Kinetic sand with your own hands: Composition and method of use

Good afternoon, dear readers! Now it is very fashionable to develop the talents and the creative abilities of children almost from the diaper. Another 10 years ago were not so popular school early development, and on sale it was impossible to meet such a huge variety of materials for children's creativity, as now.

It is already difficult to surprise someone with non-toxic finger paints or gypsum 3D coloring. And recently, the new venture becomes in demand - kinetic sand. What is it, can you make kinetic sand with your own hands, the composition of it and properties, in our article.

1. What is kinetic sand

Kinetic, that is, moving, fluid, is called a mixture of conventional quartz sand and synthetic additive.

This additive, called silicone oil, is added to the mixture in small quantity, but it grabs all the mass very well and gives it a special consistency. This supplement is safe for children, even if the sand falls into the mouth.

Kinetic sand to buy

Invented such Divo in Sweden, and from there this sand sal popular in Europe, other countries. In Russia, this novelty is not yet available on a bulk, buy it in a simple children's store is still problematic.

2. Popularity of kinetic sand

Children like to mess around in the sandbox in the summer, but this fun ceases to be interesting during bad weather, in a cold or rainy time. The kinetic sand was invented so that the kids could mess with sand at any time when they only wanted, even at home. Unlike ordinary street sand, it does not scatter around the house, since the grain of the sand is connected.

At the appearance of this sand, it looks like ordinary wet sand, from it you can make an oak, culberry. And on the touch he loose and incomprehensible.

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The field for creative activities with kinetics is huge:

  • Modeling with hands and with molds of animals, letters, numbers;
  • Construction of sand castles;
  • Drawing on sand with a thin wand;
  • The modeling of products, both from dough or plasticine, which can be easily cut with a plastic knife.

It is all these opportunities for which it is not necessary to even leave the house, and made this sand so popular. In addition to the usual, there is also color sand, which will make the game even more interesting:

Kinetic sand Reviews

3. What is the difference between the kinetic sand from the usual

The difference between the kinetics from the usual river or sea sand is that it is always as wet, it does not need to wet.

Kinetic sand has a number of advantages:

  1. It does not deteriorate from water from entering, it can be simply drowning and playing further;
  2. It is clean and safe for the child;
  3. Its properties are maintained at least 3 years;
  4. He is not scattered everywhere, it's just to collect it (but it cannot be sifted or shielded in his hands);
  5. The sand is stored in a closed packaging, which completely eliminates the ingress of dirt or traces of animal vital activity, as it can be in the sandboxes on the street.

For their amazing properties, this sand is also called cosmic. Some manufacturers make live sand not only on the basis of quartz sand, but on the basis of crushed limestone, but this is another material with absolutely different properties. It is white in color and spoils from the water.

how to make cosmic sand

Perhaps the problem with the spread of this miracle sand has become its high price. You can find a different amount of packages on sale, from 1 to 5 kg, as well as various items in addition - figures, trays, different sets.

4. We make kinetic sand yourself

If you are not sure if your child wants to play with such expensive (1 kg kinetics costs from 700 p) material, try to make special sand at home. It is very simple to do this, the cost is minimal, and the result is almost the same as the original cosmic sand.

How to make ordinary sand cosmic or alive ? What to add so that it becomes such plastic and not bulk?

Reviews about the miracle sand are positive, try to make it yourself. It turns out that the usual sand can be added ordinary food starch and water to get a lipid mass that is well suited for children's classes and games.

Recipe for kinetic sand prepared from home products:

  • 4 parts of ordinary pure sand;
  • 2 pieces of starch;
  • 1 part of water.

This is the easiest and surest way to make a sandy mass very similar to the finished kinetic sand.

As you can see, the products are uncomplicated, you can still add a food dye:

kinetic sand at home

First you need to mix washed and dried river sand and starch. Sand can be taken from the street, sift and hide it in the oven, and you can buy in a pack. Then add a gram of water, stirring it. Such sand will be stored for 3 years, but it can always be done new.

You can watch the video about the manufacture of kinetic sand at home here:

I wish you good luck in creativity and wait again on our website.

Kinetic sand is a children's toy of a new direction. It is used as sand, but perfectly formed without wetting. He looks like ordinary wet sand, but leaves his hands dry. A viscous substance is perfectly lying in fairly complex designs, amenable to a game with molds, the resulting figures can even cut the knife, as if plasticine. At the same time, it is possible to destroy the elbow with a light touch, like a slicer from sand, but from a strong shock, the workpaper becomes only stronger.

How to make kinetic sand at home? What is useful, recipes

What is kinetic sand?

We developed a sufficiently popular substance in Sweden. Prepare this material from ordinary quartz sand, which is on any beach. Carefully peeled sand is mixed with silicone oil, this supplement is safe and allowed in all countries. As a result, the substance acquires special plasticity, grasps and does not roll.

The kinetic sand does not dry, and the blind locks will not appear in a couple of hours, their form will hold as much as the small architect will be used.

A new toy is experiencing a rise in popularity, despite the penny cost of components, sell it at a tangible price.

Color gammas of kinetic sand
Color gammas of kinetic sand

What is useful for such sand?

Advantages of smart Swedish toys before ordinary sand on the beach or plasticine - weight.

  • Due to the fact that the mass for the game does not require moisture, it leaves hands clean, children do not have to mess around in the mud, they are in complete safety.
  • Traces after it does not remain, it will not crumble and easily going into a lump lump. You can keep this unusual toy without fears.
  • The mixture may have different compositions, from peeled natural sand with the addition of polymers to home experiments with flour, in any composition is not toxic and there is no smell.
  • Thanks to the texture, he fascinates even adults, it's nice to play with him, and the child turns out to be busy for a long time. Children adore plastic sand mass, in addition, fantasy develops in the game process and the small motility of the hands is activated.
Motoric development hands
Motoric development hands
  • Like sand and adults, returning children's feelings, it is the way to spend time with heirs and get a lot of pleasure from this.
  • Small pieces flying away during the game, it is easy to collect, from the carpet they are pulled out with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Hourglass - soothing occupation, it includes imagination, gives the best ability to think spatially.

How to make kinetic sand at home

The usual sandbox ceased to be an interesting baby, and the sand with the properties of plasticine kids love very much. It can be found in the packages of any volume and a variety of colors in the packages of any volume and a variety of colors, including the additives of sequin, metal glitters and luminous particles in the dark. Unfortunately, to keep it in the original state will not come out, shades are mixed, acquiring a common dirty color, the mass is dirty over time.

Not every family budget is designed for the permanent purchase of a kinetic mixture for this price, which is asked for a ticket office. Fortunately, the same properties can be achieved by mixing components available in any house. The most preferred of them are clean sand, many liquids from water to oil, starch or flour.


Constantly buying a new batch of kinetic sand is expensive or inconvenient, but there is a way out: there is no place to mix the plastic mass alone, there are many recipes. Fortunately, the material cooked at home can even be no worse than brought from the store.

How to make kinetic sand at home? What is useful, recipes

From soda and detergent

The mixture is prepared very quickly, the cost of the speaker. Surprise kids can be mixed in half a minute.

It will be required in parts:

  • 2 hours. Food soda;
  • 1 hour. Bustyer for dough;
  • 1 h. Liquid for dishes.

Bulk components are mixed with each other, gradually pouring a skeleton, knead the sandy mass. If the density is not enough, they add another bass to the optimal consistency.

Sand-plasticine, obtained by the prescription, dries open, it is desirable to be removed to be removed into the container with a dense lid.

From starch and shaving foam

A great composition to prepare, even if the complex ingredients did not turn to hand. In any house there will always be a pack of starch and a balloon for shaving, and therefore entertainment for children a minute business.

Would need:

  • 450 g of any starch;
  • 140 g Foam for shaving.

The foam is squeezed into powder until the girls appear, then mix everything and diligently rub the formation of a loose mixture suitable for modeling.

From sand and starch

It will be required in parts:

  • 4 hours of ordinary sand;
  • 2 h starch;
  • 1 h. WATER.
Ingredients for the preparation of kinetic sand
Ingredients for the preparation of kinetic sand

The first thing in the basin is crumpled in the starch liquid, then gradually begging sand, diligently mixing. If the mass seems to be liquid, you can add a bit of starch.

Purified from harmful impurities and microorganisms of sand is offered in pet stores, it is an indispensable component for bathing chinchillas.

From quartz sand and wheat flour

Starch is perfectly replaced with flour, such a composition will be more sticky and will preserve the form.

Would need:

  • 2 tbsp. flour;
  • 4 tbsp. pure quartz sand;
  • 1 tbsp. water.
How to make kinetic sand at home? What is useful, recipes

Preparation: sifted flour mixes to the sand. Liquid gradually poured into a dry mixture, warm lumps.

From Starch and Hair Balm

Hair balm is easily turning into a key component that makes a mass for laying plastic. It is worth mixing it with starch, and comes creative space in the nursery.


  • 750 GG of potato starch;
  • 9 tbsp. l. Hair balm.

Starch with a balm is mixed not immediately: the liquid is added to the little and rub the mass with their hands. Good consistency - non-sticking skin. Optionally, you can add any food dye.

Preparation of kinetic sand from starch, balsam and dye
Preparation of kinetic sand from starch, balsam and dye

From glue and boric acid

An unexpected combination of components with the basis of conventional quartz sand will provide children with materials for games for a long time.

Would need:

  • Boric acid - 40 ml (1 bubble from the pharmacy);
  • Silicate glue thick - 20 grams;
  • Quartz sand - 300 gr.

In a separate container, the acid is thoroughly mixed with glue with a wooden spatula. Then gradually add sand, at the beginning of the mixing uses gloves. From the composition remove large particles and random garbage, at the end of mixing the mass is obtained, which is perfectly lit and stored.

From sand, flour and oil

A recipe for quartz sand and flour can be improved by adding a pair of spoons of any liquid oil. Mineral and purified vegetable are suitable.

