10 secrets how to keep your teeth to old age

10 secrets how to keep your teeth to old age

After reading these tips, you will say: most of them we know. The problem is that they need to not only know them, but also to fulfill them.

1. Visit the dentist regularly

Perhaps you since childhood is hated by the very thought of the dental chair, and it is easier to conquer the North Pole than to enter the office to Dentistist. However, since those years, when you wore bows or short pants, a lot has changed, and in dentistry - especially. And the technique is completely different than before, and the anesthesia is now at the level - to experience again long-standing horror you are unlikely to come. So it makes sense to overcome children's fears.

How often should I be at the reception to Dentistist? Experience shows that there are at least six months to manifest problems with teeth. Therefore, the campaign to the dentist twice a year is what you need. Prevention and regular control of the specialist will help eliminate problems in the starting, maintain a lot of money and nerves, including dental.

2. Brushes the teeth regularly and correctly

What is it for? In order to get rid of bacterial plaque and food residues.

Bacteria - the cause of the absolute majority of teeth and gum diseases. More than twenty species of pathogenic bacteria living in the oral cavity - mainly streptococci and staphylococci - feed on food residues, delayed in the mouth, and isolated milk acid, energizing the enamel of teeth. By the way, the bad smell of the mouth is also "merit" of bacteria.

Stop gnawing nailsTwice a day brush and paste brushes and paste. The brush removes the bacterial flare, deposited on the teeth and the remains of food, the paste kills the bacteria and, neutralizing the acids secreted by them, thereby strengthens the enamel of the teeth. Another moment, clean your teeth after meals. And not immediately. The fact is that when eating enamel under the influence of acids softened, must pass before half an hour before it comes to normal. And immediately at the end of the meal, thoroughly rinse with boiled water. By the way, it needs to be done after each meal.

Now about the cleaning itself. Just waving a brush in the mouth will not be enough. It is necessary to thoroughly work out all the surfaces of the teeth. What kind of cleaning technique is the only correct, dentists will argue for many years. But, with which everyone agrees, the movements of the brush must go from the base tooth to the cutting edge. Moreover, the cutting edge is cleaned at the very end. The optimal time cleaning the teeth is about two minutes of active movements. It is too good to zealously, you can erase enamel.

3. Correct the brush and pasta correctly

What for? To enjoy them effectively and not harm yourself. Toothbrush must necessarily have an artificial bristle with rounded tips, the atraumatic head, a comfortable handle, under your hand and, most importantly, the stiffness of the bristles should correspond to the state of enamel and gums.

Toothpaste you also need to pick up with the mind. Here again, look at the state of the teeth and the gum, choosing what will be more useful. For example, if you have hypersensitivity, it is impossible to use highly abrasive toothpastes, you can hurt yourself. The so-called "pasta for the whole family" harm will not bring, but also the benefits of them will be not enough, because it looks like an average temperature in the hospital, because each person has a different situation in the mouth, and everyone should also have a toothpaste.

4. Clean the entire oral cavity

Bacteria, destroying teeth, live not only on the teeth and gums, they are no less comfortable on the surfaces of the sky, cheeks, almonds, and especially in the language.

Therefore, we can clean everything that you get. But the toothbrush is better not to use for this. Special brushes exist for cleaning the language, and the usual teaspoon will fit. And here will help every kind of rinsing, including special elixirs that destroy bacteria, and at the same time refreshing breathing. You can also try the miracle of modern technology - irrigators, appliances for rinsing, rinsing or irrigation of the oral cavity with strong precipitated water flows.

5. Observe the sanitary rules

Modern symbol of a man and woman living together - two toothbrushes in one glan. Two, not alone! Someone else's bacteria you are completely nothing, so you never use someone else's brush - even very close to you. For the same reason, you should not eat someone else's spoon or drink from the unwashed mug. Particularly careful need to treat hygiene of children's mouths, because they are free from birth from bacteria - teeth destroyers. They are putting their own parents. It is enough to lick the child a spoon, and then stick to his mouth again. However, their own, "native" pathogenic bacteria, too, without need. Therefore, keep all the items necessary to care for the oral cavity, clean and dry - in a humid environment of the bacterium, "mined" from your mouth, are actively multiplied. The brush from time to time would be good to ignorant to the disinfecting solution, and once in 2-4 months, generally change to a new one.

6. Using floss

The harmful habit of nailing nails is not only nonhygienic, but also destructive to teeth. From this teeth can crack and break. You can get rid of it using a regular manicure or a special bitter coating for nails. A new hobby can also help, which occupies hands and distracts from the desire to nibble nails.Most of us these simple devices are familiar as dental threads. If the teeth grow quite smoothly and tightly, the gaps between the teeth and the side surfaces of the teeth are unsusticized even for very "advanced" toothbrushes. Meanwhile, these secluded corners are very attractive for bacteria. Caries, developing at the point of contact of two teeth, can only see the dentist, and it is sometimes difficult to treat it.

Meanwhile, flosses help get to the most hard-to-reach protected places between the teeth, sulfing from there remains of food and depriving bacteria chances for survival. You need to use flosses before cleaning the brush. In addition, use them after each meal. For use in public places invented floss - compact and easy to use tooth thread.

7. Carefully use toothpicks

Not always after lunch there is the opportunity to take advantage of the floss or rinse the mouth, not to mention the full cleaning of the teeth. Will out the toothpick. Fortunately, most restaurants and cafes have learned to include in the number of items that are required on the tables (salt - pepper - napkins), packaging of sharp wooden sticks. Wooden toothpicks are preferable - they protect the enamel, but you can use both plastic. But in order not to damage the fabrics of the paradont - the bundles of the gums and the tooth, the toothpick need to use very gently and better replace the floss.

