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How to run a diesel engine in frozvel a heavy frost from the owners of diesel cars, especially used, the problem appears - the launch of the diesel! After several attempts to start the engine, we start thinking: And whether I chose the car. Maybe it would be better I bought ordinary Zhigulenok and drove into any weather. Do not hurry with conclusions.

Consider the basic recommendations on the launch of the diesel engine in the frost.

1. A good charged battery is especially important to start a diesel engine in the frost. The battery must be diesel. When I asked a diesel battery on the market, many sellers were bred by their hands and asked: "And what is your car?" What is clear that even the sellers do not understand what the diesel battery is different. Read more about choosing the battery I will tell in other articles. In the meantime, the main thing: a diesel battery is a battery that should develop a very large starting current. Main error: Do not confuse the battery capacity (for example, 100 amps) and starting current. Even the battery with a large capacity (for example, a gas truck) may not develop a large starting current. To start a diesel engine, you need to warm up the glow plugs + Turn the engine with turns sufficient to start. At the same time, the diesel is much more difficult to turn than a gasoline engine.

2. In the diesel engine, it is desirable to apply oil in the winter - synthetic. It will help you for faster engine turning starter. If you do not have such an opportunity to use the synthetic, then before launching a diesel engine in a heavy frost, it is desirable to heat the oil (in a warm garage or using an electric heater, or, as a last resort, a soldering lamp. Even advised in very strong frosts to pour 100 grams of gasoline into very strong frosts. Gasoline will then evaporate, but oil will die. However, gasoline leads to oil oxidation and speeds up the oil replacement period.

3. All gas candles must be working. You can check the tester candles with a tester, but one hundred percent warranty gives the direct connection of the outlet candle to the battery. The candle must be rarely late to red-white state at the end, and not all completely. If you are defective at least one candle, there is a high probability that diesel you are started in the frost. I think you have repeatedly heard the advice: "Before starting the engine in the winter, turn on the light for 30 seconds to warm up the battery. For a diesel engine it is stupid. It is better to turn on the non-useless light for 30 seconds, but the glow candles for 12 seconds. So you are not Only drive the battery, but also the combustion cameras drive your engine. In a heavy frost, it is even recommended to turn on the glow candle for 12-15 seconds to start a 12-15 seconds, and then run the engine.

5. To facilitate the launch of a diesel engine, if you do not have the ability to heat the oil, you can at least warm the fuel filter and the fuel pump with nozzles. This can be done by conventional boiling water, watering the above from the kettle. Old diesel is completely not afraid of water, as it is in it at least electronics and electricians. If you have a modern diesel, do not wet electronic blocks, wires and connectors. You can also heat the fuel pump and fuel filter with a typical hairdryer (construction, or seized for archiving business). On the road I had to even warm the filter with a torch (a screwdriver with a wounded cloth, moistened with a combustible substance).

6. When you start the diesel, do not rush to turn off the starter at the first flash. There is a high probability that it will stall. It is better to further turn the engine starter until it starts to work steadily. Do not forget to start squeeze the clutch before starting. It is very important. After launch, do not rush to let the clutch. Give the engine to start steadily.

7. If the engine does not start in a few seconds, do not rush to turn off the starter. Perhaps the next attempt of your battery is not enough. However, do not twist the starter more than 20-30 seconds. It can overheat and fail. After a long attempt, let the battery relax and restore the charge of 1-2 minutes. If your battery is enough for 1-2 start-up attempts - it means that you have already served the battery, or it is not diesel. Perhaps on gasoline cars, he will still serve.

8. Significantly facilitates the launch, the use of diesel antigel additives. There are many and different. I recommend on your own Castrol experience. The only drawback is no measuring cup. Additives should be made to no thickened fuel, otherwise they will not give effect. Therefore, in winter in the frost, add them to frozen fuel is useless. Even the additives themselves may thicken so that they will not flow .9. Running the engine with the "Quick Start" aerosol. Find an aerosol "Quick Start." (By winter it is advisable to purchase it). Connect the extension tube (if available). If not, you can make a straw tube or something like something. Open the hood. Include glow candles and while they warm up, quickly go to the air filter and injection 3-10 seconds from the "Quick Start" aerosol. The tube from the aerosol is preferably entering as deep as possible. Then quickly run to the cabin and run the engine. If the whole operation takes you 20-25 seconds, you did everything right. If longer, then the glow of candles will turn off and then warm the candles again. If the engine failed from the first attempt to start, repeat the above.

Running with the "Quick Start" Aerosol is not recommended without having necessary, since when starting the engine starts to twitch and make not quite ordinary sounds. Therefore, use this method only if necessary.

10. If you fail to run diesel, the old proven method remains - from the tug. To start with a tug, use a special towing tape. Do not use the cable or homemade ropes as it will be pretty heavy jerk. You not only spoil your car, but also the car towing. A broken cable can spoil cars very much and even injury to the driver. Starting on the third transmission. At the beginning, let a towing car score sufficient speed. Then leaving the schooker, turn on the third gear and smoothly release the clutch. Do not forget to turn the key in the lock and warm the candles before starting. If your battery is very bad enough, and you urgently need to go, you still have a chance to run the engine from the tug. But use this way in extreme cases, because when starting from a tug, there is a chance of breaking and scrolling the timing belt. That is why do not run the engine from the letter 1-2 transmission and do not throw a sharp clutch.

Diesel engines have a number of advantages over gasoline, but they also have enough flaws. In particular, problems may arise during launch at low temperatures. This is due both to another way of initiating combustion in cylinders and with bad temperature properties of fuel. In the first case, the fuel is not ignited, and in the second it does not go into the combustion chambers at all.

What is the difficulty of starting the engine of the car in the frost

In diesels, fuel is flammable due to heat released by air with a sharp and strong compression in the cylinders. If the engine itself and the air entering it is strongly cooled, then with the same amount of thermal energy formed during compression due to the starter scroll, the temperature of the mixture after the injection of cold diesel fuel may be below the ignition threshold.

On this topic: How and what to defrost the castle of the car

But this is not the only factor, you can list a number of others:

  • Insufficient compression in cylinders, the motor is very worn, and the oil that should lubricate and seal the gaps in the rings, lost its properties during cooling;
  • The starter cannot rotate the crankshaft with the required intensity, since the battery does not give the charge in the cold;
  • the rotation of the crankshaft starter can interfere with too viscous oil in the crankcase;
  • Diesel fuel turned out to be summer, that is, with a decrease in temperature below zero, gel-shaped paraffin chains began to form in it, clutching fuel lines, filter, and violating high pressure fuel pump (TNVD);
  • Do not work poorly or generally refused the incandescent candles, heating air in the combustion chambers.

