How to clean the pineapple at home - step-by-step photos and lifehaki

Publication date: 03/31/2019

Tasty and fragrant pineapple is able to become pride and decoration of any table, a highlight of a corporate dish, an interesting addition to salad or a snack. True, there is one complexity: clean and cut a fresh tropical fruit, while retaining its beautiful appearance, quite not easy. In this case, the most delicious part is located directly under the skin, so it is better to cut it as thin and gently as possible. How to rotate such manipulations quickly and without more effort, while maintaining the natural beauty of pineapple? Useful lifefall from experienced owners will help to cope with such a problem!

Tricks and Useful Tips

In order for the pineapple to be better cleaned, the fruit should choose correctly. Ideally, they should be mature, but not too soft, otherwise the aromatic juice will flow during cleaning, and the pieces will succeed with flabby and shapeless. Therefore, before buying, be sure to skit the fruit - it should be elastic and heavy, with a dense juicy skin without brown or green spots.

It is also possible to estimate the degree of maturity by the pineapple pineapple. Try to pull one leaf out of the core - if it is easy to separate from the fetus, you can safely put pineapple to the basket. If the leaves have not yet managed to dry, most likely, the fruit will be slightly disturbed or with sourness.

Easy way to clean pineapple with a knife: step-by-step photos and recommendations

To enjoy the tropical aroma and the tart of pineapple taste at home, it will take quite a bit of patience and maximum accuracy when working with a knife. Just follow the algorithm proposed - and you can easily handle the task:

  1. Take a ripe pineapple, rinse it thoroughly under running water and wash with dry napkins to remove excess moisture.
  2. Place the fruit on the side and carefully remove the top with the tail and the bottom, trying to keep the greatest amount of meakty. For such manipulations, a large sharp knife is required - the peel has a rather dense structure, so it is not always easy to cut.
  3. Pain pineapple vertically on one of the cuts and cut the thin layer of the peel. Do not be afraid if dark "eyes" will remain on the pulp - it should be.
  4. After cutting the peel, carefully inspect the pineapple on the subject of "eyes": they are usually located on the helix, so they are easier to cut, making diagonal cuts on the side part. As a result, you should have a solid line-spiral that will be beautifully looked by the flesh of the fruit.
  5. Two vertical cuts divide the purified fruit into 4 parts and remove the fibrous core.

After that, you can safely cut the fruit in any convenient way - all inedible parts are completely removed!

3 options beautifully arrange fruit cutting

Properly selected pineapple is a pretty juicy fruit, which is uncomfortable eating hands. Therefore, adding it to the fruit cutting, you should think over the options for how guests will use it. Top 3 convenient and spectacular ways to cut pineapple help not only facilitate this process, but also beautifully serve the table assorted fruit:

  1. "Shashliks". Perhaps one of the most popular and interesting options for decorating pineapple are spanks that combine several types of fruits. To do this, it is necessary to longly cut the received fourth fourths of pineapple by 2 parts and carefully chore each medium-sized cubes, which will be convenient to wear on the improvised wooden skewers. You can alternate pineapple cubes with mandarins, major grape berries, kiwi pieces and other fruits of bright contrasting colors - from this assorted of fruit skewers will look even appetizing.

  1. Rings and half rings. If you need to cut pineapple rings or half rings, you should not cut the purified fruit to the parts to remove the core - in this case it will have to be a little tinted, cutting it upon it after grinding fruit. In this case, you must first cut the pineapple by the selected way, and then carefully cut the core with a knife, trying not to damage the flesh.

  1. Slices. The easiest way to apply pineapple to the table is to simply cut it into it with slices of medium thickness. They can be stacked along the fruit cutting or lay out in a checkerboard, decorative plastic skewers.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of enjoy a juicy exotic fruit: spending some time on its cleaning, you can get not only a gastronomic pleasure from a saturated refreshing taste, but also a portion of vitamin C, useful trace elements and antioxidants, which are in abundance in pineapple!

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Pineapple is an incredibly tasty and healthy fruit. However, pleasure from it can be spoiled by the cutting process. The knife constantly clench, pieces are irregular. However, there are three ways that will quickly enjoy a delicious and juicy flesh.

Method number 1.

Cut the pineapple crown. Little knife Slide the top along the segments to remove it. By the way, you can put the crown into the water and grow a new pineapple from it.

Rolled the fetus on the cutting board, slightly suppress it to separate small segments from the central part. After that, press each separately to separate the piece along with the skin. If pineapple is not very ripe, you can use a knife, cutting the segments from the peel to facilitate the work.

Method No. 2.

Cut the crown and the top of the pineapple. Cut the peel. Small eyes will remain in the pulp. Remove the eyes with a knife cross movement.