8. Protect your teeth from acids and sugar

For teeth destructive a lot, even what seems at first glance the most healthy food. Freshly squeezed fruit juices, for example, in them fruit acids, corrosive enamel, are contained in concentrated form. What is there to talk about carbonated drinks! But there is nothing better for bacteria (and therefore worse for teeth) than sweet sweet candy - caramel, iris, lollipops. When they are long in the mouth, it creates ideal conditions for breeding pathogenic microflora.

But chocolate for teeth is just less dangerous. Its basic ingredient - cocoa beans - contain substances that prevent the reproduction of bacteria. Therefore, the harmful effect of sugar, also included in the chocolate, is neutralized under the action of these substances. True, bitter chocolate is most useful for teeth, made of their natural cocoa beans.

Oddly enough, useful for teeth and sharp dishes - they cause active salivation. Salus is washes the oral cavity, flushing the remains of food. In addition, lisozymes are contained in saliva - natural enzymes that destroy bacteria. Good affects teeth and cheese. If after caramel eat a piece of solid cheese, the sugar action will be neutralized.

In addition, cheese is a source of calcium, which is necessary to all the body, including the teeth.

The teeth are darker from tea and coffee, and we are accustomed to consider these drinks harmful. But in fact, black tea is perfectly strengthens the dental enamel and regulates the acid-alkaline balance in the mouth. A natural coffee, cooked from roasted grains, has an antibacterial effect, destroying some microorganisms, including the main pathogen of caries - a mutating streptococcus.

9. Fit right

Sturdy teeth will not be if the body lacks fluorine and calcium. Calcium is absorbed by vitamin D, which comes with food or is synthesized by the body itself under the influence of ultraviolet. Therefore, we take a handle and write down: veal, poultry meat, eggs, butter and sea fish - a source of vitamin D; yoghurts, cheeses, spinach and broom - source of calcium; Black tea, coarse bread and fish contain fluorine. Turn on these products to your permanent diet - and all of us on the teeth.

If calcium or fluorine in the body is still not enough, we use biodenders and vitamin and mineral complexes. Fortunately, now their choice is especially rich.

10. Adjust the load on the teeth

Strong mechanical pressure destroys teeth, so forget about the quarrel of the Nutcracker. To prick nuts, there are special tongs, your own teeth have a different destination. The reason for the destruction of the tooth can be even ordinary threads, if there is a habit of constantly snacking them among the same teeth, as some amateur tremors do.

The habit is dangerous too much to squeeze your teeth, and even more so - to creak them: This leads to abrasion of enamel. Sometimes it happens in a dream. But this case is not hopeless - there are special kapps, put on the teeth before bedtime. They will protect. But the worship loads of the teeth and the gums are necessary. Do not be afraid to chew raw vegetables, do not seek without having to grind and change the products.


ЗExpensive beautiful strong teeth are always a sign of a strong and strong organism. Problems with teeth are upset at any age, since the infancy, when the first teeth begin to break down, and throughout the life when we have to treat Caries, the pulpit, lose your teeth.

The modern world offers a huge arsenal technologies to create a snow-white sparkling smile to everyone who is willing to pay for it. Today we can cure any ailment: "Put" a hole in the teeth to the seal, insert one implant or completely replace the dental row, align, whiten the teeth, and then fir the geometry of our bite ... But what is the real price of these expensive and high-tech operations?

Is there a way to do without a dental clinic, without a seal, drilling, soft and comfortable, but such an uncomfortable, chair, which since childhood causes somewhere in the depths of us alarm and cold-taking fear? How to preserve the health of the teeth, how to treat your teeth naturally, without dentists, what knowledge is needed for this, what true causes and connections lie at the heart of our dental problems and dental fears?

What does the health of the teeth depend on

All problems with teeth can be viewed at different levels. Physiology is what we see, we feel, but the reason can be much deeper. You can find the connection of dental diseases, curvature, loss of teeth with psychosomatic reasons, find metaphysical, karmic roots of these problems.

In order to sort out this topic, you should go deep into the analysis of various theories. It requires close attention and, possibly, a long-term study.

Let's try to figure out at least with the most understandable and visible side of the health topics of the teeth - physiology.

First of all, what is the tooth? In fact, it is bone tissue - dentin, covered with a special protective layer - enamel. No scientist in the world could still repeat the unique composition of this amazing substance. Dental enamel unique. And the reasons for its destruction in fact today the dentists cannot be determined reliably.

As a result of the destruction of a small enamel section, bacteria rushed to dentin and begin to "eat" this "delicious" element, rich in minerals. So the caries is formed. What does the dentist do? He destroys enamel even more to clean the "hole" and put a seal. But the dental enamel is already broken, and not one, even the highest quality, modern seal is not able to protect the tooth as well as its own dental enamel. And, probably, you watched when the split tooth continues to collapse, despite the integrity of the seal itself.

Ramiel Naigel in the book "Natural Caries Treatment," says that our teeth are capable of restoring themselves, the launch of the so-called process of remineralization, provided that the body is enough of all important minerals and trace elements. In his book, he relies on the fundamental theory of modern dentistry, which was led back in 1883 by the doctor V. D. Miller 1who was confident that a strong tooth could not collapse under any bacterial effect.

If we see a little deeper to consider the structure of our teeth, we will see that each dental root is surrounded by a periodontal ligament, which consists of a variety of fibers attached to the teeth to the jaw. Cells of these fibers are able to recover and collapse. Wear a periodontal ligament leads to a loss of tooth. Dentina food - bone tooth and enamel bone fabric provide special building cells - odontoblasts. These cells have a special structure, due to which a healthy tooth is capable of cleaning itself.