How to make kinetic sand at home? What is useful, recipes

On 4 cups of sand and 2 cups of flour add a pair of oil and water to the appearance of the required consistency.

From Starch, Sequin and Children's Soap

Kinetic sand can be made bright and brilliant, sparkles will be required. Even unnecessary cosmetics, any shadows and glitters are sufficiently safe for use and looks beautiful in the finished mass. In order for the decorative particles not flying away, it will be necessary to bore them with soap.


  • Starch - 2 tbsp.;
  • water - 1 tbsp.;
  • sparkles as much as a pity;
  • grated on fine grater baby soap - 2 liters.

Mixing dry components water is added gradually to the required consistency. Depending on the moisture, the starch may require more or less water.

From soda, baking powder and soap

It will be required in parts:

  • Soda - 2 h;
  • Basin - 1 h;
  • Liquid soap - 1 h.
Ingredients for the preparation of kinetic sand
Ingredients for the preparation of kinetic sand

Cooking: First of all, dry components are preparing, mixing baking powder and soda. A soap is gradually added, which is permissible to replace the shower gel or liquid for dishes. As a result, it turns out a soft mass, the form of it does not quite clearly.

Edible sand from food ingredients

Little curious researchers often strive to try everything that falls into hand. For kids, sand is prepared from edible components. It will not be delicious, but also health does not hurt, even if the kid decides to swallow a little.

Several available mixing options:

  • 8 cups of flour are mixed with 1 cup of oil, this mixture stores the properties for a long time.
  • You can prepare a mixture of sugar with butter.
  • From starch and water (250 g / 100 ml) you can cook another mixture for the game.
Tip: If you add more water to the starch-water mixture, you can get a non-municipal liquid, solid and liquid at the same time.

Tips for the manufacture of kinetic sand at home

  • When creativity begins to passion, children often ask for multicolored sand. Solution Simple: Water components can be squeezed with gouache or food dyes and then use for the manufacture of the mixture. Another option is to peel color chalk.
  • Quartz sand is not necessary to buy in the pet store, it can be scored independently. The main thing is to collect it in nature, on the beach or the sea shore, the dirty sandbox in the yard is not suitable due to the walking of pets. Before turning the sand in the magic bright mixture, the calcination or spilling boiling water, drying and sieving. This will give a guarantee of uniform obedient mass and security for children.
  • The home composition is usually prepared without oils, water components start to dry over time. It is possible to maintain a mixture in working condition, if you close it with games, refresh water through the sprayer or interfere a little moisture into the composition.

Home sand is preparing in a matter of minutes, its composition is no easier. But inventive children find a lot of ways to play with him. Sculptures are created from it, it's fun with him to study numbers and letters and even prepare a puppet tea with sausages and cupcakes. Baby are ready to push him in buckets endlessly. Games are not bored, the main thing is to cook the sandbox more!

The original article is posted here:

Recipes of kinetic sand

To date, children are no longer interested in playing in a conventional sandbox, because kinetic sand appeared (translated from the Greek kinetics as a movement). It is represented by small sand with the addition of special synthetic components, thanks to which it becomes plastic, retains the shape, does not stick to the hands and, most importantly - does not dry out. Classes with sand-plasticine bring great pleasure to the kids and, in addition, develop a small motorcy. Find out how to make kinetic sand at home, we share with you the most simple and accessible recipes.

Methods of cooking sand-plasticine are diverse, consider the most popular of them.

Method number 1 - Sand + Starch

What is the obedient sandy mass? Make it with the addition of the so-called binding components, the most popular is the recipe for kinetic sand using starch.

Hand in sand


  • Potato starch - 1 cup;
  • White sand - 1.5 glasses;
  • Pure water - 2/3 cups.

How to do:

  1. You can buy clean sand in the pet store, it does not contain extraneous impurities. So, mix dry ingredients.
  2. After that, add water, mix all your hands. If you want to prepare colored sand, add watercolor paint or any food dye.
  3. That's all, we prepared the kinetic sand with our own hands, the composition of his very simple. Now you can proceed to the modeling.

Tip! You can use street sand, pre-pouring it in a pan and asking for gauze.

Method number 2 - soda + detergent

Make kinetic sand from soda and detergent or soap is quite simple. Prepare a surprise kids, it will not take too much time.

Mass of soda


  • Drinking soda - 2 parts;
  • Basin for test - 1 part;
  • Washing detergent - 1 part.

Production Stages:

  1. Connect all the bulk components first, gradually enter the cleaning gel, wash the sandy mass with your hands.
  2. Now you need to skip sand through your fingers so that there is no dry granules.
  3. If the mixture was not sufficiently thick enough, add a baking powder, adjusting the consistency.
  4. As a result, sand-plasticine should be. It is necessary to store it in a closed food container.

Tip! To the sand turned out to be snow-white, Mix first detergent gel with a white dye, then add to drinking soda, as well as a breakdown.

Method # 3 - Quartz sand + Wheat flour

Excellent kinetic sand without starch will succeed with adding flour. This sand made by your own hands will love the kids, it is perfectly holding a form, it is easy to work with it.

from flour


  • Sand quartz - 6 parts;
  • Flour - 3 parts;
  • Water purified - 1.5 parts.

Manufacturing technique:

  1. First, seek flour, mix with the necessary amount of quartz sand. Take a separate dishes, it will take it to mix the food dye along with purified water.
  2. Enter the painted liquid into a dry sandy-flour mass in small portions. Thoroughly disappear all so that lumps are not formed, for this purpose you can use the plug.
  3. The resulting sand is best divided into several portions, and then paint into the desired shades.

Method number 4 - starch + shaving foam

You can make excellent kinetic sand without adding soda from simple and affordable materials. Using this recipe you will not need a lot of time.

Hand in a homemade ball from starch and foam


  • Starch corn or potato - 450 gr.;
  • Shaving foam - 140 gr.

How to do:

  1. Prepare all the necessary ingredients. Enter the foam into starch until the girl began to form.
  2. Wear all your hands, putting the gloves, then add the coloring component or gouache (optional).
  3. The mass consisting of foam and starch is thoroughly rubbed. At the end there should be a mixture similar to the sea sand.

See step-by-step photos of cooking:

Foam for shaving

Method No. 5 - Starch + Hair Balm

Hair balsam can serve as one of the components for creating a plastic mass for modeling. As a result of mixing with starch, there is a great mass for children's creativity.

Mass for laying


  • Potato starch - 750 gr.;
  • Balsam for hair care - 9 tbsp. spoons.

How to cook:

  1. First prepare the necessary food dye, the gouache is also suitable for staining.
  2. Pour the right amount of balm in a bowl, mix with dye to homogeneity.
  3. Puncture mix the starch with a colored balm in such a way that there is a mass without lumps. A good composition will not stick to the skin and paint it.

Method No. 6 - with boric acid and glue

An unusual combination of glue and boric acid with a dry basis will allow plastic mass, which children will be played with pleasure.

Sand in hands


  • Quartz sand - 300 gr.;
  • Clay stationery (silicone, thick) - 20 grams;
  • Boric acid - 40 ml.

How manufactures:

  1. Use separate dishes, mix the stationery glue with acid in it. Take a wooden shovel, dress everything.
  2. Add a dry component, putting protective gloves.
  3. Bring the ready-made composition so that there are no large particles.
  4. Get a paste that is easy to model. You can start creativity along with the kids.

Look on a step-by-step video:

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the fact that the plastic sandy mass is easy to cook at home, it is worth paying attention to its advantages and cons.

First list the advantages of this product:

  • Develops in children a small motorcy;
  • Cheapness and we know what is part of;
  • In most cases, the prepared independently plastic mass can be conserved in containers for a long time at room temperature. Store it will not be any difficulty.

Before proceeding with the production of the sand, pay attention to its minuses:

  • To get sand-plasticine from the store - it is necessary to strictly observe the proportions of the ingredients;
  • It is necessary to make adults;
  • It cries, so it is difficult to avoid cleaning after the game.

Please note, the first time you can make a small portion of the sand, and the next time you can cook it a little more, using various dyes.

TRY the methods described above for the manufacture of plastic mass with a photo. You will not only delight the child, but also save money.

Now lay down the castle or make the kulichiki became possible not only in the summer, but also at any time of the year, regardless of the weather outside the window. Take up a fun game with the baby, you charge positive energy and bring back in such a distant childhood. Successful experiments!

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Publication date: 06/11/2018

A few years ago, the Swedish scientists produced innovative development - kinetic sand. In appearance, this material for children's creativity is practically no different from conventional sand, but it is much plastic. The composition of the kinetic (factory) sand includes ordinary quartz sand (it is almost 100% of the total mass) and the synthetic E900 additive. Immediately it is worth soothing the parents: the E900 polymer is not toxic and does not represent danger to children. It is this polymer called silicone oil, added in the food industry in liquid to reduce the formation of foam. This safe additive is permitted everywhere (the exception is only those who suffer allergies to this substance).

Today, the kinetic sand won universal recognition, because it is not only modern and trendy fun, but also means for the development of many abilities of the child.

All "for" and "against" the use of kinetic sand

Positive parties to use:

  • Babes do not always play on the street in the sandbox (weather conditions, baby health status), and this material is available for children's fun all year round.
  • In the courtyard sandbox, the animals leave natural traces of their livelihoods (excrement), so the probability of becoming infected with various infections increases many times (pathogenic microbes and bacteria, the eggs of worms can be easily hit first on the hands of the baby, and then inside the body). The risk to get infected with unpleasant diseases is reduced to zero if the young builder will erect its buildings from the purified material.
  • In the courtyard, small kids can be worried with schoolchildren and adolescents, because the latter prefer quick outdoor games. In this regard, kids can be pushed (even by negligence). Houses in calm conditions of this unpleasant incident can easily avoid.
  • During the game (modeling, buildings of houses), preschoolers and younger students are formed imagination, spatial thinking, the small motility of fingers is developing, which in turn has a beneficial effect on the development of speech.

