How in one month to sit on the twine and become flexible

Hello, my beautiful readers. No matter how much years you have, it is always nice to have a beautiful slender and flexible body. Training joints need constantly. Good stretch warning injuries in case of heavy exercise and the development of degenerative changes in the joints. Today I suggest to start an amazing Challenge. Read how in one month to sit on the twine.

Why do you need super stretching

Why suddenly it became fashionable to have flexibility, like a Volochkova, is now hardly someone remembers. But any fashion for sports is always good. Twine today has become an excellent symbol Flexibility . This is an indicator of a high level of ownership of its own body. They took it - it means you really know how to stretch.

And, however, so that you manage to dilute the legs in different directions by 180 degrees, you need to try to very much and trave out not only legs. A back, hands, hips, press will be involved. It only seems to be easy. In fact, the result is a lot of work.

Sword and its types

Swordat at Jackie Chan and Bath Lady

Main species - Transverse and longitudinal (Static species), as well as dynamic (when you can wave a leg above the head like the heroes of the militants from the 90s). The muscles of the inner surface of the thigh stretch during training of transverse twine, and during the workout of the longitudinal, the rear surface of the hip is involved. Both options imply that the angle between the inner surfaces of the hips should be 180 degrees .

Sewage The sword is quite complicated. An adult person is hard to learn this, but for kids and teenagers due to the high mobility of the joints, it is easy.

There is also a vertical, twine in the air, on hand, on the floor. There would be a desire, and there you can learn.

In any form, such an action is useful in that the muscles involve, makes them relief, elastic, teaches not to slouch and carefully treat themselves. If you also add an element of some activity to training, then you can easily lose weight (truth, if you follow the power). But the most important plus (if you do everything right) exercises on flexibility - they are pleasant and relaxing. After each such workout, there is a feeling of serenity.

Myths about stretching

Spade of the girl

There is a stereotype that it is possible to have excellent flexibility in childhood, and than we are older, the hardest and more wooden. Yes it is. With the age of joints are already less mobile, it is hard for us to do what the child performs in two bills. But this does not mean that nothing else will work. It just takes a little more time for Stallone tricks, Jackie Chan or Jean Claude Van Damma than before.

Another myth - to achieve the desired during the week ! Nothing like this. These delusions may pour into injury. In such a case, it is better not to rush. Ideally put a minimum period after which the results will appear - the month (it is such a challenge I offer you), but it is better to extend the experiment for a couple of months.

What errors can not do?

Here are a few rules that may not turn the set of exercise in torture. Tested on bitter experience.

Rule first: go to the doctor

If you have any complaints, consult the therapist, neurologist or surgeon, whether such activity is permissible for you. It is possible that some injuries will be incompatible with your plans, and you can make worse.

Plus, the development of flexibility is very honest. It sounds strange, but you will understand what it is about. When you pull yourself, you are alone with the body and feel it very well. Feel where there are clips, Pain , Feel and remember the old sores that have never appreciated the signs of existence before.

For example, I remembered all dislocation, fractures and bruises on one of the lessons. It turned out that my body is perfectly remembered.

My advice to you, better consult with a doctor Tell him about past illnesses, and he will lead the verdict - it fits such a complex or not.

Exercise box

Rule Second: Pain is abnormally

If you have colitis and hurts during the voltage, it means that you do something wrong. You must be relaxed, and the pain does not have the pain at all.

Start with leisurely light movements. You must feel the work of the muscles, but not pain. Inactive movement, and you can make an injury. Be careful to yourself.

Rule Third: Do not forget to warm up

Any exercise can not be started without a workout. You must be prepared.

Run in one place, jump, warm yourself, make squats and only then proceed to business. Below in the article there is a selection of exercises.

Stretching in the field

Rule fourth: speed is not important

Listen to yourself. If it hurts you, then slow down the pace, be careful. Do not hurry to sit on the twine after two classes. Here the speed only interferes than it helps.

Rule Fifth: Listen only yourself and quite a bit of the coach

It is best to perform everything under the supervision of the mentor. He will tell you where you are doing something wrong, where Philonite will correct the technique. But the coach is not an ubiquitous God. He may not know your old injuries (and you can not know them) and put it there, where you should not.

Here the Council is one - if it hurts you, do not tolerate and tell the coach. Even if he insists, you can safely refuse. Only you know and feel any changes in the body.


Stretching before running

Before you start stretching, you need to warm up all the muscles and joints. Despite the fact that only legs and pelvis are involved in the twine, hands should also be dispersed.