As a result, without the adoption of additional measures, the diesel engine after a long parking can not be launched. Long here can be considered the parking lot, during which the car managed to cool down to the ambient temperature, to which usually enough hours, and during the night it will be cooled guaranteed.

How to start a diesel in winter after long idle

All measures can be divided into preventive and accepted directly during start-up attempts.

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For example, the use of winter or arctic fuel applies explicitly to prophylaxis. When a gel has already been formed in the tank, they also clog the entire main power supply, take action too late.

Heating glow candles

It is necessary to clearly imagine for what these candles are needed. They are not the ignition candles, as in gasoline engines or how they represent some drivers - fuel falls on the candle and flammifies.

This is not true. Incandescent candles are heated by electric shock, after which their heat tip begins to increase the temperature of the compressed in the air cylinders. And ignition arises after the injection of diesel fuel in this hot gas. The temperature of the candle itself at this moment does not have any special significance.

Therefore, to enhance the warm-up of the candle, the drivers use multiple powers of electricity on them. In normal mode, the candle heating time has a special time relay, which is triggered when the ignition is turned on and turned off after a certain period, which ensures the maximum allowable heat, but at the same time not destroying the candles. As far as the cylinder warms up - depends on its starting temperature.

If you repeat the procedure several times, then the final temperature will increase. Only between repeated inclusions of the ignition should be paused in a few seconds, during this time the candle cools, passing heat into the cylinder.

The indication on the instrument panel does not always indicate the time of supplying the voltage to the candles, sometimes it is its extinction only means the health of the incandescent spirals, the candles are heated for a few more seconds, it is undesirable to interrupt this process.

We try the "Cursting" method

The concept of cigarette is sometimes interpreted in several ways. You can connect an additional battery at startup, and you can drag the car on the cable.

In the first case, this will help speed up the rotation of the crankshaft, which will increase the likelihood of ignition. In the second - there is a big danger to damage the car. The towing worked well when one old truck launched another same. Now passenger diesel engines do not like sharp jerks, especially in a quenched state. It is so easy to break the drive of the gas distribution mechanism and the rods of the valves, which will require a large repair.

We read about the launch of the DVS: How to sit down battery

The second battery is connected in parallel with the first use of wires having a large cross-section of copper. Otherwise, all the energy will go to their useless heating. And in no case should you try to connect batteries sequentially to increase the voltage twice. It worked for about the middle of the last century, now it will only reliably cast a modern car.

Using additives and antigel

Preventing paraffinization of diesel fuel refers to prophylactic measures. The refueling station must have certificates for a given diesel batch, where the limit use temperatures are indicated. Especially interesting temperature of pumping. Below the fuel is thick, and the engine stops.

If the diesel fuel is chosen correctly, and the station does not deceive with the certificate, then there will be no problems in the frost. But sometimes you can lower the threshold to use the purchase and use of additional funds.

If adding an "antigel" additive type to dielair, then parafinization will be noticeably moved along the scale of the thermometer. The corresponding plate is available on the label of the purchase agent. There you can find out how long the working temperature will be lowered when adding a means in a summer diesel fuel, in winter or arctic, if it is necessary, and also indicates the percentage ratio, how much the means is applied per liter of fuel.

Add composition to the tank before refueling so that the antigel moves well. Replacing specialized additives on Kerosene or especially gasoline is very dangerous. These types of fuel reduce the anti-knock properties of fuel, the motor will work hard and can collapse.

It is possible to use kerosene only in exceptional cases, and with all other liquids, such as brake or concentrated antifreeze, it is better not to experiment at all.

What to do if diesel fuel froze

When the process has already happened, no chemicals will help. Machine will have to shred. There are different ways, ranging from a challenge of a special service that has a set of heat generators and insulation and to the car room in a warm garage or parking room. The process of heating takes considerable time.

Trying to fulfill all the procedures yourself for a modern car. The power system is too complicated, and the cost of errors is great.

Fragile plastic frost does not tolerate coarse heating and sharp temperature drops, and there is a lot of it in the car. Especially impossible to use open fire.

After defrosting the diesel fuel, it must be merged and replaced with the winter, perhaps and add an antigel additive. The replacement is subject to a fuel filter, which after paraffinization normally will not work.

Errors beginner drivers

There are many of them, but you can select typical:

  1. The use of ether and other means for quick launch. This is a very hard way to revitalize motors, suitable only for massive outdated diesel engines. An explicit inconsistency of such fuel requirements, and with the deviation of important characteristics, not percentages, but several times, can lead to the damage to the parts and even to the fire. Moreover, it is impossible to soak the air filter.
  2. Rotation starter tens of seconds and more. At the end of such a protracted attempt, the engine is already barely turns, you should not destroy the battery. We need to take pauses, giving a starter and battery recover.
  3. Incorrect operation with incandescent candles. It is better to deal with the algorithm of their inclusion on this car, understand how they work and for what are needed, after which the process is consciously and without errors. Winter launch is mainly determined by these modest devices.
  4. Attempts to deceive the fate, "Daezdiv" summer diesel fuel. Parafinization will begin at several degrees below zero, and it will be conveyed for a long time to abandon the operation of the car. And the late tosses to the tank of the antigel will no longer help, he will not be able to mix with the frozen fuel.

With proper handling, diesel will not create problems, it is enough to look at the fleet of the northern regions, the entire cargo transport there uses these economy engines. And with an inattentive attitude, a gasoline motor will not be created in a heavy frost.

Running diesel engine in winter - mistakes that make (almost all) owners

Category: Useful information.

We already wrote about how to facilitate the launch of diesel in frost.

Today we will talk about the errors that hold owners when you start a diesel engine in winter. These errors reduce the aggregate resource and can lead to serious and expensive to eliminate damage. But the launch "on the cold" and so not an easy test for diesel. Oshibki Full.

Error: immediately go to business

Many car owners do not delay the ignition key in the "ON" position and, skipping the scanning step by an on-board computer of all car systems, start the starter as quickly as possible. In the cold this error may cost expensive.

You can run diesel (in general, but especially in winter) only after 3-5 seconds after the key is transferred to the "ON" position, all the "extra" indicators went out, and a little fuel tightened into the pump. But then you can run the engine.

Error: do not warm the candles of incandescent

After reading the first item, you can rush to the key on the key, launch the starter immediately after the test lamps are ground? On gasoline engine - yes. On diesel - do not rush.

The most important indicator on the instrument panel for the dealer car owner is an incandescent candle indicator. It looks like a spiral with two twists or spring, is located in the tachometer zone.

While such a lamp is burning, heating with a relay candles. They warm the combustion chamber so that the ignition of the fuel-air mixture occurred more efficiently. As soon as this incandescent candle lamp goeshes, it suggests that heating candles of incandescent is completed. Running the engine at this moment too early! You need to wait for the characteristic click of the incandescent relay - he will say that the tension stopped entering the candle.

