What is better alambic or moonshine apparatus - how to choose, tips

Today manufacturers offer different models of moonshine. Alambic is one of the popular ancient developments by Arabic alchemists. To make a high-quality drink at home. It is important to learn the pros and cons, the principle of operation, the distinctive features of the device from other apparatuses for moonshine. And what is still better: alambic or moonshine apparatus?

History of Alambica

Alambic is an uncomplicated device, the drawings of which were found in the 3rd century by the Greek philosopher Zosem in the Egyptian temples. At first it was used for the production of essences, essential oils, medicines, perfumes. A little later, the copper cube appeared in Europe. In Russia, boil the moonshine by distillation of the proof wine became only in the 17th century. Although the alcohol was at first a special fortress did not differ.

In the 18th century, the device retrained to distillation of alcohol using virtually any products (corn, potatoes, grain, grape mezga) as raw materials. Gradually, the apparatus was improved by the masters of Spain, Portugal. In the 19th century, a new version was already invented with greater efficiency, productivity, service life, constant distillation for receiving noble alcoholic beverages (English gin, Scotch whiskey).

Types of Alabikov

Depending on the method of production of the distillation of alcohol, the following types of alambics distinguish:

  • soldered with durable compound of all components to avoid the risk of leakage, the possibility of installing copper columns is additionally;
  • Riveted (less high-quality models compared to other analogs) in the composition of the steam-having tube and the adjoining cooler.

Alambic in form happens:

  1. Classic, based on the 3rd components based (distillation cube, pararoital tube, capacitor), marked with each other or connected by rivets.
  2. With a column (removable nozzle in addition) located between the helmet and cube with the possibility of laying berries, fruits, rose petals to increase the flavor.
  3. Portuguese, approximate option to the classic, whose distinctive feature is a large area of ​​the evaporative chamber for the possibility of obtaining a stronger distillate.
  4. Alkitar Arabic with a vertical location on each other of all components, compounding the refrigerator with a helmet. This is a comfortable and beautiful compact model for receiving not only mogon, but also essential oils.
  5. Charantsky with the presence of intermediate space between the refrigerator and the distillation cube as a tank for cooling raw materials. If desired, it is necessary to obtain a real French brandy in addition to have an oak barrel as a prominent for the secondary distillation of the fluid.
  6. With a gas trap - a specialized alambic with a special gutter between the cube walls to ensure complete sealing, obtaining a larger distillate fortress with the lowest amount of harmful waste (ethers, aldehydes, other fractions).
  7. On a water bath using exclusively dense raw materials or brags. In order to avoid burning, when the ferry is heated, a container is provided in a cube filled with water.
  8. Looking with the ability to obtain a distillate fortress in 60-65%. The feature of the model is the presence of an elongated helmet and a distillation cube for better pair cleansing.
  9. With a distillation column to obtain a cleaner and strong alcohol in 90 g, due to the subsidence of harmful fractions on the walls of the column at the time of distillation. Minus model - loss of the fragrance of raw materials at the exit.

Features of the design and the principle of operation of alambic

Alambic is a copper device for the production of alcoholic beverages in the process of distillation. The inner cavity of the design is ideal for the manufacture of noble drinks. Externally resembles a cube or a magic lamp of alladin from fairy tales to cause Gina.

According to the design, there is little different from the classic moonshine and it can also be made independently. You can learn about it in the article:

"How to make alambic with your own hands"

However, some features are impressive, which was noticed in their time Europeans. The device is quite interesting arranged, and the manufacturer's materials are selected in such a way that it allows you to make the highest quality alcohol. And if the solder of the moonshine alambic will be silver, then you can get purest drinks without harmful impurities. Other design features:

  1. Continuous distillation of raw materials, which allows you to speed up the distillation process several times. At the exit - a stronger, clean drink with the smallest amount of waste.
  2. Cube or household distiller exclusively - copper. It is copper that contributes to the attachment of a soft taste and absorption of harmful substances.
  3. The presence of a swan neck in the form of a reflux for the rapid sedimentation of high-boiling impurities.
  4. The roundness of the form of alambic, due to which the suspension does not accumulate on the walls of the tank.