  1. Circular movements of the head and slopes will help hear the neck muscles.
  2. Fold your hands in the castle behind your back. Bend and try to reach your hands.
  3. The ankle joints. Stand smoothly, put one leg on the sock and perform circular movements of the foot. Sock Do not break away from the floor. Repeat For the second leg .
  4. Jogging. 10 minutes enough.
  5. Squats. Several approaches 10 times.
  6. 100 jumps on the rope.
  7. Mahi legs on the parties and back-back. 10 Machs for each side. Watch out for your posture and strive to lift the leg above 90 degrees.
  8. Make a foot massage.

Exercises for stretching femoral muscles

You can watch the video on the topic if too lazy to read the description of the exercises.

  • Sit on the floor. Divide the hips as wide as possible. So that they did not feel pain, but there was a tension. Lower your hands to the floor and pull them forward. Make smooth movements Do not allow jerk . You are in this position 20 seconds. Then relax and repeat the exercise 2 more times.
  • Continue to sit, twist legs together. One - bend in the knee and lower it on the floor, and you will feel the heel into the thigh of another. Bend the housing and hands to the straight leg. Try to get the stomach to the knee. Hold for 20 seconds and change the side.
  • Sit smoothly. Straighten your legs, lean forward. Hands up to socks.

Compression lingerie on girl

  • Make attacks ahead. 3 approaches 15 times. After the exercise, delay in this position - one knee is bent and put forward, the second - concerns the floor. Try to sink as you can below . Hold for 20 seconds and change.
  • Rolling. Arrange the stops wide. Kneelle bend a little. Move the housing and pelvis to the right, left knee straighten. Now in the other direction. Repeat 20 times.
  • Go on your back. Bend the legs in the knees, press them to the floor so that the "Frog" or "Butterfly" posture turns out. Hold in this position, relax.

Side Plank

You can stretch, performing the exercise of the plank. Stand up in the side bar. Raise the top foot, take your hand over the foot. Throw and hold balance.

Do not skip the days, do exercises. daily And just so you can achieve results.

Would you like to stay young and flexible for a long time? Then join my Chellandju, leave comments that you are ready to start. And in a month, boast results. Be sure to subscribe to blog updates and share an article with friends.

If you have looked into the article, it means that you have already visited thoughts more than once how to sit on the twine. So that dreams do not remain dreams to start. Therefore, we suggest start with us.

We are in Joy-Pup. Picked up an effective set of stretching exercises, with which it is quite realistic to sit on the twine for a month.

It will not be easy: basic rules

1. If you tanned the idea, try quickly not to lose your enthusiasm.

2. Before you start a set of exercises for stretching twine at home, you must realize that it is desirable to work every day, or at least 4 times a week. If after domestic stretching exercises everything is terribly hurting, then the next day make the output.

3. Daily training should take at least half an hour, but better - about an hour. Why so much - because 15 minutes you need to spend the heating, if, of course, do not want to break the ligaments.

Training twine

4. The more effort to attach, the faster you get the result.

5. All can sit on the twine, but the speed depends not only on your efforts, but also from the structure of muscles, age, genetics, nutrition, etc.

6. If you have a lot of opportunity to "chase a twine". So feel the measure and just do, sooner or later you will sit on the twine.


Exercises for heating:

You will not open the bike. At home, jumping on the rope, squats in the rapid pace, running on the spot and mahu are suitable for heating.

Tips How to make a right exercise for warming up in this video.

Side stretching exercises for beginners

At the exercises of this stage you should leave for 15-20 minutes. Remember that at each point you need to fix the body. At first enough for 30 seconds, over time, increase fixation up to minute.

№1 Put your feet on the width of the shoulders. Bend and reach the floor with your hands. Fix the body for 30 seconds.

Stretching exercises for beginners

№2. In this position, turn the torso to the right leg, take the shin and exhale pull down and to the leg. Fix in this position for 30 seconds.

sat on Spagat

Repeat the same on the left foot.

№4 Put the legs a little wider shoulders (feet stand in parallel). On the exhalation, go back, bend the hands in the elbows and pull to the floor. Locking 30 sec.

how do the splits

№5 From this position, turn right and put your hands on the floor. Make sure that your knees are not bent, and the feet were pressed to the floor (30 sec.).

Homemade sword

Next complicate: Take your left hand sock and pull. At this moment, the hand is bent in the elbow (30 seconds)

Speat at home

Repeat on the left foot.

№6 From the position standing, legs on the width of the shoulders, make the lunge to the side. Put your hands on the hips and push yourself down (30 sec.).

Stretching for twine

№7 Without changing the position, bend your hands in the elbows and put as close to the leg as close as possible. Lock for 30 seconds.

how to sit on the twine at home

№8 In the same position, bend the left leg in your knees, take your left hand over the foot and pull. Right-handed to be pressed into the floor.

Repeat to another leg.

Proper transverse sword

Stretching exercises on twine

№1 Sit on the floor, legs together, hand over the foot and fold there (30 sec.).