Ideally, you need to activate the incandescent candles three times: Turn the key to the "ON" position, wait until the candle indicator goes out, wait for a characteristic click, repeat. After the third such stage, you can not wait for clicking the relay, but simply run diesel. As a result, you will spend more time to start, but ensure trouble-free start of the engine, and the fuel in a warm camera will be ignited more accurate and more efficient. Oshibki 2.

Error: Do not squeeze the clutch

The owner of the car with MCP is useful to develop a habit when starting the engine in the frost squeeze the clutch. This is connected with a feature of the engine launch. When turning the key, the battery transmits the required voltage to the starter so that it can scroll through the crankshaft and the primary shaft in the gearbox.

When the driver squeezes the clutch pedal, disconnecting the gearbox and motor, the starter remains scrolling only the crankshaft. While when starting the engine with an enabled clutch, it is forced to twist the gears and gears of transmission in the thickening of the oil. What increases the chances of running the motor even with the "hollow" battery.

Error: "Battery" battery

Auto owner advice Times of the USSR: Before starting the engine "Give a load" by the battery, Pomorgov the headlights of the 20-30 seconds to force the battery to give the starter more efficiently.

Such a council has the right to life only if the battery is in good condition and is not discharged, and the car is stored at night in the warm garage. Then yes, "blinking" with distant light will force the battery to skip the current, the electrolyte temperature will grow, the actual capacity of the AKB will increase.

But if the battery stood all night (it means it was discharged), the focuses with the inclusion of the headlight only "fall" the battery is finally - yes so that the starter scroll is not enough.

That is, when the DVC "on the cold" is started with the dubious level of charge, it is important to turn off all the battery absorbers, whether it is a stove, radio or headlights. Otherwise, you can simply not start the motor. And even if the battery capacity is enough for the start of the engine, the voltage of the on-board network may fall so hard that the alarm or central locking will stop working in the car, for example.

The only actually working assistance strategy in the cold is to monitor the level of charge and the electrolyte density (in the serviced), store at night in warm and regularly charge: on the service, independently or from the generator with long-lasting trips on the highway.

There are no other secrets of "awakening" the battery and can not be. Oshibki 3.

Error: Abused additives for DT

Additives for a diesel engine can be used only on old engines and only if the quality of the "winter" DT causes questions.

At the same time add them to strictly according to the instructions, in warm fuel and on the eve of the cold. And if you pour an "antigel" to the tank with a cold DT, it will generally turn into jelly and the entire fuel system of the diesel engine will be born with paraffin flakes.

As for the folk measures, it seems to add to the Kerosene or gasoline tank, then by overwhelming with quantity, you can simply drain fuel and leave delicate equipment - fuel pumps, nozzles, etc. without lubrication. For modern diesel engines with the Injection Common Rail, this experiment is a sentence.

In general, if the fuel mixture is preparing correctly, the battery is charged and the fuel is really "winter", no problems with the start of a diesel engine at a temperature of up to - 20 degrees should not occur.

Error: "Parish" starter

When the starter does not grab, the drivers are often lost and start unsuccessful attempts to run the motor. But retain the key in the "Start" position is not more than 10 seconds - otherwise you can delay the starter and discharge the battery.

If it did not work out to start the motor, you can make a dug fearing after 30-40 seconds. But the number of attempts should not exceed 4-5 times.

Wouldn't you get a motor? Take out the key and go back to the cause - it is possible, it is solved by warming fuel in a tank or battery charging. Or incandescent candles failed and require replacement. Oshibki 4.

Error: Apply "Quick Start"

Trying to "reanimate" a diesel engine that does not want to run, the "Quick Run" type tools are extreme measure.

In fact, injecting aerosol ether through an air duct or filter, you are trying to light the fuel mixture in low compression conditions. As a result, the motor can obtain pneumatic prior to damage to the GDM and inlet system. And in a diesel engine, when using the "Quick Start" means there is a risk of fire if the tool falls on preheated incandescent candles.

What to do if frosts come, but you have to go

The correct and gentle launch of the diesel engine in winter looks like this: the owner turns off all the consumers of energy: climate control, audio system, heated, radio, headlights.

Then rotates the ignition key, wait until the control lamps will go out, repeats the procedure 2-3 times.

After the panels light bulb disappears on the panel, trying to start the motor, squeezing the clutch pedal by car with MCP.

If it did not work out to start a diesel after 4-5 attempts (with breaks of 30-40 seconds and the key in the START position no more than ten seconds) - it is sent to search for a reason or causes a tow truck and sent to a comprehensive diagnosis.

About the reasons and faults, due to which the diesel engine is badly started on the cold, we wrote here.

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How to start a cold diesel in winter

Let's start with the fact that over the past ten years, a diesel engine on passenger cars has become a worthy alternative to gasoline analogues for a variety of reasons. At the same time, among the main advantages, substantial fuel savings are allocated due to the best efficiency and other positive qualities of this type of motors.

However, this type of engines is also not devoid of flaws. The main problem of all without exception of diesel engines on modern auto is the vulnerability of a sensitive fuel system, as well as the difficulties of the cold start. It should be noted that certain knowledge allows you to avoid a number of similar troubles during the operation of the diesel engine.

In this article we will talk about what you need to know the beginning "Dieselist" about the features of the motors of this type, as well as to have a diesel engine in the frost and make it correctly with minimal damage to the engine and other power units.

Cold launch of diesel engine in winter: difficulties and nuances

Frozen wasolar in diesel

As a rule, problems with diesel start are exactly when there is a decrease in the outdoor temperature to zero and below. In case of incomplete and negative temperatures in any engine, the engine oil is somewhat thick, the fuel evaporates worse, the battery is stronger, and so on. As a result, the launch can be naturally complicated.

As for diesel, in this case special attention deserves

diesel fuel

. The fact is that the dieselgery is divided into "winter" and "summer". This division is dictated by the fact that the fuel of this type is prone to thick and parafinize in the cold. If this does not happen in warm weather, then in winter thick diesel fuel simply will not be pumped through the system.

It turns out that in the summer at refueling sell the so-called "summer" diesel fuel, while to solve the problem with the onset of cold weather on the gas station comes "winter" diesel fuel. If simply, special additives are added separately in the summer diembly, which allow this type of flammable to remain fluent even at minus temperatures.

It is important to understand that in the offseason, when during the day there is still relatively warm, and at night it is cold, not all refills have time to switch to winter diesel. If we consider that the winter fuel itself is also more expensive, then some unscrupulous sellers in pursuit of profit quite often sell summer diesel fuel at the price of winter before the onset of stable cold weather. The situation is additionally complicated by the fact that visually, in the smell, consistency and any other signs of a summer diesel fuel from winter dt, it is impossible to distinguish.