Along with the positive signs of using this new material, there is only a disadvantage - this is its high price. To save a family budget, we suggest making kinetic sand with your own hands. Made at home material for the game is not different from the production released.

There are several options (recipes) of these sand manufacturers. We offer to use one of the master classes for parents for the manufacture of "living" building material.

Top best ways to manufacture kinetic sand with your own hands

Option 1 (with the addition of starch)

You can easily make a favorite toy for children, having prepared the following ingredients in the required proportion:

  • Sand (ordinary shallow) - 4 parts;
  • Starch (potato) - 2 parts;
  • Water (room temperature) - 1 part.

Important! Before starting to work, it is advisable to dry and sow sand. If large pebbles and trash come across, it will be unpleasant to play with such a material, "pies" and houses will quickly crumble and collapse.


  1. In deep container, pour starch. Then pour it with water and mix.
  2. In the resulting mass, add all sides of the sand and mix thoroughly.
  3. After all the mass is homogeneous, you can proceed to the game!

Option 2 (with stationery glue and boric acid)

It is necessary to prepare:

  • 40 ml of boric acid;
  • 20 g of the stationery glue;
  • 300 g quartz sand.

The process of children's sand should be performed by adults, since the ingredients must be taken in exactly the specified amount.

  1. Mix the glue and boric acid (we use a wooden blade or spatula for mixing).
  2. In the adhesive solution neatly thin weeping sand and mix.
  3. It turns out ready-made material for the game.

Option 3 (with flour)

For this method you will need:

  • 3 cups of flour (wheat);
  • 6 glasses of fine sand;
  • 2 glasses of water.

First in a deep bowl (basin) mix bulk ingredients (flour and sand). Then with small portions we pour water, while constantly stirring all the components. Upon reaching the necessary viscosity, stop adding water and variable composition.

Option 4 (with cosmetics)


  • starch;
  • Food dye (set);
  • shaving foam.

Step-by-step execution:

  1. In a bowl, lay 450 g starch.
  2. Add about 150 - 160 ml of shaving foam.
  3. Hands (necessarily put on gloves) mix thoroughly.
  4. To color, you need to decompose the resulting sand in different bowls and add a specific color to each of them.

Playing the first time with such a colored sand hand kid can be painted. But do not worry, the food dye will not cause irritation and perfectly squeezes leather and clothing.

Option 5 (with soda)

Prepare one piece of liquid soap (the dishwashing agent is suitable), two parts of the food soda and one part of the dough dough.

First mix all the bulk components, and then it is evenly on the surface with a liquid soap and mix. In the event that the sand is too liquid, you can always add some soda or starch.

Tip! Home kinetic sand in terms of its signs is very similar to the factory option, but has one drawback - after some time, the home material can dry and will be unsuitable for the game. Therefore, it will be necessary to add some water or sprinkle from the sprinkler.

Giving color

To play with homemade "alive" sand it was more interesting and more fun, it can be painted. For coloring mass, food dyes are most often used, but it is quite suitable for the gouache or watercolor paints. If there are no specific instructions in the preparation of sand options, then the dye (paint) is usually bred in a liquid that is part of kinetic sand, and then bulk ingredients are added. Stir the color sand is most diligently so that the color evenly distributed over the entire mass.

Methods game with homemade sand

To interest the baby with a game with a homemade plastic material, offer him the following activities:

  • sculpt the culberies using plastic molds and buckets;
  • Cut flat figures with stacks and molds for cookies;
  • do multi-tiered cakes, divide them on portions;
  • stamp (make prints of stamps);
  • Play a construction site (using machines and figures of men);
  • Sculpt sandy snowmen and fabulous heroes;
  • roll the sausage and bars, then cut them into parts;
  • Playing the excavation (hide and refuse small toys and figures).

Place games

For the game with sand, it is best to use a special container that will not allow to crumble the mass or at least partially prevents a rash to the floor. As a so-called sandbox, a plastic or wooden box is quite suitable. The selected container should be selected by the food film - and you can safely pour sand.

After the game, even with home kinetic sand, do not forget to wash your hands with soap or use a wet cloth.

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How to make kinetic sand at home?

One of the most popular developing classes and games with a child is the modeling. Modern mothers use different materials for her, among which the kinetic sand is particularly different. He attracts what he does not stick to his hands and does not run, it is good, it does not dry up and easily going. However, the cost of such sand is high enough, so the question of cooking the kinetics at home is quite relevant.

Kinetic sand with your own hands

Popular Sand Recipes

Kinetic sand, practically not different from the original, can be made of 300 gr. Sand, 1 tsp. Stationery silicate glue and 2 tsp Boric acid. First mix boric acid and stationery silicate glue, and then sand is added. After careful mixing, you can already play.

But his minus compared with the purchase is drying, and the presence of boric acid may have negative consequences for the health of the child, so it follows to play gloves.


Consider other popular methods for making sand, starch and water. To make houses an analogue of Swedish kinetic sand, you will need:

  • Quartz sand - Small and clean. You can purchase it in a pet store (sold for rabbits, birds and chinchillas) or in a construction store. Before the preparation of homemade kinetics, many mothers advise him to hide him in the oven. Take 4 glasses.
  • Starch - corn or potato. It will be needed twice the sand, that is, 2 glasses. If necessary, starch can be replaced by corn flour.
  • Water. It will take 1 cup.
  • Dye.
  • The container in which you will mix the components, as well as the blade for mixing.
Materials for kinetic sand


Method first:

  1. Connect in the prepared sand cutter with starch, mixing well ingredients.
  2. Add water in small portions and thoroughly interfere with the mixture until you get the desired consistency. Analog of kinetic sand is ready.

Vividly the process of cooking kinetic sand you can see in the next video.

The method of the second:

  1. Mix starch and water to obtain Nengeton fluid.
  2. Add sand into this fluid and mix well.

Recipe without sand

If for some reason you can't use the sand, it is quite realistic to make an analogue of the kinetics without it for such recipes:

  1. Grind baby crayons for drawing and mix them with semolina to obtain a homogeneous mass.
  2. Stir in 100 ml of water 250 g of starch, and if the mass is very dry, add some more water.

And one more less popular way due to its composition: Mix 2 cups of food soda with 1 glass baking powder and 1 cup liquid for washing dishes (or liquid soap). Stir the mixture to a homogeneous consistency. If the mass is too wet, add another bass. Sand should be pasty and fluffy. After the game, store it in the container.

Kinetic sand from soda do it yourself

For such a recipe, the sand turns out to be snow-white and very soft, but not very pliable: figures from it are fuzzy. We advise first try on small quantities: take 2 tbsp. Soda, 1 tbsp. Busty and 1 tbsp. liquid soap. Play it is better than spoons and molds, not hands.

Kinetic sand from soda

How to paint?

For staining of homemade kinetic sand, you can use food dyes that you can find in any supermarket. They can also be successfully replaced by watercolor paint or gouache. The desired dye is diluted in water and added to the sand mixture and starch before pouring water into the mass. Next, you just need to bring the sand to the required consistency.

Color kinetic sand

Is it different from purchased?

Of course, to cook the house completely identical to the Swedish kinetics will not work, but the sand will be very similar to the store. The consistency at home will be almost the same and the child will be able to sculpt the variety of figures.

Also keep in mind that homemade sand on the starch will dry out and will have to add some water to it. However, you know exactly what put the material in your own hands, saved money and you can play with the child in a variety of games.

Kinetic sand with your own hands

Pros from games with kinetic sand

  • Cocking with such a type of sand, the child will develop tactile sensitivity, fine motor skills, concentration of attention and imagination.
  • Games with kinetics soothe, help relieve stress and emotionally relax.
  • With such sand you can play in the rain, and in winter. This safe material is not an example better than sand from the sandbox in the yard.
  • During games, you can study the score, shape, colors, magnitude, letters, and more.
Children play kinetic sand

How to play?

With homemade kinetic sand you can:

  • Sculpt different culberies.
  • Cut Figures Molds for cookies.
  • Roll sausages and then cut them.
  • Sculpt the cake and cut on portions.
  • Play construction using the typewriters.
  • Playing the "Hyperships", breaking small items in the sand.
  • Play with stamps, leaving different traces on the surface of the sand.
  • Sculpt and cut letters or numbers.
  • Play the "excavations", getting buttons and tiny toys from the sand.
  • Draw with a sharp stick.
Kinetic sand games

How to make kinetic sand with your own hands

How to make kinetic sand with your own hands

The kinetic sand came to us from Sweden and immediately fell in love with children and even adults. It is used not only for games, but also for therapeutic purposes! This unusual material combining sand and plasticine develops a shallow motorcy, eliminates stress, reduces irritability and aggression, soothes, eliminates the experiences and stimulates spatial thinking. Not necessarily to buy this fun! You are able to make it yourself! And how, we will tell in this article.

The "smart" sand resembles the sea, but at the same time he has viscosity. The material is able to take any shape, and with a slight pressure beautifully decay, returning to its original state. From kinetic sand you can sculpt all sorts of figures, leave on it prints of palms and feet, build cities and anything else. After all, taking him in his hands once, it will be impossible to stop! Very pleasant tactile sensations give this miracle material.

Share the three recipes for the preparation of kinetic sand from the girlfriend!

You will need:

  • Potato starch - 1 tbsp.
  • Sand white - 1.5 tbsp.
  • Pure water - 2/3 of Art.

How to cook:

  • Check out clean sand without impurities in any pet store. Then mix it with starch.
  • Add water and mix all your hands. To make colored sand, the caps in it in watercolor paint or add a food dye.
  • Kinetic sand is ready! You can proceed to the modeling.

