Dribling - What is dribbling in football?

Dribling (Dribling) is a term derived from the English word "Dribble". The literal translation is "to carry the ball". The technique is a set of game maneuvers to bypass the opponent, move towards its position or create scoring moments. Often, his personal and team success depends on such skill.

general information

Without Dribangna, no game costs. The modernFootball is different from the format of the game, which was during the origin of the Sport Etogide. Players regularly improve the technique to show better results. To access the first positions by the ratings, victories in championships, the primary skills to the automatic level. From how much the master player is able to bypass the opponent to follow the ball, its speech is depends, and therefore the outcome of the match.

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Futball stroke is the skill of the player to train the ball using unpredictable, fraudulent fins in the process of movement of the field. The task is not to lose the ball, which will try to take away the opponent's team. Executive execution of dribbreets from a player of such qualities:

  • High-speed reaction;
  • Depot technician;
  • High concentration of attention;
  • Flexibility and speed;
  • The ability to calculate the actions of the opponent;
  • The ability to act is non-standard.

All major fides are involved in dribbling. World football stars have their own, copyright maneuvers that they periodically introduce into the game. Most successful players periodically develop new tactical and technical schemes for more efficient collaboration of representatives of the opponents team.

Dribling is only a football concept. We use in different types of teams of sports, where the skill of the victim or washer. Only techniques of techniques are different, respectively, the type of sports and the rules. Contrary to widespread, to develop equipment dribbang all players, and not just those that occupy attacking positions. It doesn't matter how the player's player is fulfilled by the player, successful on the ball and the ability to hold it, do not lose when the opponent's attacks is a key to an effective game.

Technical features

The stroke is carried out by transferring from foot to the leg in the process of movement over the field. The maintenance is carried out by conducting a number of maneuvers, the sequence and logic of which should be inaccessible to the opponent. The task of the master player is not to give the enemy to calculate its next Fint or move. The more confusing the maneuvers complex, the more irrelevant, the more difficult the opponent to predict the next step.

The attacker and the attacking midfielder must have the most developed skill skill, because the players of these positions must be passed through the line of defenders on the field. They must hold the ball in the process of conducting gear. The attacker needs to be able to select the ball, even being surrounded by defenders on the rival half of the field and conduct it for the effective gear and further sports maneuvers.

Defenders Iprint players not necessarily should be at the highest level of techniques for duriboring, their task is to keep the ball and the resulting transmission. The machine is important in any position, the nose of the technique is slightly different.

To better bring the essence of the technique of keeping the ball, you need to know the basic elements of dribbing, namely:

  • Unpredictable combinations of action and maneuvers, illogical movements that are difficult to predict in advance.
  • A combination of the main techniques for maintaining a ball with professional and author's fins, a set of fraudulent movements.
  • Unpredictability in choosing directions when driving, a sharp change of directions.
  • Control over the ball, retention, confrontation of the opponent's attacks and attempts to take it.

In the sports activity of those players, which are massive to the maximum of these skills, called theDriblers. In addition to training, a fast response is discrepancies, and the study is analyzed by the field. In cases where one player no longer hold down the ball, he can be able to transmit any other that will continue this process.

Types of dribling

The team is preparing to each mimymatch and the power of the opponent's game. Individual schemes, tactics, combinations are developed. Dribbling is here on the part of the game stickers. For simplifying and more efficient use of this complex technique, it was divided into three types. Allies are used by players, but differ in hardware and goals. Eliminate triasnotes.


The main proceeding of this type of technology - a wintery can be more free than the enemy's free space, hold it at a distance. This is used by the main substantiatregic steps of the vertical application. To achieve the delivered player, the player uses the entire arsenalfints, which he studied at the time of the game, but at the same time adjusts their individual exposure situation. The following factors affect the benefits:

  • The number of opponents who play against the player holding the ball;
  • The field zone in which events unfold;
  • Available space for maneuvers.

In such a major task, the main task is to preserve the ball, and the expansion of the spontaneous capabilities, that is, from the zone of the rival environment. The conflicting goal is the created point or the direct output of the opponent's gate. Logic support is carried out by himself. At the stage of the struggle for the spaces of continuing the attack does not have a values ​​of Finta, in priority the result.

The following gameCominations are used in this variation:

  • Fint, blow or pass on the move;
  • Fint, short hit, pass;
  • Fint, sharp, canopy.

The combination will not work in advance, since it is impossible to predict playing moments. But experienced player for each situation has the workpieces that they are implemented in various surrenders. The spatial presentation is used in such attack zones: 4/4, less often in 3/4.


