"Safis" (restaurant) - True masterpiece and excellent luxury

Noting a number of events, it is very important to choose a place to hold it. There are a large number of restaurants in Moscow, but a special institution is the Palace of Safis's celebrations. He will conquer your heart with a dazzling interior, an incredible atmosphere, as well as unmatched cuisine.

"Safis" - a real diamond among Moscow restaurants

True masterpiece and excellent luxury is the Palace of Safis's celebrations. The restaurant produces a strong impression by its palace architecture. His exquisite expensive interior causes direct associations with palaces in Monaco or Monte Carlo. In the very center of the hall hangs a chic crystal chandelier. Its diameter is 3.5 meters. All space under the dome is filled with amazing and unique painting, and also decorated with stucco.

Safis restaurant

The floor is posted excellent ornament. Unusual light is obtained thanks to the arched windows. From such a dazzling beauty, guests are captured by the Spirit. So unlikely "Safis". The restaurant is decorated using the highest quality, expensive and exclusive materials. Here is a crystal, gilding, marble, and tissue decor. Therefore, the prestige of this institution cannot be exaggerated.

Information about the restaurant

Restaurant Safis Reviews

The building stands separately. Its area covers three thousand square meters. The scene for the speech of stars of various scale is made in accordance with the latest technical standards. It was carefully planned, and on its construction and equipment it took a considerable period of time. The scene is the subject of pride of the founders. A set of sound musical equipment is designed for 5-10 kW. On the territory there is a free guarded parking of an open type, which accommodates thirty cars. You can get to the restaurant both on your personal car and public transport. Safis is located in the central district near the Kievskaya metro station at: Vorobyevskoe highway, 2b. A huge institution's hall can accommodate more than 800 people. Phone: 8 (499) 322-01-49.

Restaurant "Safis" (Moscow) - the best palace for a fabulous wedding

This unique and amazing institution is the best place in Moscow to carry out such an important solemn event as a wedding. Palace architecture, a chic interior and an exquisite menu will make the event truly magic. The atmosphere of wealth and the spirit of greatness reigns here. Choosing this restaurant, you can be sure that your wedding will be enchanting and an unforgettable event number one. You will move to another dimension, full luxury and charming with its splendor. Impressions from such a divine place will be fused the bowl of the most positive emotions. For your friends and acquaintances, it will be an example for imitation. Do not be surprised if the former guests will be called for some kind of event, will be "Safis" - a restaurant where you once celebrated the wedding. He is striking everyone at first glance, and not so easy to forget about him.

Restaurant Safis Moscow

Rich and famous in the restaurant "Safis"

Chic, shine, beauty, prestige - all this characterizes a banquet hall with a congestive name "Safis". The restaurant is chosen to celebrate the most important life-star life events, rich businessmen and other no less popular and noble personalities. So, for example, the golden voice of Russia Nikolai Baskov celebrated his thirty-year anniversary here. Celebrated his marriage in this institution and singer Alsu. Arkady Ukupnik noted his sixtieth anniversary here. Lera Kudryavtseva and Igor Makarov played a wedding here with a scope. A secular wedding took place in this institution from a businessman Joseph Kazanjian and his chosen Diana Garanian.

It is not surprising that all these events took place at the highest level.

Safis restaurant prices

Menu of the institution "Safis"

The restaurant is highlighted in a special variety of proposals and the presence of special and incredible dishes. All of them are prepared, taking into account the individual preferences of each client. European cuisine will be delighted even the most arring guests. That is why visitors choose the restaurant "Safis". Prices here, of course, are quite high. So, the treatment of one person on a banquet will cost about ten thousand rubles. But it's worth it! The menu may include:

Safis restaurant photo
  • Cold snacks: a medallion from a giant Langstum fillet, assorted bird, antipaste, young cress, melfo, mini cherry and a leaf of young beets, assorted caviar (flying fish, black, trout, salmon).
  • Salads: from cousin with dried fruits, fresh cilantro, "Portabello" mushrooms and dried olives. All this is served in a light dressing of garlic with lime. Salad "NISUAZ".
  • Hot snacks: Assorted seafood cooked on the grill; foie gras.
  • Hot dishes: Fish fillet "Sea Salt"; steak of duck fillet; lamb.
  • Dessert: Wedding cake.

Restaurant "Safis". Reviews

Other people's opinions about visiting the establishment is the most objective description of the restaurant. The detailed reviews about the Banquet Hall "Safis" will help to form the final opinion of the future guests.

Safis restaurant photo

Many believe that this is the best place to hold weddings. All who here visited, emphasize that this is a chic and prestigious Palace of celebrations. Friendly and conscious staff are carefully selected. Attracts the attention of a rich and luxurious interior who has a restaurant "Safis" (the photo of the institution is contained in the article). The most important thing is what guests say, there is a very tasty and diverse kitchen. Amazing delicacies will be delighted.

Thus, the Safis restaurant is impressive of its visitors with a chic and expensive interior, exclusive design, tasty and diverse food. Here we repeatedly celebrated weddings and anniversaries Popular stars of Russia. After visiting this institution, you will be in the seventh heaven from happiness. And if you plan to celebrate the wedding here, then your holiday will be the most magical event that you will be remembered and your guests.

Safis is known in lush celebrations: the son of the Safmar Group owner Mikhail Gucherieva Said and the son of the owner of the Tashir group of Samvel Karapetyan Sarkis, celebrated the birthdays of Philip Kirkorov, and Vladislav Tretyak, celebrated the weddings. During the holidays in Safis, in particular, Alla Pugacheva, Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Sting.