You will need:

  • Water net - 2 parts
  • Dough dough - 2 parts
  • Dishwashing agents - 1 part

How to cook:

  • Connect all the bulk ingredients, gradually pouring a dishwashing gel. Mix your hands.
  • Next, skip the sand through your fingers so that there is no dry granules.
  • Correct sand deck with a baking powder.
  • Ready. Store kinetic sand in a closed container.

You will need:

  • Corn starch - 400 g
  • Shaving foam - 90 g

How to cook:

  • Enter the foam into starch to the formation of lumps.
  • Walking with hands, then add any natural dye as desired. (It is better to work in gloves).
  • Next, carefully disassemble the mass. Must get a mixture similar to sea sand.
  • Kinetic sand at home is ready!

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We make kinetic sand at home: Tips and recommendations

To date, children are no longer interested in playing in a conventional sandbox, because kinetic sand appeared (translated from the Greek kinetics as a movement). It is represented by small sand with the addition of special synthetic components, thanks to which it becomes plastic, retains the shape, does not stick to the hands and, most importantly - does not dry out. Classes with sand-plasticine bring great pleasure to the kids and, in addition, develop a small motorcy. Find out how to make kinetic sand at home, we share with you the most simple and accessible recipes.

Methods of cooking sand-plasticine are diverse, consider the most popular of them.

Method number 1 - Sand + Starch

What is the obedient sandy mass? Make it with the addition of the so-called binding components, the most popular is the recipe for kinetic sand using starch.

Method number 2 - soda + detergent

Make kinetic sand from soda and detergent or soap is quite simple. Prepare a surprise kids, it will not take too much time.

Method No. 5 - Starch + Hair Balm

Hair balsam can serve as one of the components for creating a plastic mass for modeling. As a result of mixing with starch, there is a great mass for children's creativity.

Method No. 6 - with boric acid and glue

An unusual combination of glue and boric acid with a dry basis will allow plastic mass, which children will be played with pleasure.


  • Quartz sand - 300 gr.;
  • Clay stationery (silicone, thick) - 20 grams;
  • Boric acid - 40 ml.

How manufactures:

  1. Use separate dishes, mix the stationery glue with acid in it. Take a wooden shovel, dress everything.
  2. Add a dry component, putting protective gloves.
  3. Bring the ready-made composition so that there are no large particles.
  4. Get a paste that is easy to model. You can start creativity along with the kids.

Look on a step-by-step video:

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the fact that the plastic sandy mass is easy to cook at home, it is worth paying attention to its advantages and cons.

First list the advantages of this product:

  • Develops in children a small motorcy;
  • Cheapness and we know what is part of;
  • In most cases, the prepared independently plastic mass can be conserved in containers for a long time at room temperature. Store it will not be any difficulty.

Before proceeding with the production of the sand, pay attention to its minuses:

  • To get sand-plasticine from the store - it is necessary to strictly observe the proportions of the ingredients;
  • It is necessary to make adults;
  • It cries, so it is difficult to avoid cleaning after the game.

Please note, the first time you can make a small portion of the sand, and the next time you can cook it a little more, using various dyes.

TRY the methods described above for the manufacture of plastic mass with a photo. You will not only delight the child, but also save money.

Now lay down the castle or make the kulichiki became possible not only in the summer, but also at any time of the year, regardless of the weather outside the window. Take up a fun game with the baby, you charge positive energy and bring back in such a distant childhood. Successful experiments!

How to make kinetic sand in a couple of minutes: home recipes, instructions and safety rules

Children at any age adore various types of creativity, including modeling. One of the most popular material for modeling is kinetic sand. However, the cost of such a product is quite high. In order to save money, you can learn how to make kinetic sand at home.

What properties has purchased kinetic sand

In order to choose the best recipe for the manufacture of kinetic sand at home, you should know the properties of the present material. There are various types of kinetic sand and characteristics of each of them are slightly different. However, the basic properties are identical:

  • Any kinetic sand by 98% consists of quartz sand and 2% of safe polymers;
  • Material for modeling is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial composition. In the manufacture of colored kinetic sand, harmless food dyes are used;

Kinetic sand is colorless and color

How to make kinetic sand at home

On the Internet, you can find various recipes for the manufacture of kinetic sand at home. Basically, their authors are ordinary parents who have shown fantasy and smelting.

For the preparation of kinetic sand for any recipe you will need such attributes:

  1. Capacity where components will be placed.
  2. Silicone blade or other object for mixing ingredients.

Recipe "sand-starch"

  1. 3-4 cups of quartz sand. Such a product can be bought in a pet store or building materials. To get rid of possible bacteria in the composition, the sand is needed to use in the oven.
  2. 2 cups of corn or potato starch. And also this ingredient can be replaced with corn flour.

Potato starch in the composition of kinetic sand contributes to gluing the grains

Sand preparation scheme:

  1. Mix starch and sand thoroughly.
  2. In small portions, add water to a mixture, continuously stirring the material.

The recipe indicates an approximate amount of quartz sand. By changing the content of quartz sand in the composition, you can get a material for modeling with various properties:

  • If you add three cups of quartz sand to the mixture, the material will turn out to be more damped, the crafts will be better to keep the form;
  • When adding four cups of quartz sand, the material will be dry and bulk. This is a plus, if the child loves to dig sand with a spatula or carry toy cars on the material.

Kinetic sand from sand and starch is obtained sufficiently loose, so there will be easy to prey toy cars

The advantage of the recipe is a fairly safe composition: Even if the child accidentally swallows sand, its components will not cause the body intoxication. However, starch can cut the skin of the hands, so playing a child with such sand is better not long.

The mixture when drying can be breeded with water, thus extended the "life" of kinetic sand

  • lipnet to hand;
  • Gradually dries out.

Instead of purchased quartz sand, you can also use the usual sand from the street sandbox. But with such sand more troubles: before the game, the material must be sifted, rinse and rolled.

Recipe "Adhesive"

  1. 300 g quartz or conventional sand.
  2. Three teaspoons of the stationery glue.
  3. She is a teaspoon of boring alcohol.

Material preparation algorithm:

  1. Stir to homogeneous consistency boric acid and stationery glue.
  2. Add to the resulting sand mixture. Mix the whole mass thoroughly.

In contrast to the previous recipe, such a kinetic sand has a rather dangerous composition. The boring alcohol and the stationery glue through the mouth into the body of the child can cause irritation of the mucous membranes of internal organs, as well as the symptoms of intoxication (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea). Therefore, it is very important when using the sand of such a composition not to leave during the game of children without supervision, as well as use gloves.

  • Easily takes the desired form;
  • Crafts from the material are pretty durable;

Kinetic sand from sand, stationery glue and borogne alcohol is obtained dense, so you can make durable crafts from the material

  • over time drying out;
  • lipnet to hand;
  • It has low fluidity. Therefore, dig such sand with a spatula problematic, and toy cars will stick in it.

How to make kinetic sand without sand

Kinetic sand can be made independently without having an ordinary or quartz sand under hand.

From semolina

In the manufacture of kinetic sand, ordinary sand can be replaced by a semi

  1. Pull the semolot in the tank.
  2. Gradually add alcohol into the semop, thoroughly mixing the ingredients. The finished mixture should remind wet sand on the consistency.

On the Internet you can find recipes for the manufacture of kinetic sand from the mankey and water or mankey, water and color chalk. However, such a recipe is doomed to failure: when connecting the manus and water, the first swells, as a result of which it turns out a strong whom, which is impossible to break.

Positive properties of material:

Kinetic sand from the mankey and alcohol easily takes any necessary shape

  • a dangerous composition that requires protection of hands with gloves and careful control over the child;
  • Sand sticks to hand;
  • The mixture is afraid of water.
    Two glasses of food soda.

For the preparation of kinetic sand, you can use the usual food soda

Kinetic sand preparation scheme:

  1. All ingredients are placed in one container.
  2. Components are thoroughly mixed.

The advantage of the recipe - when drying, the kinetic sand can be breeded with water.

  • badly holds shape;
  • over time drying out;
  • It has a dangerous composition.

From Stachmala

  1. Stachmal - 400 g.
  2. Water - 200 ml.

To obtain kinetic sand, water is gradually added to starch. At the same time, the mixture must be constantly stirred so that lumps are not formed.

  • Safe composition;
  • Kinetic sand can be diluted with water;
  • The starch mass "runs away from the palms as the sand. Watching how the mixture flows through the fingers, the child will calm down and remove the emotional tension.
  • Poor keeps shape. From the sand you can roll the ball or another simple object, but after a short time, the craft "will run away" from the hands;
  • may eventually suck;
  • Not suitable for digging the blade or games with cars.

How to get color kinetic sand

Kinetic sand, made for any recipe, can be made color. To do this, it is enough to add any painting element to the finished mixture:

  • watercolor paint;
  • gouache;
  • food coloring.

The most secure material for obtaining color kinetic sand is a food dye.

Using various food dyes, you can get kinetic sand any color

How to extend the service life of homemade kinetic sand

So that the homemade kinetic sand served as long as possible, adhere to useful recommendations:

  • Between games Keep sand in the refrigerator;
  • Do not allow direct sunlight to enter the material.

What can be used as a home sandbox

In children's stores sell special inflatable tanks for kinetic sand. However, other items can be used as a home sandbox:

  • Inflatable children's pools;
  • Wide basins with high sidelights;

Capacious basin can be used as a home sandbox.

Video: Honest checking recipes for kinetic sand

Prepare kinetic sand at home is completely simple. It is enough to find the necessary information on the Internet or show your own imagination.

How to make kinetic sand with your own hands

Do you like experiments? Perhaps there is no such person who would not love them. Today we decided to tell you how to create something new, then with few people met before this day - kinetic sand.

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What is kinetic sand?

Kinetic sand is an artificially created bulk component designed for children's creativity. It has a greater plasticity and humidity compared to the natural element. Not toxic and fully safe for child health.

Such a children's fake can bring some benefit:

  • Develops fantasy and skills. Serves as an ideal simulator for brushes of babies,
  • helps relieve tension from a small organism,
  • Develops communicative skills. Children share their experiences with each other, get acquainted with friends in interest and develop creative thinking.