Cross twine for beginners

№2. Sitting on the floor, lay down the legs as wide as possible. Then pull your hands forward and press the chest to the floor (30 sec.).

transverse sword

No. 3 Turn the housing to the side, take the shin and pull (30 sec.).

Exercises for transverse sword

№4 From this provision, make side slope to the right. Please note: Right shoulder forward, left back. On the left foot - on the contrary.

Repeat the exercises number 3-4 to the other side.

Cross twine joints

№5 Lie on your back, straighten your feet. Bend one leg and grab it with your hands, pull to the chin (30 sec.). Change your leg.

sat on the twine from scratch

№6 Lying on the back, bend the left leg, and right clamp your ankle with your hands and pull to the shoulder (30 sec.) Then reinforce the tension: Straighten the foot standing on the floor (30 sec.).

how to quickly sit on the twine
how to learn to sit on the twine

№7 Sit in the pose "Frog", knees on the floor. Then on the exhalation, carefully spread the legs. Hands bend in the elbows and steal (30 sec.). After that, make swaying back and forth.

sat on the twine per week

№8 This exercise is called half-shit transverse. Bend on your knees, take one leg to the side and press to the floor (30 sec.) Do the same to the other side.

Schedule Shpagat
Stretching Stretching

№9 Go to the wall and press the thighs, the heels do not break away from the floor. Start slowly "ride".

Spigat from scratch in home
Longitudinal sword

Details, how to do stretching exercises at home, there is in video. If someone is too lazy to read - see.

Exercises for transverse swordSurely every person at least once in his life represented how he with ease sits on the twine. However, several months of persistent work separated from the cherished goal. At least he thought so. Today we will talk about how to sit on the twine in 30 days, and what exercises should be done for this.

A little about Spagate

Twine is the main element in gymnastics and ballet. It must be carried out to dancers, as well as goalkeepers in football and hockey. In order to be able to execute this item , It is necessary to work well on the flexibility of your leg muscles.

There are 2 types of twine:

  1. Longitudinal.
  2. Transverse.

How can you trainTransverse - twine, in which your legs are divorced to the sides. According to the approval of doctors, this kind is available not to all. It is not available 15 percent of people for the reason that they have a special structure of hip joints. It is much easier to fulfill with men, since Nature ordered that men have weaker treads leading muscles.

Longitudinal - twine, in which legs are divorced forward and back. This type of twine is more accessible to women. . Men to be able to fulfill him, have to train at least 5-6 months. This type of twine can be divided into left-sided and right-hand. It depends on what leg you have ahead.

In addition to these types of twine, there are others. However, as part of our article, we will not affect them, since on their execution at best you will need from two months of training. We need to complete this element for the month. Therefore, we will only talk about these two kinds.

We also talked about the fact that men are more suitable for transverse look, and women longitudged. Accordingly, you will perform the appropriate look for you, because it can be performed for a month.

Exercises in order to sit on the twine

The first thing is to start the achievement of our goal, this is a warm-up. Remember, the pretty muscle stretches much better than raw. Therefore, if you are trying to perform twine without workout, risk getting a serious injury. We need to warm up in two stages:

  1. Total.
  2. Special.

The overall warm-up is warming up the whole body. To do this, you need to run, jump and brief with all joints. Your body should be hot, and the pulse must be 120-140 shots per minute.

After the total warm-up must go to the special. It includes stretching exercises of the easiest level:

  1. How to do exercisesTilt forwards with straight legs. Your task is to get your hands to the floor, without bending your legs in the knee joint. It will help you stretch the muscles of the back of the thigh.
  2. Stretching quadriceps - Elementary exercise. Bend the leg in the knee, and turn back. Hold your hand over the foot and start pulling it up.
  3. An attempt to sit on the transverse sword. Arrange your legs as wide as possible, and reach your hands to the floor. Your task is a little relaxed hands, so that your thrust muscles stretched as much as possible.

Each of these exercises must be completed 30 times. After that you can start To efficient stretch exercises:

  1. How to stretch the musclesFold. This exercise must be performed to increase the flexibility of biceps hips. Your task is to sit on the floor and pull the legs forward. Get out your hands to your feet socks. Try to keep the straight. In the first workouts, you will not succeed in doing this and the back will be rounded. After 5-10 training days, you can perform this exercise with a straight back. You should strive to get your belly at the top point. Your body should be like a closed book.
  2. Twisting is quite complicated, but a very effective exercise, without which you will not reach the desired result. Source position - you are sitting on the floor, one leg is elongated, and the second bent in the knee joint. The sole of the bent leg rests on the inside of the hip. Your task is to keep your right hand for the knee of my left leg, and elbow your left leg to pull back. For stretching the other side you need to change hands.
  3. The semi-like twine is very simple, but at the same time an effective exercise. Your task is to sit on the floor and put the legs to the side as wide as possible. Hands you should touch the floor, and stretch forward. From this your housing will reach down. This exercise stretches perfectly stretching the buttocks, biceps hips, and lumbar muscles.
  4. Drops. The initial position is one leg stretched to the side, and the second bent in the knee joint. Your task is to reach down the straight leg. It is important to feel the tension of biceps hollows and leading muscles. You should leave for 5 seconds for one repetition. After that, change your leg and work on its stretch.
  5. Stretching with a support - exercise, without which you can not do. For this purpose, you can use the bed, table, battery, or even the hood of your own car. Your task is to throw the leg to the fift on the support, and start stretching down. It will stretch your buttocks and leading muscles.
  6. As possible in a month to sit on the twineButterfly - rather complicated exercise. Newbie can not execute it immediately, but after 10-15 training days it will be for him. Source position - the legs are bent in the knee joints, and touch the soles of the feet towards each other. Your task is to tilt the housing as much as possible. Keep your hands on your knees, and try to touch the floor with breasts. Of course, you will not do this, but if you keep this idea in my head, then accurately dropped below.
  7. The complicated option of the slopes is forward - here you must reach the floor are not palms, but forearms. That is, at the bottom point you must rest in the feet and forearms. At the same time, your back and legs must be straight. If you can master this exercise, you have every chance to achieve your goal in the first month of training.

Perform each of these exercises is necessary for 2 approach to 10-15 repetitions. If you want to sit on a twine for a month, then train will have every day. Sometimes even 2 times a day.

At the end of each workout, you must try to perform twine. Women longitudinal, and men transverse. The exercises listed above are needed so that you are well prepared your muscles to this attempt. After all, after performing these exercises, they are maximally stretched and ready to take the position of the body close to the twine.

Each training should be progress. Most likely, you will not feel it Since it will be insignificant. However, for 2-3 training weeks you will notice that it began to sit much deeper than before. After all, the main thing is the regularity of training and faith in our success.

Frequently allowed errors

How can you learn to sit on the twineWhen achieving any goal, people often make mistakes. And it is very good, because the one who does nothing is wrong.

The first and most frequently allowed error of beginners - faith in a magic tablet. The bottom line is that the reader thinks, they say, now I will read this article, and in a month I can sit on the twine. Yes this is true. Just do not forget that you have a month of intense training. You have a few hundred times to defeat the idea that it's time to surrender. Only then can you achieve your goal.

You should in the literal sense of this word reach your goal. If you work triggered, thinking that a month later I can sit on the twine, because I do, you will not work. At each training session, you must move forward, beat your records and increase your physical opportunities. And then there is probability that you will sit on the twine for the month.

Release the idea that in a month you should be able to perform twine. The right way to success in any business is to enjoy them. This means that you should enjoy the streaming process, and then you will not notice how quickly sit on the twine. And if you will pay each training session on your purpose, then you will not work out exactly.

You rush your muscles. It is not right. You must stretch the muscles while their elasticity allows. If you do sharp movements, it is injured. And you will definitely not quickly perform twine.

Irregularity of training. If you want to learn to perform twine for a month, then be kind do not miss training. Twine requires regularity. If your muscles constantly rest, their elasticity will not increase.

Additional advice

Complex exerciseRemember that the more your age, the less elastic muscles you have. If you want to teach the twine of your child, then start right today! Children have much more elastic muscles and ligaments than adults. By the way, Children can learn twine less , than in a month .

If your age is less than 30 years old, then with regular training, you can master this element for the month. And if you are already at the age, then you will have to work longer.

After performing stretching exercises, it is necessary to carry out a freeze. Exercises in which the power load on the muscles is present:

  1. Planck.
  2. Bridge.
  3. Mahi legs.

It is necessary to maximize the rapid restoration of your muscles. .

If you are not enough exercises that we suggested you, see the video on the Internet. Professionals will show you additional exercises and teach you to fulfill them correctly.


Now you know, for what time you can sit on the twine. Apply recommendations from our article and do not miss training . And then the result will not make himself wait long : You will become a happy owner of the elastic body capable of performing various gymnastic elements. I wish you success!

Scientists are unhands that twine is a useful practice for the human body. It improves blood circulation, normalizes the work of the intestine and other internal organs, helps to fight varicose veins, gives self-confidence. This is not a complete list of "merit" of gymnastic exercise, which can master which can each. It is also available for young people, and for those who are "far in 40".

You can develop flexibility in a few weeks, if you do correctly and regularly. Let's find out how to sit on the twine in just one month!

Choose hours for exercise

Exercises for twine

Fitness-coaches have no consensus about what time it is best for stretching training: Morning or evening. In the morning, the muscles do not work yet on all power, they are in a relaxed, "inert" state, so exercises are given with difficulty. If you perform movements carefully and carefully, you can achieve good results in a short time. It is the morning classes show, whether your flexibility is high or you "launched" your body. They charge the energy of energy for the whole day, lead it to the "combat" form.