Each tooth consists of dentine tubules, with a diameter of about one thousandth pin head. According to this microscopic tubules, the restoring fluid is moving - dentine lymph, a chemical composition similar to the spinal. Dental enamel contains about 2% of this fluid.

Scientists have found that the process of remineralization of teeth depends on the efficiency of the operation of the near-dry glasses, which are located on the back of the jaw. When the hypothalamus transmits the signal to these glands, they begin to produce paryotine - a hormone, which contributes to the stimulation of the development of dentin of teeth, bone and cartilage tissue. It is this hormone that contributes to the mineralization of the teeth and has a hypercalcemic effect, and also increases the activity of odontoblasts. Parotine stimulates the movement of dental lymph in denin channels, thus, there is a natural cleansing and mineralization of our teeth.

As a result of poor nutrition, the use of products that contribute to the development of caries, the hypothalamus ceases to stimulate the separation of paryotine, and with time the delay in the development of dental lymph leads to the destruction of the teeth.

At the same time, if the person has very well-wing glands, immunity to caries may be observed, even with poor nutrition. But most often, as a result of a lack of a number of valuable minerals, the dentinal lymph movement unfolds in the opposite direction, and saliva along with the residues of food is drawn through the channels inside the cavity of the tooth, which gradually leads to inflammation of the tooth and the destruction of the enamel.

The composition of saliva also affects the state of dental enamel. If the mineral composition of saliva is shifted in an acidic side (pH less than 6.4), the demineralization of the enamel and the development of caries begins.

Drink drinks through the tube

From the above process, we conclude that the health of our teeth at the physiological level primarily depends on how well our parole glands function, on how valuable food is our diet from the point of view of minerals and vitamins, from the composition of saliva and associated with It is a hygiene of the mouth, as well as how our hypothalamus and pituitary works. Most clear and easy to influence us on the nutrition and hygiene of the mouth.

Natural teeth and decene treatment

In accordance with the theory outlined by Ramiel Naigelia, there are a number of principles of "natural treatment", observing which, one can contribute to the process of remineralization of the teeth, while maintaining them healthy many years.

The first principle is a reduction in its diet of products that contain any kind of sugars, and the complete exclusion of sugar in pure form (as a product).

The main idea is that sugar causes very serious harm to our body, including the teeth. But in contrast to the common concept among modern dentists who claim that sugar contributes to the development of bacteria and thus harms his teeth, Nigel claims that in fact sugar, on the contrary, fights bacteria. It is curious that a 20% sugar solution kills almost any bacteria. The harm of sugar is that it is inhibits metabolic processes in the body and prevents the assimilation of valuable minerals, the lack of which leads to the destruction of the teeth, as described above. In addition, all sugar, falling into the mouth of the cavity, begin to create an acid reaction, destructively acting on dental enamel. So, if you want to get rid of caries, the first thing to do is completely eliminate sugar from your nutrition.

The following principle of "natural treatment" is associated with the knowledge of what is lectin and phytinic acid, where they are contained, and what to do about it. It is believed that lecine and phytinic acid are anti-nitrients, that is, substances that interfere with the process of assimilation of the useful substances by the organism. These substances are contained in solid breams, legumes, nuts, seeds.

Lektin is a complex protein, attaching to the sugars in the body, can violate the process of transmitting information between cells and lead to autoimuminous violations. Letin is very similar to our own cells in its structure, and when our immune system discovers it and perceives as a pathogen, along with him, begins to destroy the cells of our own organism.

Fitinic acid prevents the process of absorbing from food of such minerals as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc. In order to digest products containing phytic acid, the body begins to take these minerals from bones and teeth.

Studies have shown that the predominance in the diet of grain, legumes, nuts, flour products prevents the formation of healthy bone tissue, demineralizing it, violates the absorption of vitamin D and contributes to the development of osteoporosis, rickets, caries and zing.

But really for healthy teeth you will have to abandon all your favorite porridge, nuts, beans, chickpeas, peas? Not at all. First, lectin, and phytinic acid in certain doses are necessary for the body. Lectins, for example, are involved in the transportation of useful minerals in the bone and teeth. A phytinic acid is the source of the most valuable phosphorus. In order to benefit, and not harm from products that contain whole cereals, legumes, seeds, nuts, and reduce the content of phytic acid and lectin to adequate value, you need to prepare them correctly, namely, soak before cooking for a long time, or ferment (germinate).

So, one-piece cereals are encouraged to soak overnight before preparation or no less than 8 hours. As well as all legumes. Cashew is enough to dunk for 6 hours, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, cedar nuts - on 8, almonds and Brazilian walnut should be soaked at least 12 hours. After soaking nuts, it is necessary to dry well and store in the refrigerator so that the valuable oils that are contained in them retain their properties.

The fermentation process helps not only reduce antitristers, but also significantly increase the number of minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the health of the whole of our organism.

Peanuts even with long-term soaping retains very high volumes of phytic acid and lectin, it is for this reason that this is one of the most allergenic products. In addition, there is evidence that everywhere peanuts is grown using GMOs. Therefore, it is better to completely refuse it.

The wheat grain contains a large amount of plant toxins, as well as gluten, which in large quantities is able to disrupt the entire process of digestion. That flour, which we see in stores today, has passed a lot of purification and bleaching processes using chemicals. At best, wheat flour no longer has no value for us, and at worst - contains a mix of harmful items for our health.