How to make a diesel winter

How to start diesel in winter

So, with the "fuel" risks figured out. Now it becomes clear that a frequent problem when launching a diesel engine in winter, which leads to difficulties during a cold start, is unsuitable for the season or poor-quality diesel fuel. Regular ways to avoid such problems are the following solutions:

If with the first two ways and so everything is clear, then the third solution, many engine repair professionals and experienced motorists questioned. The fact is that the additive of various third-party additives in the fuel tank may be unsafe for the diesel power supply system and the in-economy itself.

By the way, many official dealers separately indicate that if any breakdowns occur due to the use of various antigels on diesel cars, which are under warranty, then such a malfunction is not a warranty case. This means that the repair will be performed solely at the expense of the owner.

Let's go back to the cold launch. Let's imagine a typical situation when there is no garage, and the car itself is just long enough on the street. At the same time, the car is additionally not equipped with any heating. In this case, you need to know how to start a diesel in the winter and what to do to do everything right.

First of all, it is taken into account that the launch of a diesel engine in winter compared to gasoline may be difficult due to the individual differences of such a motor. If more precisely, the fuel injection and further ignition of the mixture of fuel and air in the diesel engine occurs somewhat differently than in the gasoline engine.

The diesel does not have the ignition system, air is supplied to the cylinders at the initial stage, which is sharply compressed by the piston and is strongly heated as a result of such a compression. Then at the very end of the compression tact is injected with diesel fuel, after which the resulting fuel and air mixture is flammable independently from high temperature and compression.

It becomes clear that the key value when the diesel start plays the temperature in the cylinder. To increase it, additional gas candles are used on the engines of this type. These candles are designed to warm the combustion chamber in advance before air and diesel fuel.

  • For this reason, before launch, it is necessary to warm up cylinders by activating the incandescent candles.
  • To do this, turn the key in the ignition lock, after which the lighting indicator (in the form of a spiral) will light up.
  • Then you need to expect until the indicator starts signaling that heating is completed. In many cars, the indicator in this case simply fades.
  • It is important to comply with one recommendation - even if the point indicator, you should not immediately start the motor.
  • It is necessary to wait, so that the characteristic click of the incandescent candle relay, indicating shutdown (the voltage on the candle is not fed).
  • After the click sounded, you need to activate the glow candles again.
  • Then wait again until it clicks, then repeat the procedure for the third time, however, after the candle indicator goes out, it is not necessary to wait.
  • You should immediately start the engine, as the camera's combustion chamber is properly.

If diesel is working, fuel and oil did not thicken, the battery is normally charged and the glow candles are workers, then the diesel engine must start without any problems.

What to do if the diesel does not start

Glow Candles Diesel Check Replacement

If the power unit normally worked, but after cooling it did not start even after heated with the help of candles, then the incandescent candles themselves should be checked, the fuel condition, as well as air and fuel filters.

In some cases it turns out that the glow candles require replacement. Also, during air filter contamination, there may be insufficient air, and the fuel thickening or pollution of the fuel filter leads to a lack of fuel.

Diesel does not start for hot reasons

We also recommend reading the article about

Why diesel is badly started "on hot"

. From this article, you will learn about the possible reasons for the launch of the diesel engine already after heating the power unit.

By the way, on motors with a large mileage, the failure to start may indicate a decrease in compression due to the general wear of the CPG. In this case, the engine must be disassembled, to defect and repair.

Tips and recommendations

Some drivers with experience to facilitate the launch of a diesel engine in winter use the following way:

  • First, the combustion chamber warms up from the glow candles a couple of times;
  • Then, about 10 ml is poured into the air filter housing from the syringe. gasoline;
  • Then the engine can be launched;

Immediately note, such a decision is an emergency measure, that is, it is impossible to use this method regularly. Launch with gasoline pairs leads to increased loads, which significantly reduces the engine resource.

It is recommended to separate the engine compartment and the engine separately. It is good for this, the auto tube, which retains heat and prevents the quick cooler of the internal combustion. It will not be superfluous and the insulation of the cooling system radiator. For these purposes, you can use different solutions, the simplest of which is the installation of a dense cardboard "damper".

Webasto or Hydronist what is better

We also recommend reading the article about

What is better, Webasto or Hydron

. From this article, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the data of the engine preheating and autonomous heating.

Finally, we note that for a long time to warm the diesel at idle is not recommended, since the motor of this type is heated only in motion under load. This means that in 3-5 minutes after the start of work on the diesel car you need to go, however riding for the first 5 km. It should be smooth, without a significant increase in revolutions, sharp starts and braking, movements on increased gears, etc. - Useful articles for motorists |

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

Good afternoon, today we will learn how to start a diesel engine in the winter season and what to do if the motor does not want or cannot. In addition, we will tell about the basic guidelines and useful tips that will help exclude malfunctions at the engine of internal combustion engine. In conclusion, we will analyze life situations and the reasons for which the diesel engine can refuse to work in normal mode or do not function at all in winter.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

It should be noted that at temperatures on the street below 10 degrees Celsius on diesel engines primarily recommended ignition candles. If the temperature drops below 20 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to calcinate the candles even 2 times. This procedure directly depends on the temperature on the street and the state of the car. The actions described above must be made before we plan to start the car.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

In some models of cars, when you turn on the ignition, you can hear a rather loud click of the glow relay and after 10-15 seconds another one, which indicates the disconnection of this device. In such a situation, we must turn off the ignition and wait about 7-8 seconds after turning off the relay, and then turn on the ignition again. After the second attempt, we also wait for about 7-8 seconds, then turn on the ignition and wait, when the ignition candle slope goes out, and then turn the engine again. Note that at the engine factory, it is recommended to press the gas pedal in this situation if there is no electronic TNVD in the motor. In the event that the relay click is not heard, you can navigate the indicator light of the ignition candles on the car dashboard.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

1. The reasons for the diesel engine failure will start in winter associated with glow and relays

And now let's figure out the most common causes of diesel engine failure start in winter. We will look at the reasons for the failure of devices and equipment, not counting such moments as not high-quality diesel fuel, discharged battery and just a faulty car motor.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

Visual inspection of glow candles : First of all, you need to make sure whether they are used in our engine at all, since there are such engines in which they are simply absent. In the case when one or more such candles are not working (if these parts are available in the engine), and far from ideal, at temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, it will not work faster, only if you apply the ether (special spray for fast and lung Start), pumped it in the intake manifold by opening the air filter housing or directing the flame of the gas burner during the start, in order to heat the air entering the cylinders.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

Otherwise, we may need a rather powerful battery, which is able to pump engine oil on the walls of the cylinders. Thus, a powerful battery is able to raise the fallen compression in the working area of ​​the cylinders, but the guarantees that the motor immediately becomes quite a little.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