REFERENCE! Differences from the Alambic from the classic option is minor, but they make the device truly unique, make it possible to receive noble drinks at the exit - whiskey, brandy, wine.

The traditional alcohol distillation model is a copper cube and other stainless steel elements, soldered with each other to enhance the service life. As part of Alambic:

  • distillation cube;
  • Zmeevik, located in the refrigerator;
  • air deflector in the form of a curved loader tube;
  • Helmet in bulbs.

The principle of operation of the Alambic is simple:

  • heating capacity for distillation of raw materials due to electricity, gas;
  • Lifting of alcohol vapors in the top of the cube;
  • admission to the refrigerator on the pipe;
  • cooling of the concentrate in the coil due to the effects of water;
  • feed to the lower nozzle;
  • Circulation of fluid in the opposite direction from the incoming steam.

Operation of Alambikov

Alambic is a unique device for moonshine, so it stands on the market is not suiced. If you managed to purchase a new device, then before operation it is recommended:

  • Disassemble all the details, rinse with water with the addition of citric acid;
  • Clear the internal cavity of the alambic, pour distilled water, withstanding 1 day;
  • Clean the serpentine snake;
  • Run a mixture of water with flour (1x20) through the device.

After use, remove for storage in a dark dry place, away from dust and dirt.

Differences of the alambic from the moonshine (video)

The principle of operation and design of the moonshine apparatus with Alambic is similar, but there are also differences that are well described in this video:

The main differences are in the components capable of influence the process of moonshine:

  • Copper rectangular cylindrical cube for distillation;
  • output crane in the form of a rounded ball with a neck (vase, graphic), made by manual forging;
  • tube in the form of a goose or swan neck, made of different material;
  • lack of alkitara in the device;
  • The cover with hermetic fixation at the top of the cube and the built-in thermometer in order to track the temperature during the heating of the braga;
  • Safety valve for discharge of excess pressure in Cuba.

Distinctive features of alambics (regardless of type):

  • the absence of any additional devices;
  • passage of condensate directly in a spiral coil passing through a refrigerator in the form of a capacitance filled with cold water cold;
  • Performing a housing from a copper material, which begins to quickly enter into oxidative reactions with the contents of the peer, highlighting sulfur oxide.

REFERENCE! The absorption of fluid and the entry into the reaction with the metal inside the device makes it possible to get strong drinks at the exit, with a more enjoyable taste.

One of the weighty differences of the alambic from the moonshine is the price. The exclusive model, made by hand, will cost an order of magnitude more expensive than the usual moonshine apparatus. The elegant form of alambic with bends, the presence of an ornament, engraving will complement any Eastern flavor in the interior and can be a real work of art.

What alambic to choose

According to classification, Alambics type are distinguished: standard, premium, suite. Also on sale there are specialized varieties: whisching, chasmansky, with hydrotherapy, with a column, valiant, in a water bath.

Choosing which alambic to choose should pay attention to:

  • volume (1-200l), and therefore - to designate for itself the purpose of the subsequent use of the device for the production of wine distillation (Braga);
  • The walls of the vessel so that there are thick, stable deformation, damage

Tip! Buying alambic in the store, it is important to understand that even taking into account the advantageous proposals an exclusive vintage device cannot cost cheap. It happens that manufacturers are trying to sell a stainless steel fake, and not from pure copper. This means that it is hardly possible to get a high alcohol alcohol.

Advantages and disadvantages of alambics

The moonshine apparatus and the alambics are good in their own way. Everyone has its advantages and cons who should consider if desired, get a good brandy, brandy, a Russian moonshine, Calvados, essential oil.

Pluses of alambic:

  • Easy to operate;
  • the possibility of installation in any room (urban apartment, country house, street);
  • The suitability as heating a distillation cube to the use of almost any energy source (electric stove, gas burner, open fire);
  • universality, exclusivity, so you can always give to relatives in the form of an original gift or household utility utensils;
  • The aesthetics of appearance and alambic can be a real interior decoration;
  • The possibility of obtaining flavored moonshine or thick raw materials, if you additionally equip the device with accessories in the form of a water column.