Partner Colliers International Stanislav Bibik assesses the building of 0.6-1 billion rubles, noting that the object is very niche and give it an accurate assessment is difficult. The hall was in demand, but from the point of view of investment, sustainable business to the asset there are questions, especially with the fact that the events industry turned out to be one of the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, indicates a Bibik. It will be difficult to use the building other than for events, it will be difficult: to accommodate a separate restaurant, the object is too large, and for the gastromarket - the place is too unfinished, adds the head of the Development of Concepts of the CBRE shopping centers, Ivan Artemov. It does not exclude that the building may turn out to be adapted under medical purposes.

Telman Ismailov

Two years ago, the owner of the VI Holding, the longtime friend and partner of the head of the head of Rostech, Sergei Chezisova, joined the chapter of the head of Rostech, who was assessed by $ 600 million in 2019 for $ 600 million. Master Limn, so money from the sale of an asset will be used primarily to meet his requirements, clarifies Bearda from Forward Legal. The materials of the court case indicate that the deposit arose in 2011, when Matchitsky gave $ 30 million to Ismailov's debt. Now the requirements of the owner of VI Holding in the amount of 1.8 billion rubles. Included in the register of claims of creditors "AST TRANS MARKET".

But the collateral is secured not all the debt to the Master, but only 67.8 million rubles, follows from the judicial materials. If the cost of the revenue funds from the sale of an asset exceeds the size of the Master's claims as the creditor "AST TRANS MARKET", secured by the deposit, the difference will go into the competitive mass and will be distributed on the general reasons, which adds beardabs.

The press service of VI Holding did not respond to RBC questions, redirecting them by the competition manager Alexander Volodin. He was sent a request.

Fate of other assets of Ismailov

The main income of Telman Ismailov brought the Cherkizovsky workers market, which was closed in 2009. After that, Ismailov began to take new loans to pay with the old, gradually this situation led to the bankruptcy of a businessman, which is coming from December 2015.

The largest lenders of Ismailov - VTB Bank (the requirement of 3.3 billion rubles and $ 286 million) and the head of the Mangazewa group Sergey Yangchukov, whom Ismailov took 8.5 billion rubles.

In 2017, Telman Ismailov was arrested in absentia and declared international wanted list. He is accused of organizing murders and illegal arms circulation. In February 2020, the court sentenced Brother Telman Ismailov Rafa to 17 years of correctional colony of a strict murder regime. According to investigators, Rafik Ismailov organized the murder on request of his brother Telman.

The assets of Ismailov who fell into the competitive mass are gradually selling:

  • Among the latest large transactions - the sale last year of the Prague restaurant building on Arbat co-owner of the Cheryomushkinsky market, a restaurant and hotel by Miroslav Melnik. He told RBC, which was attracted to the project of the entrepreneur Konstantin Beiges, who since last summer belongs half of the project. Another half of the building, according to EGRN and the register, from March 2020 belongs to Ex-Senator Igor Kamensky. Melnik clarified that the object is piled by Kamensky on repo transaction, it is planned that the asset will return to the ownership of Melnik until the end of the year. Kamensky information about the pledge confirmed.
  • In July 2020, Skolkovo Golf Club, owned by Millhouse Roman Abramovich for 50 million rubles. I bought a plot of 24 acres in Skolkovo. This is a asphalted land, which from the south borders with the territory of the Golf Club. The press service of MillHouse clarified that they would use a purchased area for parking and do not plan to buy other assets of Ismailov.
  • In 2019, for 221 million rubles. The rights to implement the project for the construction of a hotel in Nikitsky Boulevard, 6/20 were sold. He was bought by the structure of the Agricant State Bank "Agrarcredit".
  • On August 27, 2020, Bidding on the residential real estate of Ismailov should have been held, but they did not file any application. The price of these assets was reduced after an unsuccessful attempt to sell them at the beginning of the year. The total cost of residential real estate and land of Ismailov was estimated almost 320 million rubles. Among the assets - apartments on Kutuzovsky Prospekt and in the village of Zarechye, Nadaleko from Skolkovo, as well as two country houses.

The House of Celebrations "Safis" on the Sparrow Mountains in Moscow, who previously belonged by one of the former owner of the Cherkizovsky market of Telman Ismailov, decided to sell at the bidding under the bankruptcy procedure. The object is estimated at about 0.6-1 billion rubles, writes RBC.

Currently, the building belongs to another company - AST TRANS MARKET. Money from the sale of Lot will first turn to the businessman Vitaly Mastotsky - a long-time partner of the chapter "Rostech" Sergey Chezzova. The entrepreneur is a lender Ismailov at the time of his possession of the "wedding palace" (in 2011, he gave him $ 30 million), so claims to the main share.

A two-storey mansion area of ​​nearly four thousand "squares" with crystal chandeliers, marble floors and gilded stairs built in 2005. The architect of Building Tatiana Mironova said that the customer asked to make a luxurious interior, resembling palaces in Monte Carlo and other regions of Monaco. Outside Safis, also stands out arched windows, columns and stucco.

The son of the owner of the Safmar group Mikhail Gutserieva Said and the son of the Tashir owner of Samvel Karapetyan Sarkis, and also celebrated the birthdays of Philip Kirkorov and Vladislav Tretyak, were celebrated here. During the celebrations in "Safis", artists were performed as Alla Pugacheva, Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez and Sting.

According to experts, use Safisu for something, in addition to holding events, it will be difficult to: for the placement of the restaurant, the lot is too large, and for the gastromarket - too unfinished. It is assumed that the building may be able to adapt for medical purposes.

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"Safis" (restaurant) - True masterpiece and excellent luxury

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