Sufficient consumption of vitamins and minerals is the third principle of natural caries treatment. This particular place is given to Vitamins A and D. Vitamin C and also important, as it helps to be absorbed by the first two minerals.

Vitamin A consists of a variety of fat soluble compounds. These compounds are divided into retinoids contained in animal food, and carotenoids in vegetable food. Carotenoids in Vitamin himself turn as a result of the exchanged process in the human body and are known as provitamin A. Most content provitamin A in green leaf vegetables (spinach, broccoli, keyl, Chinese cabbage), orange and yellow vegetables (carrots, pepper, pumpkin, Mango, apricots). The brighter the color, the more beta carotene in these products. And in order for beta-carotene to transform into vitamin A, these products should be used with a certain amount of fats (organic vegetable oil, butter, cream, sour cream).

Vitamin A helps to absorb the gland and zinc, including from cereals. For this reason, it is best to complement cereal dishes with products containing Vitamin A.

Modern scientific research confirm that Vitamin D is not vitamin, but a hormone. It is produced by our organism or enters us in inactive form and turns into an active form only under the influence of enzymes in the process of metabolism. This substance is actively involved in phosphorous calcium homeostasis and directly affects the mineral density of bone tissue, including dentin. Steroid hormone E influences all processes in our body, regulates the assimilation of all minerals and trace elements, so it is extremely important for our health, longevity and appearance.

The best source of vitamin D is natural sunlight. It is most effectively produced in an average spectrum of ultraviolet waves - early in the morning and at sunset.

The lighter skin, the more susceptible it to the effects of sunlight and the production of vitamin D. with age, our body gradually loses the ability to synthesize this vitamin, and its level must be maintained additionally.

In the latitudes of our country, it is recommended to use vitamin D in the form of an additional biologically active substance: children - all months, and adults - all months except summer.

Creamy oil is one of the richest sources of the most valuable vitamin. The main thing is to choose the most recent organic product.

Ramiel Naigel reveals such a concept as "Activator X" - a substance that is surprisingly acting on the bone, teeth, nails of any organism. It is assumed that this substance contains in dairy products made from milk cows who graze on rapidly growing grass, that is, from May to September. It is assumed that the activator x falls into these products from plant steroids during the actual growth of plants and, hitting the cow's body, is processed into a certain substance - a mixture of minerals and microelements called "activator X".

When cows graze on meadows with rapidly growing grass, the oil acquires a beautiful bright yellow shade. If the creamy oil is light, almost white, most likely, it is made of milk from the cow that was fed with hay.

Vitamin C is also very important for our health and tooth health. This vitamin strengthens the immune system is the strongest antioxidant and is necessary for the growth of all organism cells. Vitamin C makes our homes dense. Improves the absorption of iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamin A.

A large amount of vitamin C is contained in fresh vegetables and fruits: citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables, in Brussels, colored, white cabbage, in strawberries, apples, apricots. The record content of this vitamin in the fruits of rowan, sea buckthorn and rosehip.

In ideal natural conditions, provided that natural organic vegetarian or vegan food, all the necessary minerals and vitamins should be easily produced by our organism. It is likely that someday when people become most consciously refer to themselves and the world around, and it will be.

But so far, in those conditions in which we are, we should follow the balance of all the necessary trace elements in order to build a right healthy nutrition system. Such a system that will create a database for our future generations, which will form the basis for a new healthy and conscious society.

Hygiene Mouth

Studying the health of the teeth, it is impossible to bypass the question of the issue of hygiene. Most often, the hygiene of most people relative to the teeth is reduced to brush the teeth in the morning and in the evening of ordinary toothpaste.

The choice of toothpaste is very large today. And each tube promises a healthy beautiful snow-white smile. But in reality, do we get from the selected toothpaste tube produced by an industrial way? If you try to read the composition, it is unlikely to figure out what exactly inside your tube.

In fact, almost all of the toothpaste contains dulls - foaming components, various fragrances, dyes, flavors that can be allergenic, and often toxic substances, potential carcinogens, as well as fluorine, which can be dangerous to health.

There are a number of organic products on which the certification label is. And, if you buy tooth hygiene products in stores, it is worth paying attention to such products. But you can not always find such pastes, while their cost will be acceptable not for everyone.

Fortunately, there are methods for safe, ethical, eco-friendly teeth purification. And here remember that in order to preserve the dental enamel, and this is the main means of prevention of caries, it is necessary not only full of power in terms of minerals and vitamins, but also an alkaline medium in the oral cavity.

Enamel is an incredibly strong substance, but has one weak place, it is susceptible to acids. And the simplest thing we can do is every time, after eating, especially if we ate some kind of fruit, something sweet, if we drank juices, and after any food it will not be superfluous - rinse the teeth warm Salt solution and soda.

Next, we give a number of recipes for the hygiene of the mouth in order to strengthen, purify and natural teeth treatment.

1. Larch chewing resin

This one hundred percent natural natural larch resin has an antimicrobial action, perfectly whitens his teeth, protects against caries, fighting with inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, helps with dental pain, stomatitis, various ARS, angina and viral diseases. The chewing of such natural "chewing" helps in the formation of the right bite in children. Removes smoking smoking, harmful snacks, improves the digestion process, helps to reduce blood sugar levels. It is recommended to use drivers during a long journey.

In addition, this resin contains vitamins of groups E, R, and, C, D, K, E, P, PP, iron, carotene, cobalt, manganese, calcium, copper, phosphorus, silicon, iodine.