Cut the fully cleaned pineapple to the quarter and remove the solid core. After that, divide the pineapple to pieces of the desired size.

Method number 3.

Cut the crown and the top of the fruit. Cut the peel, the knife is a little deeper than in the method number 2, immediately cutting the eyes.

When the pineapple is cleared, divide it to the quarter, remove from each kernel and cut into pieces of the desired size. This method will be less energy-intensified than the second, but you lose more pulp.

Read more every way you can find in the video below.

How quickly and correctly clean pineapple

Exotic fruit with juicy, fragrant pulp loved by many people of our country. You can buy it in any supermarket, but after buying many wonder: how to clean pineapple? Because of the dense embossed peel, it seems difficult to do it, but this impression is deceptive: there are several ways to quickly remove the barbed shell and get to delicacy.

How to choose

How quickly and correctly clean pineapple

So that the fruit pleased with sweetness and ripeness, you should pay attention to several important points before buying:

  • Green "Khokholok" should be thick and beautiful, and the leaves are dense. At the same time, the mature fruit leaves will break off quickly and effortlessly. If the greens are not amenable, put pineapple to the place - it still needs to be trimmed;
  • The peel should be brown-yellow or with a slight greenish tint. If it is completely brown, it means that Pineapple fell;
  • Ripe fruits elastic, but not tough, if they squeeze them, they are a little sold under the fingers;
  • Avoid fruits on which there are dents and damage: they may be disgusted inside. You can learn about imperceptible damage by smell: a strong sweet aroma indicates the impaired integrity of the shell.

The correctly selected fruit is not only tastier, it is much easier to clean it.

Tip: If you do not plan to eat pineapples in the near future, do not buy them immediately in large quantities. At home, it is difficult to create suitable conditions for storage, so the fruits will quickly begin to deteriorate.

What is needed for cleaning

How quickly and correctly clean pineapple

Long and sharp knife. Pineapple peel is rather dense, and the fruit itself is large, so the tool for cleaning must be as comfortable as possible.

Cutting board. It is better to use plastic or glass, since they are easily laundered from juice and in principle are more preferable from the point of view of hygiene.

Capacity for pulp. The usual deep bowl is suitable, in which you can beautifully lay out the chopped fruit.

We choose the optimal way

First method

  • Cut the top with the "Khokholcom" and the bottom of the pineapple. To make it convenient to clean it, you need to remove approximately centimeter of the peel, capturing a small amount of meakty.
  • Put the fruit on the cutting board. Enter the knife into the flesh as close to the peel.
  • Carefully cut the pulp in a circle. If the knife is quite long and sharp, it will not be difficult.
  • Push the "barrel" of the meat from the shell and remove the remaining "eyes". To do this, we can use a peeler: their sharp spouts are intended just to cut the "eyes" and allow you to remove only unnecessary splashes by saving the pulp.
  • After completed to clean the fruit, proceed to further processing. How to chop it depends on what exactly you want to cook.
Tip: If you want the pieces to be juicy, cut them thoroughly. The thinner the slices, the less juice in them.

Second way

  • Remove the top with greens and bottom.
  • Put the "barrel" on the cutting board and gently cut the strip of the shell, moving from top to bottom. To minimize the losses of the pulp, you need to clean the skin with narrow stripes. Turn the pineapple in a circle until you remove the whole shell.
  • Ready, you can cut pineapple as required for further preparation.

Third way

If you do not fundamentally get pineapple rings, you can clean the fruit even easier.

  • Remove the top and bottom.
  • Cut the pineapple along into two parts, then every half another two parts.
  • Clean each slices with a sharp knife, remove eyes from the pulp.
  • Now you can cut pineapple with triangles and prepare salads, decorate the desserts or other ways to use the obtained delicacy.

Important moment

How quickly and correctly clean pineapple

The solid core of pineapple is inedible, so before the feed you need to remove it. You can do this in several ways:

  • A sharp knife cut the middle of the "Barrel" with the flesh.
  • Clean the fruit in any way, cut the flesh with rings and remove the core from each rings.
  • Cut the fruit in half and scroll through the core with a spoon or knife.
  • Clean and cut the pineapple into four parts, cut out unnecessary.

Now you know how to clean the pineapple, so at any moment you can please yourself with an exotic fruit without spending time and nerves on its cutting.

A source

Exotic fruit with juicy, fragrant pulp loved by many people of our country. You can buy it in any supermarket, but after buying many wonder: how to clean pineapple at home? Because of the dense embossed peel, it seems difficult to do it, but this impression is deceptive: there are several ways to quickly remove the barbed shell and get to delicacy.