In addition, the fascination of the husk tears the child to the amplification and concentration of attention. In contrast to plasticine, this elastic mixture does not leave traces on clothes.

Before we tell you how you can make kinetic sand, let's understand why it is needed.

What can be made from kinetic sand?

It is very interesting to play with the homemade - thanks to her awards, you can include a fantasy for a complete coil. A modern child should be able to show a creative veil in any life aspect. Sand bauble can "turn out" in a fabulous castle, a large octopus or a cartoon character. You can create pictures: it is enough to evenly distribute the glue on a sheet of cardboard and then pour an artificial "multi-matter", creating drawings.

Bulk product can help parents teach children. So, for example, having fallen from the sand inedible cookies, you can teach a child with a plastic knife carefully to wheys. Genetic sand for a long time retains forms imprints, so parents capture the tiny knives of loved ones. You can find ways to play using the Internet.

How to make kinetic sand at home: Popular recipes

Despite the fact that the gaming dough is sold in any children's world, knead him personally much more interesting. Here are some recipes.

With sand and starch

The first option involves the capture of ordinary river sand and corn starch. It is corn, because Potato closely glues crystals among themselves.

  • Sand - 600 g,
  • Starch - 400 g,
  • water -1 glass.
  1. Mix dry ingredients in plastic containers,
  2. Different a little liquid and hindle again. Repeat the procedure until the mixture becomes elastic (but not sticky).

Important! After contact with the substance made of starch, you should smear your hands with nutrient cream, because Starch causes dry skin.

With stationery glue

The unusual combination of boric acid and the usual stationery glue can give a very elastic mass that will definitely like children.

  • Sand - 300 g,
  • PVA glue - 20 g,
  • Boric acid - 40 ml.
  1. In a separate dish, mix the PVA and acid with a wooden blade.
  2. Put the base.
  3. Put the rubber gloves.
  4. Check the dough, parallel to the discharge lumpy lumps.

Make kinetic sand with your own hands on this recipe is very simple. It is enough to have in the house above ingredients.

How to do without sand

Make the kinetic sand at home without sand.

With semolina

"To create" homemade plasticine is possible with the help of ordinary mankey. There are two ways - the first implies the use of cereals and color chalks, the second - cereals and vodka.

If you have chosen the first way, then for cooking you need to simply overstead the shallow in the powder and mix them with a semit. From such a mixture it will be possible to create a stucco of any complexity. If the manka does not glue into a homogeneous mass, you can add a drop of shampoo.

A recipe with vodka is more complicated: it is important to take it here that the swelling of the cereals is not formed. Vodka is added to the semolina gradually, mixing with the main product. After the ingredients began to interact with each other, you need to lay out the mixture on the board and give it a pretty dry.

Important! Keep the toy in a cold place. The composition should be dried, because There is a high risk of mold formation.

This recipe for kinetic sand involves the use of 200 g of soda, 100 g of detergent and 100 g of baking powder.

At first, bulk products are mixed between themselves - soda and baking powder. Then it is added to the dishwashing agent. It is necessary to pour it gradually.

If you are moving around with the amount of fluid, then you should notice a bit of the balanter.

In the sifted flour (30 g), add the semolina (60 g), mix well and fill with water (15 g). The resulting mixture knead and put in the freezer for 10 minutes.

How can you paint the kinetic sand?

Game sand can be cordoned in several ways. The first - with the help of gouache and water. In a small amount of fluid, you need to divide the gouache that you like. Once the paint is ready, add it to the ground and mix well.

Its one way is the use of pastel chalks. They are shaking into powder, and then mix during cooking.

Alternative to chalk can serve the food dye.

Young inventors can also get hydrophobic sand - this is a product that is not afraid of moisture. For its manufacture, it is enough to apply a hydrophobic impregnation on the resulting mixture, which is most often used for clothes and shoes. Such sand will not be sinking in water, will not lose its color and will last for a long time.

What if the kinetic sand lipates to the hands?

Stickiness appears in two cases: if the substances are not cooled properly, and if there are not enough dry products. For example, a manual com, while adding a large amount of fluid in the process of cooking, it will become soft but sticky. And the refrigerator (periodic cooling) will help solve the problem, or an additional amount of mankey.

How to store the finished toy?

Store stucco is better in a closed container in the refrigerator, so it will continue much longer. Of course, you should not forget that moisture in the place of storage should not be. The sandbox should not remain in the sun or in a stuffy room, otherwise the composition of homemade sand will be spoiled.

And finally ...

Making kinetic sand with your own hands at home is best with children. It allows the child to develop fantasy, learn to communicative skills, and also helps him maintain a good mood. Thanks to him, your baby will be able to develop a creative veil.

How to make kinetic sand

Kinetic sand is one of the most popular toys on the market for children and their parents. It can take any forms and at the same time adhere only to itself. However, to acquire a sufficient amount of sand for the game will have to spend a large amount, as it is sold in small quantities and is expensive. So why not make it yourself, it will be cheaper!

Step 1: What will take


  • 1 big bowl
  • 1 big bastard
  • 1 measuring cup
  • 1 measuring tablespoon (as in the picture)
  • 1 measuring teaspoon (as in the picture)
  • Dishwashing detergent - you can use any brand (do not use liquid soap)
  • 1 Water Mug
  • Food coloring
  • Corn starch (powdered)
  • Sand - work almost any. You can collect on the beach, in the park or buy at any local store.


Step 2: Bake the sand (calcination)

For this step, we will need sand and baking sheet. Put the sand on the baking sheet and distribute it evenly with a thin layer. The thickness of the sand layer should not be more than 2.5 cm. -5cm. In order to maximize the water from the sand, we must get the maximum surface area.

Bake the sand for 30 minutes at a temperature of 50 ° C. Leave the door of the oven, a partitioned as in the photo so that the air can freely circulate during baking. Then remove the bastard with sand out of the oven and let it cool about 20 minutes.

Note: If sand during baking sticks to the container, it is recommended to mix it thoroughly.

Step 3: Measure you need the amount of sand

After the crumpled sand cooled take the measuring cup and fill it up to the edge. Then repay it to a big bowl. If you want to make more than 1 cup of kinetic sand, then you just need to double or triple the amount of sand and all other ingredients, it is necessary to maintain all the ratios.

Step 4: Measure the desired number of starch

Fill the measuring spoon with corn starch to edge and add starch to a bowl with sand. Corn starch may not be very crumbly so do not worry if you do not work accurately measure the desired amount.

After adding corn starch in the sand, mix well everything until you get a homogeneous mixture. In order to save time on washing another spoon, I used a measuring spoon for mixing the tight. Now put a bowl with sand, she will need it at the 6th stage.

Step 5: Colored soap water

At this stage, we need two ingredients. With the help, the measured cup that we used earlier for the sand to measure the same amount of water and break it into a glass or something like that. Then take a means for washing the dishes, fill them with a measuring teaspoon and break into a glass with water. Stir the solution with the same spoon. Then add a few drops of your favorite food dye into this solution. The darker the color of the water will turn out, the richeter will be the color of the kinetic sand! You still need to make sure that you use a dye that is well soluble in water. Again, take a spoon and move well to make sure that the paint clots are not swimming in the water.

Step: 6 Connect all together

At this stage, we will connect all our ingredients together. Take a bowl of sand and starch, which was prepared in step No. 3 and a soap solution prepared in step No. 5. Color soap solution before this step would be nice again.

Slowly pour a soap solution into a cup with sand and starch. Our goal is to make sand a little wet. This means that it is not necessary to use all the water. Continue adding the solution and stir until all the sand becomes a bit wet. Sell ​​all lumps that will start to form. By the end of this stage, you must get a homogeneous slightly wet and fully painted mixture.

Note: As you can see, my sand turned out to be light green and turned out to be not so much bright as I would like. In order not to repeat my error, add more food dye at the stage of preparation of the solution. You must get a very dark mixture. It will increase your chances to get more attractive and bright kinetic sand!

Step 7: Mix your hands

At this stage, all you need is your hands. After all the leaving kinetic sand are thoroughly mixed, knead the sand with hands, as if you knead the usual dough. Stir until the sand stops sticking to the hands. If he continues to stick to his hands, then you may have added too much soapy solution in step No. 5. In order to solve this problem, just add a little more sand or corn starch!

Note: If you add too much soap solution, then instead of adding sand or starch, you can add ordinary flour to thicken the sand. Flour can make it softer and less grainy to the touch.

Step 8: Test sand

Check sand can be checked in several ways. I checked my sand to keep the shape and stick to myself. To do this, I firmly stuck sand into the usual cup (you can use any shape) and turned it over! All played in the sandbox in childhood? Then I cut off a piece of sand with a knife. As you can see both pieces did not crumble and stayed in their place!

Master class "Kinetic Sand"

Tatyana Domshev Master class "Kinetic Sand"

By organizing this Master Class I set for myself the following target : Development of creative potential and creating conditions for promoting professional skill Teachers in the process of active gaming interaction on the development of an effective developing and universal means - sand.

And the following tasks : - Creative conditions for the fruitful creative activities of the participants Master Class ;

- The importance of the use of methods of games to teachers kinetic Sand in the development of figurative thinking, sensual perception, creativity of children.

We are all adults, and when they were taken in hand sand . On the look of small grains, nothing special, but for some reason I want something to do : build locks from wet sand, with the help of molds to make curties, and it's just nice to pour it through your fingers, however, Sand is not so simple . Elementary, it would seem, games can be very useful for mental health and development of children.

Sand - This is a natural material, it not only fills natural energy, but also successfully takes into itself a negative energy, moreover, transforms aggression into positive charges. Sand A very pivot and democratic tool of creativity, it allows you to work with the co-battle to each and objects from it can be easily changed at any time without much regret. Children who have difficulty in mental development, conflicts in relationships, fears especially need Sandy-Tse . As studies have shown, sandbox It has a psychotherapeutic effect, helping the child to get rid of fears, shyness, horse-flicety in communication and many other problems.