Repair or replacement of glow candles : After visual inspection of candles and spray spray, you need to unscrew the engine elements, after having removed the tire from them if they are 12 volts. Next, we take a thick wire, put it on one end on the "+" battery, and put the body of the candle on "-". If the candle is properly, then it glows the tip to red for about 2-3 seconds. If more than 5 seconds or tip takes this procedure at all, then such candles are subject to replacement. In the event that 6-volt candles, then they need to check the parso, that is, 2 pieces at a time, connecting between themselves. Note that the non-working heat candle can interrupt or break the sequence of the connection, and both candles will not be warm. In this case, you need to replace one of these 2 candles, and then check again all the remaining, until you check everything to one.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

Incandescent Candle Check : Note that besides the engine elements described above, there is a sense to check and the heat relays, that is, simply speaking whether the current is fed to the tire of the candles when the ignition is turned on. Incandescent candle relays are checked by a special tester or light bulb. Check is as follows: One tester contact connects to the candle bus, and the other is put on the ground. Note that it is necessary to correctly check this parameter on a cold engine, because the relay may not include candles when the motor has a operating temperature.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

2. Recommendations and rules on the diesel engine in winter

In the event that the above-described elements of the motor, such as candles and gas relays, are fully working, then we will analyze the basic guidelines that will help to understand the true reason for the diesel engine failure start in the winter period of the year.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

Life Situation No. 1. : at the engine factory, the starter of the car scrolled several times (about 8-10 seconds for the turnover), but the engine did not start and demolished.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

Possible reasons : No fuel supply. The first thing that check in this case is how the manual swap pump shakes. If the element of the paging ("pear") after we have twisted the starter, it pulled out and remained in such a position or with manual pumping, it returns to the previous position very slowly, it testifies to the slaughter of the receiver's mesh in the Paraffin or Paraffin fuel tank formed in the fuel Highway. In this case, turn the starter to not expediently, as you can quickly discharge the battery. In addition, the probability of starting the engine in this case is minimal.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

Elimination of the problem : The most effective action in this case will be blowing the pump or the fuel line compressor. To make it, first, remove the feed from the fuel filter, then open the fuel cover of the tank and begin to blow. It is best to carry out this procedure using a friend who will have to hear through the open neck clear bouffaging in the fuel tank. If it is possible, it is better to get to the check valve and with the help of the compressor to pump fuel (better and easier than the manual pump). Then we close the bayful neck of the tank, removing the output hose of the fuel filter and connect the compressor to the reverse valve until it flows the fuel from the filter outlet.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

In addition to the above method, you can also use a soldering lamp that needs to be put under the tank, directing fire along the tank, and not for 10-15 minutes. While we warm the fuel tank, it is necessary to periodically pump a manual pump pump until we feel that the fuel really pumps or comes out of the filter.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

Applying these 2 described methods, we will get an almost one hundred percent result in order to start our diesel engine vehicle. If you do not warm the fuel tank, then with the high probability of the receiver grid in the tank again clogging by paraffin when we start moving or even earlier. At the same time, the car will cease to develop more than 1200-1300 revolutions per minute, it will trim and blah. When we did both actions, the fuel will start pumping up with a filter, but the engine does not start anyway, while the candles are working. Then you need to warm up the equipment, watering onto its housing and steel tubes with boiling water or warm the gas burner. After that, you need to try again to start the engine.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

Life situation number 2. : If we started the engine, he worked about 5 minutes or started moving and driving a small distance, they felt the loss of thrust, revolutions, while the motor starts when the gas pedal is pressed or in the end (not start), then in this case with a probability of 90 Percent has been scored by paraffin receiving grid in the tank. The actions are the same as in the above 1st case, but in this embodiment it will only be enough to warm up the tank below.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

Life Situation number 3. : If the fuel tank is heated by a soldering lamp, the fuel line of the fuel line compressor, the engine will start, but does not develop turnover.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

Possible reasons : This symptom says that the fine cleaning filter has been clogged. Filtering is enough to maintain a certain number of revolutions, but the car is not able to ride.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

Elimination of the problem : In this situation, you need to warm up the filter (boiling water or burner). The replacement of the filter will give a short-term result, and it will be scored again by paraffin. A good solution to the problem will pour warm (best hot) diesel fuel tank, warming up her house in a bath or soldering lamp (after opening the neck).

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

In the event that in our car installed electrical preheakers of the nomocon view, then in the above-described life situations, you need to add submersible heating in the tank, on the highway (reference or tape) and the installed bandage on the filter. Therefore, this decision should eliminate problems by 100 percent. These methods are relevant for the submersible type of nozzle, if we have a submersible system in the form of plates (old heating option) and the receiver's grid remained on the spot, then the chance remains that it is placed.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

Note that the inclusion of all 3 kinds of heating at the same time before starting the engine for 5-10 minutes can discharge the battery. In the 1st life situation described above, we recommend including not all heating immediately before launch, but only submersible in the tank, 2-3 minutes. Even clogged with paraffin under the string filter will give the opportunity to operate the engine at idle, and with the other heating turned on, the throughput of the fuel system will recover in about 15 minutes of the operation of the heater.

How to start a diesel engine in winter? Tips, Rules and Secrets

Strengthen the effect of the methods described above for the vehicle diesel engine will help chin. The main thing in this case, high-quality wires. Chinese wires with a vein at 1-1.5 square can not be attempting to use, for interest, make stress measurements and make sure that yourself. In addition, it is recommended before the motor factory, at least 10-15 minutes to recharge the bothering battery, otherwise it will interfere, taking part of the energy on myself. When we start from a cursory vehicle, the donor car must be drowning in order not to damage its electrical appliances. We draw attention to the fact that the contacts are reliable because due to bad contact can not work.

In conclusion, we note that many car maintenance and repair specialists recommend adding kerosene, antigels and gasoline to diesel fuel with severe frosts or if the car has not been used for a long time. This method is really very effective in an emergency, but it is done by car owners at their own risk. In addition, we note, if in the vehicle, which is searched by special predictive electrical drives, then during charging the donor need to be turned on, and at the time of starting the engine, it is necessary to turn off. - Useful articles for motorists |

In winter, many motorists face the problem of the engine launched. This is especially true for machines operating on diesel fuel. The engine of such cars is somewhat different. Therefore, they have separate rules for how to start a diesel engine in the frost. Let's look at what affects the launch and how to prepare your Iron friend to winter operation.