The main disadvantage is the price. Handmade, made of copper standing is expensive. In particular, thelambic needs special care, periodically wiping with special means and polishing.

When answering the question: what is better to first decide on purpose and understand what is Alambic, as is arranged. If you want to try your strength and make alcohol products for the first time, for example, for the preparation of brandy you need alambic. If you need to overtake the usual moonshine, it is better to buy a simple and inexpensive stainless moonshine device.

What's better - moonshine apparatus or alambic, stainless steel or copper ? Today I will talk about the main features of various equipment for the production of home distillate. As a result, each of my student will be able to make a conscious and correct choice of the device. So, the call rang - we start a lesson.

Ancient moonshine apparatus in Switzerland
Ancient moonshine apparatus in Switzerland

History of the question

First famous to us Apparators for Production of distillates were made of copper. Already in the XIII century, this metal was well known for anti-corrosion properties and high thermal conductivity. Plasticity made complex structures from metal. The dominant position in this industry has preserved copper until the second half of the 20th century. But then the stainless steel fishes copper . Today, devices for the manufacture of distillates are made of steel and copper. Each type of instruments have their own fans and opponents. We will not join the controversy, but we will analyze the features of typical designs and find out the properties of each of the metals. After that, each of you can do Own argumental choice .

Modern compact moonshine stainless steel apparatus
Modern compact moonshine stainless steel apparatus

Construction of the moonshine

There are many varieties of the moonshine. Typical design is as follows.

  • Distillation where the source fluid is located, for example, braga. The cube is equipped with a thermometer.
  • Outdoor . In it, steam from the distilted cube is condensed, and then the liquid is heated again, and the alcohol pairs come to the serpent. Harmful substances remain in the surfactant.
  • Cooler or a condenser in which the incoming alcohol pairs are cooled and condensed, and then displayed in the form of a distillate.

Typical design may complicate. Outdoor It may not be a separate element, but built-in. The cooler may be Columns . Moonshine apparatus with a column makes it possible to get more Strong distillys For whiskey or cognac. There are devices C. distillation columns. which give pure ethyl alcohol fortress in 96 degrees .

Moonshine typical design
Moonshine typical design

Features of stainless steel as material for moonshine

Moonshine vehicles In most cases, make from of stainless steel . What are the features and advantages of this material?

  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Lower price compared to copper devices.
  • Resistance to oxidation.
  • Practicality.
  • Easy to care.

Moonshine stainless steel devices Available and easy to use .

Alambic design

Alambica have a very solid history, they are used for the manufacture of distillates here 800 years . During this time, the design of the device has not changed almost.

  • A disturbing cube with a dome-shaped helmet.
  • The tap tube on which the alcohol pairs come.
  • The serpent, which is placed in the cooling chamber.
Copper Alambic Column Type
Copper Alambic Column Type

There are many Alambic varieties , in addition to the described.

  • Alkitara which is characterized by the compact size and lack of a tanning tube.
  • Looking which has a high helmet to increase the fortress of alcohols.
  • With a column where you can also make high-modes distillates.
  • Alambic with hydraulicum , the distillation cube of which has double walls. It is well suited for work in small rooms, as it ensures the absence of odors.
  • Alabic with a distillation lens Used to obtain purified alcohols.
  • Alabic on a water bath It is well suited for the processing of thick raw materials, as it eliminates the burning.

Features of copper as material for moonshine

  • High thermal conductivity, which provides good performance indicators, as well as uniform and fast heating of the device.
  • Copper is the only material that precipitates sulfur oxide from raw materials.
  • Copper is chemically active, so effectively connects ammonia compounds and even acetones.

In copper devices get Upscale distillates . From copper make not only alambics, but also Classic moonshine .

Moonshine copper
Moonshine copper

What to choose?

Select design Apparatus Depends on several factors .

What drinks do you want to produce?

