts to guess a big card - all this creates only the illusion of human participation in the gameplay, in fact, everything is predetermined without your participation.

how to beat a sniper slot machine

Useful tips for novice players

If you still do not know how to win the slot machines, use several simple advice on the game. Sometimes novice players make very stupid mistakes in communicating with the "one-handed bandit", so use the following recommendations in order to save your time and money:

  • Select Authoritative and Verified Casino. No matter how banal it sounds, but often people are playing money in Lochetron and sin to good luck, luck or fortune. In order not to mourn the lost snack, choose a casino that has many years of history on the market and is officially registered in the tax authorities.
  • Start the game from the test mode. If you decide to play online casino, try to start playing conditional money. If you figured out the principle of the machine, and everything suits you, then go to the real money.
  • Highlight a specific amount you are ready to lose. Before you go to the casino, decide with your financial opportunities. Money that you take with you should not be a pity in order not to be desire to recoup. When you were determined with the size of the bank, take with you exactly this amount and not a penny more.
  • Start the game from small rates. If the size of your bank is small, then choose the machine with the smallest minimum rate.
  • Control your emotions. The game of slot machines provokes endorphins in the human body. "Hormones of happiness" are able to accumulate the consciousness of the player, which leads to a gaming dependence. If you have noticed that your rates began to grow very quickly, and the amount of the bank has long been exceeded, then you need to dwell on time.
  • Pause between games. In order not to fall into excitement, make a small pause every 15-20 minutes. So you will be easier to control yourself and your emotions.
  • Do not trust rumors about the principles of operations of the slot machines. There is a huge number of "professionals" who will tell you how to win in slot machines. Do not blindly believe each oncoming. Suppose the myth of the "cold" and "hot" machines is not confirmed by anyone. The fact that it is necessary to make a wait for a long time to receive a winner, is incorrect. Absolutely all slot machines work on the basis of a huge amount of mathematical computing, so the winnings can be obtained both in the first seconds of the game and after a few hours of work "one-arorated bandit".
How to beat a strawberry slot machine

Effective game strategies

Gambling - enough ancient entertainment and way of earning. Since their appearance, people began to search for all sorts of ways to make the game to get the most great win. And with the invention of slot machines, there are also many strategies on their promotion. But it is worth noting that no strategy game on slot machines can guarantee one hundred percent success.

Strategy game on slot machines

Strategy Martingalea

The matriatsela strategy consists in a consistent increase in the rate after each loss and its decline after the next win. According to Martingale, the loss in the current game increases the chances of success in the next party. That is, after you have chosen a slot machine, put a minimum bet on one or more game lines and then start the drum. If the spin turned out to be winning, then the bet must be left for the same, and if the losing is to double and continue the game. And in the same key, you should continue the whole game, we win - we reduce, lose - increase. This strategy enjoys the greatest success when playing roulette.

how to beat a slot machine

Strategy "Plus-minus"

This tactic is ideal even for beginners in the gambling world. The essence of this strategy is to use the deposit for the maximum possible number of rates. That is, the game is carried out at the lowest rate. Next, after each unsuccessful back, it is necessary to increase the rate on all lines exactly twice, and with a good one - reduce. Hence the name of the strategy: "plus-minus".

How to win in slot machines

Strategy "Unrestrained"

Among professional players, this strategy is perceived very skeptical. However, it does not prevent her from enjoying popular in the gambling world. Perhaps, with the last visit to the casino, you saw a player who "madly" rushes from one machine to another. Actually, this is the meaning of this strategy. After each loss, the player needs to go to the next automatic and thus move in a circle. It sounds slightly absurd, but reasonable meaning in this is still there. If you play on one machine, which does not bring anything other than the loss of money, it will reasonably change it to another. Perhaps it is he will bring you good luck.

how to play slot machines

Machine Strategy for Machine Fruit Cocktail

All the strategies described above are based only on the general view of the game. And this instruction refers to a specific gaming machine. If you are looking for how to beat the slot machine "Strawberry" (so it was nicknamed in the people), here you can find a step-by-step instruction that will help you make friends with this apparatus.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Select 5 game lines and set the minimum rate. Next you need to turn the drum exactly 7 times.
  2. After that, a bonus game should appear if it did not happen, then we double the bid and perform the actions described in paragraph 1.
  3. If the bonus game did not appear, we reduce the bid and reiterate the same actions.

After examining the reviews of the players, we can conclude that the return, as a rule, is already happening on 2-3 circle of the game.

How to beat slot machines in a casino

Recommendations for the game on prizes

In addition to the slot machines in the casino, there are also prize attractions that can be found in any supermarket. They also have their own secrets. The following are the two most popular slot machines located on modern shopping areas.

how to beat a slot machine with toys

Slot machine with toys

Near the machine with toys often you can see a huge number of crowded children and adolescents. And each of them wonders about how to beat a slot machine with toys. It would seem that the principle of operation of this apparatus is quite simple, but few manage to go home with a cherished toy. In order to increase your chances of winning, use the following recommendations:

  1. Choose a machine, whose blades are tightly connected together. This guarantees a tight seizure of toys.
  2. Do not rush to start the game. If a lot of people accumulated at the automaton, watch them silently and calculate the pattern. Some automata are programmed to a successful outcome of the game of each 5, 10, 15, etc. When the pattern is found, just wait for your turn and pull out the toy you like.
  3. If there is no patterns in the operation of the machine, then choose a toy that is closest to the issuance compartment. This will increase the likelihood that when a plush prize falls into the compartment, and you can pick it up.
  4. An outdoor target, choose the most soft and easy toy. What it is easier, the simpler to convey it to the exit.
how to beat a sniper slot machine

Sniper slot machine

In order to understand how to beat a sniper slot machine, you need to know the principle of its work. Going to the machine, you will find two levers. One of them is horizontal, the other is vertical. With their help you need to control the sights. The essence is that for a limited amount of time you need to get into the prize scheduled for you so that it fell into the gap to pushing the prize.