This is one of the main factors that affects the quality of the start. Diesel units differ from gasoline greater compression and compression ratio. Let's look at how this factor affects the launch of the power unit:

  • Compression up to 18. This is a very low indicator. Operation of diesel in the winter is in this case it is impossible. The car cannot be launched even "on hot."
  • From 20 to 24. In this situation, the car can be launched, but only in the heat box. If he stood the night on the street, it will be extremely difficult to run it.
  • Order 25. Here the unit can operate at temperatures up to minus 10 degrees Celsius.
  • Compression 26-30. The launch temperature indicator is reduced to minus 15 degrees.
  • 32 and higher. This is a normal compression that should be a working diesel car. Such a force unit will be launched at a temperature of minus 20-30 degrees Celsius.

As you can see, the compression indicator significantly affects how the engine shows in the winter. The higher it is, the greater the chance of successful launch.

How to check the value?

To do this, use the device - compressometer. But the measurement procedure is slightly different from the one that is produced on gasoline engines. The compressometer is screwed into the place of installation of the nozzles.

how to get diesel in frost

Next, the motor is launched. It does not need to be pressed on the accelerator pedal. Enough three or four revolutions


So that the device "grab" maximum readings. If the compression is below 17, the motor may not start at all. Normal values ​​should be around 30, but not less than 24 revolutions. Checking the engine is under the mileage of more than one hundred thousand kilometers, as well as on the eve of the winter season. By removing the breakdown in advance, you will not face how to get a diesel car in the frost. To increase compression, the repair of the cylinder-piston group is required. However, this procedure is already made by experts.


Fresh battery - warranty of a successful start at any time. And no matter, "on the hot" you run the engine or "on the cold". A good charge will ensure good rotation of the crankshaft, and as a result - the quick start of the power unit. The battery life of the battery is from three to five years. It is worth noting that on a diesel unit, more energy is required to start, rather than on gasoline (even if compared motors have the same number and location of cylinders). Before starting the winter, check the electrolyte level. If the liquid has fluttered in a small volume, it is recommended to replenish it with distilled water. The usual "from under the crane" is categorically prohibited. Also check the quality of the connections on the terminals. Sometimes they are oxidized, as shown in the photo below:

Does not start diesel

In this case, it is recommended to clean them in order to provide a high-quality connection of the conductors. To do this, remove the terminal and take into the hands of coarse-grained emery paper. Also check the contacts that go to the starter. If necessary, they are also cleaned of dirt and deposits.


If you do not start a diesel, perhaps the problem in the accumulated "delicious", which is in the fuel filter. Dirt particles prevent the normal fuel supply. The resource of the fine filter is 10 thousand kilometers. As for the element of coarse cleaning, it can be simply produced by a compressor and set back. The bulk of dirt accumulates in the second filter. The element of fine cleaning is delayed in itself particles up to 10 microns. By itself, it is a porous paper placed in a metal case.

how to get a diesel car in frost

If the diesel does not start, it means that this item is polluted and requires replacement. Preparing the car by winter, do not forget about the air filter. Since the engine is required not only fuel, but also oxygen, the state of this cleansing element directly affects the quality of the work and the start of the motor. Tips for experienced drivers say that this filter should be changed as often as possible (but no later than 10 thousand kilometers). It is especially reduced by its resource during operation in rough terrain, where instead of asphalt - slag and primer.


In order not to wonder "like in the frost to start a diesel", the motor oil should be changed for the winter. Now manufacturers produce lubricants not only by type of engines (diesel or gasoline), but also for seasonality. In the cold period, it is allowed to use less viscous oil. This will greatly facilitate the start of the engine in winter.

Candles of incandescent

On gasoline engines to ignite the mixture there are spark plugs. The diesel engine is different. For its launch and work does not require an additional spark - the mixture is flashed from a high degree of compression. But modern manufacturers equip diesel engines with auxiliary elements. Among them - the candle of the heat. It heats the diesel fuel so that the launch passed more successfully.

how to start a diesel engine in frost

This is especially true in the winter. How to make a diesel engine in a strong frost? To do this, you need to wait until the candle does not heat the fuel. We turn the key in the third position. In the instrument panel will light a check light. It is usually red or yellow. After a few seconds it will go out. As soon as she stopped burning, we start the engine. Thus, you withstand more time so that the candle is better heated fuel.

How to start a diesel in the cold? Ether in aerosol

Surely you heard about such means as "Easy Start." These products are available in small aerosol cans. They are useful in that they can run a diesel engine even in extreme conditions. The product includes flammable substances. At the expense of them and the engine is "easy". The mixture begins to burn earlier - the chances of a successful start are increasing several times. But it is worth remembering that in large quantities, flammable substances harm the diesel engine. Therefore, use such a product only in emergency situations.

How to make a diesel engine in a strong frost

How to get a diesel engine "Easy Start" with a diesel engine? To do this, we unscrew the air filter housing, and better - remove the nozzle. Straight to it begin to splash the composition. At this time, the assistant turns the starter. Motor easily starts.

Is it possible to start "from the pusher"?

Surely, many of us have seen how "Zhiguli" and "Volga" are hardened in this way. Accelerating the car to the minimum speed, the driver turns the key - under pressure the mixture is flammable. But the trouble - on the diesel engine it is impossible to do. Therefore, this option is excluded first.

Dilute fuel

Everyone knows that diesel, unlike gasoline, has two varieties - summer and winter. The so-called arctic fuel appears at refueling not always on time. There are sharp cooling. Then the question arises about how to start a diesel in the winter on the summer diesel fuel. Since the temperature of its crystallization is an order of magnitude higher, it makes it easier. With minus 10 degrees, it turns into paraffin.

Tips of experienced drivers

On such a fuel, run the motor is simply impossible. How to be in such a situation? To do this, we need to dilute fuel in a tank with a special "winter" additive. The same is added at filling stations (in the very "summer fuel"), so it is not worth considering this product in foreign and harmful to the diesel unit. It is recommended to pour the product in advance (for example, at night). In the morning you successfully launch the engine on the summer fuel. There is a product inexpensively - about 400 rubles per 500-millilitone bottle. But there are cases when the wasolar is crystallized in the filters themselves.

how to warm up diesel in winter

And here no additive will help. How to start a diesel in the cold? For this apply third-party elements. Simply put, heated with a gas or kerosene burner filter. It is not worried - diesel fuel will not light up from such a fire. The main thing is not to get into plastic elements that can melt. This is the surest way to run the motor at any cold.

Useful advice

The experienced drivers advise Kerosene as an additive. It is diluted in the proportion of "one to ten". Kerosene is not harmful to diesel engine. And the effect is the same as in specialized additives. The product will make diesel fuel more liquid, and excess substances evaporate through the ventilation system of crankcase gases. If there is no burner, no kerosene with additives at hand, you can heat the filter with appropriate methods. For example, boiling water from the kettle or hairdryer. This is especially true for machines with plastic fuel lines. Under the influence of high temperatures, the diesel fuel will become less dense, and you can successfully run the car.