For ordinary Home distillate Portuguese or Sharantky Alabik , as well as classical alcohol mashine. For cognac и whiskey It is better to immediately choose a smoking alambic or apparatus With a column . They will give high-quality distillates of a high fortress. If a you need Clean ethyl alcohol , choose the device with distillation column.

For those who think about the sublimation vegetable raw materials In order to obtain natural flavors, I advise you to purchase alkitaru or alambic With hydraulic .

Working conditions

For small rooms, For example, for a kitchen of a common urban apartment, 5-10 liters with a capacity of 5-10 liters are suitable. Maximum savings will provide Alkitara .

If a you have Napoleonic plans and Spacious room , pay attention to the moonshine devices of large volumes.

If a you Bad ventilation , then buy alambic with a hydrotherapist, it will not allow to spread unpleasant odors.

Preferences in material

  • Stainless steel Cheaper, resistant to corrosion, is easier to care.
  • Copper more expensive, requires careful care, but provides distillates with better taste characteristics and better cleaning.

I have long chosen copper for myself. It allows you to clear distillate from sulfur impurities, while maintaining the organoleptic of natural raw materials. The finished product has a rich taste and minimal content of harmful substances. Plus, in my eyes is the high productivity of copper devices, their uniform and fast heating.

I note that in all the classic works on moonshine or to obtain strong high-quality distillates, it is clearly indicated - only copper can be material for distillation devices.

The world famous brands of distillates are vintage calvados, brandy, whiskey - are used in production Copper distillation devices. Foreign colleagues are also used in the production of home distillates mainly copper devices.

Only copper distillers are used in the production of one-barlast whiskey.
Only copper distillers are used in the production of one-barlast whiskey.

The fact that the equipment for obtaining a high-quality distillate should be only from copper, never been questioned in scientific and industrial circles. Soviet Gosta, and foreign specialists also spoke about this. I am interested in sending to the work of the city of Wutenfeld: "Production of liquor-breeding products", and also recommend the classic book "Technology of wines and cognac", written by A. Glazunov and I. Tshan.

So I recommend purchasing Copper devices If you want to get a truly high-quality and fragrant home distillate.


To secure theoretical material, please click two videos:

Videos introduce you to design Stainless steel apparatus and copper Alabik .

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I did not find the topic "Copper or stainless steel", I will write and ask here, if not against. As I understood this dispute is endless, like guitarists about Floyd Rose)

Basically, I see the opinion of Igor Mountain that took an intermediate position. I recently in the topic of distillation, but surprised the use of copper. Of course, I used to know about thelambic and brandy before, but I didn't think that in our century guests and SNIPs (although copper and allowed for them, but it will be later) it will be applied to distillations. But still, is there the results of laboratory tests for copper oxides, salts and other components after distillation? Analyzes of distilated on the volatile impurities are, sulfur compounds and other are. But is there any results of copper and storage comparisons? It is logical to assume that if copper a priori is a source of toxic compounds, then if it is not proven that they do not fall into the product, then how the defenders can be confident in purity? What did you always cook? But Igor correctly expressed himself on this occasion + this is a tribute of traditions.

I will add personal experience. I will go to profession with copper alloys and other flower beds. There is one product that was used in the accumulative products and all used it. I made a spectral analysis and turned out to be antimony there ... And from the experience of tasting, although h is not gourmet in strong drinks. I am not a lover of whiskey in general, meaning good, correct and why. I was trying to try and stopped the copper taste, sometimes the burned copper (who in the course will understand). I also like the taste of ordinary brandy, the grape such. So when I tried the right brandy (and), with which a knowledgeable person treated, I also felt a metal taste, familiar to me ...

And Igor's question:

Igor, why are you sure that the copper derivatives flow on the column without residue and volatility? Yes, this is heavy factions, but they are practically no volatile (mostly dispersion), but the percentage is still there, but there is little for the liver.

: roll:

Yes, copper is allowed for water supplies (as well as epoxy

: shock:

), but at a certain concentration (MPC), which is several times less than during distillation.

I myself love copper myself, I understand that it gives in addition to the sernestofilter, but still otherwise ...

In general, I would like to slown, did what analyzes are lovers? Prof. That is understandable what was made by prof. Do not use copper clean.