Since we have most of the time winter and children do not have the opportunity to play their favorite sand with sand on the street. We are in our group use Sand all year round . Children love the game in the sand. Sand The help of the children find mutual understanding.

In my group we made «MiniPestic ». Our mini sandbox has a wide range of applications. We use it both in collaboration in joint activities with children and for independent games and the activities of children.

On speech classes, we use the following methods and techniques. Work :

Conversation "Rules of the game with sand in the room" during which you are discussing what you can do with sand in the group and what can not (scatter sand , throw it, transfer to other places)

Surveillance Sand (hourglass ).

In mathematics classes, we use such exercises as

"Measure and pick up" . Children are spoiled by spoons sand From one container to another and consider their quantity.

A game "Find Figure" . Ranish fingers sand , Find a geometric shape and call it.

Now the colleagues want to offer to cook live (kinetic ) Sand with your own hands . Sand which will not dry.

Kinetic sand It appeared on the market in 2013 and rather quickly in-fought a certain popularity. A child can play with him at home and the consequences of the game can be half a minute to gather their hands, which after that do not even need to wash. Strange to the touch sand and look like sand and physical properties are completely different. How does it work?

2 glasses of sand

1 cup starch

0.5 glasses of water

Fall in the container Sand and starch , mix, and pour water. Mixed. That's all, ready!

Let's sum up : Sand is very soft , Pleasant to the touch, does not stick to the hands when you take it in my hands it seems that the magic power keeps your hands, I do not want to clean them out of the sand. It does not dock hands, does not scatter-smi, pleasant to the touch, but unsuitable for the construction of locks or any other high and complex sculptures.

Photo report "Space Sand" Curriculum on the artistic and aesthetic development of "Space Sand" - modeling for younger children's age. Purpose: Acquaintance with properties.

Photo report "One day from the life of our group - as we did kinetic sand."

Kinetic sand, or "Magic Country of Sand" Kinetic sand-unique material for children's creativity produced by the Swedish company WABA FUN. Externally similar to wet marine.

Presentation "Kinetic Sand, or Magic Country of Sand" with kinetic sand I met a year ago. Although I heard a lot about him, read on the Internet. He was a big discovery for me.

Kinetic sand as a means for the development of creative abilities of young children in summer all children love to play with sand in a sandbox, on the seashore or river. Unfortunately, in the winter time, the sandaries from the sand will not bore and castles.

Kinetic sand. My find is not wonderful that science and new technologies do not stand still, but progress every day. Kinetic sand is very exciting.

Kinetic sand: exciting games all year round kinetic sand in our time enjoys great popularity in children of different ages. Games with sand is not only entertainment, but.

The promising plan "This Magic Sand" (Space Sand). For children of the first youngest group, the date: September 2nd week. Topic: Acquaintance with the sandbox "What a Fairy Sand told". Objective: to introduce children with a sandbox. Secure, clarify.

Master class "Kinetics and Sand: Physics and a game in one package" master class. Kinetics and sand: physics and game in one pack. (1) Dear colleagues, glad to welcome you in our meeting. Organizing.

Amazing sand kinetic sand (production Sweden) is an amazing material by properties. It is perfectly holding the shape, while easily.

How to make kinetic sand and sandbox at home?

Kinetic sand is a wonderful material for development and relaxation. It can be used by children of any age, including suitable for adults. Classes improve mood and train motility. All parents are useful to find out how to make kinetic sand at home, how to construct sandbox for it and what the rules for handling this material.

The indisputable benefits of kinetic sand

Fascinating classes and fun games with kinetic sand, from a shop or own preparation, implement several positive tasks:

  • Sand quickly relieves stress and drops internal tension, a person relaxes and distracts thanks to interesting work;
  • The sandbox develops tactile sensations, helps to improve small manual motility, which is extremely important for children's development and rich speech;
  • engaged in sand, children and adults spend time interesting and benefit, it is fruitful entertainment much better than viewing the TV;
  • The material contributes to diversify the creative sphere of personality and extensively develop the imagination;
  • Sand balancing emotions, immediately soothes and teaches the right concentration of attention;
  • Pescotherapy neutralizes aggressive mood, eliminates irritability; trains spatial thinking skill;
  • Games help to remove strong experiences in the background and erase from the consciousness of fears;

Kinetic sand develops and soothes children

How to make kinetic sand with your own hands?

Today you can find on sale Multicolored kinetic sand. But no one canceled the art of home Handmade. A great idea for inventive parents is to make kinetic sand itself and play along with children. The following recipes will help you in this very much. Read the instructions and connect the ingredients, then enjoy the game, creative and relaxation process.

Kinetic sand from starch

  • water is 1 cup;
  • Clean sand - 4 glasses;
  • Food starch - 2 glasses;
  • Convenient packaging and a small shovel for kneading;
  • Food dyes are several different colors.

Note that the basis of live sand is pure material with the smallest fractions. Such is the quartz sand. Today you can buy this material in the outlets - pet stores. It is sold for breeders of chinchillas, rabbits and birds. And also special small sand can be searched in stores offering building materials. According to the advice of experienced mothers, it is better before the manufacture of kinetic homemade sand, produce the sand base in the oven. For a good portion of the finished product, it will be quite enough to take quartz sand in the volume of 4 glasses, no more.

Now about starch. We need potato or corn starch. This ingredient should be twice as smaller than the previous one, that is, the sand base. If there is corn flour, then you can use it instead of starch, as it has similar properties and will behave as it should.

Sand can be kneaded in two ways. The first is in mixing starch and sand. Mass mix thoroughly until uniformity. Next, you need to add a little water and stir the substance, waiting for the necessary properties. The main thing is that the finished product is not too liquid and very dry, well kept the form.

Another method of mixing the above components is that you must first dissolve the entire volume of starch in water. Then you need to pour into the fluid sand. Mix everything actively. Waters should not be too much. 1 cup on all components is the optimal volume.

As a container we take any wide bowl or a small basin. It does not matter what method of mixing ingredients you will choose, the result will be the same.

To paint the product better to use food dyes that are sold in food stores. And the gouache or watercolor acts well. For proper coloring you need to make a solution from paint by adding water. Connect starch, sand and painted water, and then add the desired amount of water to obtain optimal consistency.

Simplified kinetic sand recipe

  • Starch - 250 grams;
  • Water is 100 milliliters.

To get a lot of kinetic sand, mix water with starch. It is necessary to evaluate the consistency of the finished product. To remove excess dryness, pour water.

Kinetic sand from semolina

It is necessary to extort the children's crayons designed to draw on the asphalt to turn out to be powder. It must be mixed with the usual semolina. It should be stirred before receiving a homogeneous, sufficiently soft and resembling the kinetic sand, the masses. Products are taken in any quantity and ratio - the necessary proportions can be identified by experiments.

Kinetic sand from soda

  • Food soda (powder sodium bugger) - 2 glasses;
  • Bustyer - 1 cup;
  • The liquid intended for washing dishes is 1 cup.

First mix the soda with a culinary disintector. Then pour the liquid for dishes. Instead of it, it is advisable to take any liquid soap. The finished product is well mixed so that it turns out lush and looked like the dough. After graduation, close in the container. This will save the properties. Homemade sand will be white and incredibly soft consistency. True, it is non-ideal for sculpture, the funeral objects can be fuzzy. To make a test batch of such sand, you need to take less components:

  • Food soda - 2 tablespoons;
  • Busty - 1 tablespoon;
  • Liquid soap or dishwashed liquid - 1 tablespoon.

With such sand, it is uncomfortable to play manually, so it is better to manipulate with the help of molds and spoons.

Kinetic sand from colored quartz sand

  • Quartz sand - 100 grams;
  • 3% Boric acid - 2 teaspoons;
  • Stationery glue - 1 teaspoon;
  • latex gloves.

This technology allows you to get the most approximate to the purchase of kinetic sand. The consistency is comfortable and pleasant. Homemade sand is displaced for a children's body. At the heart of quartz sand, it must be poured into the tank first. Next, mix boric acid and very thick stationery glue in the proportions that are indicated above. Then dimay 1 teaspoon of this liquid and dilute the sand. The product first will be sticky, so it is better to knead it in gloves or one hand in the glove. It is necessary to mix until the moment you can get homogeneous sand without dry inclusions. It should be loose and drip, do not stick to his hands and do not crumble.

Glue polymers ensure the elasticity of the substance. Boric acid works as a binder. The shelf life of such sand is minimal, as it dries and loses its initial properties. The best option is to prepare small portions.

Kinetic sand from flour without glue

  • flour - 8 pieces;
  • Cosmetic oil for the care of the skin of children - 1 part.

To flour the flour to fill the oil and mix it. Flour is of different quality, so the ratio may be different. Oil can be added to the desired softness of the sand. The finished product is a light sand shade, pleasant to the touch. Children like to make figures from it and play with molds. The kinetic sand without glue is interesting for its durability, the properties of the product are preserved for a long time.

Specified recipes are guaranteed. Do not try to make kinetic sand from plasticine or chewing, as this is not the best way and is unknown what happens. Although with a mixing of chewing and flour, something like a viscous sand comes out.

Kinetic sand can be bought in the store or make yourself from flour, quartz sand, mankey, soda or starch

Use of kinetic sand for children's development

How can I play home with kinetic sand?