To beat this machine with tricks is simply impossible. Its work is based on a quick response and skill of the player. Therefore, only numerous workouts will be helped to win a prize, which will take a considerable amount of time and money.

How to beat a strawberry slot machine

Based on the foregoing, the output suggests itself. If you decide to spend your leisure on the game in various slot machines, you should not rely only on your luck. Learning how to play slot machines correctly, you will increase your chances of a successful outcome of the game several times.

how to win in a gaming machine

An unambiguous opinion about whether to beat the gaming machine does not exist. Did not think about why? Maybe because some players have an idea of ​​what a gaming machine is and how to pick up money from him, and others do not own this information. Only and everything. Want to know how to beat the machine?

The value of major terms

An empty back is called no winnings after one scroll of the drum.

1. "Played and Range"

Consider a strategy on the example. The player has 1000 dollars, which he is ready to spend on the game. This money is immediately divided into 5 equal parts, choose the same automata. Immediately, the maximum loss size and the number of empty spins is set (usually 15-20). The game begins with minimal rates. Upon reaching the limit of bets or spins, the machine should be left and go to another. If you have a win, make money and start a new game.

2. "1 game"

Strategy risky, on the one hand. On the other, often works. The player intuitively chooses the machine and comes from the maximum bet. In case of winning, the suggestive amount is divided into minor rates, which the game continues next.

5 ways to win in a gaming machine

If the first approach turned out to be losing - change the machine.

Why is that? In the Gambler's environment there is an opinion that the first bet on the machine, in most cases, winning. Casino, thus, just plays the player.

3. "Multiply / divided by 2"

The player in advance determines the minimum rate. Regardless of the number of scrolls of the drum, in the event of a loss, the size of the rate is changed, under the terms of the strategy, it is impossible. If the machine gave a win, the next rate should be doubled. After the first doubling, the game continues like this: if the winnings - the rate is doubled again. Loss - the next rate is reduced by 2 times. The strategy does not change throughout the game.

how to win in a game machine

Plus, the strategy is that the next, after winning the rate, is done on prize money.

If you manage to enter the "stream", you can "raise" serious money.

4. "Umbrella"

The main idea of ​​this strategy is a player, in the process of the game, smoothly changes the size of the rates. Lowers or raises. Strictly specified algorithm has no strategy. Everyone can optimize it under its requests. Make it possible, sobering from the essence of the algorithm. The main thing in the strategy "umbrella" is the time allocated by the game on the game, style (aggressive or conservative) and bankroll (defined in advance the limit amount of loss, upon reaching which the game must be discontinued).

Win in the machine adhering to this strategy, it is possible to many. No need to sharply increase or lower the bid, the game should be smooth, measured.

Examples of the rate resizing sequence:

  • 111222334444553332221;
  • 122445555543322111;
  • 1112333445433311

Almost the same is often used by gamblers in the automata "Monkey". Many finish the game win.

5. "Set the number of bare spins"

The main idea of ​​this strategy is not to lose all the money, having risen by chance on the "empty" automatic. Often, players are "sticking out" in one place, despite repeating empty backs in the hope that "here, now will give." As a result, they remain quite without money.

way to win in a game machine

That this does not happen, before the game, it is necessary to determine for yourself the number of empty scrolls of the drum, upon reaching which the machine should be changed. Experienced gamblers allow 10-15 empty spins, no more. Important condition - the size of the bet must always be the same one. The game occurs in several rounds, in each, maximum, 15 empty spins. Less, no sense - you have to change the machine too often, and this is also not good.

You got acquainted with the 2 most work strategies that allow you to beat almost any slot machine. Now you can try them in practice, and do not forget - the skill comes with time. Any strategy should be honored to perfection, and then the win is provided.

How to beat a gaming machine? This issue will ask each Gambler, only introduced to the slots. In this article we will tell you about five strategies that will help organize the game on automata with the aim of winning. So, proceed.

1. "Play and run"

Before describing this strategy, we will reveal a couple of terms.

Empty spin is the usual rotation of the drums without winning. For each individual automaton, it is necessary to determine the limit number of such spins for itself. Upon reaching this figure, the gambler must transfer after another slot.

The limit loss is part of the bankroll that you can lose.

Now the strategy itself. To begin with, divide your gaming money into several equal shares. For example, you have 1000 dollars. Choose 5 automata, removing each $ 200. Start the game with minimal bets to determine the number of empty spins. Also note the size of the limit loss. Be realistic in the definition of these numbers and strictly follow the strategy. If this is not done, then the winnings of the slot machines are simply unreal. Upon reaching the limits of empty spins or loss of part of the bankroll, we go on another slot. For example, you have established a border for yourself in 20 empty spins. Subject to achieving this figure and lack of winnings, you need to leave the machine. If you have won something, you need to remove money and re-start a game session.

how to beat a slot machine

2. "One game"

This strategy is quite risky. Its meaning is that you choose any interesting slot and on the first back you make the maximum bet. If good luck smiled, then scroll the won amount into minor bets and continue the session. So do all those who know how to beat the gaming machine. When losing loans received in the first back, replanted after another slot. Some gamblers believe that the first scroll the drums is very often advantageous, and the casino is specifically adjusted to bring them.

how to beat monkey slot machines

3. "up steps"

For a start, decide on the threshold of the bet. That is, decide, less than what amount you will not put. If you scroll the drums does not bring anything, then the rate does not change. In case of winning, its size must be double. Then you act on the same principle: when the rate is winning, you double, and when you lose, you decrease it twice.