Tools for cleaning

Prepare such objects for pineapple cleaning:

  1. Long and sharp knife.  Pineapple peel is rather dense, and the fruit itself is large, so the tool for cleaning must be as comfortable as possible.
  2. Cutting board. It is better to use plastic or glass, since they are easily laundered from juice and in principle are more preferable from the point of view of hygiene.
  3. Capacity for pulp. The usual deep bowl is suitable, in which you can beautifully lay out the chopped fruit.

how to clean pineapple 1

Some business stores sell special devices: they are clean and cut fruit. However, this device is not at all necessary.

Step-by-step instructions and ways to clean pineapple

Before starting to clean pineapple at home, thoroughly wash it. Since the fruit has inedible parts, be sure to remove them, regardless of the selected method of cleaning. These elements include:

  • Green top;
  • scaly peel;
  • rigid core.

When the skin is discontinued, dark eyes always remain in the pulp, to remove them, apply a potatoeller or a sharp knife.

Vertical trimming

If in culinary purposes you need to get smooth pineapple rings, you have to use a little troublesome, but a very economical way. To work you will need a sharp knife with a thin blade and a comfortable handle.

how to clean pineapple 2

  1. First, remove the rosette with the leaves, and then gently cut the top and bottom of the fetus, but not more than 2 cm on each side. Thus, pineapple will become similar to a steady barrel and it will be much more convenient to clean.
  2. Now put a pineapple cut side on the cutting board. It is advisable to place the board so that it does not slide on the surface.
  3. Cut the skin with smooth vertical movements, trying not to affect the flesh.
  4. After that, remove the eyes and residues of the peel. It is convenient to do with a knife for cleaning fruits.

Cut your eyes can also with potato. For this you need to carefully walk along the surface of pineapple by spiral movements. The last method is much easier, but there is a lot of valuable pulp.

Emptying meakty

If the main task is not in the preservation of the pulp, but in saving time, then there is a clever way to get a cherished pulp in two minutes. To do this, you need a long sharp knife with a solid blade.

First cut the bases of pineapple, as in the first way. Then shove the blade as close as possible to the peel, and cut the pulp from the peel as smooth circular motion. Then push the flesh and remove the eyes. This option takes very little time, but the waste of pulp is much more.

how to clean pineapple 3

Tip! Cleansing pineapples from the peel, try to cut it as thinner as possible, since it is under it that most vitamins and organic acids concentrate. Therefore, the knife for cleaning the peel should be perfectly sharp.

Eastern Cleaning

In most Eastern countries, pineapple is considered an integral part of the dessert and is supplied as well as a melon. Only greens and core are removed, and the peel serves as a stand.

To prepare Pineapple "A la Melon" Clean the peel from pollution, and divide the fetus into four oblong parts. Then a thin knife separated the fibrous core. Now separate the flesh from the skins on each quarter. Cut pineapple with portion slices, and place them on the peel in the chess and beautifully put on the serving plate.

Selective cleaning

If you are not going to immediately use the whole pineapple, for example, you need to treat a baby or prepare a small portion of salad, it is better not to clean the fruit completely. After cleaning, pineapple very quickly loses its taste notes and quickly deteriorate.

In order not to translate such a valuable product, you can cut off a few rings, and then with the help of a conventional knife to cut the peel. Then just split the ring on the slices and delete the middle. Pineapple residue better in the refrigerator, where it can be stored for several days.

how to clean pineapple 4

Interesting! For pineapple cuts, it is better to use two knives: one to remove the peel, the other for cutting. The fact is that the peel contains a special substance called Bromelin. This enzyme, falling on the skin and mucous membranes, destroys proteins and irritation causes it. Therefore, incorrect processing of pineapple can provoke snakes on the lips.

Special knife

Using a knife: the so-called slider, specially created for purification and separating fruits of this type. It is a knife in the shape of a corkscrew, on which the sharp plates are located:

  • First, rinse pineapple, carefully processing it with a brush to remove not only trash, but also bugs;
  • blot with a towel;
  • cut the top on which the leaves grow;
  • Install the knife to the middle of the cut and screw it into the flesh, so when working with an ordinary corkscrew;
  • Having reached the bottom of the fruit, you need to remove the slider outward;
  • Pineapple will split on the spiral parts that can be chopped onto slices.

how to clean pineapple 5


The most famous method, that is how Pineapple is cut for subsequent conservation in banks. Make such a cut is easy:

  • clean the peel;
  • remove the upper and lower part of the fetus;
  • Put the pineapple side on the cutting board and cut into the circles of equal size (their diameter should not exceed 1 cm, otherwise they will look ugly, and they will be very inconvenient to eat);
  • Now you need to delete the middle;
  • In conclusion, from all circles you need to remove the peel.

If the pineapple is large in the circumference, you can make a half rings from the rings. Feeding a fruit in such a cutting can be both independently and in combination with other fruits. In addition, pineapple sliced ​​can be used to prepare meat in the oven.