Alambic is Ancient moonshine apparatus The mention of which is coming before our era. It was on him who was drunk their distillys of alchemists. It is made of copper, and the design is not much different from the modern distiller. The best alambic is suitable for distillation of fruit and grain distillates. Copper clears alcohol pairs from a row of impurities, as a result of which the drinks are softer and rich.

Now Alambics also produce, and most often manually, but They are several times more expensive than classic moonshine . Let's figure out which of these two types of distillation devices is better and what they differ from each other.


Full set of copper distiller (alambic).

What is the difference between alabik from a modern moonshine

I propose to clarify the differences in the form of a list:

The oxidation of the medium

On forget about the oxidation of copper, which extremely negatively affects the taste. The tax must constantly consider.

  1. Material . Alambics are made only from copper, and devices in 99% of stainless steel cases. The difference between these metals can be read here - https://2Samogona.ru/samogonnye-apparaty/med-ili-nerzhavejka.
  2. Price . Copper is more expensive, so vintage distillers cost 2-3 times more expensive with the same volumes.
  3. Quality distillation . The question is rather controversial, but for complex brag (from grain, berries or fruit), Alambic is still better. Distillers work better with sugar braga, especially with a distillation column.
  4. Distillation rate . Copper has a fantastic heat transfer, so it works much faster.
  5. Status . On the copper unit "type" prepare elite alcohol, and on the usual distiller is simple. Essentially, it is all the same. 🙂

As you can see, the difference between these aggregates is very significant.

For novice moonshoes We are extremely recommended to start with classic moonshine apparatuses, and then optionally go to something archaic and ancient.

What is better: alambic or moonshine apparatus

Both aggregates are good. It all depends on the goals you are haunting:

Fruits of a thorns

Copper devices are more suitable for tasty distillates.

  • For conventional braga from sugar, it is better to use a classic distiller. Double distillation, separate heads and tails, and then get a great result.
  • For Calvados, Brandy, Cognac and other aromatic drinks is better suitable for Alambic. He will reveal the taste during distillation, with the result that you will get a more delicious drink.

Consider that the difference is not so significant to overpay for copper tens of thousands of rubles. The usual apparatus is also very worthy of coping with its task.

What alambic is better to buy

How many people, so many opinions, but we recommend the information that we ourselves collected on the Internet and posted in publications about copper Cuba.

As a landmark, we post prices from the site Samodel.ru. . It seemed to us that these guys had a very worthy assortment and adequate prices.

Copper Alabik

Classic alambic.

  • 5 liters - 17 thousand rubles.
  • For 10 liters - 24 thousand rubles.
  • 20 liters - 30 thousand rubles.
  • For 30 liters - 38 thousand rubles.
  • By 60 liters - 88.5 thousand rubles.
  • Per 100 liters - 140 thousand rubles.

As you already understood, the cost of these devices bite, so not everyone can afford it.

This is an excellent souvenir or a gift for any moonshine. But just to buy him for myself, of course, expensive.

The modern market is rich in a variety of models of moonshine devices for home use. But slightly less popular among connoisseurs of strong domestic drinks enjoys the ancient invention of Arabic alchemists - alambic.

Braga recipes for moonshine there are a lot, and ethyl alcohol can be obtained by distillation of wine or beer.

Alambic or moonshine apparatus - what is suitable for home use and obtain quality drinks?

Let's deal with.

In essence, Alabik - This is the same classic moonshine apparatus, and its work is based on the principle of distillation.

The main difference between thelambic from the moonshit apparatus of the average model is that the household distiller is made of food stainless steel, and the alambic is made of copper. At the same time, copper nozzles can be used in the moonshine, while the alambic is copper entirely. In addition, thelambic is distinguished by the form of the structure. And if a classic distiller consists of a distillation cube, a pipeline tube and a refrigerator (usually there is an alley between the cube and the refrigerator), then the alambic makes up a distillation cube, helmet, "swan neck" steam pipeline and refrigerator. The Swan Neck plays the role of a peculiar air deflectman, where high-boiling impurities are settled. In general, the same processes go in a surfactant.