Run on the car with automatic transmission

Automatic transmission has a torque converter in its design. It works due to oil that is inside. In winter, it is also thick. On machines with manual transmission to turn off the box from the engine, it is enough to click on the clutch pedal. On the machine, the starter has to spend energy to scroll the flywheel and the PPC tree, since the node does not completely come out of the engagement.

How to start a diesel in winter on a summer diesel fuel

It makes the start of the engine difficult. To successfully start the motor in winter, it is necessary more often

change oil into automatic transmission.

What it is cleaner, the easier it will be a motor in the winter. As a last resort - warm the hair dryer, but this concerns cases where the temperature is far for minus 30.


So, we found out what actions need to be made for a successful start of the engine in the cold time. By the way, how to warm the diesel in winter? Experts recommend not to keep it for a long time at idle. After a minute of idle, you can move at low speed. After 2-3 kilometers, the motor will be warm and ready for normal operation. Remember that at idle it will never normally warm up.

Cars with diesel engines have long been an integral part of our life. However, as soon as the temperature outside the window is lowered below zero, problems with a launch of such a motor may appear. That is, the reasons for which you need to know in advance. Then it does not have to guess, why the fuel in the tank has become "Kisel" overnight, and decide how to start a diesel in the frost.

How to start a diesel in frost

Causes of difficulties with diesel fuel in winter

For gasoline installations, the fuel condition in winter does not have a fundamental value if it is high-quality. You can't tell this about diesel. The diesel brass must match the season, so it is strictly divided into summer and winter. But to predict in Russia when winter comes, it is difficult: yesterday there was a plus temperature, and today it can hit the frost.

Cold diesel fuel has a characteristic feature: at negative temperatures it is very thick. Such a diesel fuel in appearance resembles paraffin. First, the problem occurs in the fuel filter of fine cleaning, and then it extends to the entire system.

This happens because the fuel really includes paraffin. When cooling, paraffin strings appear in the diesel fuel, which are becoming more and more. They clog fuel filters, and the power unit cannot function normally. To correct the situation, you have to take special measures.

How to start the engine in the frost, if the diesel does not start ...

Tips on the plant diesel engine

Cars with diesel power installation are deservedly popular.

They have a number of indisputable advantages:

  • behave well in off-road;
  • have excellent traction at low revs;
  • unresponsible to the wet climate;
  • Diesel exhausts do not contain carbon monoxide;
  • A smaller fuel consumption is required;
  • Have a larger stock turn.

It seems that everything is fine, but the winter comes, and problems begin. Diesel engines have no ignition system, and the ignition of the fuel mixture in them is different than in gasoline engines.

First, the combustion chamber is sharply compressed by the air. From this he heats up. Then there is injected with fuel, which is flammable from high temperature. It turns out that the combustion chamber should always be in working condition. So that the engine is well started in winter, there are several ways that can help alleviate his launch.

How to start a diesel in the frost (main key)

Application of special means

The cold start of the diesel engine can be carried out with the help of depressor additives (antigels), which in the fuel tank are needed on a well-haired motor, and otherwise there will be no result.

It is desirable that the fuel itself was high-quality, and the additives should be selected from the time-tested manufacturers with a well-minded positive reputation:

At the same time, manufacturers of diesel cars use of such antigels do not approve. Moreover, they are officially prohibited for use. There is a traditional folk method when 10-15% kerosene is added to the cold diesel fill in the tank. Gasoline for this purpose applies only in the most hopeless situations, as it brings the motor overhaul.

High efficiency showed special essential sprays for air filter. It is better to use the compositions with the addition of propane, since the cleanser in overdose may cause destructive consequences: the spray will ignore before the time and the shock wave will break the pistons. Propane makes the use of the composition safer.

There are special fuel heaters as a bandage that is installed on a fine cleaning filter. Fuel passes through the bandage and heats up. Another device is flowing heels, which are mounted in the fuel pipeline in front of the filter. Both devices can be used simultaneously. Then the start of the engine is possible and -40 ° C.

Running diesel engine in winter

Warming up candles

In order to launch a diesel engine in the winter, special gas candles are installed in the combustion chamber. Sometimes they are called launchers. The duration of their work in modern cars is controlled by electronics. During heating on the instrument panel, the corresponding indicator lights up. When it goes out, you can run the motor.

In old models, with severe frosts, it is possible to warm up the heating several times in a row, the starting cycle by means of the ignition key. Contemporary electronics machines solves itself when you run the power unit, so you need to carefully monitor the performance of all candles.

Incandescent candles - diesel engine and its launch features

Remote engine warming

In order not to reduce the motor resource, you need to give a power plant during the cold season the possibility of preheating. Do it with the help of preheaters. One of the most popular brands of this area is Webasto.

The company's products have the following advantages:

  • heating is carried out without starting the engine;
  • the device is unpretentious in work, trouble-free and durable;
  • full autonomy;
  • launch by timer;
  • Control using the remote control (keychain) or cell phone.

The heater can operate both in supporting mode and at peak load. All the owners of diesel cars are recommended to have such a device to properly start their "iron horse". When parking a car in a garage or boxing, you can use a heater, operating from household power grid.

Running diesel engine in winter

Tips For other parts of the car in winter

Easy motor start depends not only from a well-haired combustion chamber, matching the combustible season and quality of diesel fuel. There are other factors to pay attention to. They can also complicate the life of "dieselist".

In perfect order should be:

  1. Accumulator battery. For diesel engines, the degree of compression in the combustion chamber is important. Not all drivers know that when frost -25 ° with the performance of the battery drops three times. And if it is also an age and age, the crankshaft will not be able to spin with the desired frequency. In this case, the motor will not delight its owner with a successful launch in a cold morning.
  2. Fuel tank. It's no secret that diesel fuel on Russian gas stations (gas stations) leaves much to be desired. Its low quality leads to the fact that after 4-5 years, jelly and varnish sediments, oxides, water, dirt appear in the tank. Passing of pipelines and filters for this reason is noticeably deteriorating, so in the summer the tank must be thoroughly rinsed. Better, if a professional will be engaged in this case.
  3. Compression. This is an important indicator for impeccable motor operation, and in winter it is especially relevant. If the car mileage is more than 100,000 km, it's time to take care of compression. Cylinder sleeves and piston rings wear out over time. From this may appear difficulties with the launch of the car in the cold season.

How to start a diesel in the frost (main key)

Video on the installation of the preheater

The video tells how to install the Webasto preheater with your own hands.

Winter is a difficult time for all car owners of diesel cars. Because Many are faced with the situation when the engine does not want to start. The reasons for this can be a lot. Not every driver in the morning has such a large amount of free time to eliminate and solve problems. How to avoid such a situation how to make a diesel winter We will consider in this article. Thanks to this you will no longer get into this situation.