2. Natural Tooth Powder

Mix natural white clay, soda and sea salt, grumbling in dust. Add a few drops of sage essential oil, carnations, tea tree and mix thoroughly. Immediately before brushing your teeth, rinse the brush with clean water and make a little spraying with hydrogen peroxide, then dip in the mixture. The brush will take so much powder as necessary for one procedure.

This natural composition has a number of healing properties:

White clay It is a good antiseptic, relieves irritation, inflammatory processes, fights with diseases of the deseen and strengthens the dental enamel, contributes to the dissolution of the dental stone.

Not everyone knows that clay is a mineral who was once a rock. As a result of geological activity, under the influence of tectonic movements, the rock rocks plucked many times in the deep layers of the earth's crust and rose again, as in the millstone in the powder, which consists of Miriads of mineral particles.

Clay color depends on its chemical composition. White clay contains such microelements as: zinc, magnesium, copper, nitrogen, calcium, potassium, and, especially important, silica. Silica (silicon) is a fundamental element for the construction of any cell. His deficiency in the body of a person is dangerous in that the absorption of all minerals becomes impossible for the cell, and minerals begin to be removed by the body from bones and including the teeth.

Kaolin Present in clay, copes with poisons, viruses and bacteria better than any antibiotics without side effects.

With sharp pains use clay compresses. Apply to the patient, the clay powder or a cake made of clay and distilled water, for the night. You can use the clay solution for rinsering the oral cavity.

Soda Creates the necessary alkaline environment in which bacteria cannot develop, and also gradually dissolves the dented stone. In addition, sodium bicarbonate increases the ability of enamel to absorb calcium, which naturally strengthens enamel.

In salt These valuable minerals are contained as: sodium, calcium, magnesium, silicon, phosphorus, nickel, iron, iodine. It is the same as the soda, obscures the environment, relieves inflammation, strengthens the dental enamel, prevents the formation of dental.

Small abrasive of this powder gently polishes his teeth without destroying enamel. Additional essential oils increase the effectiveness of this composition.

Tea tree - Powerful antiseptic, reduces the bleeding of the teeth, gently whithes the dental enamel. You can brush your teeth just a brush dipped in warm water with several drops of tea tree. The effect will be such - white teeth and fresh breathing.

Sage It has an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent effect, well helps with stomatitis, dental pain, bleeding dysen.

Carnation Improves blood circulation, fighting microbes, makes it easier to the toothpick and strengthens the dental roots.

3. Rinse mouth after eating

The rinsing of the mouth after taking food can significantly increase the service life of the teeth, and also refreshes breathing. What ringed your mouth?

The easiest and most accessible option is a simple drinking warm water. Water removes food residues that can be stuck between the teeth. It is impossible to rinse the teeth with cold water, especially after receiving hot food. The temperature change is destructive for enamel. It is better to use a salt and soda solution. The wonderful properties of salt and soda have already been listed above.

It is well used for rinse a solution of hydrogen peroxide. To do this, it is necessary to dissolve one teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide in half a glass of warm water. The duration of rinsing should be at least 5 minutes at a time, and it is desirable to apply such a procedure three times a day. The rinsing of hydrogen peroxide well cleans the teeth, contributes to the dissolution of the dental stone, carefully whitches, and also removes inflammatory processes and toothache.

For the removal of dental pain and when bleeding, the oak bark is good. This means, thanks to its binders, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory properties, helps to fight various diseases of the oral cavity, including stomatitis, periodontal disease, periodontitis, flux. In addition, the decoction of the bark of oak strengthens and suits the guise, which is the prevention of their diseases.

4. Rinse mouth oil

The rinsing of mouth oil - not only strengthens and gently whitens the dental enamel, but also cleans and heals the whole body. Make this procedure is important from the morning, on an empty stomach, before writing his teeth. Butter can be taken any, the main thing is that it is natural unrefined and preferably satisfied. For teeth perfectly suitable: sesame, coconut, linen or hemp. You can add a couple of droplets of tea tree essential oil, carnations, sage or rosemary.

Ringed mouth is needed - starting from 5 minutes and gradually bring up to 20 minutes. During rinsing, it is important to how to push the oil through the teeth, pull it forward, backward, left, right through the teeth. In the process of rinse, the oil changes color and consistency - this is normal.

It is believed that this procedure that came to us from the ancient science of Ayurveda pulls the slags, toxins and is able to heal even the most soothed diseases associated primarily with the digestive system. At the same time, the oils themselves are saturated with valuable minerals and vitamins.

After eating, you can also use rinse mouth with oil, but continue it for 5-10 minutes.

5. Cleansing language

In yoga, this procedure is called Dhauti. You need to perform it twice a day, in the morning, when we clean your teeth, and in the evening before bedtime. It is used at the same time a special scraper for a language that can be purchased in an Ayurvedic store, or use a simple teaspoon.

There are many toxins in our language, and it is necessary to remove them periodically to avoid their distribution both in the teeth and throughout the body. Cleaning the language follows from its base to the tip. It is necessary to do it carefully, so as not to imagine the mucous membrane, but at the same time consider the tax, periodically riding a scraper or a spoon under the jet of water.

Summing up, it must be said that the prevention of diseases, as always, is cheaper, easier and more efficient than treatment. It is necessary to understand that the natural treatment of teeth is possible, but it is directed to preserve, strengthen the teeth. The above methods are unlikely to restore the tooth, which is already destroyed almost completely or in which the holes dropped a year ago. The basis of the principles of naturally healthy life for generation is forward.

And it will be benefit not only for the beauty, health and longevity of our family, but for the whole society. After all, by its example, making changes today in its usual everyday behavior, we change the world.