What is good copper?

It perfectly adsorb harmful impurities, especially sulfur compounds. This is relevant with distillation of grape and grain raw materials. No wonder the famous French cognacs are made on Alambics. But copper is much more expensive than the highest quality food stainless steel. In addition, thelambic is traditionally manufactured manually, which also affects the increase in its value.

At the same time, the Alambic does not work out to get ethyl alcohol of the highest fortress, but this is coped with homemade distillation columns. However, the Alabik due to its form makes it possible to more preserve the taste and aromatic properties of raw materials from which Braga is cooked.

To summarize the differences in the alambic and the moonshine in the table:

Parameter Alcohol mashine Alabik
Material of manufacture Food stainless steel Copper
Manufacture Industrial (machine) Manual
Price on average from 5000 rubles on average from 20 000 rubles
Features of operation The accumulation of wine precipitation in the corners Lack of wine precipitation due to the absence of angles and smooth bends
Features of care Normal care, cleaning, washing Cleaning and polishing specials. Customs, storage in places without dust and dirt. Flushing and purification with citric acid
Aesthetic species As a rule, nothing remarkable Elegant appearance, copper soft glitter, creates antines of antiquity
Compactity Varies widely Compactant enough

You can sum up the comparison by the fact that it all depends on your goals and needs. If you can say so, Alambic is a matter of luxury compared to a conventional moonshine. And it is used, as a rule, by no means for distillation of ordinary sugar brag. If you are distinguished by the gourmet addiction and the spirit of the experimenter, then Alambic for you. And if you intend to use a rich crop of the household plot on the preparation of strong alcoholic beverages or plan to distinguish with sugar braga for use in the recipes of tinctures on vodka cooked from a homemogon, then a conventional moonshine will be quite enough.

Traditionally, we have alcoholic beverages in the country at home are made using a moonshine apparatus. However, not so long ago, very interesting products have appeared on sale, also perfectly suitable for this purpose. They are made of copper and are called alambics. In this regard, many lovers of distillation of homemade spirits arose a question: "Alambic or moonshine apparatus - what is better?"

Features of the design of the moonshine

Classic equipment for distillation of alcohol used in Russia, constructively consists of:

  1. The distilted cube in which the raw material is heated.

  2. Sealed lid with thermometer.

  3. Steam tube.

  4. Tubes-coil.

  5. The refrigerator in which the water is poured. In this container passes a coil.

  6. Tanks for collecting the final product.

alabik or moonshine apparatus what is better

Sometimes the device is complemented by a distillation column. With its use, you can get a very clean moonshine, devoid of any smell. Metal chips are usually used as a filler in the distillation column. In this device there are severe pair fractions.

Features of the design of alambic

So, alambic or moonshine apparatus - what is better? To answer for yourself this question, it is worth learn including the features of the design of the copper option. In fact, thelambic is the same distillation cube. The design of the classic model includes:

  • distillation cube;

  • helmet in the form of a bulb;

  • steam tube;

  • Snake in the refrigerator.

As you can see, constructively from the moonshine alambic is practically different. Often, in addition to it, a special column is acquired, installed between the helmet and the distillation cube. Unlike the distillation, it is used to give the moonshine of a certain smell and taste. To do this, the natural ingredients are poured into it. Alambic with a column can be used not only for the preparation of moonshine, but also to obtain essential oils. That is how alambic (or a moonshine apparatus for alchemist) was used in ancient times. The alcohol has learned somewhat later with its use.

Moonshine Alambic apparatus do it yourself reviews

They prepare essential oils in Alambic to pretty simple technology. No brand is filled into the distillation container, but water. In the same time, it is poured into the column, let's say, flower petals. Passing inside it, steam simply captures aromatic compounds. Very often, thelambics are also used to prepare cognacs and other expensive alcoholic beverages.

Types of Alabikov

The model described above is the classic, the most popular moonshine Alambic apparatus. The device is actually simple. However, today you can find a few other varieties of this equipment. There are alambics:

  • Designed for the production of whiskey. A feature of such devices is a helmet made in the form of a bulb. With their use you can drive a moonshine fortress up to 70 grams.