Why is it difficult to start a diesel in winter after a long parking lot?

The reasons for the difficult launch of the motor at a minus temperature can be a set. But all of them combines the overall denominator - liquid. The colder on the street, the more difficult the motor work. Most of all this refers to cars on diesel fuel (diesel).

Why is it difficult to start a diesel in winter after a long parking lot?

When the ambient temperature is reduced, diesel fuel starts thicken . As a result, this leads to the composition of the composition. This leads, as a rule, problems. Therefore, the diesel fuel is divided into winter and summer. Summer in Moroz has a property to thicken and paraffin.

No thick diesel fuel is impossible to pump through the power system. So that this does not occur in the summer add additives that do not allow thick at a negative temperature. Those. In winter, the gas stamp is sold at the gas station, which already has additives in its composition. Therefore, it is called "winter".

In addition, the battery is also fluid. In the cold, current generics is more complicated.

The reason for the difficult launch of the diesel engine can be engine oil. It also thick in the frost.

To facilitate the start of the motor And so that he felt the minimum load when driving in the winter, read the article - the choice of oil for diesel.

How to start a diesel after idle in the frost?

You should not panic immediately, if you didn't manage to start the engine of my car in the cold. Turning the first time the ignition key and the engine did not start, wait a minute-two, and repeat again. Ideally, the engine will get the maximum with the 3rd attempt. If the 3rd comes, in no case do not continue to start, so you significantly aggravate the situation. May fail the starter or discharge the battery.

The launch of a diesel engine in the winter is practically no different from gasoline, But there are nuances :

  1. Sick up completely clutch.
  2. Turn the ignition key while the instrument panel is lit, and the ignition candle indicator will not go out (as a spring).
  3. If the car stood all night, or long in the cold, then it is necessary to turn on the headlights. This will make it a little to warm the battery, and relieve the start.
  4. Turn the ignition and hold the key until the engine is started. But do not hold the key more than 15 seconds.
  5. If the motor started clicking slightly on the gas pedal. Give it a little to work a little on working turns.

Recommended To familiarize yourself with the article - how much you need to warm the diesel in the winter.

Heating Candles Ignition

Heating Candles Ignition

Before starting diesel in the winter needed Heat the spark plugs . But how to do it?

  1. Turn the ignition key to burn the indicators on the instrument panel.
  2. After the spring indicator is extinct and the characteristic click of the ignition candle relay (indicates that the power supply is not supplied), return the key to its original position.
  3. Lose 2-3 seconds and repeat it once again steps from the 1st to 2nd.
  4. After that, you can start the engine.

As a result of such a candle procedure, it will warm up Enough For a guaranteed engine start, provided that the battery is charged, fuel and not much frozen, candles in good condition.

If you failed to start a diesel in the winter, you should use the methods described below.

Engine launch by "Cursting"

Engine launch by "Cursting"

If the battery of your car was weak, and in the frost sat down. In such a situation, it is enough to seek help from friends, familiar, or a neighbor in the parking lot, that they "bored." The procedure does not take much time, the main thing is that there are wires.

Owners Diesel cars - Take care that you have always lying cables in the trunk.

If you managed to start a diesel engine with this method, you can go quiet on business. But remember that it is not right after starting the engine, because You need a battery recharge And for this you need to drive though be a couple of km. But it is better if the engine will work at least 30 minutes.

Application of additives and antigels

Application of additives and antigels

How to start a diesel in winter, when there is no one next to those who could "see"? In this case, you will be saved Additives and antigels which are very many in any automata.

Diesel fuel, especially if it is summer, at temperatures from -10 degrees May turn completely into paraffin. In this case, the engine will be simply impossible.

It turns out - the use of high-quality diesel fuel, which already contains special additives, or independently add them to the tank. Divine on the Russian gas stations is not better quality, so it's best to pour an additive in the tank at night, and in the morning you will install diesel without any problems. Because The additive does not give rise to the paraffin in the desired volume.

Remember that pouring additives and antigels is better at zero temperature, nor below, so they will be much more benefit. At first carefully the instructions at what temperature and in what proportions are allowed to add. [Banner Title = 'Easy Diesel Start Winter is quite possible' img = '/ WP-CONTENT / Uploads / 2018/08 / Pusk_dizela_zima.jpg'] Running diesel engine in the cold turns into a problem? Additives and antigels in the fuel tank do not help? Harness candles does not work? In the service center "Ankar" will configure your motor under winter specific work. [/ Banner]

What to do if diesel fuel froze?

How to start a diesel car in winter, if the fuel froze? Suolaur containing a huge amount Paraffin , it is impossible to start the engine. It remains only to drain the diesel fuel and heat it to a temperature of 60 degrees, add a additive or an antigel there, mix and pour back to the tank.

Add kerosene

Motorists who are behind the shoulders have an impressive driver's experience, instead of additives prefer to add kerosene. In fact, the effect of the same. In addition, it does not cause harm to fuel and the fuel system. He makes diesel fuel.

If you decide to add kerosene, then follow the proportions. Thus, 100 liters of fuel 30 liters of kerosene, no more.

In no case Do not add gasoline in diesel. Gross mistake and delusion of many car owners. Gasoline does not have lubricating abilities, unlike additives and kerosene. As a result, the high-pressure fuel pump will pump the "dry" diesel fuel pump, which can lead to breakage. And this is not small money.

Why it is impossible to start a diesel in the winter "from the pusher"

We recommend avoiding this method. In no case, do not try to start a diesel engine. The timing belt can break or slip into several teeth, the second is not so scary as the first. As a result, such negligence leads to expensive Repair of car engine .


Several tips that will help get diesel in winter in the frost

Several  Soviets which  help  Taissure  diesel  Winter  в frost :

  • Try to leave the car at night in garage , good if he heated. In this case, you have problems with starting the engine in the frost.
  • Refuel your iron friend only High-quality fuel . Do not pour the summer type of diesel fuel in the winter. Add additives, it will help you to start the motor in the firing frost.
  • Fully charged battery - The guarantor successfully starting the motor at any time of the year. Therefore, before in winter it is necessary to check the battery charge, check the level of the electrolyte, if it is not enough, then add distilled water, recharge. The battery charge should not be below 12.5 V, in which case must be charging it. It is worth keeping in mind, the shelf life of the battery is up to 5 years, so take care of the replacement in advance. If you have a weak battery, it is better to keep it at home. Batteries at very low temperatures will not lose charge. And for cars with a diesel engine, you need more to start a motor than with gasoline.

In winter, working processes in the dieselle are noticeably complicated. Therefore, To be prepared for this , Read the article - Preparation of a diesel car by winter.

Now you know, how to make a diesel winter . We hope that our tips will help you, and you will not come across this situation.

Running a diesel engine in the frost - DRIVE2

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