If you manage to "catch" the wave, then you can earn a decent amount. The main advantage of this strategy is that large rates are being done already on the money won. The win is a sum that is twice the size of the bet. For example, if the bet was one dollar, and you won a half, then it is not worth the next back to increase it to two. Many experienced gamblers will notice that this strategy is very similar to the Martingale system on roulette.

Slot machines Secrets Win

4. "Umbrella"

The essence of this system is reduced to the fact that the player increases or lowers the rate gradually. The strategy "umbrella" has no strict rules. It is quite diverse, and everyone can adjust it to their needs. The only one must take into account three factors:

  • Play time.
  • Style (conservative, moderate or aggressive).
  • Available bankroll.

How to beat a gaming machine for this strategy? Quite simple. First, consider the template for which you bet. Decide with the minimum threshold, then raise the amount and then lower again. Avoid sharp jumps. Change the size of the bet smoothly. Its step is not necessary to do the same. The sequence is also worth thinking in advance, and it is better to write down. Here are some models:

  • 1122233444455333221;
  • 1224455554332111;
  • 1112333445433311;
  • 11122244455543322211;
  • 11112333335554433222221.

Similar strategy use those who know how to beat the monkey slot machines. It should be noted that it is very common among the gamblers.

Winning slot machines

5. "Naked back"

The essence of this system is to throw a "lowarty" slot machine on time. To do this, it is necessary to establish a limiment of empty spins, after the achievement of which you reproach at another slot. Suppose this limit is ten. In this case, as soon as ten empty spins go, you need to leave. If, at least a pair of winning - you can continue the game. It is always important to be in the plus. Experienced gamblers divide the game session into several rounds, in each of which they have from seven to fifteen losing spins. If you do less, you will have to very often change slot machines. Secrets of winning just to stick to the specified spin range in each round. If there are more than fifteen, then the risk of losing money.

Also note that the size of the rates in the Strategy "Naked Spins" is always the same. It is installed only the number of spins and rounds in the gaming session. And remember: as soon as you ended up in a minus, immediately transfer after another slot. With a favorable outcome, you can start a new round.


Now you know how to beat a slot machine. Staff strategies described above. Good luck!

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How to win in the slots: the secrets of slot machines and the experience of the game from the expert

How to win in the slots secrets of slot machines and the experience of the game from the expert

So, friends we present our new article from the author of numerous publications on this site, including

Large Fake Hypothesis (Part 1)


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Realities online gambling 2021


Psychology of Azart.


Unusual slot ratings


Online casino 2021 (as changed and what to wait

), Reviews for numerous slot machines (

VS: everything against all (part 1)

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and many others.

In this publication, consider slot machines, namely:

  • myths and reality (about the game scheme),
  • Differences in the behavior of slot machines in different casinos on the example of FastPay-Sasino and Play Fortuna?
  • And also, how to win in slot machines (experience, secrets and bugs) from Play`N Go, Amatic, Netent, Big Time Gaming, Blueprint, Quickspin, Relax Gaming, Red Tiger, Pragmatic Play, Endorphina.

So let's go!

To begin with, I would like to consider several generally accepted theories, dropped by both players / bloggers and game developers, and the casino themselves.

Among the most popular are the following:

  • Expert Opinion BNC. : Yes, the return establishes the provider (with rare exceptions), and the casino itself cannot affect the gameplay (again, often). But as it concerns the identity of the gameplay in a particular casino, then, in my opinion, this is only a myth. The point is not only in the pool of the gaming machine or the casino bullet, and the fact that the behavior of slot machines of some developers differ in certain casinos. And below, I will cite examples on specific automata in specific casinos.
  • Give a large gain can any slot Therefore, the best strategy of the game is the "frequent shift of the gaming machine" in attempts to find those who will issue a major win "from the start of the game session".
  • Expert Opinion BNC. : Of course, to give a large gain can almost completely any slot, but the only question is, with what periodicity it happens. And it is necessary to take into account its dispersion. The potential for obtaining a large winnings when running on highly dispersed slots is minimal. Of course, the developers are programmed by the player on such a game segment, but their number of minimally and attempts to "catch" only such with a large share of probability will lead to a negative result (read more, whether it is necessary to change the casino after a major win).
  • "Casino at the return" and "slot at return" : With these concepts came across, probably every player. Very often on the same striming in the player chat or any telegram channel, you can see the information that a player or a few received a major win (or even a series of such winnings) in any casino or a slot machine. After this casino or a specific slot goes a large number of players in the hope of getting a major win.
  • Expert Opinion BNC. : Again, this is only a myth, a very inexperienced players who are inexperienced players are underway. If you carefully read the "Theory of Big Fake", we will understand that each player takes "his segment" in a particular gaming machine. And the presence of a series of winnings in a slot or casino is nothing more than coincidence, since the probability that the GSH will change the algorithms of the player's chamber (new or in a new slot) are very large. Not to mention the fact that players who have already played in a particular gaming machine (with the preservation of the stake history), generally continue their gaming segment.
  • "New" slots always at return Since the developers increase the RTP value for this period.
  • Expert Opinion BNC. : This is only a myth led to the masses. Game developers never increase RTP when released a slot machine and its value is basic. The potential of this gaming machine is exactly the same as previously released. The myth is thrown into the masses only to ensure that the game developer can get super profits in a short time. It is the preparation of super-profits and is due to such frequent emergence of new products, which, in fact, do not even hide the developers themselves and calmly talk about it in an interview. At the same time, such slots are often "advertised" by popular surcharges of slot machines with allegedly getting a winnings approximate to the maximum potential of this slot machine.
  • All games Randomna at the expense of the GSH And therefore, despite the issuance of a large win, you can continue the game in the slot, and the potential for obtaining major winnings in it is still quite real.
  • Expert Opinion BNC. : This is just partly, and it is necessary to take into account the reputation of the developer. So in some of them - it is unrealistic, in others, on the contrary.