If you command the time to prepare the planned strategic strategic, this type of judging stroke is used. Such a technology applies to situations when you need to wait for other players, it is necessary to take a passage, or for rearrangement when creating scoring moments. If the team was in a position when you need to win the time for the search for the choice of a suitable position, used technicians:

  • Care from the opponent by cutting direction shift, even if it does not match the main task, it will give more time.
  • A combination of fraudulent maneuvers in order to hold the ball with a gradual leading to the position from which an active attack will continue.
  • Combination of the strokes followed by Paz on an open player who will continue spatial tactics.

Application This option is relevant in zone 2/4 or 3/4. The situation and risks should be estimated component. If you are ready, the commanded to the implementation of strategifics should be quickly reacting.

Sustainable equipment

This variety is more complex in technical plan, as it requires a player of the maximumness and non-standard solutions. The conservation of the preservation is used in zones1 / 4 or 2/4 when the opponent is chosen by active pressing. There are plenty of possible scenarios for reality in order to save the ball:

  • Gradual output to the free zone using fraudulent moves and speeds.
  • Movement over the field, attempts to play the ball on the defenders opened.
  • Removing the ball behind the confrontation area.

Training Skills In each type, all players are required, independent of the position occupied. But it is important to determine the main task and goal, to develop precisely those directions that are in demand on each individual offer. Also in learning, considering Individual qualities, psychic physical. It helps to correct the vector of developing the skills of the IMASTERS.

Learning process

Continuous work on the development of skill - the mining task of an athlete. To achieve playing heights, it is important to improve the skills of dribbling. It is necessary to work with the supervision. In this case, the recommendations are helped below.

Basic development

For it is based to develop basic retention skills. It is important to make every touch soft, calculate the force of impact so to be improper control over the ball. Technicotecting hours of training. Important training in such a sequence:

  • Start from a slow-down tempo, first learn to touch the ball correctly, translate it from foot to the leg.
  • In the second stage, when the technique has already been mastered, you need to start developing speed.
  • Third stage - consolidation of the result, bringing to the automatism of reactions, fins.

It is a balance job that needs to start processing, as this is the basis. It is important to touch the ball often to manage it. The faster work, the more difficult the opponent will be the control of it.

Optimal color

After examining the foundation, you need to move to the development of the abilities. It is necessary to learn to translate the ball to the foot on the leg so that it is a namilic distance between the footsteps. For this, it should be learn to occupy rule. To preserve and mobility, you need to bend legs in your lap, but to keep them relaxed, the same quickly reacting the movement of the opponent as quickly as possible and changes to change the direction. Attach the ball to the immediate foot of the foot, you can better control and cover from attacking players.

In order to quickly master the skill, we need to use the synchronous work of the legs. The low rate of run is a gallop, and it is possible not to lose speed, control over sports officer with a general situation on the field. It is necessary to taste to touch the outer-side source of the ball - this will allow the maximum movement of the movement, preseribotability and the reaction for sudden frauduplemunes when bypassing the paths arising from the path.


It is necessary to navigate to the field in one-year-old - due to insufficient development, they have to hold focus on the ball. Because of the constant concern for the legs, the player may incorrect the situation around. Therefore, at the initial stage, practicing the main focus on the setting, and using the peripheral vision of the situation under the legs.


It is important to operate only on high-speed execution-based maneuvers. It is necessary to develop indemnity high-speed modes, to keep the ball still painned for an opponent. Periodic sharp change of climbing is the ability to disorientate controversial, faster to go to safe industry. If you combine unpredictableness with an unexpected shifting of movement and direction, you can achieve perfection in the technique.


In process, it is impossible to dispense the low-complete exercise, contributing to the automatism of the reaction of the Foreign Ministry. There are several prosecutive exercises that will help in master the wisdom of mastering the ball:

  • The first exercise is just jogging with the ball, you need to do it daily, combining with a warm-up or running. First you need to study this without opponents to develop confident and relaxed movements.
  • Well secured the main skills, you need to gradually accelerate, every day trying faster to pass the maximum distances, making dribbling, without losing control over the ball.
  • You can start training with rivals. It is advisable to choose those who are more stronger and more experienced to master the skill in a hard confrontation.
  • In the processes of accounting of opponents, you need to learn how to close the ball - the case, stop, keep the space so that none of the opponents can come to a dangerous distance.
  • To improve the well-coordinated work of both legs, you need to regularly train in the sports projectile circuit around the training chips. It is necessary to perform an exercise for each leg, paying more attention to the one that is weaker in the technique.
  • On the field with chips, you can also train the force of impact, as well as work out the touch of different parts of the foot.