Magic live sand in each family is used in different ways. For example, here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Related free crossing and sorting of sand with hands, it gives pleasure, very tightens and soothes children and adults;
  • Everyone likes to roll balls and sculpt the pellets;
  • The modeling of the Kulichiki as in a conventional sandbox, while all small details are surprisingly drawn on the finished products, it is incomparably with ordinary sand;
  • drawing by a pointed stick or knife;
  • Try to apply the molds for ice, the rows of hills are obtained, for example, it can be a labyrinth for walking toys, also cubes can be divided;
  • cutting figures using molds for cookies;
  • Installing and excavation with hands to search for small items - toys, buttons;
  • Rolling sausages and cut them into parts, while you can use any toy knife or a knife for plasticine;
  • cutting and modeling numbers and letters;
  • Preparation of a toy cake and dividing it on a portion;
  • Preparation of different dishes, for example, you can make sandy dumplings, pies and other products, feed toys;
  • leaving traces in the sand using different stamps or hands;
  • Imitation of construction with the participation of molds, toy machines and tools.

Features of homemade kinetic sand

Purchased kinetic sand is represented by the same quartz sand, it is 98% in the product. Also, the manufacturer indicates 2% of the linear polymer, this is an E900 additive. As a result, a substance is obtained, which is perfectly lying and does not crumble. It is noteworthy that the purchase of sand never dries, and in it an unsuitable environment for habitat bacteria.

If you take for the manufacture of sand yourself, you will get a good material for classes. He has the special qualities of which you need to know. Ready sand can be easily cut. It is convenient to sculpt different shapes from it. The material cannot be called air, it does not have a fluidity. If you crush the sand in your hand, it crumbs, forming small lumps.

When the material remains outdoors, it quickly dries. Leaving sand in a closed container for several days, you need to follow him, as it can come into disrepair, shook. Due to the starch in the composition, the effect of dryness of hand after long-term work with sand is not excluded.

The correct homemade sand is constantly wet to the touch. He will stick to the hands minimally. To silicone molds, the material sticks. Sand is non-toxic and not dirty clothes, there are no spots on the fabric.

Judging by the reviews, self-made sand based on starch dries over time. To update the consistency you need to dilute it with water. Sand will be alive again. Therefore, you can not dispose of the material after one session of the game or classes, but to use it repeatedly. But still you should not store the material for too long, it can spoil.

Sand is impossible to get dirty, he is also not clogged under the nails. The material is fully safe for a child, which cannot be said about the sand from the street sandbox, it can be operated in any weather and at all times of the year.

We disassembled several popular options for the composition of kinetic sand for children, considered in detail a number of important features. Choose a suitable recipe and proceed to the manufacture of the field for gaming activities.

Sandbox for kinetic sand with their own hands

If you are capable of needlework, you can construct a suitable bin made of wood. Optimal dimensions should be copied with standard sand-and-therapy containers, they are 70 by 50 per 8 centimeters. Armed with paint, you need to paint the inside of the box in a gentle blue tone. Children he resembles water.

In order not to make the container and carry out sandy therapy at home, use the finished package. For example, you can take a drawer of a table, a suitable basin, a large plastic container, tray, all kinds of household trays and pallets. It is categorically not suitable capacity from paper, as water can be used in sand games. The main requirement for sandbox is the lack of cracks. It should be noted, after games with kinetic sand, there is almost no disorder in the house. Just in case you can raise the oil to the floor.

Of course, home sand will be somewhat different by properties from purchased. But with him, too, you can work fruitfully and fascinating. The homemade material as a budget analogue of the Swedish sand is quite suitable.

How to make kinetic sand for a child with your own hands

Hello expensive readers. Today we will consider the question of the parents of creative children. In this article you will learn how to make kinetic sand at home. We will look at the main advantages of using this type of sand, as well as you will learn the most popular options for cooking.

Pros and cons of kinetic sand

It is important to know what the advantages and disadvantages of this toy.

  • It produces patience, the baby becomes more perfected;
  • does not dry;
  • does not have a negative impact on the skin of the child;
  • easy to use;
  • develops imagination, fantasy kid;
  • ecologically pure;
  • does not require special storage conditions;
  • retains its shape, easy to cut;
  • not covered with mold with high humidity;
  • normalizes the psycho-emotional state of the kid;
  • positively affects the small motility of the child;
  • You can quickly assemble after scattering;
  • It acts a relaxing way.

The shortcomings are only two:

  • the need to prepare a large volume using many ingredients due to the high density of sand;
  • If you rub on the surface, it begins to stick.

What can you do with it?

Perhaps some parents have not previously encountered a similar toy. In fact, with such sand you can produce a lot of entertainment actions. A child with joy will be:

  • cut shape figures;
  • play stamps;
  • roll sausages, chop them;
  • sculpt the cake, then cut it;
  • draw with a sharp stick;
  • It can be stubbing small items;
  • Print footprints on the sand;
  • engage in construction using machines;
  • sculpt cakes;
  • cut beaks and numbers, also sculpt them;
  • Engaged by excavations, take out objects hidden in it.

Shopping option

If you do not want to mess around and make such sand with your own hands, you can go to the store.

Quality kinetics will have the following composition:

  • 2% of linear polymers;
  • 98% of quartz sand.

Such a purchase option is clean, there are no microorganisms in it, and it does not dry.

Methods of cooking at home

Parents and older children can be caught up with priests to create such sand, without leaving home. All recipes are safe, from protective equipment requires the use of gloves. Let's consider the most popular options for how to make kinetic sand at home.

  • boric acid - approximately forty ml;
  • glue stationery - gram twenty;
  • Quartz sand is three hundred grams.
  1. First of all, you need to mix glue and acid, use a wooden spatula or spatula.
  2. Pour sand. This action must be performed using protective gloves, preferably dense.
  3. Revise the resulting mixture, remove large particles from it.
  4. You got a paste ready to use.

For this option you will need:

  • flour;
  • water;
  • quartz sand.
  1. Practice into the container of sifted flour (three parts), add quartz sand (six parts) to it.
  2. Pour water (one and a half times) with small portions, constantly stirring.

It is important that lumps are not formed. If such are observed, be sure to disperse them with a fork or hands.

If desired, at the stage of injection of fluid in dry ingredients, you can pre-add a dye to the water. In addition, you can use the separation option and painfully in different colors.

  • starch;
  • food coloring;
  • shaving foam.
  1. Symptore starch (gram 450) in a bowl.
  2. Add approximately 160 ml of shaving foam.
  3. Stir everything carefully, not forgetting before it put on gloves.
  4. Enter the food dye.

You will get something like sea sand. It will be perfectly preserved, will not stick. However, at the beginning of the use of a child's handle can be painted.

You will need for cooking:

  • hair balsam;
  • starch;
  • Food dye, gouache.
  1. Air conditioning is poured into the container, dye add. You need to do it gradually until you get the expected color.
  2. In a separate container, put a gram of 750 starch, add eight spoons of the painted balm.
  3. It is necessary to introduce a liquid component gradually, stirring constantly, it is advisable to do it with your hands, but do not forget about protection (gloves).

As a result, you should get a damaging mass. She will not paint the hands of the child, will not stick. It is recommended to use for games with molds.

To do this, you will need:

  • Liquid soap (one part), you can replace the dishwashing agent;
  • soda (two parts);
  • Basin (one part).
  1. First of all combine the bulk components of your future sand.
  2. Gradually introduce a gel or liquid soap.
  3. We put on the hands of the gloves, wash the components before receiving a homogeneous mass. It is important to exclude the possibility of maintaining large granules.
  4. If the sand obtained is too liquid, you can add starch or baking powder.

As a result, you will have a pasty and air kinetic sand. Over time, it will begin to gradually dry, it will need to complement with new portions. You need to be prepared for the fact that this sand will not be very militant, and the made figures can crumble. It is recommended to play them only with molds or gloves.

Worse than bought?

To date, many recipes of how to make kinetic sand at home, but whatever you choose, you will not be able to get exactly the same quality as the Swedish counterpart. But the visual product will be very similar. The child will be able to play with the home option, sculpt the figures.

It is necessary to recall that homemade sand, in particular on starch, on the passage of some time starts to fall, so it will be necessary to add water.

Choosing home kinetic sand, you can be confident in the naturalness of the products included in its composition. In addition, you can save money.

Lipnet or not?

Some parents notice that, playing with kinetic sand, he begins to stick to the palm of the child. In this situation, one of several options is possible:

  • poor quality of the purchase product;
  • with home cooking non-compliance with proportions;
  • lipnet when the baby has sweaty hands;
  • If the sap of a pet got into the sand.

If you are confident that all the above reasons in your particular case are not suitable, then you need to decompose the sand on a flat surface, be sure to be a thin layer and leave it to bask in the sun. It will dry up and will not be so sticky.

If you acquire kinetic sand in the store, you will definitely advise you to buy a special container for him, the so-called sandbox. It can be different. This is a plastic version, wooden, inflatable sandbox, it can also be a foldable model. It should be noted that the inflatable option is not particularly popular with the parents. And the rest of the fundamental difference between what kind of sandbox you can select - no. With its function, any of them cope well.

To make a homemade sandbox to any parent. You can use a pelvis or it can be some kind of flat surface that can be applied to the food film. Also for the sandbox there can be a food container for storing products.

As you can see, you can easily cook the kinetic sand with your own hands. Also, perhaps you will be interested to know how at home to make slot. The main thing is when cooking do not forget about the precautionary measures, use gloves. You can check in practice not one, but several recipes, and choose the option that will be most successful. Use the dye in your work or not - to solve you. I wish that the process of cooking the kinetic sand was interesting for you, and the pleasure that the child will receive, playing with him, will be indescribable.

Economy! How to make kinetic sand for children's games

The "smart" sand combines the two most beloved materials of the material: sand and plasticine. To the touch, it looks like a real sea, but at the same time viscous, so it can take any form, and with a slight effect, it is very beautiful, gradually turning into a normal mass. From it you can sculpt, build cities, take figures with the help of molds, leave the prints of palms and feet, cut into pieces, and most importantly, it is very pleasant to touch him. The game of the game with kinetic sand so fascinates that it is impossible to tear off.