Here I would recommend to get acquainted with the hypothesis of a big fake online casino on our site, and additionally I will consider the most popular providers.

Among the game schemes used by the largest part of the players, the following can be highlighted:

  • 1. An unconscious selection of the slot machine . As a rule, part of the players chooses a slot randomly.
  • It can be a "popular" slot machine (saw on a stream, publishing winnings on forums, etc.). Or the "new" slot machine, assuming the increased RTP in it. There are two types of such players:
  • • 1.1 Players preferring a messy "running" in terms of slots with a small number of rotations, in the hope of getting a major win or bonus game from the start of the game session.
  • • 1.2 Players who prefer a long game in literally 1-2 slots for the entire "bank".
  • Such a player's behavior often brings a negative wait, and the concept of "for good luck" is quite applicable.
  • 2. Conscious choice of slot, Based on the experience of the game, the potential, behavior and dispersion of the slot (taking into account the ratio of the balance sheet) and many other factors.
  • Casino does not like players with such behavior, as they often are "positive."
Differences in the behavior of slot machines in different casinos on the example of FastPay Casino and Play Fortuna

Earlier, I already wrote about distinctive

End indicators of the gaming session

When playing in various casinos, in particular, in the casino on the SOFTSWISS platform, where it was about the return of slot machines in these casinos and the potential of a major win. As part of this article, I would like to consider not a return, but the slots themselves and how they play, bring specific examples than these slot machines are different when playing in different casinos.

So, for comparison, I decided to take one of the most popular casinos created. on the SOFTSWISS platform, namely FastPay-Casino where the connection to the providers occurs through the platform. The behavior of the slots in this casino is compared with the behavior of slot machines in the casino Play Fortuna, not included in the Soft SWISS group , and created on a separate platform with direct connection to game developers.

For example, take several slot machines:


Despite the fact that in both casinos, the Golden COLTS slot machine from Playn GO has common signs (frequent activation of bonus games, the preferential issuance of the same bonus game, which was the first, as well as the minimum winnings in bonus games and low, practically unrealized slot potential) exists and A number of distinctive features . Among them can be allocated:

  • Bonus Gunsliners game : Despite dozens of game sessions and thousands of rotations, with the activations of this bonus in the Play Fortuna casino, I could never see the multiplayer more than x25 (the issuance of the winning combination is not taken into account), unlike FastPay, where the X30 multiplayer is activated very often.
  • Bonus game Poker Play : If you conduct a comparative analysis of this type of bonus game, then I can say that in FastPay it was possible to repeatedly observe a combination where the clear line of Wild characters was built, which, given the function of re-rotating, brought a good winnings. In the Play Fortuna casino, again, despite the large number of activations of this bonus, the Wild symbol line I could not get any time. Moreover, the re-rotation function itself is extremely rare due to the absence of additional WILD.

At the same time, I still remind you that the final result in the monetary equivalent of two casinos was almost identical, since all this was compensated somewhere else types of bonus games, somewhere more frequent activations with less significant gains. And it was only about the "visual difference", and this is very strange, given that the game comes with a "one developer server", and I personally have an explanation for this.

2. Sakura Fortune from QuickSpin

I watched the picture when the Play Fortuna casino in the Sakura Fortune slot machine from QuickSpin is dropped out three Sakura characters in the main game and the activation of their shift, all three shifted, completely covering central drums.

In FastPay, when issuing a similar combination and activation of the shift, the displacement of Sakur occurred only in the second and fourth drums. And in the third drum fixing Sakura did not happen, which honestly said me surprised me.

At the same time, again, I can not say that in some of these casinos, the slot machine is played better or worse, as everything is compensated by more frequent issues of bonus functions and bonus games. And the final result in the financial expression is almost identical. The only question is why there is such a visual difference in Gameplay when "processing the results of the provider"?

Similar "visible" differences were observed on such gaming providers as Netent, Thunderkick and others. The most striking representative on this issue can be called such a developer as Red Tiger, the game in the slots of which is fundamentally different not only by different casinos, but also in a casino of one group, for example, Play Fortuna and Booi.

At the same time, I can not say that such differences in the gameplay are observed in all developers (not to mention all the slots). For example, in the Extra Chili slot machine from Big Time Gaming, you can observe a completely identical "script" (script) of the game of the bonus wheel (increasing the number of free rotations when the bonus game is activated) in these casinos. There was an identity and gaming machines from BluePrint.

  • I would not want to blame anyone (neither a casino, nor provider), because there is no evidence. In this case, there are no considerations why it happens. therefore All this is only my personal speculation. And the subjective opinion I share with you. Conclusions to do only to you!
How to win in slot machines from the developer Playn Go

Those who have previously read my materials remember that slot machines

Playn Go.

Do not have the preservation of the gameplay on a specific player. The exception is the output from the slot machine on time of the bonus game (in the process or at the activation stage) or the winning back. In other words, when entering the slot machine, you each time "sit on a new one", i.e. Conditions are as close as possible to offline casino. On the one hand, it is "plus", on the other - "minus", as it allows you to get a major winnings, simply by updating the page (slot), but almost eliminates the ability to "give" a slot on a long distance (for example, when resetting the game For the Internet connection failure).