Evening training is preached easier. Its duration is reduced by reducing the time to warm up: for the muscles day, it is already quite warm up and developed. In the evening, the muscles react to stretching less painfully, so this time is well suited for the study of problem areas. Especially good to start training after a warm soul.

What is the optimal frequency of training?

The frequency of occupation depends on the tasks that you set before yourself. If you want to sit on the twine as quickly as possible, then perform workouts daily, By spending on them from 40 minutes to one and a half hours. Any break of a duration of 1-2 days will drop you back: the muscles will quickly return to its original position, and you will have to not conquer "new vertices", but return old achievements.

Training does not have to be long, most importantly - regularity. If you do not have time to fulfill all the exercises of the complex for one "Sit", then a crushing of it into several parts that you will do when a free minute falls: today or tomorrow. So you will save time, but do not give up classes.

Stretching is a very good vacation. Your body will gladly take it after several hours spent in the office, or after a long shopping.

Heat out muscles before exercising


Any exercise on stretching starts with a 15-minute warm-up for heating muscles. So you will reduce the risk to drag and get injured, the exercises will be given to you easier.

The following workout methods are possible:

Remove the warm-up - it means to increase the risk of getting injured and lose classes for the next 2-3 months.

Perform conscience exercises: muscles should warm up well to easily stretch.

Have you dreamed of learn to sit on the twine? Watch the video and perform these stretching exercises, your dream will be very soon!

To improve the result from workout, take some time before it starts hot shower.

Complex of stretching and flexibility exercises

Exercises for stretching

During the workout, follow the technique. A widespread error is a bent back. Because of it, you will not achieve any results or you will be forced to fight with rags in the lower back. Knees are also keen direct: otherwise the training will lose 80% of efficiency.

  1. Sit on the floor and accept L-shaped pose: Keep your back smooth, and stretch your feet. On the exhale, lean forward, touch your palms of the toes. Hold in such a position for 20-30 seconds.

  2. Sitting on the floor, connect the feet together and spread the knees to the sides. Make the right to the right, then to the left, touch the knees of the floor.

    Exercises for stretching

  3. Sit on the floor and spread the legs on the side of the letter V to the maximum distance. Alternately leaning on the right, then to the left, touch the foot to the foot. Detain the torso at the bottom point of inclination for 20-25 seconds.

  4. Stain smoothly, slide the feet and take the tilting forward, trying to "be in half." Fix the body at the bottom point of inclination by 20-30 seconds.

  5. Bend the left leg in the knee, and the right - pull away. Sat and pull for 60 seconds, then change your legs and move the move.

  6. Skip one leg on the table, a ballet machine (or another support) and take 15 squats from such a position. Then turn to the machine to other sideways and make 15 more repetitions.

The recommended number of repetitions for each of these exercises is 15-20 times. The estimated workout time will be 40-50 minutes. Make sure the muscles are not too tense, otherwise injuries are possible.

To perform exercises, use a fitness pad: The coating will make classes comfortable. Pleasant music will help you to relax.

Be careful

In trying to sit on the twine, try not to make sharp movements. Stretching through pain, jerks and shaking can lead you to injury. If you have overdoing, then immediately stop the workout, attach the cold and minimize the number of movements performed to the damaged section. When you proceed to classes again, be careful and do not rush anywhere.

Do not forget to warm up before every attempt to sit on the twine.

Contraindications for training are considered:

  • Increased body temperature;
  • period of exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • joint problems;
  • inflammatory processes in the body;
  • omission of the uterus;
  • Muscular injuries.

Trying to take a cherished posture, distribute the load evenly on both legs. Do not bend the knees and the back: your task is not to make as many repetitions as possible, but to achieve the result.

Little tricks

During classes, pay attention to whether the muscles on the right are symmetrically stretched on the left. If you have noticed the skew, make more load on the problem direction: over time, the difference is eliminated, and you will simulate the body evenly.

If one muscle groups are stretched worse than others, pay them extra attention. Detach the time to work intensely, even if it increases the duration of the workout. When you can relax such places, you will feel how the position you accept becomes more comfortable.

Choose the right clothing for training: the elastic legs and the trowel will fit well. The body should be maximally closed: so you eliminate the risk of muscle hypotherms.

Increase the loads gradually, from classes to the lesson. You do not have to do exercises through pain, maximum, which is permissible - a small discomfort. Reducing the stress in the muscles says that you can make movements with a greater amplitude.

Unusual stretching exercise. Real way to sit on the transverse twine.

You can combine stretching and moderate power loads: drops with dumbbells, squats or mahs with weight of 1-2 kg. After them, flexibility exercises are made more efficient.