What is useful kinetic sand

Develops fine motility and tactile sensitivity;

Stimulates imagination and creativity;

Eliminates fears and experiences;

Removes aggression and irritation;

Stimulates spatial thinking;

Well affects emotional state, soothes and teaches concentrating attention;

Frees from internal stress and stress;

And it just helps to entertain the child and self, spending time together for an interesting game.

Kinetic sand with your own hands

The composition of kinetic sand with their own hands, or you will need:

Sand - 4 glasses - very good, clean sand can be found in the pet store in products for rodents (chinshill).

Starch - 2 glasses (potato)

Comfortable bowl or basin for mixing

Mix in a bowl or basin starch with water. Then add the sand and mix thoroughly. Either first mix the sand with the starch, and then add the water, the result will not change. The main thing is that the water is not too much, otherwise the sand will be liquid.

Color kinetic sand

Make color kinetic sand is very simple. When cooking a sand mix, add a little food dye or guashi into water. Mix thoroughly and leave to dry, laying out on old papers or newspapers. You can paint the finished sand, if you add a small amount of sung water to it.

How else can you make kinetic sand with your own hands? The second method of cooking colored kinetic sand is also very light. Use colored shallow and seal. Relieve the shallow well and mix with the semolia, adding the dye to enhance the color. Kinetic sand is ready.

How to make kinetic sand with your own hands

How to make kinetic sand at home? It is not at all difficult if you know which components to use. Unusual material was invented in Sweden, and today it beats the sales records in children's stores. What is the secret of a viscous mass?

Kinetic sand for children: what is it, the composition

It is also called cosmic sand, because it combines the crumbness and stickiness of plasticine. Unlike sea rash material, the kinetic does not dry, so it is suitable for the game at any time.

From it you can sculpt, build, draw figures and shapes, as the sand is very pleasant to the touch. Manufacturers do not disclose the secret ingredient, which gives substance such properties. But modern parents do not surrender and offer to prepare their own option.

The home remedy also includes sand. It is important that it can be cleaned, such can be found in pet stores. Additionally, starch and water is added to the mixture.

Kinetic sand prepared with their own hands and used during classes with children has such useful properties:

  • Develops tactile sensitivity, motility hands.
  • Promotes the concentration of attention, develops imagination.
  • Helps relieve aggression, get rid of fears.
  • Allows in the game form to study colors, forms, names of objects.
  • It takes a child with a useful and instructive game.

All children love to play in the sandbox. Invite them a pleasant alternative that does not pave dirt, bacteria and infections.

How to make kinetic sand at home

Prepare all ingredients and deep containers. If you have conceived to make color stuff, then in advance, in advance, in the water, in the water, food dye or ordinary paint.

How to make kinetic sand? Here is a step-by-step instruction:

  1. Two starch cups pour with one glass of water. Stir until uniformity. It will turn out to be Nenyuton liquid.
  2. Add four glasses of purified sand to the mass. Now wash the mixture until the lumps disappear.

If the cosmic material is a bit of liquid, spread the sand. Also, the substance can be prepared from chalk for drawing. To do this, grind them and add a semolina. Mix with water and paint to homogeneity.

Keep the kinetic sand in a closed container. The advantages of self-making refers to the cheapness and the ability to experiment.

What can be done with your own hands at home:

  • Cut shapes and figures.
  • Build cities, play with machine.
  • Make sausage, fish, other food and divide on portions.
  • Sculpt and leave imprints.
  • Draw on surface.

The mass will not stick to the hands, does not scatter. So this is the perfect option for games in the house. In addition, the kinetic sand has a therapeutic impact, which will ensure the child development and interesting pastime.

We offer you the member of the molding sand recipes for homemade.

To make kinetic sand, no cost is needed. In this case, you can reach a practically identical analogue of the store version. In any case, the mass for the modeling will allow you not only to play fun, but to develop the motility of the hands and learn to fantasize.

Classic option to make kinetic sand


  • 4 cups of pure sand (the smaller the grain, the better)
  • Mixing and Storage Container
  • 2 cups of corn starch
  • 0.5 glasses of water

Important: Sand and starch may need a little more. Focus on the consistency of the mass.


  1. Build sand in the container. Consider if it is wet, then the starch will take lumps. So dry the sand for several hours or even a whole day
  2. Pass starch, thoroughly mix everything until uniformity
  3. Add water. Consider - it is poured gradually! After all, to make kinetic sand, you need to control its consistency. Mix all again and let it stand a little
Method number 1.
Method number 1.

How to make kinetic sand from starch and sand: Improved version

For this option to make kinetic sand, you need:

  • 200 g corn starch
  • 1 tbsp. l. cream for hand
  • 3 tbsp. l. transparent stationery glue
  • 1 tbsp. l. liquid soap means
  • Any liquid dye
  • 3-5 Essential Oil Drops (optional)
  • Water in fact
  • 10 g of a boric acid solution
  • 1.5 glasses of purified sand


  1. Pour in deep starch container
  2. Add cream, soap remedy, glue, dye and, if desired, flavoring
  3. We pour pioneering water. Starch with water is difficult to mix! It is necessary to achieve a liquid state, as for dough on pancakes
  4. Suck half a glass of sand, stirring carefully every time
  5. At the end, we pour boric mortar, mix. If necessary, you can add more sand
This option is practically no different from the purchase
On top homemade, bottom purchase

How to make kinetic sand with sand and shaving agent?

Using this method to make kinetic sand, be prepared that it will not work very soft and plastic as the store analog. But take a child will help!

You will need:

  • Shaving cream - about 250 ml
  • Food dyes at your discretion
  • Three small sand bowls


  1. Mix food dye with sand, mix well
  2. Add a bottle of shaving cream in the sand, mix thoroughly. When foaming disappears, use it as playing sand.

Important: You can use cream or shaving foam, but not gel. Also for imitation of sand you can use starch, with it no less fascinating mass! And the shaving foam can be replaced with hair balsam!


How to make kinetic sand with sand, flour and oil?

If you want to make kinetic sand on this recipe, then get a lot with excellent texture, stickiness and plasticity! In addition, it will be stored in a closed container for several months!

You will need:

  • 5 cups of pure sand
  • 3 cups of wheat flour
  • 1 cup of vegetable oil


  1. Mix all bulk ingredients in a large plastic basket (preferably with a lid)
  2. Add oils, but not more than ¼ cups
  3. Stir until all lumps disappear. If the sand does not hold the form, add more oils
With flour
With flour

How to make kinetic sand using baby soap and sparkles?

Make stock:

  • 1 cup of fine white sand
  • 1 tbsp. l. Potato Starch.
  • 1 tbsp. l. Small brilliance
  • 1 tbsp. l. water
  • 1 tsp. Children's soap
  • 1/4 h. L. Food dye


  1. Mix the bulk components in the bowl. To make flickering kinetic sand, add sparkles in the first stage, but you can control their level and after creating a mass
  2. In a separate dish, gently mix the water, soap and food dye. Stir so that there are no bubbles in soap
  3. Pour the portion of the liquid into the dry mixture, mix and knead it to merge everything well
  4. If the mixture is too dry, add water 1 teaspoon at a time
With flicker
With flicker

How to make kinetic sand using silicate glue and boric alcohol

Main plus, if you want to make kinetic sand on this recipe - you can adjust its consistency yourself.

You will need:

  • 200 g of purified sand
  • 9 h. L. Born alcohol
  • 5 h. L. Silicate glue
  • Pigment
  • Container for mixing


  1. In the clean and dry container pour the glue, add a little dye
  2. Make the content thoroughly. Add boric alcohol, continue to interfere. In the end, the mass will be a little bit
  3. And only after that, gradually spare sand and mix well again. According to the consistency, he must be a bit sticky. But crumbly, and most importantly - do not leave tracks on the surface!

How to make kinetic sand from the mankey?

You can make kinetic sand even from such an ingredient. But you will also need alcohol-containing liquid.

Arm yourself

  • 1 cup mankey
  • Dyes
  • Vodka (by fact)


  1. Divide dyes in alcohol liquid
  2. Then the painted liquid gradually pour into the semolina, thoroughly mixing every time
  3. Vodka will not let the cake sweep away due to the fact that he evaporates quickly. Therefore, the mixture should be decomposed and give a little time to dry. In addition, if you store a wet mass immediately in a closed container, it is formed mold.
We pour gradually
We pour gradually

How to make edible kinetic sand from food ingredients without sand

If you want to make kinetic sand, which technically will be edible, then this recipe for you. It does not contain chemical components in its composition, so ideal for kids who pull everything in his mouth!


  • 1 cup of wheat and corn flour in equal proportions
  • 1 glass of vegetable oil (any kind)
  • 1 tbsp. l. Corn syrup


  • Mix the bulk components
  • Add syrup and oil
  • Consider - the last component is inserted in small portions. And if you have turned out very thick sand, then we should gradually add the oil and smear well.
Suitable even kids
Suitable even kids

How to make kinetic sand with soda without sand?

To make the easiest kinetic sand, prepare:

  • 2 cups of food soda
  • 1 cup of disintegrator for dough
  • 1 cup of liquid soap


  1. In dry capacity should be mixed in bulk components, mix up to uniformity
  2. After that, we should gradually enter soap. The resulting mixture is good to overtake your fingers
Do it yourself
Do it yourself

How to make kinetic sand at home: Tips

You need not only to make the kinetic sand correctly, but also keep it!

  • The first rule is Choose only clean and fine sand. The perfect option is a bulk mixture for chinchillas, but the price for it is rather big
  • The addition of essential oils is not only pleasant, but also useful. After all, they possess antiseptic properties. In addition, aromamasla extends "life" homemade sand
  • Keep it only in a hermetic container! When contacting with air sand dries and loses plasticity
  • But it is possible to reanimate it by adding a little soapy water

Creating kinetic sand - excellent game lesson for the whole family! In addition, helping you, the child will not only find confidence, but will feel pride for the work done. And the main thing - you will be confident as the kinetic sand made by you yourself!

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Kinetic sand with your own hands: Composition and method of use

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