In learning it, gradually increase the pace to be a task. Only so succeed in heights and continuously develop the game of the game.


We wish to enroll and perseverance - the foundation for those who are engaged in football. But there are practical nuances, which can be taken into account for the development of recreses. Paying more attention, and not theory, you can achieve the best results. Useful recommendations of coaches:

  • Each athlete has a "worker", that is, the leading leg. It must be developed, but at the same time more time and effort is important to spend on the second leg, so that both were most productive in the opponent's overall and running the ball.
  • To constantly improve, you need to look more often for the game of professionals. You can view training videos, study the fins and maneuvers on them, catch out the movements.
  • Do not all the time dedicate only solitary training. Only working together - with an opponent, you can succeed. This is the advantage for two. The defender will also be able to catch his skills in the training confrontation.
  • It is important to drag not only the skill of the stroke, but also continued - combinations, passes, transitions to new positions. It is necessary to do it comprehensively to make the team at risk during the game.
  • Regular fixing learned movements with a real game is necessary for improvement and verification. You can carry out friendly matches and meetings, where it will be possible to practice.

Dribling - Social Soccer Workshop. Beneficing technology is impossible to exit a refuge. But the continuity of skills, development, flexibility, and execution techniques, will make from any player of the Virtuosine Bler.

Technical players in sports sports are able to beat several people in one pass. Each athlete has its own game handwriting, which is easy to find out. Maintaining the ball, the washers using the fins are called dribbling.

What is dribbling?

Dribbling - This is the meaning of which is to confuse the enemy and go further, getting good prospects for the further development of the attack. The most common types of sports for dribbling:

About dribbling in each of these sports species is written below in the current article.

For some sports, there are certain restrictions for keeping the ball. For example, in handball, the maintenance is carried out only with one hand and the ball should constantly hit the floor. In the water polo, the ball moves his head, and the swim is carried out with a crawl.

What is dribbling? Examples of dribbling in sports

Dribbling in football

Dribbling in football is most often performed in such a way that the ball as often in contact with the foot. Thus, the player better controls it, and the opponent is more difficult to pick it up with his permissible methods. When performing dribbling, the footballer often uses fraudulent actions (fins), which complicate the task of the defending athlete.

dribbling what is it

When conducting the ball in football, control over it is most often the inside of the foot, less often - external and even less often - sole. The effectiveness of this reception depends on the technical equipment of the player, from its level of skill and qualifications of defending. Dribar is performed with changes in the speed and direction of the ball, with stops and subsequent acceleration.

The goal of dribbling in football is to get rid of the dense guardianship of the defender and go to the operational space, from where it will be comfortable to give pass, punch on the goal, or advance even further to the opponent's goal.

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Bright football driblers of different times were Brazilians Pele, Garrinch, Ronaldo, Ronaldigno, Frenchman Zinein Zadan, Argentines Maradonna and Messi, as well as Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo. Each of these greatest masters had either her style. Most football players use both legs when performing dribbling. One or more defenders is very difficult to clean the ball in such players. However, there are masters who use one leg when running the ball. A bright football player of such a genre was Garrinch. It is known that his left leg was a little shorter right. Such a lack of life gave the Brazilian advantage in football. He used acceleration, pause while maintaining and he managed to leave one or more opponents on the flank.

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Which is characteristic, many defenders have learned the player's players to play such football players and theoretically know how to act against bright driblies. But they often lose duel on the football field. A good example confirming this fact is the game of Dutchman Robben when it is in shape. In essence, his reception knows all the defenders and even the audience, when during the maintenance of the ball, he sharply shifts with the ball to the left, makes a small turn and the corner of the penalty area beats on the goal, or makes a canopy. Nevertheless, this trick of Robben often succeeds. After them, he either scores, or creates a dangerous moment, or foul defenders on it.

If we talk about more diverse and master of football players, they often score goals independently, having risen one for other defenders. Take the same Messi. Already on his account more than 500 goals in the Spanish Championship. The amount of hat-trick has already exceeded 20. Dribling Messi is often an intractable puzzle for defenders. When Messi goes to the operational space, it is very difficult to stop it with the allowed methods. The main difficulty lies in the fact that it is not clear what movement it will perform in the next moment. Argentine can accelerate the movement, make a filigree pass, cover the ball with the body, collecting several defenders, and then, leaving them in fools, go into the penalty area and score the next goal.