Different people have different flexibility, so you will need more time to perform stretch marks than a para-triple week. Do not despair if you have not received a quick result and in no case stop the workout.

Twine is available to everyone, and not just professional athletes and ballerinas. You will be able to increase your flexibility in one month if you will regularly train and follow the recommendations of professionals.

If you have found a mistake, please select the text fragment and click Ctrl + Enter. .

If you set a goal for yourself - to sit on the twine for the month, then this article is for you. We will consider the program of exercises for beginners at home, as well as methods and methods that help to get the result faster. So, for what time you can really sit on the twine and how it is right and safely to do.

Is it possible to sit on the twine per month

Twine for 1 month is achievable, but depends on a number of factors.

  1. First, many people in order to make the perfect transverse sword will need more time than for longitudinal. Therefore, in a month you can master only one of the types of twine.
  2. Secondly, the duration of reaching the goal is influenced by genetics, regularity of classes, age, injury, indoor temperature, regularity and quality of workouts.

Therefore, someone will win all the twine per month, and someone - for six months.

Exercises for stretching twine in 30 days

1. Dynamic stretch in lunge

This exercise will allow you to prepare muscles to stretch the twine from scratch. It is dynamically performed, but should not do sharp and painful movements.

  1. Make a lunge one foot forward, put the feet wide from each other in such a way that the knees remain straight.
  2. Stop back legs Expand to the side of 45 degrees, the whole stop should be in contact with the floor.
  3. Lower the pelvis, bending the front knee to 90 degrees, leave the rear knee straight. During the lounge, raise the hands of the side of the side above the head.
  4. Slowly return up, straightening your knees.
  5. Repeat 10-20 attacks on one side, then to another.

2. Squat on one leg alternately

Another preparatory exercise for transverse split. Perform in the dynamics, but do not hurry.

  1. Put your feet apart, widely from each other. Expand the socks to 45 degrees.
  2. Sat in one direction, bending the knee to 90 degrees, do not break the heels. Take the pelvis back.
  3. Return to the original position and perform the same movement on the other side.

3. Tilt to straight legs standing

Prepares for longitudinal twine, stretching muscles and tendons of the back surface of the thigh.

  1. Start straight, put the feet together.
  2. Tilt the body as low as possible, touching the palms of the floor, relax your head and the spine, is accustomed to extract.
  3. Clamp the hands of the ankle and tighten the torso to the thighs even stronger, without bending the knees.
  4. Hold the pose about 1 minute, then slowly raise with a round back, as if they spin on the vertebra.

Tension of the rear legs of the legs from the standing position: photo exercise.

4. Frog

Exercise prepares to transverse sword and reveals the hip joint.

  1. Become on all fours. Relieving in the arms, transfer the body weight forward and start taking the knees to the sides, connecting the foot.
  2. Using hands control the depth of the pelvis position. Try to fully relax.
  3. Keep the situation as long as possible, but do not cause sharp painful sensations.
  4. After completion, we care about the hands and connect the knees together by returning to the starting position.

Stretching of the inner surface of the hip: photo exercise.

5. lateral depression

  1. Put the legs wide in the standing position.
  2. Transfer body weight to one leg, bent in the knee, and put a stop on the sock.
  3. The second leg remains direct, it is important to concentrate on sensations in the inner surface of the thigh. Hold hands freely. You can also put the palms on the floor and push the elbow bent foot back, additionally affecting the muscles and the joint.
  4. After stretching, slowly risk and change your leg.

Conditional side lunge.

6. Side lunge with hills

  1. Place one leg on the hills, putting the heel to the edge.
  2. Bend the supporting leg to the maximum, lowering the pelvis as low as possible. Stay on the sock.
  3. The lower the pelvis, the stronger the thigh.
  4. Repeat the same thing on the other side.

Preparatory exercises for transverse sword standing: Photo.

7. Pulling the rear surface of the hips on the hill

  1. Get straight facing the hill and place the heel of one leg to the edge.
  2. Both knees remain straight, tilt the torso ahead, striving to the thigh.
  3. Increase hands Increase the depth of tilt.
  4. Change on the other side.

Stretching legs on the support: photo.

8. Longitudinal twine at the wall

  1. Pump your leg as high as possible on the wall or high support for foot.
  2. Tilt torso forward, putting pressure on the thigh.
  3. Stop gradually should go up under body weight.
  4. Hold the position about 1 minute, then change your leg.

Longitudinal twine at the wall: photo.

9. Exit to longitudinal twine

After performing all the exercises, you can try your strength in the twine, despite the fact that the pelvis will not touch the floor, this will clearly track the result in stretching.

  1. Make the right foot forward and lower the rear knee into the floor.
  2. Help the palms in the floor, gradually exaggend the knees and slide in the footsteps, preparing to the right twine.
  3. Delicate at the peak, trying to relax. Do not spring.
  4. Change on the other side.