  • Sharanta. Used to distill brandy. The design of this device additionally includes a special container. With the use of such alambics, you can produce almost continuous distillation.

There are also alambics with distillation columns, hydraulic assets, in a water bath, etc.

Alambic or moonshine apparatus - what is better in one way or another?

What device is better to buy for cooking at home alcoholic beverages? In this case, it all depends on what purpose it is supposed to use the device.

Alambic or moonshine apparatus for alchemist

Since thelambics are made of copper, the price of them is much higher than on ordinary moonshine devices. The first variety of distillation devices costs about 12-25 thousand rubles. The moonshine apparatus can be purchased for 3-10 thousand. Thus, the minuses of thelambic can be attributed primarily a high cost. The advantage of them is that:

  1. Moonshine, expelled with their use, better. Copper from which they are made in the process of distillation absorbs many harmful substances. In addition, even in the absence of a column, some of them settles in the helmet.

  2. With the use of alambic, you can prepare not only moonshine, but also liqueurs, wine, etc.

Thus, if you need the unit only to prepare a moonshine, it is better to purchase an inexpensive conventional model of stainless steel. But at the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the material used for the manufacture. The stainless steel should be food, and even better, medical. With the use of such moonshine vehicles, you can drive a drink, in quality, inferior, made with the help of alambic, only slightly.

If it is supposed to do not only moonshine, but other, more complex drinks, of course, should pay attention to the alambic (or copper moonshine).

moonshine apparatus alambic reviews

The best models of moonshine and reviews about them

Most often in our country they buy equipment of this type of brand:

Judging by the reviews of buyers, with the use of the latter you can drive a very good moonshine, almost devoid of any odor. Also, the advantages of "kingdom" are ease of use and low cost.

Magarich devices of homemade alcoholic beverages also belong to very reliable. The advantage of these models is also considered excellent assembly quality and an attractive appearance. Lost such a device can be very long, as it is made of thick steel. Easy design and no extra details Many also consider the plus models of this brand.

аламбик или медный самогонный аппарат

Moonshine Alambic apparatus: consumer reviews

The best equipment of this type is considered made in Portugal and Spain. It is about these models that exist the best reviews. Alambics are made in these countries usually manually and are not suiced. Their assembly is made by technologies developed in ancient times. Copper for the manufacture of such alambics is used only the highest quality. Specializing in its release of the enterprise is carefully followed by this.

самогонный аппарат бочки и аламбики

Too inexpensive devices of this species, many consumers do not advise. The fact is that it is often the usual stainless steel fakes, only decorated with copper. Consequently, the self-erased moonshine is absolutely no different from the traditional apparatus.

Where can I buy?

Many users are interested in where you can acquire such an interesting moonshine apparatus. Barrels and alambics, as well as conventional stainless steel models are often sold in specialized departments of household appliances. Also, this equipment can be purchased via the Internet. The barrel is worth buying for storage, for example, made using alabic brandy.

Is it possible to make alambic do it yourself

Make such a device is not too simple. However, with great desire, everything is possible. Sheet copper and minimum skills in its soldering is all that is needed to build such equipment as the moonshine apparatus of alambic, with their own hands. Reviews of the equipment made by Russian craftsmen are often not worse than Portuguese and Italian. But only if there was a high-quality material and expensive solder with the addition of silver during its assembly. The technique of making alambic looks like this:

  1. Pre-cut. Of course, a spherical distillation capacity will be done problematic. But it is quite possible to give it a cylindrical shape with a smoothed outline of the top and bottom.

  2. Soldered.

  3. The finished apparatus is obscured to the brilliance.

самогонный аппарат аламбик отзывы

Thus, asking the question: "Alabic or a moonshine apparatus - what is better?", We must first of all orient to what the target is required. The first variety is worth buying for those who want to try their hand in the manufacture of different types of alcoholic beverages. If you need a regular moonshine, it is better to buy a simple stainless steel model.

What is better alambic or moonshine apparatus - how to choose, tips

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