Festive basket

If the pineapple is needed to feed on the table as a fruit dessert, you can use a very original method of cleaning and filing this fruit for a festive table:

  • Just cut the pineapple for two halves and remove the pulp with a sharp dessert knife.
  • Then put the pineapple on the portion cubes or triangles and lay them out in the pineapple basket.

At the request of pineapple pieces, you can add berries or fruits to taste.

how to clean pineapple 6

On a note! Clean the pineapple without much effort can be using a special device. You will only have to cut the tip of the pineapple and screw the knife into the flesh. As a result, you will get perfectly smooth rings without cores.

How to remove the core from pineapple

Because you remove the core, the appearance of pineapple will depend on the appearance. Therefore, choosing the appropriate method, it is worth considering what kind of culinary purposes will be used pineapple.

You can remove the core in such ways:

  1. You can remove the middle without disturbing the integrity of the pineapple cylinder. You can do this using a special cleaning device or a sharp knife with a narrow blade. Then you can cut pineapple with circles. Such a time-consuming option is appropriate if the fruit needs to be beautiful on the table as a dessert.
  2. If there is no suitable knife, you can first divide the pineapple on the rings or semiring, and then remove the cores from each piece separately.

If pineapple is needed for the preparation of salad, pizza or another dish, you can simplify the process of removing the core. Cut the pineapple to four vertical pieces, and cut the cores. Then you can cut the flesh with triangles or cubes.

How to serve on the table

The most simple and well-known cutting. Make it yourself easily, for this:

  • Clean the scales;
  • Cut the upper and lower cover;
  • We lay the fetus sideways on the cutting board and try to gently cut the same circles in size;
  • We remove the core.

The thickness piece does not exceed 1 cm.

how to clean pineapple 7


By combining the sweet middle of pineapple with other products, you are not only a diversion of your table, but also its gray serving is brighter in color. Form a canap

  • The purified pulp is cut with a neat, the same in the size of the cube;
  • For special spats, alternately bore pieces of fragrant middle, olives and cheese;
  • lay out the shaped canape on the flat dish.


The perfect solution for the dessert table. Make it die for everyone:

  • We wash down well under running water;
  • cut it into two equal parts;
  • A sharp knife cut out a delicious core (only thin walls of the basket should remain);
  • The pulp is cut into a cube and, alternating it with grapes, bananas, strawberries are laid in a prepared basket.


Beautiful, ornate pattern is simple:

  • cut from it the top and base;
  • neatly removed with a thin layer of peel;
  • cut out the core;
  • On the outer side, spiral shameless notches are cut sharp knife.

how to clean pineapple 8

In the form of a fruit plate

How to prepare a juicy ripe fruit to feed on the fruit plate? To begin with, worry it carefully and dried with a towel, and then act in accordance with the proposed instructions:

  1. Cut the top and set it aside.
  2. Divide the fruit on five equal longitudinal parts.
  3. Remove the core from oblong items.
  4. Gently separate and set aside the peel, it will also need it.
  5. Puck the flesh back to the skin. On each part of the pineapple, swipe one longitudinal line with a knife, and then 4-5 transverse. Act carefully not to damage the basis in the form of a peel.
  6. In the central part of the prepared dish, place the top of the fruit, and on the sides - boats from pineapple.
  7. In each slicker, stick a skeleton with cherries or cherries.

how to clean pineapple 9

Between the boats you can position other fruits and berries. For example, pieces of bananas, apples, kiwi. Create your unique fruit or fruit-berry plate.

Choosing ripe pineapple

First of all, you need to buy high-quality and mature product. The "green" pineapple will be too hard, tarty or even killed. It does not yet have all valuable elements that accumulate in the fruit. Suitable pineapple will have a subtle characteristic flavor, slightly spring when squeezed in the palms, and its crown will save greens and freshness.

  1. Litted pineapples are usually softer. May be cooked, and their leaves dry and yellow. Such a pineapple will be as sweet as possible. But there is a catch. For preservation during transportation, fruits are often treated with chemical compositions. When entering them into the reaction, the fruit may begin to wander. Therefore, choose fresh young fruits.
  2. Pineapple size differs depending on the variety, so miniature fruits are not necessarily green, and may be quite sweet, juicy and fragrant. Usually, pineapples have bigger than the bright yellow shade inside, and the dwarf varieties differ in pale yellow sweet "stuffing".

Be sure to inspect the peel so that it is clean, dry, without damage and places of mold. It should not be under crust and felt soft sites and "failures". When tapping, ripe fruit gives a deaf sound, and the weight of juicy pineapple will always be impressive.

How to clean the pineapple at home - step-by-step photos and lifehaki

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