10 ways to live without caries to old age

30 August 2017.

Reading time: 5 minutes

As a rule, by 30 years, a person already has several seals, there are carious processes or even remote teeth. But is it possible to live to old age, keeping your teeth healthy? What should you do for this? Avoiding the development of caries will help you 10 rules.

Pay due attention daily oral hygiene

You, for sure, is known that it is necessary to brush your teeth twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. For high-quality care about teeth you will need the following hygienic set:

To avoid the development of caries, it is very important not only to acquire all the necessary hygiene products, but also learn to brush your teeth correctly. First, the cleansing is subject to all surfaces of the teeth. To remove the plaque from the cheek and oral (internal) surfaces, the brushes produce vertical movements in the direction of the gums. When cleaning the chewing surfaces, forward moving forwards are performed. The language is a good reservoir for accumulation of microorganisms. Therefore, the back of the tongue also need to be cleaned using a conventional brush or special scrapers for this.

Once every six months attend the dentist

In the course of preventive inspection, you will receive an idea of ​​your oral hygiene level, learn about the presence of dental deposits. Under the guidance of an experienced dentist, you will pass teaching the rules for cleaning the teeth. The timely correction of the oral hygiene will allow you to avoid the development of caries in the future. With the help of prophylactic inspections, once every six months it is possible to identify carious processes even at the initial stage. This will allow you to eliminate them a less invasive way (with the removal of the minimum volume of tissues). Also during the inspection, you will learn about the hidden defects on the approximal (side) surfaces, which you may not even suspect.

Twice a year to carry out professional hygiene

Professional cleaning of teeth in the clinic "Super Smile" is performed in 3 stages: Skaling, AIR-FLOW polishing, finish polishing. The result will probably like it: impeccable cleansing of all the surfaces of the teeth from the dental stone and the plaque.

Professional cleaning completely eliminates the teeth from the plaque, protecting them from the development of caries, and warns the development of inflammatory processes in the gums. With this procedure, you retain the health of the teeth and adjacent tissues. Professional hygiene is the only effective medicine from caries.

It is especially important to regularly undergo professional hygiene smokers. At home, with the help of a conventional brush and paste, it is impossible to achieve high-quality elimination of tobacco pigmentation. Only professional cleaning allows you to return the teeth of their natural whiteness. After the procedure, you will become a shining smile holder.

In the presence of orthodontic pathology (in the case of bite anomaly, with a narrowing of dental arcs), the hygienist needs to be attended once every six months or even more often. The crowded position of the teeth worsens the quality of hygiene, and in this case you just need professional care.

Drinking gas, sports drinks, energy, orange juice, water with lemon should only be through the tube. The use of some drinks without a tube can cause damage to the teeth. After using such beverages, it is necessary to rinse the cavity of the mouth with water - it will make it possible to wash off sugar and acid.

In the presence of non-removable orthodontic equipment on the procedure of professional hygiene, it is necessary to record once every 3-4 months. So you significantly reduce the risk of caries

Avoid drinking sweet products

Sugar serves as a nutrient medium to maintain the vital activity of cariesogenic (causing caries) Bacteria Streptococcus Mutants. When fermentation (recycling), acids are formed by acid bacteria, aggressively affecting the tooth tissue. And what is important: after eating sweets or chocolate, the teeth are exposed to acids at least within the next 3 hours. Therefore, chewing candies, iris, caramels, which are in the oral cavity for a long time, should be excluded at all from the diet. Eat sweets once a day in the form of a dessert after the main meal. And even better - replace the easily carbohydrate fruit.

In the event of problems with teeth - immediately contact the dentist

Turning to the dentist at the first symptoms, you will avoid further problems with your teeth, long-term treatment and large financial costs.

Fix the pathology of the bite

The crowded position of the teeth, the pathology of the bite contribute to the accumulation of food residues in interdental intervals. With orthodontic pathology, natural purification processes are violated. Fixing bite and leveling of dental rows using bracket systems will allow you to avoid the development of multiple carious processes.

By exercising an orthodontic correction in the clinic "Super Smile", you get a guarantee of observance of planned time and consistently high treatment.

Remove the deficit of fluorine

Fluorine plays essential in the processes of enamel and dentin. It has a caribrotector (protects enamel from caries) action, forming more resistant compounds with calcium and phosphorus than other calcium salts.

Teeth can not be used as a tool

Fluorine ions are most actively accumulated in the tissues of the tooth immediately after its teething at the mineralization stage.

Fluorides penetrate into enamel from saliva. Fluorine flaw raises the risk of caries. Regular replenishment of the deficit of fluorides will help you in the prevention of the carious process.

Do not expose your teeth with the effects of contrast temperatures.

The use of ice ice cream together with hot coffee leads to the formation of enamel microcracks, provokes the development of increased sensitivity of teeth. Avoid consuming cold after hot and cold.

Timely treat dairy teeth in children

Many parents believe that milks teeth do not require special hygienic care, since they are temporary. This is an incorrect opinion. Start cleaning the milk teeth in a child immediately after their teething. When the carious process appears, the silvering is taken or detach the defect. Timely treatment of dairy teeth will help your children avoid their premature removal. You significantly reduce the risk of violation of the timing of the dishonor of permanent teeth and the formation of orthodontic pathology. In time, curing a milk tooth in a child in time, you will prevent the spread of pathogenic microorganisms, damage or death of a constant tooth.

Thanks to modern minimally invasive treatment techniques that are used in the clinic "Super Smile", you can restore the integrity of temporary teeth in a child quickly, efficiently and painlessly.