So how do you ever win in the slots of this developer?

  • Playn GO slot machines are able to give a big win Practically from the start of the game session, and the bonus games themselves often do not make themselves wait long. Therefore, I would recommend it more often to update the slot machine in the absence of a major win in the first 30-60 spins or two or three activations of the bonus game. "To live" the slots of this developer is not recommended, since the implementation of its potential at a long distance occurs quite rarely.

Additionally, it is worth considering how the slot "plays" in general, i.e. His features. I will explain: Playn GO slot machines have perhaps the most bright manifestations of scenarios, and accordingly, are the most predictable slots. Below, I will give a few examples.

1. Ring of Odin slot machine

Ring of Odin slot machine

Activation of bonus games in a gaming machine

Ring of Odin.

Possible in two ways:

  • 1. Issuance of a combination of three SCATTER characters,
  • 2. Activation of bonus functions with the potential for obtaining the SCATTER symbol in the "ring", which awards the potential for receiving a bonus game with a multiplayer.

Thus, the first type of bonus game practically does not have the potential for issuing a large winnings (more precisely, it is minimal), the second type has a higher potential.

According to my observations, if slot activated bonus game in the first way . The issuance of three Scatter characters, then often (in the greatest part of the game sessions) activation in the second way:

  • no longer performed on a very long distance,
  • Or was produced, but not activating the bonus game due to the lack of Scatter characters on re-rotating,
  • either by activating the bonus game, but at the same time not issuing a major win, with the issuance of the minimum,
  • or approximately equal to the usual type of bonus game.

And on the contrary, if the "first" The bonus game is activated in the second way This is a very good sign for this slot. And if he did not give a major win from the first time, it often activates it in the same way with a very good potential of receiving a kush.

Thus, if you got a bonus game in the first way (especially if 2 times in a row), I would recommend to reboot into the slot to update it in the search for the desired "scenario" of the game. In my opinion, the GSH in the slots of this developer is applied only in the "chamber of the player for a particular scenario", and catch the desired script quite real.

2. Golden COLTS slot machine

If the first-second activations of the bonus game in the GOLDEN COLTS slot feature functions:

  • Furies, Poker Play, Gunsliners, Law of the Wild, then they will continue to be out most often (and these games have low potentials and less often than other types of bonus games are implemented).
  • When you fall out, the Most Wanted will more often be issued precisely, while often the series (more than 5 times in a row).
  • Ace-High Gang and Wild Bull are periodically issued and there, but more often - if they are first. It is these types of bonus games that have the highest potentials and frequency of their implementation.

3. Rise of Merlin slot machine

Get bonus games in the game machine Rise of Merlin and its counterparts - quite difficult and waiting will be quite long. Especially if the slot more than three times in a row issued a combination of two SCATTER characters and the scroll of drums and an attempt to issue the third.

Such features are characteristic of many developer slot machines, and slots just need to study, if, of course, you do not prefer the game on the first scenario, what I wrote above.

And now, a small secret for those who have not read my earlier articles

  • Part of the playn go slot machines has the feature of the possibility of doubling the winning card game, where it is proposed to guess the color or suit.

I have already hinted that the cards go on a specific scenario. Friends, beat the slot machines of this developer are quite real and not only by obtaining a large winnings from 1000 bets, and by doubling smaller winnings. To begin with, I do not recommend raising the rate size. It is necessary to increase the dignity of coins, while at the minimum rate. Why? Because the slots of this developer have a limit on the maximum amount of increasing in the form of a number of coins, not a cash equivalent. And increasing the cost of coins, You get the opportunity to double much large amounts . Next, I strongly recommended to memorize the sequences of the cards that "break." They are not so much, and they are very often repeated, i.e. Distant to the forecast, which allows you to beat the machine! If at a stage of the "breakdown", the sequence of cards has gone, just update the slot and it will "reset", will begin a new and possibly "familiar" you!

Slot All Ways Fruits

In slot machines from


Two strategies of the game are possible:

  • One of which is the choice of slots with the potential of a major win, for example, Casanova,
  • The second is slots with a lower dispersion, but, accordingly, the potential.

Therefore, at best, get a winnings only a few hundred betting on a short distance. Long-term distances on high dispersion slots are not recommended, since the gaming machines from AMATIC almost fail to "make it up". And if they do not give a major winning from the start of the gaming session, then with the greatest share of the probability of this winning will not be on a longer, consequence of what will be losing.

How to win on the slot machines of this developer? There are several options:

  • Short game sessions on high dispersion slots with a small potential of obtaining a large win. It is this strategy that most players use.
  • Small distance in low-dispersive slots with a collection of small winnings. Less risky, in contrast to the first scheme, but also less profitable scheme.
  • The best, in my opinion, the option is a game in slots with a low dispersion, but with an active game to doubling the winnings. Considering the frequency of small winnings and predictability of cards, with this profits, it can be increased to very impressive values. A series of such winns will bring the total prize much more than the maximum kush in a slot with a high dispersion.

As in Playn Go, in the Amatic card game has only a few scenarios with card sequences, which are quite amenable to the forecast. And this is not a fantasy, but reality. For incomprehensible reasons, developers do not use GSH in this type of game (or its "artificial intelligence" is very weak). At the same time, I can confidently say that the applied card sequences are identical for several providers. This suggests that, most likely, they use a tool developed by a third party.

Personally, I have already studied these sequences and I can say with confidence that it is a weak place of providers and allows them to be played.