Technique performing the right longitudinal twine: photo.

10. Cross twine with focus

An excellent option in preparation for transverse sword for beginners. The higher the emphasis, the easier and painless twine.

  1. Put special bricks for yoga on the floor or fold several books to each other.
  2. Start right in front of the supports and tilt the torso, lowering their palms.
  3. Smoothly pull the legs to the sides, sitting in the twine. Do not bend elbows.
  4. When you reach a peak, try to relax and stay in the longer position. Using hands you can control the depth of the twine.
  5. When the stretching is better, you can refuse additional devices.

Exit into transverse sword with support hands on cubes.

Recommendations for classes

  • Be sure to knead the muscles and bundles before twine for 15 minutes. You can use any dynamic exercises that warmly warm the body. This is a very important part of the training - 70% of the success of further stretching.
  • It is enough to train 3 times a week, pay for approximately 1 hour training. Duration of exercise 1-3 minutes.
  • Never make harsh movements and do not bring to nonsense pain.
  • After stretching exercises, it is also important to relax 30-60 seconds.
  • Perform the exercises in stages - from simple to complex. Do not start training from twine.

After how long, you can really sit on the twine from scratch at home

All purely individually. If you did not sit on the twine per month - you do not need to despair, continue to train. Perhaps you will need 3, or even 6 months. Not all flexible from nature, it needs to be developed, someone longer, someone less. And the older we become, the stronger we lose the ability to develop flexibility. The girl 30+ will be harder to sit on the twine than in 15-20 years. Therefore, do not enter yourself into the frame, just go to the goal, not in a hurry, so safer.

Assistants to obtain results: Appendix "Twit for 30 days"

For domestic workouts, especially newcomers, the application is suitable on a mobile device that will help get the right and safe load. Challenge "Twitage for 30 days" implies daily workouts with detailed leadership. But, as in all, the application has the pros, and cons.


  • Shows the proper exercise technique, competently distributing muscle groups in the program.
  • It has several levels of difficulty, from the initial to advanced.
  • Helps track the result.


  • Daily workouts are not always effective, since they do not give muscles to fully recover.
  • For high-quality stretching ten minutes a day not enough.

Android app

App for iOS.

Appendix "Twit for 30 days" - QR code.


Whatever you enjoy to achieve the result - video tutorials, applications or programs from articles, remember, no one feels your body as you. And only you can follow the sensations that the muscles are experiencing, and therefore increase the load, where it is necessary, or, on the contrary, weaken it. Therefore, training must be comfortable, pleasant and regular.

Video: Twine for 1 month

Twine is an acrobatic element. It happens longitudinal, transverse and checked. To sit on the twine, you must have a desire and regular workout. But how quickly you can achieve your goal - it depends only on you. In this article, we will consider: how to sit on the twine for the shortest period of time and get acquainted with the most effective complex of stretching exercises.

Basic rules for beginners

how to sit on the twine per month

  1. Great warp! Before proceeding with a stretching, be sure to make cardio load, that is, intensively run and jump at least 10 minutes, so that you sweat.
  2. Relax! No matter how strange it sounded, but the stretching occurs at the time of relaxation. When you experience muscle pain, you should not strain and compress the muscles, on the contrary, relax. It is worth noting that a strong pain cannot be tolerated, otherwise you can break the muscles and ligaments. The pain should be pleasant, or at least tolerant.
  3. Travel regularly! Power in constancy. The optimal number of workouts 5 times a week (to achieve a quick result). The time of one workout is 30 minutes (of which 10 minutes warming up and 20 minutes of stretching). At your request, you can increase the stretching time on well-being, but not to reduce it.

Complex of exercises for longitudinal twine

how to sit on a longitudinal twine

To sit on a longitudinal twine - you need to stretch the rear muscles of the thigh. To do this, perform 5 applying exercises below. It is worth noting that even after the entire complex for stretching, it is necessary to sit on the twine slowly and smoothly - without sharp jerks.


The spring is the most efficient exercise for twine. It performs immediately 2 actions - perfectly warms the rear surface of the hip and leads the muscles in tension.

  1. Put the knobs on the floor for the support, make the left foot and put it on the foot pad. The main weight should be on the right foot and the corner in the knee of the right leg should be straight (90 degrees). best exercises for twine
  2. At the expense of 1 - pull the back leg, at the expense of 2 - Promit down, slightly softening the knee. Repeat these 2 points within 30 seconds in a rapid pace on each account as the spring.
  3. Change the right leg on the left and plug another 30 seconds.