Fit balanced

To keep your teeth healthy, use products rich in calcium. This is milk, cottage cheese, cheese.

Open packages with chips or tin cans teeth are categorically prohibited. Do not use your teeth as a opener or scissors, otherwise you risk breaking them. The opening of the packaging with scissors is worth nothing, but the restoration of the tooth - the procedure is not cheap.

During pregnancy, the daily calcium rate increases and is 1,500-2,000 mg / day

This is especially important during pregnancy. After all, in this period from the body, the woman is washed out by calcium, necessary for the development of the fetus.

Ascorbic acid is an important vitamin, the strengthening wall of the vessels and preventing the development of increased bleeding gums. Daily use the daily rate of vitamin C, and your gums will be healthy.

Sign up for a free consultation in the clinic "Super Smile" by phone: +7 (812) 575-56-01 And we will take care of the health of your teeth!

about the author

Israeli Artur Munashevich

A couple of centuries ago, problems with teeth were relatively rare. Good ecology and natural nutrition of our recent ancestors A better contributed to the preservation of the dentition, and only the "bad" heredity or injury was forced to seek medical care. Today, the counters of shops are literally breaking away from the care of the oral cavity. However, the queue to the dentist is not reduced, and its patients are becoming younger. What is the reason for this unpleasant phenomenon?

Our contemporaries need to pay tribute - with all the variety of ways to preserve healthy teeth, we rarely use professional recommendations, launching this issue on Samotek. Food, which we take, can be called useful with a huge stretch, and its thorough grinding and long-term culinary processing makes products too soft. Even fresh vegetables salad in the hands of professional chefs turns into something light and air, which does not require additional "dental effort". And, of course, the love of sweets, literally destroying dental enamel and toothbrush.

Gigiena1.All listed most negatively affects the state of the teeth. Fast destruction, frequent fallout, numerous diseases, pain and discomfort - almost every person with these unpleasant phenomena. But it's never too late to change your lifestyle and attitude to teeth! Attention to the diet, the fulfillment of the recommendations of specialists and the refusal of everything that the danger of dentition is in itself - and you can smile with your grandchildren by a Hollywood smile, and not to demonstrate the best samples of implants or prosthetic designs.

How to keep your teeth healthy to old age? Successfulness - constancy

It is easy to achieve success in the preservation of your health, provided that you will deal with this question not from time to time, but on an ongoing basis. One-time measures are practically useless here, and if you make the rules for the care of your constant habit, success is guaranteed.

  1. The rule number one is daily tooth cleaning. In this case, the task is somewhat more complicated - the procedure should last at least three minutes, and its goal should be not a dazzling brilliance, but a thorough cleaning of the intersbaneous space and the most hard-to-reach places where the remains of food accumulate.
  2. Caring for teeth after meals - no less morning washing is important. Fully remove product particles and make the oral cavity, it will help with pure water or weak brine.
  3. Toothbrush change - the question is not only the quality of cleaning, but also your personal hygiene. In a wet medium, a set of bacteria, which "like" live in the oral cavity accumulates. Only the replacement of the brush will protect you from their intervention and at the same time will better improve the cleaning process due to the good stiffness of the villi.
  4. Competent approach to the selection of the brush. Priority here - in models of medium hardness, effectively cleansing teeth and not injured gum fabric. Skotes towards excess hardness or softness can cause bleeding of the mucous membrane or make cleaning almost useless.
  5. Electroker - minimum risk, maximum convenience and excellent process quality - your smile will conquer others with impeccable appearance, and visits to the dentist will acquire only prophylactic nature.
  6. Chewing gum: When the image is nothing, and the desire to keep healthy teeth is all. If there is no toothbrush at hand, and you just have snacks, use a rummy, which will easily clean the oral cavity from food residues and return the breath. Freshness.
  7. Dental floss. Simply, quickly, safely and very effectively, if we are talking about the removal of rough food residues that deliberate inconvenience.
  8. Stripping is the best way to prevent or slow down the development of inflammation in the oral cavity and refresh your breath. Pick up the appropriate antibacterial composition and do not forget to use it with the recommended frequency to feel a pleasant freshness effect.
  9. Using fluorine paste, especially recommended for smokers. If you are not yet able to give up this habit, take care to bring the teeth minimal harm. In the Asepta line, this is the paste "Asepta Plus coffee and tobacco". The chemical composition is selected in such a way as to strengthen the dental enamel and improve its appearance, at the same time contributing to its mineralization and refreshing breathing.
  10. The change of toothpaste is not just the ability to check the effectiveness of different dental products, but also the best chance to cope with microbes that quickly get used to the composition of pasta and not reacting to its action. Having preference to the pastes "Asepta", you will provide teeth and gums professional care at home, which will affect their health.

And, of course, visiting the dentist is not less than once for six months. Only in this case will be able to recognize and eliminate a serious disease on time, while maintaining the integrity of the dentition and avoiding a long, painful and expensive treatment.

Revision of the diet to preserve the health of the teeth

Products harmful to teeth

  • Coffee and tea, without which no morning and working day do not. Caffeine, Contained In the specified products, makes a dental enamel loose, and it loses its protective properties.
  • Sugar and sweet products, which are especially abused by children. After each meal completed by a sweet table, be sure to rinse the mouth so that the food particles melted, and not left between the teeth.
  • Dairy products - Frame-sided after their use is able to destroy dental enamel, despite the calcium content, useful for dental fabric. It will also help rinsing, especially if you drank or ate something dairy before bedtime.

In addition, too hot or very cold products are extremely harmful, especially if you use them one by one. The temperature differences negatively affect the dental enamel and contribute to its destruction, especially when there are microcracks.