A distinctive feature of the AMATIC Slots from the Playn Go Slots is a less risky game due to the presence of a function of saving a part of the win. Therefore, risks the whole amount and not necessarily, and it is not recommended. The "minus" of the game is that when the recovery of the card is not reset in the slot and is not updated. So, if you encountered a "unfamiliar card sequence", then it is better to "go through" it at the minimum bets either go to another slot, and about this to forget finally.

How to win in slot machines NETENT playing experienceNETENT.

It is one of the highest quality scripts and is very difficult to forecast the game. His principle of operation I described in detail in my "Theory of Big Fake."

Unlike Playn Go and Amatic, on these gaming machines it is almost impossible to give any recommendations. The only thing I can say exactly - these slot machines retain the history of rates and winnings. And if you have broken in any slot of Kush, then it is better to stop the game in this slot, at least in a particular casino. And it's not about a one-time winnings or a series of winnings less than 500 bets, but about much larger. Of course, in a number of gaming sequences, the provider also provided a series of large winnings, otherwise all players left the slots after the kush.

But it is worth understanding that such scripts are less than those where the series is not provided. And the potential that you got a sequence with a series of winnings from x1 000 is small, why it is recommended to change the slot or casino forever.

How to win in gaming machines Big Time Gaming

In this case, I will not pay special attention

Big Time Gaming Machines

Without the purchase of a bonus game. Because, given their extremely high dispersion and the potential, everything is clear. As part of this material, I would like to focus on slot machines with a bonus game purchase feature, namely, in popular among Extra Chili and White Rabbit players.

So, Extra Chili

What I can say with a great deal of confidence, so this is what this slot EXTRA Chilli does not have the GSH within the frame of the game of the wheel to increase the number of free spins. During tests in various casinos, I repeatedly observed that the scenarios in the chronology of the loss of the bonus game and increase the number of bonus rotations are identical and projected.

For this gaming machine I can give Such recommendations:

  • how to win in gaming machinesIt is not necessary to get involved in and trying to "give" a slot machine in the case of a series of several losers. Extra Chili is able to issue a very long-lasting series of losing on a bonus wheel;
  • If you failed to "pass" a red wheel, then I would not recommend continuing further purchases of bonus games. Since in the greatest part of the game sessions it takes place and get to the purple wheel, having a stock of rates less than 500-1000, will not succeed. And the winnings at the maximum number of spins may not cover the losses of the balance;
  • If you got 24 rotations, do not rush to leave the slot. Often he gives two such results in a row or one after one, especially after a series of losers;
  • After winning 1,000+ rates, this slot is practically guaranteed "dying" and is not able to give anything else. Given that the game story is preserved, it is better not to enter this casino in this slot and go to another.

Distinctive features of the WHITE RABBIT slot

The "plus" of the White Rabbit slot machine (and honors from Extra Chili) is the impossibility of playing a bonus game. And it will be guaranteed. Moreover, in most part of these bonus games, they either pay off (and even bring a win), or end with minor losses.

The "minus" of this slot is that it practically never implements the potential from the first bonus games, as it can happen in Extra Chili. And the potential itself is limited to winnings only in 1,000-2,000 rates, extremely rarely bringing more. At the same time, the "rabbit", unlike Peppers, is able to issue a few such winnings in the framework of the game in one casino.

I am not a fan of these slot machines and that's why. Slots from BluePrint, on my subjective look, have a very curve assembly. And despite the huge potential of purchased bonus games, the implementation of these potentials is extremely rare. Moreover, it is not just rare, but also realizes literally in several slots (winnings from x5,000). And most of them are able to issue only a little higher than 1,000 bets, which is extremely small, given the amount of the cost of purchased bonus game and the potential of its implementation.

In general, these are "classic" slots (and very "minus" for a player), where everything relies only for luck, which should be just huge to get a kush on the first few bonus games (otherwise, it will not pay off losses) .

I could Recommend only a few games from this developer. For lovers of the purchase of bonus games:

  • Слот Dragon FallDragon Fall. The slot is quite capable of realizing its potential, despite the curve assembly. Kush here, though rare, but quite real!
  • Legacy of Ra. Advanced copy of "books". The realization of the potential is quite rare and it is quite capable of picking up your stock in a thousand-other bets. At the same time, the potential is implemented by no more than 1,000+ rates and extremely rarely more than 5,000 rates. It would not be advisable to get involved in this slot, but buy 5-15 bonus games - quite real.
  • Jenie Jackpots. Slot with a rare potential implementation, but still, it can. It would ultimately not recommend to get involved in purchases and restrict ourselves to the acquisition of only a few bonus games for good luck.
  • Buffalo Rising + Temple of Treasure. These slot machines rarely implement the potential, which is also limited to the winnings of only 1,000-2,000 rates (they are extremely rarely able to give larger winnings). But they are well supported by the balance, which allows you to purchase a large number of bonus games in anticipation of Big Win, having a relatively small stock of bets.