The same in different years was performed by Maradonna, Ronaldinho and other masters of the leather ball.

Dribling in basketball

The basic element in basketball is the maintenance of the ball. Different athletes use various ways of dribbling, with which they manage to beat defenders. One of the most effective is the high-speed leading at a high rebound ball from the floor. Basketball player's legs are constantly bent in the knees, which allows it to get rid of the supporting of the opponent.

Dribling in basketball

Another way to dribbling in basketball is that the ball has a low rebound when conducting, and the legs are more bent in the knees. Due to this, it is possible to better control the ball, having the ability to make jerks, pauses and shifts to the left-right. Many masters combine both ways to carry out their own fins.

Basketball is allowed in two hands. But it is impossible to do more than two steps, without hitting the ball about Paul. The athlete's time has the right to stop, change the direction of movement, give the transfer to the partner or make a throw.

The high-end masters during dribbing do not usually look at the ball, but watch the movements of partners and rivals to choose the most favorable moment for the pass or throw. The ball control is carried out with the help of a brush, or rather, the fingertips. Palm must be relaxed with floating fingers. Thanks to the large palm area, it is possible to effectively knock on the ball on the floor with the necessary strength and intensity.

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Allen Averson, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Paul Gazol, Khakim Obajavon, Tony Parker, were or are Allen Averson. Each of these greatest basketball players have their own handwriting and style. For example, Averson often performed passages to the ring using high-speed dripping with frequent change of direction. This gave him the opportunity to pass guardians and throw the ball into the ring. Often, similar actions were forced rudely foli on Allen, which led to numerous injuries. In general, dribliers often get injuries and damage, as the defenders do not remain anything as rudely stop the passages.

One of the most effective testers of basketball players is a sharp turn while maintaining with subsequent transmission or throws, some masters, like Michael Jordan and Tony Parker could have a turn with a long hanging in the air, smoking the ball into the ring.

Undoubtedly, the presence of basketball players owning the excellent dribbling and technique of conducting the ball gives good advantages of the team. Often they won fights alone, gaining a lion's number of points in the game.

Dribling in hockey

Another sport in which dribbling is often used by players, is hockey. The meaning of this reception is the same as for previous sports. Technical hockey players demonstrate the perfect ownership of the washer, beating along the path of several defenders and create good opportunities for throws and gears.

Dribling in hockey

The main quality of the Dribler is impeccable riding and skill to perform various fraudulent shares by the key. Hockey dribbling is notable for the fact that the player often changes the grip of the stick, shifts it to the left, then on the right side. The washer is covered by an opponent with a hook, which leans to the washer at a certain angle. Maneuvers with a washer performed often at high speed. Often the player makes pauses, waiting for the reaction of the defenders. Having waited for them, he leaves a sharp movement from the custody and goes on to the goal or for the operational space.

During the maintenance of the washer, it is allowed to play the skate. It is impossible to give a pass or perform a ridge.

The most bright hockey driblers were Valery Harlamov, Wenin Walnut, Paul Kariya, Pavel Bure, Mario Lemier. The skill of these and other hockey players enjoyed the audience from different countries and continents.

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Dribling training

Basic elements of dribbling are laid in youthful age. It is in childhood that the finites and the main techniques of conducting a ball or washer are best assisted. It is very important that the children's coach revealed a child's deposit and determined what style it is best for him. The most technical and talented players have their own set of fins and the style of reference.

After the game's most suitable for the athlete is defined, the coach picks up exercises and figs for the player. All nuances of exercise exercise are detailed. The exact program is drawn up for their implementation with the time and amount of exercise by day. The coach monitors the quality of all the elements and, if necessary, adjustments.

The task of the coach and the player is that the athlete will produce his handwriting in dribbling. So that he mastered as many fingers as possible and knew how to use them not only in training, but also the responsible games. The multiple repetition of all elements will allow not easy to master technical techniques, but also to form and athlete various behaviors in the game situations. The ultimate goal of Dribingi's Finders training is to fix skills to such a state so that the player chooses the optimal option in each game episode, creating good opportunities for the development or completion of the attack.

The best drillings do not just memorize the ready-made meals of the ball or the fints. They come up with their own, and thus more complicate the task of opponents. New techniques and fittings in sports sports are often becoming a big threat to the enemy. Although every year it is more difficult to invent and introduce something new in football, basketball, hockey and other sporting sports, nevertheless now appear, albeit not so often, big masters of their business.

Dribling - What is dribbling in football?

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