Please note: all the listed rules are relevant not only for adults, but also for children. As soon as the child proceeds to receive hard food, it must be accustomed to the oral hygiene and remind of rinse the mouth after each meal. And try not to indulge the baby sweet - even strong teeth will not stand the aggressive impact of sugar and begin to quickly collapse.

Products useful for teeth health

Gigiena1.Among the explicit leaders - cottage cheese, cheese, spinach and beans containing substances in which are able to have the most positive effect on the condition of enamel and tissue of teeth. Also very useful fish and seafood, known for their positive impact on various organs and tissues of the human body. To clean your teeth, it is recommended to eat nuts, solid fresh vegetables and fruits. They will bring more benefits at times than popular confectionery.

For kids who have teeth, doctors are recommended to prepare calcined cottage cheese. It is easy to get it - when preparing a product made of milk, just add chlorinated calcium to the mixture, pre-clarifying the recipe from the pediatrician. It will not affect the taste of a finished dish, but the calcium content in cottage cheese will rise at times, and the teeth of the child will grow faster and pleasantly surprise children's doctors with their impeccable health.

Teeth health as an indicator of the body's condition

Is the state of teeth with human health? Numerous studies have proven direct dependence among these aspects. So, a few hundred years ago, in the dark periods of medieval slavery and serfdom, the health of hired workers and bought servants were checked precisely on the state of the teeth, and this method of diagnosis was no less effective than modern ultrasound and tomography. So, if you have low immunity, diseases of the digestive system, metabolic disorders, all this will not slow down to affect the state and appearance of the tooth row. Therefore, the first signs of any dental unhealthy is a faithful reason to postpone things and pass a comprehensive body examination, so as not to eliminate the consequence, but also to identify the cause of permanent dental problems.

How to keep your teeth healthy and strong? Tips of traditional medicine

National experience has accumulated a lot of valuable tips for preserving the health of the teeth. These recommendations are relevant today, despite the abundance of official medicine.

  • The composition of honey and salt (respectively 1 tbsp. Spoon and 0.5 teaspoons) Use as a massage mixture for the processing of gums. Very soon they will cease to bleed, and the teeth will not be fused in the holes.
  • Credit with a dental stone will help lemon, field hand and black radish. The substances contained in these products are destroyed and softened by the dental, contributing to the removal.
  • Black stripes on the edges of the teeth - a dubious decoration, from which you can easily get rid of. You will help the husks of the beans and the root of the burdock. A strong decoction based on these substances must be used as a rinse several times a day, and the result will not make himself wait.
  • With the task of strengthening enamel, a mixture of AIR and Propolis Infuses will perfectly cope. A long rinsing of the mouth with this mixture will help to quickly restore the teeth and gums.
  • The bark of oak will help when dealing with inflammation and ulcers on the mucous membrane. Rinse before SHO will remove redness, cope with infection and remove the smell, even if you abuse smoking.

However, remember that the funds of traditional medicine are not suitable for everyone, and their effectiveness has not been proven by experts. You should not run the problem in search of optimal treatment, use professional tools from the Asepta line.

Clinical researches

Asepta toothpastes are characterized by proven clinically efficiency. For example, it was confirmed that the regular use of the professional toothpaste of asepta coffee and tobacco during the month improved the humidification of the mucous membrane by 3.3 times, the remineralizing efficiency increases 3.9 times, at the same time cleansing effect has an increasing dynamics and reaches 60 , 5% for 4 weeks of application.


  1. Clinical and laboratory assessment of the influence of the domestic medical and prophylactic toothpaste based on vegetable extracts on the state of the oral cavity in patients with a simple marginal gingivitis.

  2. D.M., Professor Yelovikova T.M.1, K.Kh.n., Associate Professor Yermishin E.Yu. 2, D.T.N. Associate Professor Belokonova N.A. 2.

  3. Department of Therapeutic Dentistry Umbum1, Department of General Chemistry UGM2

Report on the definition / confirmation of the prophylactic properties of the toothpaste "Asept Plus" coffee and tobacco

Author: Researcher A.A. Leontyev, head. Department of Preventive Stomatology, D.M., Professor S.B. Ulitovsky.

First St. Petersburg State Medical University. Acad. I.P. Pavlova, Department of Preventive Dentistry

Report on the definition / confirmation of the preventive properties of toothpaste "Asepta Plus" Big bleaching "

Author: Researcher A.A. Leontyev, head. Department of Preventive Stomatology, D.M., Professor S.B. Ulitovsky

First St. Petersburg State Medical University. Acad. I.P. Pavlova, Department of Preventive Dentistry

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Simferopol, 30 Mar - RIA Novosti Crimea.

To ensure the health of the teeth, you need to follow several rules and reconsider your daily habits. This writes "Ridus". It is important to ensure the protection of dental enamel from damage, care for the gums and prevent accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity.

Smile 2.jpg.

Cancel rough cleaning

Teeth need to be cleaned regularly, however, excessively aggressive cleaning can cause damage to gums and dental enamels, as well as cause increased sensitivity and pain. Also due to too strong and hard cleaning, the gum recession may occur, which will lead to the exposure of the roots of the teeth. In order not to harm your teeth, you need to use conventional brushes with soft bristle or electrolates with pressure sensor.

It is impossible to creak teeth

Some of us creak teeth in a dream and sometimes do not even realize this. Crossing teeth can lead to their destruction and formation of caries. That this does not happen, you need to wear a special protective kap for the night, which will create a barrier between your teeth and will not allow me to contact with each other.

10 secrets how to keep your teeth to old age

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