Fallen forward

best exercises for twine

  1. Put the right leg forward and left foot back to the knee. The corner under the knee of the right leg should be a little more than 90 degrees.
  2. Put the hands on the lower back.
  3. Provine and slightly pressing on the muscles between the legs.
  4. Hold in the statistical position of 30 seconds.
  5. Change the right leg on the left, then stretch another half a minute.

Classic stretch

Classic stretch for twine

  1. Help your hands behind the support (it can be a machine, pylon, windowsill, chair ...)
  2. Expand the knees to the sides and set the right leg back to the sock.
  3. Slowly bend the left knee, and glide with the right sock on the floor back.
  4. Dear 20 seconds at the bottom, then repeat the classic stretching of the ballerina on the other legs.

Fitness stretch

Fitness stretching for twine

  1. Lie on the back
  2. Tighten the right knee with your hands to the chest and delay 20 seconds.
  3. Straighten your leg and pull to the head of 30 seconds.
  4. Similarly, repeat the complex with the other foot.

Stretching at the wall

Stretching at the wall on the longitudinal twine

  1. Become next to the wall, go on the floor on the floor.
  2. Pump your left foot on the wall and try to press it closer, forming twine.
  3. Hold in this position for 20 seconds, then change the leg.

Complex of exercises on transverse split

How to quickly sit on the transverse split

To make the transverse sword, it is necessary to stretch the inner muscles of the thigh well. To do this, make 4 sets of exercises below. It is worth noting that the newcomer must be sisted on the transverse twine unfolding the knees up. If they are located directly and the newcomer will be diligently sitting on the twine, it will go on the knees, which can lead to injury.

Deep Pelle

Deep Plie for transverse sword

  1. Put your feet wider shoulders, pulling out socks and knees aside.
  2. Start slowly squatting, while maintaining the balance.
  3. Hold a minute in this position, then take a gently from the standpoint.


Lunge to the side stretching on the transverse

  1. Make the lunge towards the right foot, and pull the left foot as much as possible and thread to the floor. It is worth noting that socks should be deployed in different directions.
  2. Go on your left hand about the floor, and the housing tilt to the straight leg, starting the right hand to top (in the III position).
  3. Hold in this position for 20 seconds.
  4. Similarly, make a fall away on the other legs.


Butterfly: Exercises on transverse split

  1. Sit on the floor, connect the feet together and open your knees.
  2. Hold in this position for 10 seconds. Butterfly: Exercises on transverse split
  3. Slightly push with your own hands, pressing the knees to the floor. If your knees lie on the floor without problems, you can take a weakness that you trust.

Return stretch

The best set of exercises for twine

  1. Lie on the stomach, open your knees to the side and connect the socks by making a nearest butterfly.
  2. Hold in this position for 15 seconds. Return stretch on transverse sword
  3. Open socks in different directions and pull 20 seconds.
  4. Straighten one leg and delay 30 seconds.
  5. Make a transverse sword, put the housing forward and promote 60 seconds.

Combinations of stretch marks

Combinations of stretch marks on the twine

Combination - This is a combination of two or more elements. So that the stretching passed more interesting, we chose the best for you. Do not repeat the same even even effective exercises. Always try something new, compose, change the sequence and invent something exclusive.


  1. Sit down, placing smooth legs in front of yourself.
  2. Open them as wide as possible. The best set of exercises for twine
  3. Go through the transverse sword and assemble the legs together, as shown in the photo instructions.

Stretching on the floor

  1. Go on the left side and elbow, bend the left leg and take the right leg for the heel.
  2. Pull the leg and hand up. Stretching on the floor for twine
  3. Straighten your left foot and hand.
  4. Take the leg opposite hand through the head.
  5. Put the body on the stomach.
  6. Navigate to the twine and bend the back of the knee.

Classic combination

  1. Become sideways to the support (machine, pylon ...) Classic combination for twine
  2. Put the heel into the right hand and expand the knee to the side. The knee of the support leg is bent.
  3. Pull the leg and hand up in front of yourself.
  4. Take the leg and hand to the side, while straightening the knee of the support leg. Classic stretch for twine
  5. Tilt the housing to the left.
  6. Get the right knee back. Classic stretch for twine
  7. Tilt the housing and pull the leg.

How to stretch on a wire split?

How to stretch on a wire split?

If you sat down on the twine - congratulations! And if you are no longer experiencing pain and discomfort, sitting on the usual twine, then I advise you not to stop there. Try to go in minus - that is, sitting on a wire twine. To do this, take the platform for example: Step either sofa (if at home).

How to stretch on a wire split?

Performance: Put the right foot on the platform, sit in a longitudinal twine and relax under the pressure of your own weight. Then turn on the transverse one, and then turn to the left foot to pull and pull the front muscles of the right leg. In the future, you can use 2 steps and raise the height of the platform. It will be very effective to stretch, if you ask you to pull you. Wish you success!

How in one month to sit on the twine and become flexible

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