Recommended To buy a bonus game Slots from BluePrint:

  • Fishing Frenzy. Despite the warranty of the bonus game, the slot is terribly curve and is practically no capable of realizing the potential. Maximen as possible to get a little more than 1,000 bets, but the implementation of this is so rare that does not cover the cost of purchases. It is recommended to purchase no more than 2-3 bonus games for good luck.
  • Safari Gold. Popular slot among players, and recognition came at all due to the capabilities of the slot and their implementation, and at the expense of streamers. In my subjective opinion, a very curve and a "minus" slot that does not deserve attention.
  • Gods of Olympus. Despite the fact that it was recorded several times very large winnings, the potential for their implementation is simply ridiculous. And in the greatest part of the game sessions, even when buying more than 100 game bonus, you can not get the desired result. It is extremely recommended for long gaming sessions. Maximum only a few purchases for good luck.
  • Wolf Legend. One of the worst creations of the developer. There is a terrible HSH and gives almost the same number of rotations. Combinations - minimum cost. And all this is still exacerbated by the loss "notabled" bonus games when starting a bonus wheel.
  • Vikings. This gaming slot also has a very curve assembly, due to which it extremely rarely gives an increase in the multiplayer values ​​and the number of spins to the maximum. Because of this, it can easily deprive the stock of even several thousand bets, and without giving maximum values. At the same time, the implementation of its potential is extremely rare, and, having received a bonus game with the maximum values, you can simply disrupt the "funny" win. It is extremely recommended for the game (generally!).
Как выиграть в игровых автоматах QuickSpin

Most of

Slot machines from QuickSpin

Refers to low-dispersive.

This means that the game scheme 1.1 is suitable for them., Described above, i.e. Short game sessions to get a winnings of several dozen bets (less often 100+ rates) and further shift slot.

These slot machines are categorically not intended for long gaming sessions. It is also worth considering that if these slots do not give a winning from the start of the game session, then you should not try to "help" these slots.

A classic example here is the Goldilocks and The Wild Bears gaming machine, which is able to pick up a few hundred betting in anticipation of a bonus game. And the winnings in the bonus game can only be just a few dozen bets.

Игровой автомат Money Train

Gaming machines from the manufacturer

Relax Gaming.

Extremely popular among players and are often pleased with very large winnings.

At the moment, Relax Gaming has not so many slot machines with a bonus game purchase feature. Namely - four, including: TNT TUMBLE, MONEY TRAIN, SNAKE ARENA, Hellcatraz.

What to expect from these slot machines and is it possible to win on them?

Of course, these slot machines are more promising in comparison, for example, with analogs from BluePrint. They allow minimal losses in the "purchase bonus" and are very well kept balance, which, in combination with a good and often realizable potential for obtaining a major win, makes these slot machines one of the best.

Since these slot machines are practically not able to realize their potential from the first purchases, the recommended supply of bets for 15+ purchases.

Как выиграть в игровых автоматах Red TigerRed Tiger slot machines

In my subjective opinion, there are top 3 among game providers. These slots are not just well kept balance, but also have a very good potential for issuing a large win.

  • The main minus can be distinguished by an extremely rare possibility of issuing a major winning from the start of the gaming session. But at the same time, they can be "helping" before it, having a weighty stock of rates (400-500), which may require a multi-hour game session.

In my own experience, I will say that during one game session I managed to get a winnings from 500 to 1,500 bets in almost every slot in which I came in, which was summed up more than 150 times. What other provider boasts such results? It is still more to the "old" slots of the developer, and "new items" have some distinctive results due to higher dispersions, but with higher potentials. Nevertheless, I would recommend slot machines, where the maximum gain is limited to 800-2,000 bets, and avoid slots, where the potential is 5,000-10,000 (with the exception of several slots, for example, Dragons Fire).

If you managed to get a major win (from 500 bets) in any slot, it is recommended to immediately change the gaming machine, and in case you want to play in this slot, then the casino.

Red Tiger developer gaming devices remember the history of rates and winnings and are not reset when the recreation in the slot (even despite the change of pictures). Also, the slots are not able to give a large winnings, since the number of scenarios with a series of large winnings here is much smaller than that of the same NETENT.

In the greatest part of the game sequences, the second kush will not be able to receive (either it will be on a very high distance, on which the slot will take more than it issued or issued in the future), i.e. The continuation of the game will be in minus. Exception This rule is literally several slots, among which, for example: Dragons Luck Power Reels, Fruit Blox, Golden Offer, Masquerade.

This developer has and slots "Beach", i.e. Those who are not able to give a large gain at all, and the game on them, with a lot of probability, will be with a "negative" waiting. Among such games can be highlighted: Reel King Mega, Arcade Bomb, Cinderellas Ball, Elven Magic, Five Star, Fortune House, Sumo Spins, Treasure Mine, Wild Circus.

The game on these slots I would recommend to exclude!

Как выиграть в игровых автоматах Pragmatic PlaySlot machines from Pragmatic Play are very peculiar, and this is expressed, for example, that they are quite capable of issuing a large gain (even several thousand bets) literally from the first rotations (and quite often do it).

"Came" these slot machines are almost impossible (especially relative to "new"). And if they do not "play" in the first 40-80 rotations, it is better to forget about such slot machines, at least in this casino.

  • Long-term distances and attempts to "celebrate" the slot are possible exclusively in old slots, for example, such as: Hercules Son Of Zeus, Hot Safari, Lucky Dragons, Madame Destiny, 7 Piggies, Nighty Kong and others.
  • But in such as: Wild West Gold, Extra Juicy, Dance Party, Aztec Bonanza, The Dog House, Buffalo King and others, better like distances eliminate. And for such slot machines, the best solution will be the scheme of the game 1.1., I.e. Only short gaming sessions and "running" in terms of slots.

Despite the fact that the slot machines from Endorphina often implement their potential almost from the start of the game session, they can be "to think" to a large winnings and for longer, if it did not happen at the beginning.

The recommended margin of rates varies in the values ​​of 300-500. Often they are well supported balance. The real slot potential is limited to winning a few hundred rates and rarely reaches a value of 1,000-1,500 rates. But get more - a huge luck. At the same time, among the slots of this developer it is difficult to allocate "Plus" and "minus". And we can say that, despite the difference in Gameplay, they are almost identical in their parameters.


In this material, we shared our experiences of the game, which was collected long, playing on a large number of slot machines of various game developers in a wide variety of casinos. We sincerely hope that our experience of the game will help the reader in achieving better results and will save from random game and losing money!

  • * All information presented is a subjective opinion of the author and is not a call to any actions.
  • ** The game in the casino carries the risk of cash loss. We are not responsible for the final result of your gaming session.

Best online casino for money 2021

How to win in slot machines money - schemes and secrets

Previously, the queen casino was roulette. In connection with the release of the new law on illegalization of this business, it can be safely argued that the online casino most players use machine guns. Not everyone adhere to an honest game. Almost everyone uses various ways that allow you to "raise" rather large amounts with minimal investments. How to win in slot machines so as not to ban the account and could have you got a win?

Is it possible to win in slot machines

On the territory of Russia, all casinos are closed. Amateur gambling has the opportunity to express themselves online. Previously, fraudulent paths existed a bit, since all the actions of the player were strictly controlled by guards and cameras. Remote game opens a lot of opportunities. You need to use them. Otherwise, the user account will be blocked without the right to withdraw funds on the balance sheet.

Online automata when calculating the probability of winning for each player, take into account several fundamental criteria:

  1. Balance of the slot machine - if the previous player played well, then the probability of winning increases significantly.
  2. The amount of the replenishment of the game account - the more the player puts, the longer the amount can count (not more than 50% of the deposit). In this case, Jack Pope and other bonuses are not taken into account.
  3. Percentage of return - this factor is the most significant. This criterion is set by the owner of the casino. Most often,% of recoil varies within 70-90%.

It turns out that the layout of the characters is determined by the above factors. It should be understood that each slot has unique settings and works at the established scheme in advance. It is almost impossible to determine the tactics of the game. Despite this, many players have learned to bypass the established restrictions and win large amounts.

How to win money in slot machines

как обыгрывать игровые автоматы

How to win in slot machines? First you need to learn the basic principles of the game. The essence of this system is to bring the profits to the owner. To learn how to beat slot machines, you should familiarize yourself with the main points.

Certain factors have great importance:

  • Reputation online casino. Large and authoritative structures will not be deceived. For the sake of a small amount, they are not beneficial to lose new players.
  • Software. Owners with the help of 1 × 2 Gaming and Microgaming software can wipe the return percentage - from 0 to 100%. In the case of PlayTech, such an opportunity does not have the owner. In this case, players have a much more chance of obtaining their "legitimate" winnings.

For victory, it is necessary to study the secrets of the generator of random numbers. It is about the automatic determination of random numbers or their combinations. There is no probability theory that would help calculate the data of the number. In practice, other methods should be acting.

The generation process in the case of online machines - pseudo-random. Software is able to analyze about twenty millions of actions per second. The decision is made taking into account the fundamental factors listed above. The player's participation in the game is an illusion. All moves and outcomes of the game are predetermined in advance. There is no difference, which card will be selected - if programmed, the player will win if not - will play.

How to beat slot machines? There are several strategies intended for a particular machine. Should I trust such an opportunity or all this fiction?

How to win in a machine with a pusher

What are the machines with the pusher? This design is a small design, which has prizes on the shelves - smartphones, iPhones, cameras, cameras, etc. in randomly blink red lights. If you press the button at the moment when the light is on, the machine will push the prize and it will be in the tray from which the player can pick it up.

Flight the automatic with the pusher is easier than simple. It is only a heavy bottom, and the light is light. If you carefully tilt it - only 15-20 degrees, then all the prizes will go to the tray. In the rules of the game, it is not indicated that it cannot be tilted, so this method is completely legal.

TRADE BOX machine

How to win online TRADE BOX machines? In this case, we are talking about rates. For example, you can put on the weather. The schedule is displayed on the left on the screen. Do not assume that the victory will be on the player's side. In this case, the asset parameters and the size of the embedded rate are played. The principle is taken into account with each application and remains even during bonus games. If 12 cards are located in front of the player, then in those who discovered will be a profitable automaton.

Loyal is the automata on the Novomatic and Igrosoft platform. The player must be aware of the more deposit he made and the larger the bet, the topics he can count on the best win.

Keymaster machines

How to win in a casino on Keymaster machines? In this case, the schemes do not work. Use only official sources. They will not lose players cheating. All you will be able to win is the money of users who played in front of you. No need to believe that you can "raise" more than $ 10-20 per game.

If you have any questions or there are complaints - let us know


как выигрывать в автоматах игровых

If we are talking about the game in the sniper machine, then in this case it should be understood in principle of its work. The player has 2 levers: horizontal and vertical. The bottom line is that the player gets into one of the winnings presented. The only advice is to take aims of ahead. Real "Masters" recommend a little tilting the automatic during the game, to increase the chances of winning.


Online books are a great option to multiply your capital. Important moment - play large from the very beginning. For 20-25 scrolls, the machine gives a major win, which allows you to multiply your funds several times. Remember that inserting into the game you need exactly as much as it is not a pity to lose.


In shopping centers, the automatic bulldozer can be found quite often. In just 50 r. The player is invited to play 2 times. The principle of the game is to remove the prize from the cell using a special device. In this case, the game is a win-win, that is, the player receives an incentive prize.


We have the machine scissors on 13 prizes. The percentage of the probability of victory is poured, which depends first of all from the cost. The deceiving path is to tilt the device during the game or fake tokens.


The slot machine of the alladin is practically no different from the rest. For a win-win game, it is enough to tilt the device. Please note that the machines are always under the chambers. A dishonest player can be punished. Come to such automatic mats, surrounding them and a little on both sides, and tilt to the other side that contributes to the prize fell into the tray.

Strategy, Tips and Recommendations ::

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